Ok, so I lied. While my friend Caroline is making up my Accounting 210 flashcards for me to study (the exam is tonight, following which I'm free to booze, AND BOOZE ABUNDANT), I figured I'd go ahead and post this weeks thoughts, which should have been published on Monday. But weren't. Because of these fucking exams. Fuck.

On my International Science Fiction Film Studies class, taken on Monday, I used the phrase “scum-sucking Reds” in one of my essays, referring to a 1950's East German propaganda film called “Silent Star.” For the record, there is no way I will not pass this class with an A.

Currently, I am under the influence of one Adderall, two jumbo cups of coffee (with more on the way thanks to the advent of NC State's '20 cent refill during exams' policy), and I have a backup of 2 finely chopped No-Doz pills, to be administered nasally. I could catch a bullet with my Goddamn fingers right now, assuming I would take my eyes off the screen long enough. I wouldn't.

This past Sunday morning, I rose out of bed, fought off a damn tenacious sleepover, and grabbed some breakfast at the dining hall (it consisted of eggs, bacon, sausage, and hot sauce, all mixed together, in case none of you were wondering). When I got back to the room, I noticed that I had two missed calls from one Nate DeGraaf. Not remembering having ever called him, I asked my roommate if he could shed some light on why I had tried to reach him the night before, thus prompting The Flying Dutchman's return calls. My roommate informed me that, since none of my friends had any weed, I had called up Nathan in an attempt to learn the best way to corral some Mary Jane when all other possibilities are exhausted. Apparently, I thought Nate would be the go-to guy for this kinda shit. When I called him back, and told him that I tried to reach him looking for some dank, he said the following.

Nate: Dude… I live in Tampa.

Obviously, I could have done a better job communicating. We talked for a while about various shit, and he wasn't even pissed that I called him twice at about 3 AM. Good guy, that Nate.

Speaking of Sunday, any and all of you looking to hear my radio show are shit out of luck. Since WKNC is run by NC State, and NC State (for whatever reason) has a women's basketball team, and they play on Sundays, my shift gets shanked to make room for a sport that no-one cares about. And when basketball season is over, baseball is gonna take the majority of my shifts. I'll try and get another time slot, but I will be very bitter about it. I liked the one I had, and I want to hurt someone.

This time next week, I'll be in sunny, commercially-overrun Orlando, Florida. Every other year, my kickass grandparents on my Mom's side (my Dad's Mom and Dad are equally kickass, but don't fit into this musing) take our family and my aunt's and uncle's families to Disney World and Universal Studios. I'm still trying to devise a way to sneak a handle of bourbon down there so it too can enjoy the magic of Disney.

Finally, here's the day's booze safari. Oh, and, if all goes well tonight, be looking for a highly hammered post sometime in the AM.

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