Sorry hackers, but there’s no way you will ever guess any of the passwords on this list. Well, unless you’re reading this, in which case you will almost certainly be able to gain access to these people's private information.

If you hadn’t read this though—boy oh boy, you would be really stumped by these passwords!

$n00pdoggyD0G420: Any Snoop Dogg fans out there? Well this is the password for you! Except this is definitely not the password for you now that it is on this list. In fact, I would just avoid Snoop-related passwords altogether and maybe even pick a new favorite rapper just to be safe.

NotJeff: This password is great for anyone not named Jeff. Simply think about who you aren’t and then boom, you’re typing in your password. Again though, regardless of if your name is or is not Jeff, please don’t actually use this password since it is on this list. That being said, the basic idea still works, so feel free to use another password similar to this one like “NotLisa,” except you should avoid using “NotLisa” as well, considering it is now also on this list.

PFTLOGDUAOTLIYVYPSEALB: A nifty trick I used to make up this password was to paraphrase a longer sentence into something short and easy to remember. For this one I paraphrased the sentence, “Please for the love of God, don’t use anything on this list if you value your personal security even a little bit.” Good luck trying to guess this wacky sentence hackers!

7/29/2017: A date that is significant to you is always a great way to choose a password! In this password I chose July 29th, 2017, the day Equifax was breached resulting in the largest invasion of digitally stored private information ever reported in the modern era. Now I’m not saying if you use this password something similar will happen to you, but if you use this password something similar will probably happen to you.

Password: Now this is a classic and the simplicity of it is genius! While it’s not the most secure password, it is definitely easy to remember, and let's be honest, if you are actually using a password from this list about passwords someone is getting into your accounts regardless. With that in mind you may as well use a simple password and make your life easy until everything you hold dear is inevitably infiltrated.

HeyYouTryingToGetIntoMyComputerPleaseStopThat: If all else fails and you just can’t keep those pesky hackers out, try appealing to them with this password. Even if they are able to guess it (which I guarantee they will be able to, as it is on this list), they will see that you are a pathetic and feeble-minded person who used a password from this very public password list, and may take enough pity on you not to share those compromising photos from your nephew's bar mitzvah.