Let's face it, if words are the ships that transport our thoughts to the islands of cognizant prose, then grammar is surely what keeps thoughs ships steady and afloat. The problem though, is that unfortunately, not every wons a natural ship captain. Some of us, like yours personally, (me), need a little help. That's why, last semester, I joint Farmington's intensive 8-week english fundamentals and grammar course to help improve my over all English fundamentals and grammar. And hey, if Farmington's could help improve my spelling, syntax, grammar, I promise it can help you improve yours to!

Before I took the on line course at Farmington's, I was just like you. My punctuation stank: my syntax was out of whack: and my spelling was down write atrocious! We'll look at me now! I'm more confidant, I have a better grip on my over all writing, and finally I now understand the differences between colons, comas and semicolons – Its like I'm a totally knew writer all the sudden!

Farmington Community Education

At Farmington's, are teachers instructed us to be good editor's as well as proofreader's, making sure we learn how to spot mistakes within our writing, mistakes like: grammatical errors, avoidance in repeating words or sentiments, misspellings, and of course, grammatical errors.

Plus, do you want to no an other thing that's amazing about Farmington's? Okay. I'll tell you right now. It's maid for adults like us, working folks who don't have time to go to school full time. With Farmington's, I'm able too create my own schedule. Also class is in the computer so I can do homework anytime as long I'm not driving, a sleep, or at work. It is perfect!

Okay, however, their are some admitted floss to the program:

  1. You half to be all ready fluent in English (ie) this isn't a class to learn to speak in English, you have to already be able to speak it cause exercises are in English.
  2. classes cost a-lot of money. For some people, tuition is simply to high. It's unfortunately for them, but thankfully for me, they let me put the hole thing on my credit card so my bank pays it and knot me ever.
  3. I almost on accident joint the special needs class witch would have bin supper embarrassing for those students because of how much quicker my progress wood have been compared to they're's. So make sure you fully read what you're signing up for or have a wife or spouse instead fill out your forms four you like mine did.
  4. Finally, fourth, Farmington's only gives you an on line certificate and not a actual college degree like I thought I'd be getting. It was disappointed, but That is ok though, because it's like dad always says (to see what my dad says, read what's inside these upcoming quotations marks >) " Son, you getting a degree is pointless. So long as I own this bi-coastal chain of hotels, you'll always have a job in upper management with a six figure celery waiting for you. "

I due have a quick word of advise though to perspective students: please, you must'nt be afraid to fail off the horse. Mistakes happen, especially in grammar, so its important that you get up, whip yourself off, and climb onto the horse again. Because hey, remember, If I can achieve my Farmington's certificate in English funadmentals and grammar, so can you can to!