1. Breathing.

The inflow of oxygen rich air into your lungs, followed by the release of carbon dioxide, helping to support the necessary vital systems for survival? You guys get it? THAT'S SO CRAZY! We're like, two peas in the same pod, right? I'm not alone in this? Hello?

2. The passing of time.

Ever feel a second pass? Oh my god me too! Like all the time, it's like, when will it end HAHA? I'm so glad you understand what I'm taking about! Just the other day I was like, "Does anyone else feel like we're all moving through some weird continuum that none of us quite understand?" But then I made this list and I feel so much better!

3. That there is no real way to know if any of this is real.

I'm so glad you guys get this one too! Like is this list even here, or am I just staring blankly into a wall, muttering as people watch me through one-way glass LOL? It's just like, so great to share this with you guys. We're basically best friends, right? Will you promise to come to my Game of Thrones viewing party next week? IF IT'S EVEN REAL, AM I RIGHT? (I love our inside jokes.)

Games of Thrones playing chess
It's basically this show that's like, a reflection of our own existential concerns about time, space, and the ego of man, and how it's hard to play board games on your own.

4. The fact that no matter how hard we try, eventually entropy will reach a point where all energy in the universe is lost, and everything will descend into darkness forever.

ROFL, this one always gets me! You guys get it too, right? We're just like, waiting for it all to end, as forces outside our comprehension work and slowly die down as we (the bestest of friends!) fade along with it? TOTALLY, ME TOO!! You guys are the best, and we're so similar! You know, I really like just how similar we are! In fact…

5. A fear that you're just a copy of everyone else.

I mean, best friends like us are usually pretty similar (I'm sure you also like rainbows and sunshine), but do you ever feel like you're just an imposter, slowly copying fragments of other people, building this façade of person, waiting for someone to call you out on it? WHOA, THANK GOD! Thought I was alone there for a second. Thanks for having my back, best friends; I know I can always count on you.

6. A deep anxiety that everyone will leave you.

But can I always count on you? Wait, you don't have this one too? Oh… HAHA, I WAS JUST KIDDING! What I meant was… um…

7. The Earth is round.

Yep! That's what I meant! We can all agree here, no deep anxieties or fears here, JUST GOOD OLD SCIENCE! Now about that viewing party…