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The Nate Way
By Nathan DeGraaf
Snippets, stories, Florida life, sexism, running diaries, and bar talk.

Black Tar Prophecies
By Copernicus Thunderbird
Raving drunk rants of doom from a homeless lunatic wizard.

KC Wins, Flawless Victory
By Casey Freeman
Deep thought questionnaires, ponderings, and stories.

Court Jesting
By Court Sullivan
PIC behind the scenes, funny stories, internet talk, irony, and puns.

Vernon Ross Has Pertinent Musings
By Vernon Ross
Sometimes I say things. Many times they are funny. Many times they are awesome.

The Pitt and the Pendulum
By Gavin Pitt
Horror movies, bugs, hot guys, and comedy stuffing.

My American Life®
By Ben Link
You can have all the freedom you want, so long as it doesn't upset the status quo.

Blogging Molly
By Molly Williams
Thoughts from the kitchen, if women could think.

By Julian Asange
International leaks, breaking news gossip, midgets, and babes.

You Are Being Served
By Omar Kitrich
A fascinating Socratic Method approach to comedy.

The 51st State
By Tom Eydmann
British ramblings on how to fail at being male.

Can't Buy Me Love
By Dollar Bill
An intellectual, inside look at the world of NYC escorts and their idiosyncrasies.

The Paul Frank Blog
By Paul Frank
Skits, videos, articles, papers, and other random comedy tidbits.


Half Dollar Rebel
By James Parkinson
The adventures of a man who knows that a life well lived is going to cost some skin.

Andy Sandford's Head Circus
By Andy Sandford
Irreverent, intellectual and sardonic comedy.

By Jordan Tewell
Capturing the best in Wikipedia vandalism.

Deus X Machina
By Xavier Holland
Satire, horoscopes, standup comedy, musings, and rants.

Deep Thigh Bruise
By Jeremy Stewart
Hard-hitting sports comedy, padded for your pleasure.

Shotguns for Everyone!
By John Gillespie
Useless thoughts coming at you from every direction.

My Secret Diary
By Scott Goodyer
Humorous letters and stories from a twisted lover's diary.

A Bronx Tale
By Sarah Romeo
Sarcasm, profanity, feminist rants and intellectual hypotheses.

Power Hour
By J.B. Hour
Current events, pop culture, sports, and quips from friends.

Scriptures of Tyrone
By J.M. Lucci
The gospel according to Lucci, chock full of morals and stories.

Revenge of the News
By Jake Christie
Pop culture, entertainment news, current events, and politics.

The Lady's Trim
By NG Hatfield
Campus adventures, comedy poetry, and hunting for hot women.

The Tyler Effect
By T.H. McWhiskey
Alcohol, music, politics, video games, and short stories.

Before and Aftermath
By E. Mike Tuckerson
Quips, quotes, breaking news updates, New Orleans life, and introspection.

Beard on Tap
By Mike Faerber
“Wet” humor, collegisms, silliness, YouTube, and PIC brainstorming.

Missed Connections
By John Peugeot
All the scums, bums, frumps, and chumps you forgot to meet are back.

Project Goodyer
By Scott Goodyer
Humorous diaries, letters, and stories from fictitious perspectives.

Garbage Time
By Dan Opp
Smart comedy, news tidbits, and sideline sports commentary.

Sincerely Roxy
By Roxanne Hamm
Letters to all the concepts, objects and people you wouldn't expect.

Beech's Blog
By Mike Forest
Pop culture, weird news analyses, and life after college.

Man Against Children
By JD Boston
In-depth baseball/football commentary, pop culture & movies.