Phangry: This is when you get angry because you are hungry and the DJ isn’t spinning any Phil Collins tunes.

Phork: This is an eating utensil composed of a traditional fork and a Phil Collins action figure.

Philamping: A style of camping with amenities not typically associated with traditional camping and also singing “A Groovy Kind of Love” from the Buster soundtrack around the campfire.

Philbinar: This is an online seminar wherein the main curriculum consists of watching Phil Collins videos on YouTube.

Philkini: This is a two-piece bathing suit like a bikini but when you put it on it looks like you’re wearing the suit Phil wore in the video for his 1985 hit, “Sussudio.”

Collax: This is when you relax by putting your headphones on and listening to “One More Night” on repeat.

Philabradoodle: This is a dog made by mixing the DNA of a Labrador Retriever, a Poodle, and Phil Collins.

Phileshlight: A masturbatory aid, designed to mimic the look and feel of both a vagina and Phil Collins' face.

Collinomics: This refers to a country’s economic policies when that country favors reduced government spending and when that country’s currency uses Phil Collins’ cassette tapes and CDs as currency; so like when someone in that country goes to say that country’s version of Home Depot and they say, “I want to buy this drill and a gallon of paint.” The cashier will ring it up and say, “That’ll be two ‘No Jacket Required’ CDs, one ‘Hello I Must Be Going’ CD, an ‘Another Day in Paradise’ cassingle and two ‘I Wish It Would Rain Down’ 45s.”

Collinsanity: This is when Phil Collins joined the Knicks and everyone suddenly loved him.

Phrenemy: This is when you are friends with Phil Collins despite fundamentally disliking him.

Collywood: This is the film industry made up completely of films filmed in Phil Collins’ house.

Photel: This is when you stay at a hotel with Phil Collins.

Snowpocollinsypse: This is when it snows so hard that roads and most businesses are closed so you stay home and tell Alexa to play “Against All Odds” on repeat as you sip General Foods International Coffee and watch the snow fall outside your window.

Philcation: This is when you go on vacation to see a Phil Collins concert.

Phathlete: This is when you compete in karaoke competitions by singing “Two Hearts” from the Buster Soundtrack.

Philk: This is the milk you get by milking Phil Collins.

Phog: This is when you are walking through such dense fog that you think you might literally be walking in the “In the Air Tonight” video.

Collinado: This is when you are in a tornado while listening to the “…But Seriously” album.

Phart: This is when you fart and accidentally play the first four to six notes of the chorus to “You Can’t Hurry Love.”

Collcasity: This is when you are Caucasian and demand to speak with the manager whenever a Phil Collins song plays on the store or restaurant’s PA system and demand that the manager turn up the volume.