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Funny Top 10 Lists

In each of our top 10 lists we fire off ten short jokes about what makes each topic funny, followed by a link to a humorous article directly related to the joke. That way you can follow-up on whichever aspects of a topic you find funny, amusing, titillating, or more interesting than whatever it is you're supposed to be doing right now. It's an easy way to discover new comedy articles and other random links when you're bored or procrastinating.

Newest Topics:

Rappers Poems Music Movies Neighbors Nerds

The Entire Collection:

Masturbation Porn Puppets Baseball

Beds Relationships Waitresses Elevators
Rock Music Swimming Pools Hippies Marriage
Sex MySpace Graduation High School
Dancing Dating Halloween Mexico
Exams Cell Phones Concerts Fights
Guitars Chuck Norris Dorms Beer Pong
Bouncers Britney Spears Parents Snow
Christmas Teachers Pizza Beer
Robbery Bars Old People Video Games
Couches TV Bikes Cheating
Dogs One Night Stands Parties Pets
Shots Prom Pictures Birthdays
Kissing Bathrooms Sports Coffee
Buses Beaches Strippers Underwear
Gambling New Year's Resolutions George W. Bush Jobs
Exes Summertime Facebook Marijuana
Cemeteries Football Kegs Dreams
Malls Clowns Bullies God
Canada Virgins Fridges Singing
The Internet Police Officers Babies iPods
England Airplanes Commercials Guns
Computers Girls Guys Basements
Basketball Books Clothes Food
Friends Easter Cartoons Cars
Santa Love Libraries The Olympics
Studying McDonald's    

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