Here at Hasbro™, we like to keep up with the times, and yes, the times still include board games. Make your Game of Life™ experience more like your life real experience with one of our exciting expansion sets!

The Gig Economy

The traditional game’s Career Cards and Salary Cards have been replaced with Gig Cards and Perk Points. In the old version, players would pick up a Salary Card and receive that amount whenever they land on a Pay Day space. In the expansion, players pick up a new Perk Point card at every turn that determines how much money they earn that round. Upon choosing the Start Career path rather than going to college—or immediately upon graduating college—players choose a Gig Card from the facedown deck. The Gig options are: package deliverer, meal deliverer, startup online pharmacy deliverer, driver, and graphic designer (Masters’ Degree preferred).

Generational Wealth

Before the game begins, each player may draw a card from the Family Money deck. If you draw the “Rich Grandparents” card, you are awarded an additional $100,000, a free House Card, and get to start ten spaces ahead of the other players. If you draw “Rich Parents,” you do not have to borrow money from the bank if you choose the Go To College path, and can draw from an exclusive Career Card deck that includes the DJ, Postmodern Poet, and Travel Blogger. If you draw the “Welp!” card, you are only allowed your first turn after all other players have gone twice, and must nod politely when they insist that the game is fair.

Modern Love

The “Stop: Get Married!” square on the board is to be replaced with the “Spin the Wheel of Love!” sticker. You must stay put on the space until the Wheel of Love lands on “Committed Domestic Partnership.” Other spaces include: Talking Stage on Dating App That Fizzles Out Immediately Upon Proposing To Meet In Person, Long-term Relationship With Commitmentphobe, Cuffing Season Relationship of Convenience, Hoe Phase, and, of course, Focusing On Career Right Now.

Family Planning

Best played along with the Modern Love Expansion, this edition includes a new board with “Have A Baby!” spaces that don’t begin until later in the game, most of them following “Mid-Life Crisis.” It also includes new spaces that integrate the reality of caring for aging parents, with silver-colored Elder Pegs to be added to your car when the board demands you take up that responsibility. Squares that read “Nursing Fees (Pay $10,000) ” and “Diaper Bulk Order (Pay $100)” apply to players looking after both children and elders.

Climate Catastrophe

This addition includes both an hourglass and a new board. Turn the hourglass at the beginning of the game. When the sand runs out, flip the board over and start at square one as desert scavengers. Every time you land on an orange space, you must draw a Natural Disaster card. Almost all Natural Disaster cards result in surrendering a House card, except Blizzard, which turns into a ski vacation for everybody in possession of $100,000 and over. Debts accrued on the old board remain, but all pets have been eaten.

Internet Persona

This is a separate board played in tandem with the main board during the same turn. While your main character is focused on earning money and achieving other life milestones, the Internet board is about pretending you’re having the best possible life no matter how dire the circumstances. Roll two die to accrue Clout Points without landing on two ones. If you land on two ones, you will be “Canceled,” and can no longer play on the board. The first player to reach the end of the board wins a Brand Deal: $50,000 from the bank and unlimited Flat Tummy Tea™ tokens.


In the traditional version of the game, the player with the most money after retirement is declared the winner. This expansion replaces the “Retire” space on the board with one that reads “Radicalize.” Players are to count up how much money they have saved, and upon realizing that the demands of capitalism that define the game have made it incredibly tedious and joyless, the board is torn in half, which reveals a secret pamphlet tucked within the cardboard. Unfolded, it reads, “You are but a peg in capitalism’s game. Welcome to the revolution.”