The Four Levels of Slut

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By staff writer Nathan DeGraaf
June 21, 2006

Main: Man, she’s a whore?
How can you say that? She never got paid.
I stand corrected. She’s a slut.

I think it’s unfair that women are often considered sluts for sleeping around. Women say that this perception of them propagates a double standard because men are never considered sluts for rampant sexual activity. (Although, if that were truly the case, then why do so many women I know call me a slut?) And recently, because I just dumped a girl who cheated on me, I have been pondering exactly what it is that makes a girl a slut.

Now, when I get to pondering, well, sometimes I just have to get out a pen and write down my thoughts. This was one of those times. You see, there are many different kinds of sluts, and there is not one hard and fast rule that simply defines a woman as a slut. But there are (at least) four levels of slut.

Let’s look at them, shall we?

Level 1: The Sexually Liberated Woman

"Sadly, the Cheating Slut is really what most men mean when they say 'slut' or 'whore.' The first two levels are just people being people."

This woman is not technically, by definition, a slut. She is the woman who gets stereotyped as a slut simply because she likes to fuck around. This woman typically has no boyfriend (or a boyfriend who doesn’t care that she fucks other men) and simply goes out looking to get laid. She doesn’t feel that she should have to settle down, and she thinks it’s unfair that other women degrade her for this. She is right. She is also one of the reasons I get up in the morning.

Of the last four women I’ve slept with, three fall into this category because (as far as I know), they were not cheating on anyone, were not lying about who they fucked, and were not asking for anything more than sex. Women love sex, too; they should not be blamed for seeking it. Stereotypes hurt everyone. Ironically enough, usually other women hate this girl because she can fuck who she wants, while men bare her no ill will. She is, after all, simply doing what she likes. And men, for the most part, respect that.

Unlike the whores that make up the second level of slut.

Level 2: The Garden Variety Slut

Much like the Sexually Liberated Woman, this slut has no boyfriend. She does however, and for whatever reason, feel she needs to lead men on. She fucks several different men at one time while tricking the men she fucks into thinking that they are pursuing a relationship. Which is to say that every one of the suckers she fucks happens to think that they’re the slut’s soon-to-be boyfriend. She also loves seeing men fight over her, which may be (at least in part) the motivation for her leading these poor bastards on.

The main thing that separates her from the Level 1 Slut is that she is not honest with the men in her life because she derives pleasure from wrapping suckers around her little finger. The women representing this level of slut usually leave me alone. I’m not sure why, but I’m pretty sure the Garden Variety Slut has a radar for suckers, and because I am not one, I hardly have to deal with these bitches.

I can’t say the same for the sluts in levels 3 and 4.

Level 3: The Cheating Slut

Cheating Sluts come in three different categories. There are those who simply cheat on a boyfriend they’ve had for a few months and then tell him (no big deal); those who cheat on a guy they’ve dated for a few months, never tell him, and force him to find out from his friends (a slightly bigger deal because these sluts lack honesty); and then there are the worst kind—the sluts who fuck around on a man they’ve been with for years and never tell him about it.

The first girl I fucked after the breakup belonged in last category. The bitch was engaged. She fucked me late in the afternoon and left early in the evening because her man would soon be arriving from work. To her fiancée, I say, “I hope your parents are proud of you for preparing to marry a 21-year-old waitress with no education. Oh, and by the way, I’ve never met a girl who had a tell for her female ejaculation before. I mean, her leg quivers like an epileptic in mid seizure and then she squirts. That’s kind of weird. And yes, I like her body, too.”

Sadly, the Cheating Slut is really what most men mean when they say “slut” or “whore.” The first two levels are just people being people, not people being disloyal bitches. What separates this level of slut from the fourth and final level of slut, is, quite simply, the motivation for cheating.

Level 4: The Money Grubbing Slut

Fortunately for me, I live in a college community where finding a man with his own car, no roommates and a steady income is like hitting the jackpot for most girls. Unfortunately for me, this means I often get hit on by the Money Grubbing Slut.

The saddest thing about the Money Grubbing Slut is that she really does like (or even love) her boyfriend. She simply expects more from her man in terms of monetary consideration. She doesn’t make her own money and can’t live off her boyfriend’s petty McDonald’s wages, so she seeks out men who will take her to nice places and buy her shiny objects. This is the worst kind of whore because she’s pissing on love and respect all in the name of a few dollars.

I love promising this girl I will take her some place nice, then fucking her and ordering a pizza, explaining to her that I’m broke. After this, I can usually count the seconds until she leaves, feeling used. Then I double check my wallet; you can’t trust a Money Grubbing Slut (at least, not until she starts making her own money, in which case, the nickname gets changed to “Materialistic Shark,” which is unfair—I mean, why blame a girl for wanting money and making it?).

So guys, the next time you take a woman home from a bar, or fuck her in the bathroom at a party, or on the rooftop of a shopping mall, or in the grass median on the side of a highway (you know, whatever works for you), you may want to consider exactly what level of slut you are fucking. Remember, it’s not wrong if it’s just sex for sex’s sake (hell, female sexual liberation was the best thing to come out of the women’s rights movement). But if she’s in a relationship with some other guy (or guys) when you first fuck her, odds are she’s not the kind of girl you want to spend six bucks on.

Then again, few women are worth six bucks.

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Damn. Do you get like this after every breakup, or is it because the bitch cheated on you this time? Not that I feel bad, this was a good piece. Just curious.

Sorry about the break up. Didn't care for her anyway. I'd call myself the level 1 slut. The one thing to add to that is she keeps a detailed memoir of who she has had sex with.

VERY TRUE. I consider myself a level 1 as well and I definitely keep a detailed memoir of who I've been with

Damn, I know bitches like that second level. I had a crush on one for the longest time. i seriously think that this is bookmark worthy.
:+: :)

I guess I'd be a level one.......although I'm not a Samantha Jones. It's not an everyday/week thing.

Worth 6 bucks though ;)

Woo Slut No. 1!

I just don't think you have to be in a relationship to have sex, all I need is attraction and a certain trust, which, I have to say, is gained quite easily.

Oh well, I'm never frustrated. :P

hahahaha, grass median on the side of a highway ahahaha :lol:

Hey, that post leaves me felneig foolish. Kudos to you!

It's a good thing that you don't lose your literary skill when you're angry, it makes it easier to get your point across and makes it more effective. Good article, I've always liked your work.

I like that you come out and say the things that all guys are thinking but never have the balls to actually say. your articles on this page are very true and accurate. keep up the good work.

Unfortunately, too many guys, though happy for the existence of the Level 1 woman, do still consider her to be a slut. Less sexually active (more sexually frustrated) women may snark about the Level 1 out of jealousy, but many men tear her down for reasons I can't claim to understand. I think Nathan is actually in a minority in his thinking. But I like it.

I actually just have a question and I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but is there such thing as a girl who is not a slut? and therefore does not fit into any of these categories?

@Dan, yeah. Not all girls feel the need to have sex constantly with different partners, just as not all guys feel that way. I, for example, am a guy who thoroughly enjoys sex, BUT I (probably because of how I was raised) feel that I should have an actual relationship with someone before having sex, or rather, I feel that I should have sex with someone with whom I'd like a relationship. And honestly, I can sleep easy knowing the girl I'm having sex with every day has only been with a handful of guys whom she was in a long-term relationship with, as opposed to a girl who goes out and finds a stud to fuck. (cause, not trying to be rude, but there are a LOT of STDs out there, and if you don't think this promiscuous lifestyle has anything to do with it, ask yourself why college campuses are constantly STD ridden- seriously. Might want to look in to this if you're interested in finding out what percentage of you student body could have STDs.) Its good to be safe. Also, as any reader should have ascertained, the girl I'm with shares my opinion. Honestly I sometimes consider her a nympho, but she's never picked up random guys for sex. Just our moral standings though.

@Brad, or they were just raised differently or have different opinions.

Wanted to add- I don't have anything against anyone who sleeps around. I don't think its wise, nor do I think its appropriate, but the percentage of people with that mindset has been steadily rising for decades, so I think theres no fighting it.

Course, my opinion could be swayed since I recently realized I have sex about 5x as often as all my guy friends who just pick up random guys (and shes QUITE good at what she does...)

Just my two cents. :)

They're called prudes

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. For those that were interested, I'm not angry or even mildly upset. If anything, I'm even happier. So don't worry about me. This piece was not written in anger, but the cheating did influence my need to define slutdom to some degree.

At any rate, thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy your weekends.

Isn't it indicative of something perhaps amiss within the relationship that you could be so cool, collected, calm - almost cavalier so soon after the break-up?

How'd I get to Level 3? Geez...

another article quoted for truth, justice, and the Nate way.

true story

Nate, you've officially explained the premise behind what my friends and I refer to as "The Slutcom System." All you're missing is the color-coded scale.

I am bookmarking you. It is official.

I have to say that they only type of slut who is ok is the first type. The rest are dishonest. The only type you didn't talk about were the ones who sleep around because they are seeking approval from men. That describes the ones I know anyway.

i'm 21, i've been with my first and only boyfriend for 4 years. And soon to become the worst kind of slut. :(

fuck you amy

The last sentence of your article reveals more about you than your characterizations of the opposite sex, although you do make some accurate points.

Such misogynistic cynicism seems so prevalent in young males recently.

This is just an observation, not so much a criticism, as I try to live my life in nonjudgmental tolerance of others.

So sad though.

Would anyone be interested in the truth? Not the truth we tell ourselves, or the truth we tell other people, but THE truth. If so, read on.

Human beings are not far removed from our reptilian ancestors. In fact, our reptilian brains still determine many of the reactions we exhibit in certain situations. The traditional archetypes of masculinity and femininity are similarly enduring and resilient, and are not susceptible to change by appeals to reason. The qualities we associate with masculinity and femininity are dramatically different and the misguided and profoundly selfish efforts of strident feminists to undermine the modern male, while exalting the so-called liberated female, is bound to end in societal upheaval, destruction of the family and increased violence. Males are by nature admired for qualities like physical strength, ability to procreate and capacity to provide for their families. Females are valued for their nurturing nature, their fidelity and their devotion to their children To the extent that members of either gender deviate from the ideal, their value is diminished in the eyes of other members of their own, and the opposite gender. Therefore, women who are regarded as promiscuous will inevitably be shunned and even reviled by their peers as well as by men. Of course, some men will claim to be "progressive" or "enlightened" and to not think less of a promiscuous female. Such men are sometimes simply lying in the hope of engendering a positive reaction from females with whom he hopes to copulate; in other cases such men have actually convinced themselves of their sincerity in this regard and may never realize the truth unless confronted with the necessary conditions to elicit a mor eprimal reaction. Essentially, it is nature's way; a part of the human condition. There is no need to apologize for the values with which we have been imbued by nature. Men, be manly. Women, if you are a slut, expect to be identified as one.

Maybe a little sad, but honestly, no less sad than feminist hypocracy. Feminism is about self-serving female-centric war against the oppression of one side by the other. It's in the name: "fem"inism is all about women, doesn't give a shit about the rights of men, or equality. You can't have one-sided equality any more than you can have a magnetic monopole.

There's a lot of mysandry that's totally obvious, and a lot of mysandry that's subtle. Man-hating is only laughed at in this society because men are percieved as having the upper hand in current times, and so by our warlike indoctrination we choose battle instead of cooperation. Women choose to try to raise their own rights to equal men's rights, but that's bourne out of misguided North American greed to HAVE things for yourself.

Maybe some day people (regardless of gender or race or whatever) will try to work together.... Naaaah!!!!

Anyways, thanks for the article Nathan. Same things could probably be said for men, with some minor variations due to the wiring of the male brain. The level one slut is a nice honest person who is simply honest and open about their desire to enjoy their sexuality, and all the levels above are lying hoebags who try to conceal their nature while still enjoying their sexuality at the expense of their victims.

One minor variation on cheating sluts: sometimes they tell about the first time or two they cheated, act all sorry about it, and then cheat secretly from then onward because they convinced their gullible partner that they'd hear about the next time. What they don't realize is how obvious the hoebag signals they're transmitting are. Even the most gullible, trusting partner will eventually decide that all the signs of slutty behaviour outweigh the inclination to give the benefit of the doubt. Proof hastens the process, but the gullible trusting types don't tend to look through a partner's cellphone or email or otherwise stalk to find out so it takes a while longer for the scales to weigh in favour of getting the fuck out of this shitty situation.

im glad someone finally wrote all this down for other people to are definitely right.

the word Slut doesn't hold water anymore. My boyfriend is the first guy I've had sex with and he's been around the block several times. He Is a slut and I tell him so all the time. Are You a Slut ? Are you a wanna be Slut?

I like trying to figure out why people do things, and who better for a young man to figure out than the people he dates, spends money on, and may spend his life with?

Wow. I never realized that I am actually a good slut until reading this article.

I think a lot of girls have tells. maybe you never really made those other girls cum.

Great fuckin article. Hilarious

I learned a new word Garden Variety Slut. I was looking up the defenition of slut. Go steelers.

bummrz my gf is a little bit of all 4 types

seems to be some lying sluts in russell springs ,ky. I know one that lives there and works at toyota in somerset. Lied out her ass, misled me, talked like nothing wrong, while chatting with another guy and setting up a date at same time. Then says she did nothing wrong. these are worst sluts. she fucks guys at work and meets others anywhere they want. she got a pussy that squeezes the crap out of your cock tho.
email for a name

Man, I do not at all agree with the nonchalant manner some people go about with sex and relationships; but man, pretty much everything you said was true. Nice article. I am especially struck by the "Few women are worth six bucks." I think I really like that sentence.

Hold the hypocrisy for just moment, Skid Row.
Let's keep in mind when sluts are cheating on someone, they are accomplishing this dastardly deed with a guy, that is, yes, one of us...possibly YOU.
If the guy that's part of her little sloppy Labia Majora Slamfest knows she's cheating on someone, he's more of a low life skank than she is! Some sluts are Good Sluts, for example those who just like sex, should get an award for loving what they do and behaving in a deliciously decadent manner when it most counts. It is almost performing magical work to serve the shy and less fortunate with ample blow jobs and rampant public screwing.
To avoid being slut road-kill, always take it slow and get to know the person you want to play hide the telescope with. Otherwise, should you really blame them when there's unpleasant surprises?
BTW, Women who only put out for rich dudes end up paying for every cent of it, somehow, eventually. Lived long enough to see it happen. It's brutal and I have to say I think they most likely deserve it.

i dated a girl for almost 3 years, then found out she was a level 3 cheating slut. She definitly a Lying Deaf Slut Bitch.
so that was three months ago when i found out and broke up with her. She still calls to hook up and we do. But i love how shes now become a drunk whore, and not to mention shes put on like 15 pounds. whered that spare tire come from? Damn Slut..level 3 cheating slut.

Christa Joy's picture

What comes before number one? You must remember that there are some great, upstanding women out there.

Nathan, have you ever heard of Tucker Max? You remind me of a very cheap knockoff of him.

Just sayin'.


Few things to add, a level one slut no matter how nice she is, usually become a level 3 slut as soon as she gets a boyfriend. She can't help herself, its sad. I'm friends with a few of them and they are so nice and love their boyfriends but don't think twice about cheating on them even with his friends and feel no guilt or remorse at all.

It's pathetic, having sex with people you're not in a relationship with just to do it.

I hate those kind of people and I do not let them off scott-free. Vile, no self control morons.

Nothing better to do then to screw some people you don't even know or just met.

Lol makes me laugh really, at the stupidity of that.

Sounds like someone needs to get laid a little more often.

Mike Lamb's picture

Oh look. A serial killer.

This article was entertaining, but also really well written with quite a bit more than a nugget of truth. There is nothing wrong with women having a strong sexual appetite. I'm not talking about drunk bitches who sleep with whoever walks into the room, but just women who want what they want and know how to get it. Great article!

This really helped me
I kno a bunch of sluts and hoes lol

I'm Just Wondering... How can you say Most women aren't worth six bucks? I didn't work and My Boyfriend indeed support me.But I support him until I lost my Job.After 6 years he cheated on me.So Tell Me what are the Levels for a Man being a Slut? Or is it just women The get slapped with the Title? Just Because so stupid Bitch Fucked you over.Does Mean You have to throw a bitch Fit. And Write Levels of sluts. Why Not Write The Level of Assholes? I've been In your shoes and I've been fucked over as well.But I'm not Bitching about it.Maybe you should get a tampon. Also some Midol,some chocolate to. Than Get a Life and Be a Man.Not a Bitch!


The same level of slut apply to men.But i still thinck women are the bigger slut no question about it.We cheat because of other slut and mainly the level one and two.Usually we avoid the level three and four and even if we sleep with the level 3,4 sluts we do it just because they are sluts.

I recieved an e-mail on this topic recently. It was an analogy on why men are seen as a stud for sleeping around and women are seen as sluts. If you think about it this way. "If a key can open a bunch of locks, it's viewed as a master key, and is awesome to have. On the other hand if a lock is opened by a lot of different keys, well that's a pretty shitty lock if you ask me."

That is the best thing i've ever heard props sums it up great

This girl is the dirtiest slut i know and she falls into every category you listed. here is a run down or what and who she has fucked so far. first but not least Guy she was in high school with name unknown. Second her Fencing teacher, this was when she was 17 and he was 40 she moved out and lived with him for a while
also got herpes from him too. The whole time she was with him pretty much she was sleeping with a group of marine corps recruiters most of them being married and her being underage at the time. they would get her drunk then take her back to their office and take turns with her. Almost got them all fired too cause Ncis got wind of it and investigated it but they got lucky somehow. Lets see after that she got with one of the recruiters cousins but, it was a long distance thing she couldn't handle that. So, that's when she fucked a guy she only knew for letters in a run down crummy hotel out side of Basic training base in North Carolina. she got engaged to that guy but that only lasted a year cause the whole time she was fucking her class leader Sgt Carol in Pensacola, Florida and who knows who else. when he found out he told her if it wasn't cheating and she said no then it was rape so tell someone or else he would break up with her. she did and Sgt carol got locked up and went to trial but, then it came out that she never said no to him and she did everything willing with him. he was also married and screwing several other girls from the class and spreading around Stds like free Halloween candy. so she got discharged from service at that point went back to Michigan and began screwing another guy and eventually screwed him over too. She ended up marrying her marine corps basic instructor Richard. who was married with children and divorced his wife to get her. all i can say is good luck and good job on marrying a slut :) enjoy the herpes and i have a question for you how does my cum taste :p that's right she is a swallower. And every guy she has been with she has never used a condom which is why she caught so many Stds. I'm sure wont take you long to find out shes banging someone else while your together.

Great artical but you forgot the dumb ass slut that will fuck a new guy every week in hopes that he'll be the one to wisk her away only to get dumped as soon as he dumps his load only to find a new guy and start the rotation over again. Or mabey she's just that dumb

There are a couple things about this article that strike me. There are different levels of slut, according to you, but they aren't really based on anything sexual. It had more to do with a level of integrity. It's kind of one-sided and obviously based on the pain of your break up. The second thing that strikes me is your description of the garden variety slut who was engaged when she had sex with you. So you knew she was engaged and cheating on her fiancee. She must have told you, otherwise you probably wouldn't know that. But you slept with her anyway behind her fiancee's back. So what does that make you? If you categorize others in a derogatory way like this, maybe you should examine yourself as well because you pretty much look like a hypocrite. It's clear you have a real distaste for your lower categories of slut but you're also sleeping with them, knowing exactly what they are. You know what they say, birds of a feather...

Would you rather learn these things from someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, hasn't been there and done that? I'd rather read what a slutty hoebag writes about her slutty adventures and the nature of sluts than read what a religious zealout believes about the nature of sluts.

You wouldn't know the first thing about sluts if one walked right into you and fucked you up the ass. Nathan didn't once claim that he isn't any of the things he's writing about. At least he's honest about his slutty adventures with sluts. He knows better than you what he's talking about and here you are calling him a hypocrite, you stupid hypocrite.

There is something amiss here. I don't think you are wrong. I just think the reason we call women whores and men studs is just a double standard.

I think it is a double standard sadly propagated by other women too. Men do use this word very negatively too. I'll demonstrate both varieties.

I've been labeled a whore. I started off as being slut type 1. I wasn't "owned" by anyone. And I never thought I owned anyone if I fooled around.

But because I was slut type 1 people seemed to want to own me.

As a result some very negative things happened to me being labeled like this.

Assault is one of them.

I admitted to something sexual to a female acquaintance, when a group of guys kept probing about something I did. When she went home, the bf picked the opportunity to grab me. I was blamed. This made me a bigger whore.

The guy's friend went around outing me as a whore. So did a female acquaintance. This included telling guys they should fuck me, who I wanted nothing to do with. The female acquaintance went around doing this at such a level it could be considered harassment and stalking.

Deciding who I should fuck without me knowing felt invasive and like harassment.

The male friend decided I was whorish when his friend tried to force me into oral sex in front of him, then kicked at me when I refused. So there is the "sex" he witnessed. So for that I deserve no personal boundaries, or respect. That makes me a whore.

My family found out- so this turned into a family smack down as well. I got the shit kicked out of me.

I was a very depressed teenager. Yet despite not being sexually active anymore at this point, nor flirting, nor dressing in any way to suggest desire i was called a whore.

I remember minding my own business when a girl tried to suggest to several make students I'm a whore. This included crowding around my desk and calling me this.

I had no idea who this person was, or her reasons for it. Yet for some reason I'm a whore deserving of mistreatment.

I eventually got a boyfriend but my experiences led me to a really low self esteem. I did have sex with this bf. This made me a whore as well.

A rumour was spread that I wanted to beat up some girls. Because I am a whore I am capable of bad things including beating people up. I had no idea who these girls were but they ate up the rumour anyway. I found myself accused of malicious behavior without even knowing I had done anything.

A rumour was spread I was sleeping with a new bf. Not true. This sparked harassment and jokes. I can remember being harassed by a group of guys who began trying to get my attention by saying, "hey I want to fuck you." When I kept ignoring them one guy tried to physically get in my space.

Many people saw this. But because I allegedly had sex with some guy in front of a fire place (it's a rumour too) this made no one step in. A teacher was in ear shot.

But I'm a whore undeserving of respect.

You see there is a whole category of whore you are forgetting, or deliberately ignoring. It's the reality of it. these labels can be used quite insidiously.

I was a whore in college.

I met a guy who couldn't take no for an answer with a clue by four.

I was naive. I screwed around with someone else afterwards, a little further on down the road. He felt I tricked him. We went on one date.

He thought I cared for him. He tried to pull the condom off. And my meeting him ended in me slapping him. I tried to talk to him about his pushy needs for sex, but he was clueless. A phone call ended it I thought in me telling him to fuck off.

So this made me a whore. He bragged about his promiscuity then accused me of trying to give him a venereal disease when I met someone else. My partner numbers were in the single digits. His were over a hundred. Yet he was worried about catching a disease while bragging about the 5 women he fucked in a week, and how all women treat him like used kleenex.

Yet I am the one who brought it clearly to his attention you should never trick me into unprotected sex. I am the one who brought it up loudly when he didn't listen to me say no, and eventually led to me slapping him.

He thought this is love. He confused it with assholery and over entitlement.

I found it funny the people who talked loudly of my promiscuity were often cheating on spouses, or fiances, or had other personal issues they were trying to detract attention from.

Sex or no sex, I've been called a whore. I often found myself repulsed at the labeling and behaviors so much so I fell out of dating.

I guess I wasn't in the rumour mill enough so some guy went around telling people he fucked me. I never even knew the guy, or had any remote dealings with him.

This prompted a group of women to try to beat me up, and everyone to isolate me.

It was not the first time a rumour was spread like that.

I can remember a girl getting malicious on me because I again had sex with some guy I had never met.

It was false. Yet I supposedly had sex every week with a different guy, much like people on here claim about women.

Look in the mirror. Is she a dirty slut because if the possibility she finds herself too worthy to be with you? If you're a woman and you are setting out on a personal attack on another woman, particularly one who does not know you, why are you? I am willing to bargain there is something more ugly in yourself.


Why the heck do i feel like i belong to slut family #4?

....but guys cheat too do they not?

I think either way the person is an asshole if they cheat, man or woman

Hey! You know, I was just feeling bad about something that made me feel like a slut, but wow, thank you. I mean I'm not going to go out there and continuing doing what I did, but it just makes me feel better that there are people out there who understand. Thank You!!!

tl; dr
but i'm pretty sure this is sexist

Fuck you garden variety slut. I knew a girl like this once I was stupid and wasted a lot of time on her. I'm glad its over.

ok so according to your classification system here, im a level 2 slut?
id like to say i dont always intentionally lead men on although i have played along on a few occasions with certain men that were clearly assholes. i also havent slept around enough to be considered a slut considering i have only had a single one night stand...that being said, when i get involved with a guy i almost always make it clear from the get go that im not looking to complicate my life or im not ready for a relationship but they seem to translate that into "try harder". i cant stop you from doing what you want to do. i was honest.

I think this classification system is pretty well thought out, I'll probably integrate it actually.
Unfortunately I've had experience with a slut who slept around on me for years and didn't tell me about it... no less with a buddy of mine.
I've definitely learned that women are just horny and... by definition I think... can go out there and have a good time at their leisure. Praise these fun-loving goddesses that make life more interesting.
BUT I do have to say that women can use sex against you... and can sometimes justify the worst possible shit. This girl I dated never told me anything until the "buddy of mine" she was fucking kicked her to the curb and made her look like an idiot to his whole friend group... Obviously I was pissed at him too (and I don't bother with those types anymore) but in retrospect I think she was totally responsible.

Female Sluts!!!! If you're ready to move on, MOVE ON... don't need to rot your fucking souls and become dishonest and empty... I can't imagine having absolutely no conscience... how can you ever learn to love anybody like that?

And if you can... there seems to be a divide between you and other types of people who make mistakes, but at least learn from them.

PS: I do agree that men can be assholes... but I've seen women do really cruel things... there are plenty of fish in the sea lol... leave your bf's friends alone. Go to a bar and show anybody your tits... show me your tits if you want... spread the love not the hate

I liked the classifications but not the word slut, as it holds so many connotations. I think labelling people like that can be useful, but ultimately limits them and your understanding of them.

I consider myself to be an independent, moral, psychologically balanced woman and I only like to get into serious relationships with men who I can bond with on many levels. This is rare for me, i.e. I have had one serious relationship. It went to shit in the last two years but hey I stuck at it, was faithful, and ended it when it became painfully obvious that it was pointless for either of us to go on with each other.

So I've been single most of my life, bar those few years, and I like sex. It's fun! And it's mutually rewarding. I enjoy it and I think as long as both parties are in it for the same reasons and are open with each other, there's no problem with having casual sex.

It's when people bring unhealthy attitudes into these things (entitlement, "men are pigs", "women are sluts", etc.) that bad stuff happens.

Unfortunately, I think men and women in general, tend to have pretty unhealthy views of each other. Many women think most men are unfeeling bastards. Many men think women are fickle sluts.

Why not try and assess someone on their individual traits instead of trying to label them? Most people I meet, I can tell within five minutes whether they're trustworthy or not, and when it comes to men, I can honestly say I've never met one where I was like "we are deeply compatible"...I think it's possible but very rare. But at the same time, it is my belief that sex is an enjoyable part of life that doesn't need to be saved for a relationship.

At the same time, I'm completely against cheating. If you're going to commit to a long term relationship, you should want it first. No point in using it for emotional security (as so many do, without finding it within themselves) and then fucking around. That's not cool.

I just wish that society and the majority (IMO) of people in this world weren't so psychologically fucked up.

Peace out everyone.

Why it's always to be the women who needs to be categorized into such levels and be scrutinized? These so called levels won't exist if there aren't men who jumps to them. I guess both parties enjoyed it so why men should think so insanely different now about women.

blinding artical every one of these are true and all you people hating on this man be greatful that hes brought a good piece of writting that has mad our day.


bitches are everywhere !

Got hit wit #3 my girl friend I dated 4 three years an was gonna marry cheated on me furring those years an I didn't find out till my friend showed me a video of her cheating wit 5 guys, but I am blessed I'd kept my virginity an didn't loose it to tht slut, thank you for the bible an religion

well, i'm female and I get what you're saying. I think it's interesting. I like sex, but i like it with someone i love. I'm pretty traditional like that. But I DO have a high sex drive sometimes, and it's like any other hobby or anaesthetic. I don't see the problem. I wouldn't EVER want to be seen as a slut by someone I want to be loyal to, but to everyone else, I don't care. It's about finding that right person....Which in my life, seems to rarely happen. What's a girl to do?
As for cheating....I've never cheated on a partner i was devoted to....but it's not everyday you meet some guy you wanna devote yourself to. In summary, women who have sex with multiple partners are just human...I don't even see why it's an issue....
Men are insecure...get over it. Chumps.

You pieace is very close to the mark however all sluts fall into all thease catagories at one time in there misrable pethetic lives.
One thing you have got very wrong is femanisum / sexual liberation.
It is femanisum that has created thease sluts on mass.
sluts/ women have one major problem men dont apart from the fact that women nowadays have more STD`s than men
Men cannot get pregnant sluts do and the result is a messed up childs life.
Femanisium is the main cause of broken societys we have to endure.
For god sake please I do not wish to hear any more crap about how a women on there own is the normal way too bring up a child it`s not


I am sick and tierd of women talking bollocks about how they know someone or do it themselves and there unwanted offspring are happy ask the fucking child there not.
Tell them the truth sluts daddy was a quick orgasium period nice way to start a family no wounder there is so many abortions.




I've never held a woman's past sexual experiences against her, no matter what they were. I always gauged a woman based on who she was at the moment.

But I don't suggest any man do that----nor will I be so nonjudging in the future. I would have saved myself endless internal agony if I had dumped them on 3 simple rules. Really, I suggest it for any WILL make your life saner, because sex can have enormous meaning so long as it's not with the wrong girl.

It's not about wishing you could do the same thing as women. It's about it being so easy for them to do these things that sex has dropped its worth.

Break up immediately (and honestly) if:
1. They've ever had a 3-way.
2. They've had a LOT of sexual partners (you need to be the judge there. Some would say more than 10, I would say more than 20.)
3. They've ever been attracted to another woman. (just not worth the worry).

TRUST me, there are a LARGE NUMBER of sexually driven women who have NOT done these things<-----I used to think this was not so, but it truly is. It's is not contradictory.

Is there a way to counter or ward off against these type of girls?