How to Get Away With Murder

Follow these four rules and there's no reason to get caught.

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By staff writer Nathan DeGraaf
December 14, 2005

Nathan: Dave, do you have a favorite serial killer?
Dave: Get out of my bar.

OJ Simpson trying on the infamous black gloveAll right, way too many of you people have been arrested for murder lately and I’m starting to get a little pissed off. If this generation is gonna have a chance in hell of surviving in today’s brutal DNA-evidence-laden world, we’re gonna need to learn from the mistakes of Generation Manson and actually pull off a murder or three without leaving an evidence trail so obvious that Chief Wiggum could find us in the dark with an uncomfortable chunk of a frozen Mickey Mouse figurine wedged in his largest orifice and a pastrami sandwich in his pig-hoof-like hand. I’m sick of all this idiocy. People have been murdering people for tens of thousands of years and we don’t know how to do it by now? There’s no reason to get caught here, people. If you want to get away with murder, just follow these four rules.

Rule #1: Choose your victims wisely.

The Green River Killer managed to kill, like, eighty people without getting caught (until he turned himself in) simply because he followed this rule to a tee. His victims were all prostitutes and prostitutes all fall into the Preferred Victim category for the following reasons: they are easy to abduct and lure into poorly-lit areas, they can be gone for more than a few days before anyone bothers to report them missing, and they are typically light and easy to carry. The Green River Killer also followed Rule 2 as well.

Rule #2: Choose your burial sites wisely.

Outline of a car in chalkI live in Florida, and there is no end to quality places to dump bodies around here. There are oceans, estuaries, rivers, and even the freaking Everglades, where a plane once crashed carrying 73 people and not even a tooth was found after the search. And yet still, week after week, I read about bodies turning up in parks, trunks of cars, even beneath houses. For crying out loud people, use the land that God gave you. Make that body disappear. No body, no murder. Really, how hard is this?

Rule #3: After using the weapon, destroy it.

This is the rule that the dumbass crackheads always ignore. They think that they shouldn’t destroy the gun with which they killed their brother (so they could rob him and buy crack) because they can pawn it or sell it on the streets (so they can buy crack). After the murder is committed, the weapon is a major liability. Anyone who hangs on to a $500 gun rather than risk the beauties of freedom is an idiot. Please, don’t be that idiot. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Rule #4: Don’t have a typical motive.

Only murder people you barely know for reasons no one can understand. Is there absolutely no reason for you to murder the check-out clerk at the grocery mart? If yes, then she’s your gal. Don’t murder people who make you mad or inflict pain upon you. Let them live long lives—believe me, it’s the best form of revenge.

And that about wraps it up there people. Remember, murder is like anything else in life. It’s not very difficult, but it has to be done just right or you’ll end up in jail.

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I thought I was having de-ja-vu while reading this, until I realized that this was actually a post you made in your blog in September. If I was a sad shit with no life, I would complain about the repeat; however, since I am a happy shit with no life, I will commend you on the article and say that it was good enough to read twice.

this writing has SOME good points, but experience is everything...

Amateurs can try Manipulation as functions with depressed or suicidal preys. Whenever you detect that they are going through a bad phase or are emotionally and mentally down,you can strike them instantly through the phone. You can make the victim swallow 2 dozens of pills with coke.if you use the good words. So,you will have your alibi, the victim will eventually die thanks to his/own stupidity. Concerned about the cops tracking down your number? They can track the number,but they wont get hold of the conversation. investigation starts after 6 months in suicide cases. It works and you feel satisfied. Cheers

you dont have to be an amature sometime i quite enjoy manipulating ones its expecially fun if you get the good and jolly ones to end up finishing off themselves

you are stupid!Maniac

Thank you.

ill fucking kill u

shut the hell up its a joke

ya we should murder more not wtf you dumb fucker

yeahhhh. i thought it sounded familiar. hahha. nathan can't even get away with writing his own article twice....ehhh

I feel so robbed. I was so looking forward to new fresh Nate. Something that would my girlfriend think you're more of an asshole. Smething that would give me reason to laugh on a dark Thursday morning. But instead I get this. Ahh well. At least there's no really fathomable reason for me to kill a mysoginist, drunk, gambler, at the local pub in Florida. Just kidding Nate. Hope the hangover ain't too bad.

i missed it the first time, so im overjoyed, its about time someone put this public.. thank you nate, ive been saying it for years

so, slow day for ideas huh?

bro im just that guy


Issues, much? It's funny though. It's my first time on the page, so I don't really know your humor, but it is pretty funny and very common sense. Yet, some people still get caught. Go figure.

Yes hi, My name is Cory, I read this article and I like your sense of humor and I share the same enjoyment and displeasure that these ingrates are causing the media nowadays. I liked the article a lot and it seems to me also that people are just getting more ignorant as the years develop. However I feel you left out one minor detail although the 4 pointers are great cause it is only common sense any moron should be able to pull it off. Anyways before I get carried away I would like to add Step #5:Leave no witnesses... Half of these idiots problems are that they choose the stupid places in this world to commit homicide. Such as a convenient store... Who the hell?!?!?!? I ask? You want a nice secluded spot where your pray are not going to be heard and also where you have plenty of room to follow through with Step 3 in the middle of a field miles away 30 ft underground and underwater. This will help you fools alot if you have no witness to crime... And it is also a good way to not have to commit double-homicide.

very funny, and very possible. Most people that do like to murder, are usually idiots with good motives.

you know , the funny thing is, you have not murdered anyone

HA. I like your sense of humor, the messed up thing is that i entirely agree. in general, people are pretty stupid, Profiling only works to a certain degree, and law enforcement is remarkably deficient in many areas. some other comments that made it onto your page are simply indicitave of a mindset that is less than enlightened.

Nice. ill remember those. thanks.

You also want to make sure there is no trail or splatter of blood. There is always a slight chance of everything. If there is his/her blood on the floor someplace (even if it is a tiny spec, they have special light), and then find your hair there and/or they find his/her blood on a tiny crevace on your watch. They can convict you of abstruction of justice if you did not tell them anything even if theyt can't prove you murdered him/her.

What about cameras though? Everything you said was flawless for like the 70s...but cameras are everywhere now...they can catch you dumping the body, catch you luring the woman, catch you putting on a ski mask if that was the way u intend on getting away with it...cameras ruin it all. I wonder with cameras ine xistence how people get away with stuff. if enough cameras were arouund youd think theyd be able to look camera to camera and find out where you ran to....but i guess img etting to philosophical

just get a rifle and shoot the camera(s) from a block or to away and your good to go

It might sound strange, but if u shave all your body hair, and wear gloves, its almost impossible to leave dna. Also, if you rape your victum, use a douche with bleach in it to destroy any dna left behind.

you're a fucking GENIOUS!

thanx for the tips an while you gave them to me u made me laugh iv planned so many things these will help

thanx for tha tips thank u allllloooottt!!!!!!

i cant fuckin wait now thanx alot hahahahaha........

u r stupid asses thow shall not kill!!!!!!!!


ok one your swearing and quoting the ten commandments and two its thou not thow.

Mike Lamb's picture

It's spelled okay, not ok. And I'm pretty sure that name would be better as LSD Church Manson. Or Monsoon. Either one.

This article starts good with the basics, but misses modern day. CIS evidence and cameras are everywhere. Shaving all your hair off and scrubbing down your skin as much as possible is a first. Second gloves are a good start but if they are noticeable super glueing the tips of your fingers will work to cover your prints. Killing someone you dont know is easy but killing someone you know is the hard part. A gun is messy but if used, a sniper rifle is the best. A dart can be loaded it some firearms now easier, meaning no loud noises just someone one who collapses on a street. Now a days no one would even notice some drunk or junky falling over. Homemade silencers can be made as long as your a good shot they dont work that long, so a dart is the way to go. Speaking of darts... Poison is another great form of murder. Its not that hard to make and it is silent and hard to trace if its made out of what ever is under the sink. Poison dart frogs can be bought on the internet and thrown on someone but thats a bit of work for most people, but its statement with style. Another great poison is over dosing on insulin. Befriend a diabetic and take someone of their medicine. Insulin is hard to find in the body and an overdose will kill someone easy. Find them at a club and prick them. If you want to give them a slow death a needle full of AIDS will do the same thing, while taking out the wife or the girlfriend. AIDS also makes the victim look like a cheating piece of shit. The point is violent killings are a lot of work and hard to get away with. Its all about being suddle. Lots of ways to skin a cat, these are just a couple of ideas.

Sure, I'll take advice on the finer points of eluding the law from someone that can't spell "subtle" You're all fools.

My thoughts exactly.

i lyk dis bt where wud u gt a needle full of aids lol dis is really gettn me excited i may seem a lil physco cuz i love torture its jus da shytt if yu have da balls to cause someone else distress den yu shud die a nice slow bt sure painful death nd i may nt kno yu bt if ur ugly lmao den yu shud die too im sorry i went a lil crazy bt ya my question is wea wud yu gt a needle full of aids from plz reply bak to dis soon as yu gt it

what..the..fuck? that's a quality education right there

you say people are stupid because they get caught but on of your rules is to have no motive

man u are a mad bastard will u kill someone for me

Well Im sure this dumb bastard has had his IP traced by the government, along with his MAC address and been arrested along with a few other moronic posters here. Posting advice for a gimic is ok and just found sadistic. But asking someone to kill some other person for you or bragging about murdering someone is just a good way to say "Hey come place me in jail Im such a dumb ass that I like to brag about my stupid life on the mother fucking internet."
You morons think the police dont see things like this? Seriously. Get a life. and quit pretending to be a murderer. and if your going to be the moron who goes into threatening me. Bring it. I wont hesitate to shoot you when you show up on my property. Not to mention I like to train dogs. Dobermans and great danes do me some good when dealing with idiot fags who werent loved enough in their child hoods.
Instead of planning murder. maybe you should try to plan suicide and do us ALL a favor.

You truly are the biggest douche in all of the e-web. Go overdose on your dad's cum shots, dumbass.

Dude, seriously, shut the fuck up you fucking twat with no sense of humour, maybe you should go kill yourself. There is nothing wrong with pissing about on the internet, ask anyone. You should justgo smoke some weed and fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shut the fuck up you dumb bitch.

I used these rule and so far have not been caught, I thank you for this. I hope to see you soon.

Kevin Wiatt, its guys like you that gets these kind of guys butt raped in jail. Only place you'll be seeing nate is behind bars you stupid pubfag. Peace in Hell to all you Want-to-be murderers. This kind of life is going to get you NO WHERE. Repent.



Believe me, im not a wanna-be...

Anonymous its guys like you who are pussies

Not sure if any of you have heard but I am the serial killer alledgadley "Plauging" the piedmont triad location on NC. Thanks to your tips along with a few of my own trick of the trade I've gotten away with 4 so far. I beat a man with a shovel and threw him of a cliff, stabbed a women at least 36 times in the stomach (removing her intestines), decapitated a man with a wired garret, and beat a guy near an Olive Garden to death with a crowbar (Noted that a fragment of skull collected at the scene was about the size of a half dollar, and part of his brain hung out) I appreciate this guide, and I hopefully will remain succesful in my thirst for blood.

Thirsty for blood, try finding some razor blades and cutting yourself a couple times you stupid ass. hope you enjoy your time in jail once the Police track your MAC address, Which believe it or not proxies cant actually hide. And once they send that swat team to your house and woop your sorry ass. Send me a post card.

Mac Address is wifi dumb ass....They may track your IP but for what? This is no differ then going on the streets and telling peeps these one can do anything bout it....oh btw swat wouldnt be @ door it be more like FBI

It's all NIC's you fucking muppet.

These guys wont get caught that way bud. The best thing you caan do is go to where he says he lives, use caution and beat him down so that he cant kill anymore.

This guy is full of shit. I searched in google and there has never been a murder by a crowbar outside of Olive Garden.

Niceee,, i like the way you keep changing you technique. I prefer to stick with just one..

Strangled with Barbed wire...

Hope you get away with more

ahahaha dats nice and curel ahaha

Your a sick fuck. To you "serial killer" your going to burn in hell. Getting caught by the police is not the worst that will happen to you murderers. I savor the fact that one day the fires of hell will consume you and you will feel the pain of everyone you cut down.

I myself dont believe in murder but you believing such rediculous lies is about as stupid as any of these half-witted compulsive liars. I would wager everything i own, including my life, that the majority if not all of the sadistic people leaving comments on this website claiming that they have slain someone are plain and simple bullshitting. Another thing..."hell" does not exist, it is a mere copy of the Greek "Hades" (That presumably copied from before then too). What happens after life? You cant tell me, i cant tell you. What i infact can tell you that the most logical conclusion to such a meaningless life (Well not entirely meaningless, the aim is to make life more pleasurable for your kin and your kin's kin and so on) is infact...nothing. What happens when a computing system is torn apart into one-thousand pieces? It ceases to exist, its memory is wiped, it cannot process. Then that makes you think, what happens when a life-form is torn apart into one-thousand pieces? Simple really, It ceases to exist, its memory is wiped, it cannot think. Think about it.

lol, butthurt atheist.


"hell" does not exist, it is a mere copy of the Greek "Hades" (That presumably copied from before then too). What happens after life? You cant tell me, i cant tell you.
THE AWKWARD MOMENT WHERE HE SAYS HELL DOESNT EXIST then tells us noone knows what happens in afterlife

hell is not real. once he dies he isnt going to burn in eternal hell fire. he is just going to die and most likely be buried where he will decompose untill there is nothing left of his body. there is no such thing as god or heaven or fucking hell you stupid cunt. And to anyone else that believes in religion your fucking retarded and i hope your families are raped in front of you.


ive been haveing these very very naughty thoughts for quite some time now. you see, its a long story, and when it comes down to it...this stupid motherfucker still didnt listen to me, he never took heed of my warnings. now he must pay. now back in my gangbangin days...ive made a few people disappear here and there, but my buds have alwas been there. this one is going to have to be done alone. do you have any pointers of how i can do this without been caught, start off with a kidnapping..maybe? and than take him somewhere and i would like to very very much torture him. this is the second time this dude somebody has ruined my life and relationship. im sick of it and its turned my mind gray and now all i think about every day is to hurt him in as many ways as possible... i have no problem making him disappear for a while...the problem is how im going to do it and if anybody has some good modern ways of torture....let me kno

First off; See a fucking shrink your dumb bastard. You and I both know how much a fake you are and how much You DONT scare people
Second; Suicide. Consider it, like I say in many of my posts Do us all a mother fucking favor and rid tour idiocy from the world.
Third; if your going to stay, go back to third grade english and learn to type you fucking moron.

give pufferfish and he will die because respiratory failure

to peter: In your case torture is not an option. If the guy knows you he will report it. Do what I did to a woman who I found to be an "annoyance" in my life, I took her into my basement tied her up dosed her with heroin and slowly cut off her hands, arms(at her shoulder and elbow) legs at the knee stabbed one of her eyes out and cut her head off. I disposed of it buy cutting the titties from the torso cutting her legs completley off and removed her fingertips. and stuck the torso in a barrel and the body parts in another. I filled the barrels with cement and they are sitting in my basement(well i really didnt dispose of it just kept it for a trophy for getting rid of that bitch).

Peter find someone like me to take my target and I will take yours.....

i murdered my husband 32 years again and still haven't been arrested for killin the fat f**king bugger.. haha only joking

yeah i have a plan to <b>kiddnap the major.</b> can you help me out? how do i do it and where do begin?

That shit was hilarious...

no body no homocide. :+:

no homocide, no body

im not really sure if you guys are joking if you are then thats good we all have our own sense of humor i guess and if not what the fuck is the point of doing all this shit i i have been reading you comments on this for about an hour or so now and i see the poster has no intent of doing this shit but wtf is with these people reading this i mean come on are you people that fucking sick or do you guys need help

Generally speaking, isn't it better to not kill them yuorself!!!

I believe many murders are commited as acts of passion. In these instances jail squelches "survival of the fittest" by elliminating aggressive but ignorant individuals (Napoleon anyone). Today's world lives for survival of the smartest. This presumes that a proper murder must have a motive, a logical method, and good preparation should the homicidal come under suspicion. But most importantly do not act rashly. Haste makes jail, period. And for crimes sake think outside the box. Cameras, witnesses, and probably even detectives will see you murder the cashier on duty, but no one expects you to discover her home address. From there the opportunities are endless. Low Odor pesticides, various combustables, jumping a high resistance wire from the starter to the gas tank. You could even break in and mix trace amounts of potasium chloride in the salt and sugar until one day the 23 years old cashier has a violent heart attack. Think people. The human body is very fragile. Hell with a pair of $10 Crocs and latex gloves you could beat her to death in the drive way in broad day light with something you found in the garage. All you need is a good attorney or an even better allaby. If you think you may be too ignorant to commit homicide you already lack the confidence to do it right. So sit back and wait to be murdered or worse, live a long long long long life.

my514stang's picture

Nothing like breaking into a car and using a little bleach and vinigar to clean the windows with when they get up and are off to work the odorless tasteless gass will take effect and thus maham on the freeway its like a killing blue light special.

my problem is i'd be the prime suspect i need to figure out my disposal situation

im in the same boat. favor 4 a favor?

my514stang's picture

I think a 308 or a 223 with a long range scope would do nicely, hell aint nobody gona see ya from 1500-2000 yard away , and its easy to make a blast furnace, fire and forced air that will clean up the mess quite nice. just a blob of moltem metal

Acid bath, gets rid of the body.. good method

Does anybody watch csi around here or what? Jusst watch see how the people get caught and do as they don't. Learn from their mistakes. Duh!!!

my514stang's picture

(Corpus delicti)
Read it, learn it, breath it, once you learn this and study everything about it, everything becomes a snap. Except dealing with the conscious. You must be able to deal with what you have done, most have a guilty conscious. I myself would sleep like a baby. As for the CSI shows they are great but really do not get into the nitty gritty as I was in law for 13yrs and so was my father don't be fooled by what you see on Tv.

My mother has been missing for two years. You can google michelle bianco. They know who killed her but cannot find the boddy. The suspect was related and failed a lie detector test twice. The liquore store accross the street had a camera pointing out the drive through window wich was exactly lined up with his home entrance. The camera showed her come in and never come out. I can only think of the horrible things he did to her. He moved right after that and I have been looking for him ever since. A week ago I found out where he lives. Now you can imagine what I would like to do but know that there is know possible way to do it without getting caught. I made the mistake of telling my fiance that I was thinking about it because i was crying and upset. I am thinking about doing it regardless of consequences.

any suggestions for me

man youve got a problem there... kill the basterd... knock on his door when he answers stab him in the chest with a knife and pull the knife straight down so hes split open and everything falls out and bang bang problem sortted.... better of gettin him now before he takes someone else's mother.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 think aboutit before hand if its destiny it will come to you... this is how we do it in ireland... good luck

Fuck dude you a "boondocks saint" you ripe brilliant bastard

do it .. i would if i was u

is strangulation the easiest mirder to get away with?

No it is not. They can measure the space your hands range from. Also you can leave skin tissue behind or even sweat.

this is gay

cut the body up into 8 pieces and spread it around the city i did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing like the taste of blood in the morning.Sometimes i wake up and dream.I suggest diving gear and primsoles highly efficient on a budget you'll never get these tips from asda or walmart.SCREAM BLOODY GORE.Bubba Eire VS She Male Vampires.

im considering killing one of my 'friends' obviously i can't be in the frame so how do i proceed acordingly?
self defence maybe?

I love how society has changed over the past 30 years. Now people openly talk and even joke about things that used to mortify and repulse the average person on the street. But now... evil is ripe in all the corners of the earth, and it is only a matter of time before there is an explosion of blood that will awaken us all from this hell and take us to a new level of understanding. Mark my words carefully, I shall return in 2012.

(To: D)
I hope there is peace and not more blood and hate and fear. I am tried of that. I know that I am clean, though not perfect, because no one is, and I hope that, after they understand, these people can be forgiven.

should be so lucky


You people are crazy!

Everything is in gest.If your easily offended dont bother.I hope.Though if its crazy i must direct you to the comment of MR 'D' whom seems to claim the manifestation of the dark prince thats is a deranged mind if you dont mind me adding so.I like horror movies my directive is clear and i would take great pleasure in meating similar people to discuss the savagery and brutallity of human nature which is present.Also MR 'D' IF I MAY CALL YOU THAT I HAVE MY SOUL MY FAITH WHAT HAVE YOU!?

Where theres good there evil we all agree.To denigh one or the other is ridiculous excuse my spelling.Then again i have sympathy with both sides but i don't want to sound biblical you are right everyone deserves pennance its human nature we created these gods we must abide.
Whatever religion anyone is they are entitaled freedom of choice.

I wish Earth could just be one happy place where everyone is free and healthy and happy. That would be so much better, rather than having all these wars and hate and starvation and leaders who want to be all-powerful. Besides, when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Never ever gonna happen. Sorry.

hi,i want to know why we shouldnt murder people who inflict pain on us,even if they kill us.why is it that is is best to let them live long neighbour is the worst kind of human being and they enjoy torturing us to make themselves satisfied.if you explain it may bring comfort to me.

We don’t murder simply because it’s wrong. That neighbor isn’t worth killing because then they can’t be extra sorry for what they’ve done, and then you will find yourself in trouble. They won’t listen to “He/she did this,” “He/she did that,” since they find it ridiculous and child-like. They’ll assume you’re insane.
And that neighbor of yours may just be jealous of something, maybe they just don’t know how to get you to listen, or maybe they have had bad childhoods or something and don’t know how to be nice to people. Who really knows?

personally i think cannabilsm is the best way to murder someone it leaves no evidence and provides a good meal. chewing on fingernails is better than chewing on gum i suggest you try it also peoples intestines make a exelent mince to go with your spaghetti which you can make outa shreds of skin.

i like to kill people

I like to see people do the right thing and be as pure as possible. Without killing people.

only people who would admit to murder are lying. everybody always gets caught. murdering is bad. it will haunt your mind forever.


i think it's SO FUNNY that "fake" serial killers are on here giving their thanks. HAHA What the hell? So lame.

REAL serial killers would know about a little thing called an IP address.

Go to bed, kids. Mom's gonna check your history tomorrow and you'll be sent to the nut house!

or worse...dr. phil. -shudders-

I've been on here trying to figure out how to write a script where the character gets away with murder. . . Not sure if I'll ever find my answers on the internet lol . . . Just going to have to make something up and hope people believe it. Unless someone has some examples that can help me?

thanks for the help

I mean, really? I'm going to have to agree with dude that this is lame. A real serial killer wouldn't openly broadcast shit on the internet like some pompous adolescent...this ain't f***ing Hollywood, dudes. The Zodiac is dead, and he only got away with flaunting his shit because it was in the day of poorer technology. Do yourselves a favor and go look at some porn instead of acting like your some badass Leatherface wannabe. The article makes sense, but the article doesn't address psychological effects. Wake up, grow up, and shut up. F***ing pathetic

I'm kind of scared to go in public now


nah this is not the how to manual i wanted for inspiraion>what is needed is a site to post evidence on film, maybe then readers could rate the best murders and rapes anyone know of one?


you dumb muther fucking ass, dont call people black white or whatever and then say shit like that, "all talk and no action" my ASS! you want action you hot shot, go into a biker bar and call everyone FAGs! then see who the BITCH is.
btw where is the best place to stab someone in order to kill them in one motion.

do you REALLY think black gangsters see "bikers" as a threat. was that really all you could think of? bikers? white bikers dont want any problems with black thugs. and when a black guy kills off a biker, one of you white tough acting fags'll go crying about how blacks are so bad and so much trouble. lol. bikers hardly ever kill. black gangsters are killings loads of people everyday. what makes you think they wouldnt kill a biker? im surprised how you white racists dont get killed more often. must be because you keep a far distance from certain black neighborhoods when talking tough. that must be it. white racists better watch their mouths though, because one of these days they may attract blacks to start coming to their neighborhoods.

If you were sitting in my 60 dollar Etnies reading this garbage through my eyes and then went back to being you...I would surmise that you probably wouldn't ever speak aloud again. I don't know what else to say but I mean do you even hear the words that...never mind I know... Some white people made you stupid. Made you quit school. Made you rob people, and pretty much made your whole life so unbearable you had no choice but to SOUND LIKE A FUCKING MORON GROW UP LEARN TO READ A FUCKING BOOK AND TALK WITHOUT SOUNDING LIKE SOMEONE SHOULD JUST FUCKING KILL YOU SO YOU DON'T REPRODUCE. Know what I mean?

yea, got to give it to blacks. they are all about action. im suprised blacks arent killing off racist trash talkers. its not like killing white people is going to get you any more of a sentence than killing anyone else. if youre one of those people who think that killing a white person is more risky than killing someone from another race because cops will try harder to catch you, then i should let you know that all you have to do is make sure the murder is clean and it cant possibly come back to you. alll you have to do is be sneaky enough. it is pretty easy to get away with a murder. if youre smart enough, then the only way you'll get caught is by luck. i know of lots of people whot have gotten away with murders. some were done in broad daylight. oh yea and racist are not so hard to find. just sign up to sites like and and somehow trick one of the racist white guys into giving you their location or something. i heard that there's a way to get a person's location from just their cell phone number. also, its easy to find some of these neo-nazi leaders. just do some google research. these guys talk a lot of crap like as if blacks were no threat. blacks are probably the most murderous people on the planet.

what the fuck?

i dont know how i ended up at this site and im not sure if those stories are real or fake, but that shit is fucked up!

You failed to mention a couple points in which could make things easier. Using your idea of "prostitutes" the easiest way in order to kill them would be an overdose. Most prostitutes are prone to drugs do to the line of work they are in. If you were able to get a high purity of say heroin. You would not have to hide the body at all just leave. Then instead of looking for a murderer they instead would be looking for a drug dealer. As long as the dealer does not know your name or see your face which they would rather not then they have nothing to connect you. Also making sure to wear different hair/ skin/ scent products would help if it ever came back to you. Ontop of that there is no way to make sure that you leave no footprints its better to just wear shoes that are bigger than your actual shoe size. They will most likey be able to tell that the shoes are to big for you do to the way your body distributes the wait. But they will not be able to tell what shoe size you actually wear. If for some reason you are attacked or fear that you have left behind some DNA then it is best to hide the body and then drown it in bleach. Also always wear gloves but never plastic or latex they leave behind chemicals.

You forgot the gold standard of potential murder victims everyone loves to hate:

Registered sex offenders.

First of all, you have a GREAT Internet source of REALLY BAD GUYS, of whom the majority of people would heave a sense of relief if they all get their comeuppance.

Most of them have their addresses listed, along with their mugshot which in most cases is current. You can even google-earth their address and virtually case their joint right on your computer (be careful that forensics does not bring up your IP address. If possible, do the search from a public cafe out of the current region from where you will do the job).

Since most are convicted felons, they usually cannot have a gun, greatly increasing your own safety (but don't take this as gospel). Many also live alone, which greatly increases your chance of not being recognized by potential witnesses.

Finally, if done correctly, you can even create yourself as a living legend. A name such as the "Vigilante Angel" should come to mind. A nice touch would be to leave a teddy bear with its eyes pulled out, and X's over its eyes as your calling card. Make sure you don't leave your DNA / finterprints when you prepare these items.

And if you do ever get caught, ALWAYS get a jury trial. Brave is the jury who has to face their community if they rule you guilty. At least you should easily get hung juries. Of course, if you DO get convicted, you will be treated as a VIP in virtually every prison in America in any case.

OK, I won't tell you HOW to do the deeds. That's your biz, and I don't want to be held as an accessory if you DO get stupid and get caught. Keep in mind that crime scene forensics is rather extensive nowadays, if you watch TRU TV or ID Discovery shows. That includes investigating google searches, RSO searches on the Internet, and the ever present "fingerprint on the bullet" mistake.

This is very good. I dislike the IT teachers at my school and these tips will come in handy.

Yes, this handy to get a certain person, but your advice says that i cannot kill someone i know. That is useless to me so if i just kill someone i know and get rid of the body shouldn't i be okay.
Is ok to kill at 15 as well right

And from personal experience with my mother being killed in the capitol of illiois in the middle of broad daylight and the killer never got caught. Even after failing the lie detector test. He is out partying it up haveing a good life while my mother will never be put to rest. The dectectives said they had not encountered such an odd case. But they did tell me the suspect was a socialpath and a pathological lier. They sprayed luminol in is house and checked the sisturn for bodily fluids. You can see it in his eyes he did it. I am a single dad but I believe I owe it to my mother to do something about it. She was my best friend. We got into an argument and i wouldnt pick her up from the suspects house earlier in the day so i blame my self. I believe it should be like the 1500s pride,vallar, and revenge. I know my son would have to go to another family but I would stab him in the stomache and watch him die slow and painfully. But first i would have him take me to her body and tell me everything. And then I would torture him. I would rip his fingernails off and then dip his hands in boiling water until i got what i wanted after I was satisfied i would would scalp him and then cut his throat. And then I would say Mom I took care of it you may now rest in peace.

How can killing be so hard? You do have to live a different life though. An idea I had was move far to a farm rural area and when you wanna kill someone take lethal poison snake venom that takes a drop to kill, drive to the city of the person you wanna kill, put the venom in a axe bottle. Go to the guys door at 2-5 AM, spray the stuff on something he touch's, maybe a doorknob, maybe send a letter with his name that when he opens he dies, and drive back to your nice rural area hidden and live in peace. If the cops don't have your fingerprints you're even safer then. I mean, think about it. A scenario when it is 2-5 AM and you spray the lethal shit on something he touches, your wearing a mask, then you go to a nearby hotel on foot swiftly and quickly and after far enough, change clothes, hair, burn the stuff you sprayed the place with, then leave. Not hard. The guy dies, you don't appear like the murderer, and how can killing anyone be hard, even someone in a high position. How many times have presidents shaken hands with news reporters, what if they had fake hands with poison. Nothing is hard....PERIOD...... Sometimes killing people like leaders takes the sacrifice of your life though so who really cares. There is plenty of ways although to be a true skillful person you must have skills, like you see the agents in the movies. practice climbing, fighting, running, driving fast, quickly killing, thinking smartly too. Thinking is the key to murder. A guy is going to the Bahama's for a vacation. What will you do. Will you take a boat around and snipe him, having no idea of how secure the area is, or will you poison his doorknob waiting for him or someone in his family to come, if family member, take their card or key, swipe it in, take their dying body, and say "DRUNK AGAIN????". Then wait for the guy to come in and kill him and leave. Unless you're Hitler with the power or James Bond with the wisdom you can't fight authorities.

Sorry, but venom must be injected into the bloodstream to kill. If you don't have any cuts or ulcers you can even drink venom and be fine.

I live in Corby, Northamptonshire in England and i live on beanfield avenue and i'm going to kill Rowan Priest from Kettering with these tips.

You fool are you framing someone or trying to get yourself in trouble. The cops will search in all church members computer history, ask them many questions if it gets so far with no suspect. What kind of comment is that? You're much to knowledgeless. My hint to you now: Your ISP Internet service provider will check back to your logs they save every webpage and find this and they will break into this insecure sites FTP, finding the post data from your IP address. Don't do it. I am 13 years old and this year at school they caught me hacking people and doing many insane things like stealing mp3's and making them look like they work again to piss people off, why, cause I posted. You want to know how to murder in a professional manner, do it. But you need more then that. You need to be training for many other things. Learn technology, logic skills eg. THINK of good plans, martial arts, guns, be socially transparent, and of course keep in mind the killing tips. Remember assassinating is easy. Murder tips are to avoid being a suspect. Because once you're caught, there will always be at least one way to get caught, maybe clothes dust you left behind. Never ever ever ever ever ever become a suspect. Why do you think many pro's use hitmans? Why? Who wants to be a suspect? A neater topic is how to steal a fine whore, perhaps 14-16 for your arousal. Thats much more work then murder, believe me it is. You gotta heroin them till they forget who they are. And many things while you're taking them. Try sneakily killing this church guy by poising some of that water with 1 drop of strong stuff or that gay thing catholics eat. Try sniping him at church.

In the world ,onbody can Leaves time ,maybe i should say nobody can Leaves watches .
replcia watches will take you lost of good time ,and
omega watches let you becomes more fashionable and noble .

your nuts institutionalism sucks trust me been there

what can i say?
i dont support murder at all

murder is easy to get away with if you can adhere to a couple of basic rules. #1. must be at leased half competant. and #2. kill only people who strangers to you, i.e. have no connection to you in any way. follow these rules along with leaving no physical evidence and murderouse bliss is yours. happy hunting.

Hm.. A murder isnt perfect if the person cant kill someone they actualyl WANT to kill. The satisfaction factor is limited when it comes to killing someone you have no motive to kill.

you all swear a real serial wouldn't talk about killings but do u really know. perhaps they feel so confident in eluding capture that they do. like the those who say i gonna kil myself and society doesn't treat it like a credible threat until it happens. thinking that a real sucidal person wouldn't talk about it. at any given time it is estimated that there are 200 serial killers operating in the U.S. alone and more than 15000 world wide.

This page is creepy cuz i bet some people here are really murderers :-/ lol I was watching Forensic Files on truTV and it's AMAZING how the FBI and forensic scientists come up with a suspect when they barely leave a trace. All murderers should just get the death sentence. After all, that's the crime they commited, why not get a taste of your own medicine?

but why u wanna murder innocent ppl man thats retarded in my book shit.. dam so yall killed some1 b4 whrer yall come up wit this lol..well i no some stuff yall dont so it win win..
well i have problem my ex frined who is death to me got me into jail and i am pissed kus he did it and i didnt so how can i get back at him??

I've already killed someone, and I used my 9mm to kill. Until now, the murder I committed has not been solved yet, and may never be solve. And I may kill again. I don't want to be a serial killer,but there are just too many cockcroaches to kill. For me, people are just cockroaches. One of my favorite serial killers is the Zodiac killer. He simply used a handgun and a knife. He did not have to kidnap his victims. He just drived around and shoot at close range. A random killing. This is the style I will follow. And young pretty girls and women are the best targets. By the way, I'm not in the USA right now. And the murder I commited was not in the U.S. So, for the FBI...there is no need to hunt me. I love to operate in a third world country. The police there are dumb and ill-equiped. For me, to commit a perfect...the following must be present..1) No evidence ( finger prinst,DNA, shell casing,etc ), 2) No witnesses ( if there is any, he must not be able to identify you ), 3) No motive to link you. So, what the police have is just a dead body.

dude, you are not cool. killing random people who are just minding their own business because you think it makes you cool is gay. people are not cockroaches. are you a cockroach, dumbass? you must just be insecure about yourself in some way about being ugly or having a small dick or something or you just want people to think your cool. i hate cornballs like this. why dont you just kill yourself, cool guy. leave people alone, you worthless weirdo. if you kill, you should kill for a reason or you're a just a weird (probably white - no offense) cornball whether you would kill somebody or not. TO ALL YOU SERIAL KILLERS OUT THERE: If youre killing people at random for no reason, just because you think your cool because of it, then you're lamer than words can describe. youre a weird cornball who should die. the zodiac killer i kind of like because if im correct, he did kill for a reason: i think that he thought that the people who he killed would be his slaves in the afterlife (lol. he's the best). Also, why are you fags always killing chicks? chicks are awesome, you fucking assholes. why would you want to do that. if i was to kill anyone at random, it would DEFINITELY be a male. i could understand if you were gay or something. but then again, that must be it, right?

the majority of serial killers who kill males are gay

Yeah, people are just cockroaches to you?. Then why the hell are you writing on a page, stating your view to cockroaches.. Does a cockroaches perspective really mean that much to you?..

Honestly, killing innocent people..
What the hell is wrong with you?
You think that makes you "cool", cause you choose the easiest prey?.
Weak.. that is what you are.
How about targeting a criminal and kill them..
I mean, I personally would love to go around killing.. even innocents.. But I don't, cause that would be weak. I would much rather kill people who DESERVE to die.. and I would want to be killed and shot down in the process.. because two wrongs don't make a right.. But god dammit, sometimes that is the only way.

Oh mate.. a 4 year old can fire a 9mm.. doesn't make you a man to pull the trigger..

I'm guessing you haven't been through anything traumatic in your life, to consider just picking off random people.. not knowing who they are leaving behind or them.

Weak.. soo weaaak!.. Go make love to a cockroach or something.. seeing as how you are so fond of them..

wat about a silencer jus get one of those and tune ur gun up and then jus like drive there park car far away and wear all balck and sneak in and shoot then jus quietly go away different way..i dunno im boooored

your crazy motherfucker what the hell is wrong with u ITS BECAUSE OF YOU THAT THE GREEN FIELD KILLER IS OUT THERE YOU DUMB FUCK

anyone want a favour for favour? this is to remove a pedofile

good try officer, does this ever work ?


One quick tip. I read in a lower comment someone asking the best way to stab someone with a knife. The quickest way to kill someone stabing them is to stab them is just below the base of the back of their skull. This will directly sever their spinal cord killing them instantly the equevelent of breaking their neck without the effort. This is also the only way to kill someone COMPLETELY silent. Versus in the heart or slitting their neck whick will make them moan and spit blood.

i dont know about that but targeting the lungs is also silent

im cool

foolishness!! REPENT!

It is obvious that the original post on this page was intended to be funny.

What is really funny is all the people that come here and think it is serious. Not just the people that want to commit murder and are looking for advice on the internet, but also the people that come here and talk about jail time for posting here. When you say something like, "Wait until the police trace your MAC address." you sound like a freaking idiot. To the technically challenged murder-haters I say, a MAC address is only valid to track you if it is not cloned, registered to you under valid information, and at your home. I myself have an unregistered MAC and can only be traced back as close as my local node.

I would never kill anyone unless my family or I were in jeopardy of serious injury or death. Murder is surely not for me. It's not that I couldn't take a life, it's that I would never want to take one. All that being said, any murder could be easily committed with a little forethought. If you cannot successfully plan and execute any crime of your choosing without being caught, then you have earned your time in prison.

Now lighten up people, as this is a page for joking and not for serious discussion of murder and its repercussions.

The best way to get away with murder is shotgun and then destroy it but use birdshot not slug so they cant trace it, or if rifle dip wax over bullet and wrap in paper so it dont leave marks on the bullet it will just scratch off the paper. and make sure you get rid of the used shells dont leave em there with your finger prints on em and wear gloves that go to your shoulder so you dont get gun powder on your hands or arms and burn the shirt or coat you wear but not in your own yard.

You white people astnish me, yu motherfuckers are dumb as fuck lil dick motherfuckers

Shut the fuck up nigger.. You fought for years to earn rights.. still aint got umm.. WHITE PEOPLE RUN THIS SHIITT! .. back the fuck up

Is that really your claim to fame, you cannot spell and you're a fucking imbecile. I know I know a crazy white person made you an illiterate fucking moron right?

God that made me lmao so much.. wondering why the guy was racist.. oh yeah, some white dude caused him brain damage.. xD..

ps: Racism is for those who love to gurgle chunky, sweaty and manky giant gorilla balls..

I'm cool as well. I am not a pschotic killer. Freaks

i'm glad i found this site:)

Ha ha this is really funny and the scary thing is it would work it's also funny how people who aren't murderers can think of this stuff i guess we have more time

when i went to guatmala i killed a taxi driver, just for fun i had him drive me to the middle of no where offered him heroin, he took it and we hung out for a bit, than he fell asleep and i burned his body alive. i feel confident telling people, i will never get caught for it, no body. That was 12 Years ago, and today i sit here thinking about doing the same thing but in mexico. Its quite thrilling seeing someone suffer.


Then cut yourself while looking in the mirror, if you enjoy to see suffering so much..
Or, get someone you care about.. make them suffer and watch.. if you still enjoy it, then you deserve to get a pineapple shoved up your ass.. oh yeah, do that while looking in the mirror..

Speaking of which, I'd love to see you suffer.

good job on stating the obvious pal....any moron coulda figured that out, you forgot about ballistic tracing, witnesses, cameras in most parking lots, foot prints, synthetic fiber tracing, and gunshot residue.

wouldn't surprise me if a number of these people commenting have or plan on killing some people..... psycho's'

Dude I agree with you way to many people get caught and don't follow the damn rules!what the fuck!also to all you people who are calling us crazy people remember you are too because you also looked it up. So suck on that fuckers! Well yea I was just curious as to how these things work. I like your sense of humer! Haha had to say that.

youre not crazy. your lame, nerds, weird, cornballs. its not cool to kill random people you dont know, unless maybe if youre actually mentally ill or actually have an insatiable bloodlust and are not just trying to be cool. you fucking wannabees. you should kill YOURSELVES. youre not cool. kill enemies, not random people you weirdos.

Why can't we all just be friends?! :)

i killed a chicken once

some off this shit is ok, but most off it is bollocks.
it's probabley a pig putting some shit on here to see who's dumb enough to get them selfs court out.
i blentley laughed when i read this though.

your really fucking creepy man.

Sorry the whole thing is creepy lol I know i sound like a freak lol

Hey i know how you guys feel like, like noone understands what your going through and that you have the right to act on your feelings i thought that too i have a lot of shit going on right now and the lord knows i would very much like to do some bad to those people that harmed me but i think that i am right in saying that there is no reason for murder everything is psychological and you can get over your problems you just have to think when life hands you crap you can do two things you can act bitter or you can be better those who are going to be better end up with more than they could have ever wished for and those who are bitter end up alone and with regrets. i did not purposely select this website i accidentaly pressed a pop-up. thanks for reading this.

You do know what ever i said was a joke I would never harm another human being Unless i had a legitimate reason for doing so but i am against murder

Yeah murder is bad.. Instead, torture them so much.. that in the end they will be begging to die, then give them the tools to do themselves off..

mmmMmmm JOYGASM!!! :o

actually i think your right thanks mario :)

you cant say that there is no reason for murder i believe in vengence for family and people i love

i read each of the comments twice, thrice and took enough time before i am writing this..
i am an indian and i am writing this in delhi(capital city) . in a public internet cafe. And my name is Anand ...which means ' joy ".
How i came to this page because last night i drank beyond my capacity and was in hospital for night taking glucose and injections just today morning i got free.
why i drank excessively coz i wanted to die.i am 29 yr old single boy .and i work for call centre of macy.
the one whome i love is in bombay and is 23 yr old. the mobile number is switched off and i do not know anyother number... not even the address . on 25th the one whome i love is coming back to delhi and i hope i can murder . coz i love so much that i cant tolerate the separation.. u know wht i love and their is love from other side too but despite my 8 yrs affaire i cant marry coz none of our parents swould ever agree... i have left my parents but the same thing is not done from other side ...stating that the happiness of parents is more important then ours ... i think i should kill my love .... i would post the story of murder after doing it.....
the only thing diffrent with this third class che storey os """ HE IZ A BOY"

i say go for it dude. the less gay guys in the world, the better. im sorry if i seem hateful, but that's just my opinion is all.

I'm anonymously saying this story and its steps are legitimately, dumb as fuck.....

Murdering is not the way to go, fellas. You ever see spiderman? Attack his heart. Make his girlfriend break up with him, make his mother hate him, shit like that. Life is to short to take another's life.

But that's like when the villian starts monologging and reflecting when they have the superhero in their clutches.. Screw that shit, that shit can get you killed.

Just kill..


Just come across ur shit and ur really spoilt sick and the thoughts and stuff u put out will happen to you you incite evil cos u are ha ha ha


i am going to hell so it dont fuckn matteerrr bitch made

most of people that try to act like blah blah that they are tough shit and blah blah have never seen blood gushing out of some one's neck. they have never felt blood splashing on their faces.
I still have nightmares after 30 years of my last killings.
I was a marine in Iran's army during Iran-Iraq war and Im telling you killing is not fun. I did kill but I had no choice but to defend my home land.
If you shoot some one from far away you dont see their face impressions or eyes while they are dying or dead and it is not as hard to deal with. but in my case only in one occasion that we had to penetrate a refinery in Mousel( Saddam's Iraq) I broke two necks and choked one soldier.
Just looking in their eyes and impressions on their faces will follow you forever.
I still have nightmares until today and I did not enjoy those moments. but it was all warrrrrr
so killing is not as easy and fun as you guys might assume.
its just sickkkkkk
I did not only feel bad when my friends got killed, I also felt bad when my enemies got killed. we were just trapped in a war that stupid Saddam started.I hope he rots in hell.

Saddam didn't start it..
The elite did, it was intentional..
With the purpose of fucking us all up.. even more..
Judging from your story, I can tell it worked.

As for killing.. What if you are already sick?..
hmm? What if you are so twisted like me..
That you would savour every expression, flinch, sound and tone.. as you were choking them..
That you would never turn away from the violence, but have a serious desire to inflict it..

Violence, doesn't make any sense?
Lies! Since when?
I try to befriend and create a difference'
But then' again, they aren't your mate, noir your friend.
So blood and gore is my fate, straight until the end/

haha. i follow these rules too.

Killing someone you don't know is just ludicrous. Then you're just killing someone for no apparent psycotic pleasure.

This is very useful information,thank you very much.As for all you anonymous losers out there against this post can go fuck themselves!!

this information ISN'T useful, AT ALL. maybe to a dumbass. everybody knows this stuff already.

yo, i started off googling how to stop biting my nails, then i was like hah wonder what else i can look up, and i was like haha how to stop killing people xD but man some of u guys are rele nuts i think.

1. Don't forget, don't get caught on camera in the area at all just for precaution.

2. Never drive your own car to the crime scene area. If you do Don't have your plates on the car, have stolen ones or ones you hound in the trash, and don't have your tags or stickers. And if you serial # is on the outside of your car, cover it up.

3. Never leave ANY, DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!
When doing the dirty work wear a hair net/shower cap under a freshly washed hat to keep from dropping hair. Also wear gloves but remember leather gloves are just like your hands, they all have there own distinct finger print so burn them!!!!! and the cloths you wear to the murder scene. Plus wear brand new tennis shoes to the scene and burn them as well!


5. If a gun is used make sure you pick up the casings, have no finger prints or DNA on any bullets, casings, or gun parts. Disassemble the gun and toss the pieces at different intervals out your window down the freeway, and in lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, etc.

6. Stay low before and after the murder... Be on the lamb as much as possible till case is over!


Same person here


And when kidnapping to transport some one to a remote location to kill them drug them with a sleeping whatever and wrap them in plastic and shove them in the trunk of a car... Later clean there DNA from the car. And if it's not your car remove yours as well!!!!!!! Thank you :D

thanks for the tips.
but i have no plans to kill anyone. i used to serve in the army.
it was kill or to be killed.
however your tips might be useful to some but definitely not me.
after all if one day i decided to kill anyone, i will not use any of those methods. the authorities will notice full play right away and they will start looking for their suspects and believe me there is always a good chance of leaving a small evidence behind .
your methods are old school and still easy to trace.
use a snake to kill your enemy.
put poison gas in their A.C or heating system.
open up the natural gas tap in their house and use a remote control toy to spark the fire and so on.
as i said when i killed i was in the army. i hate taking a human's life.

INSTEAD OF MURDERING SOMEONE... you could send them to jail for a few years, so that they get raped by big black prisoners.

To accomplish this:

1. Find a drug dealer and buy a pound of weed or coke.

2. Put the drugs in their car somewhere.

3. Copy down victims license plate.

4. Call police, and report "suspicious driving" from a (type of car your vic. drives) with the license plate number being...

5. Watch as your victim is sent to jail and gets gangbanged by sex offenders, and serial killers.

why has the black man got to be the rapist in prison........................

dont get me wrong your probably right but hay lets not stereo type all niggers.......

There are situations when you have no choice, like; war, defense, or like a story in previous post. A mans mother was murdered but the murderer(known) couldn't be convicted in court.
It's not for the person with a conscience. Taking a life has its horrors after the fact.
If you lack the sensitivity and a conscience most human beings have, then your a good candidate for a serial killer.

I love this pagee!!!!!! :):):):):):):)

you are fucked in the head my friend

hello... thank you. your advice worked perfectly.

good stuff, but not enough to actually do it
youve ignored many major details
and btw, if anyone is inspired, leave those hookers alone.. be a man and start killing lowlife scums you dont know

heck yea. leave prostitutes alone. prostitutes are great.

thankgod somebody accually understands how to do it right

Can someone list good places to do this?? Wud their house be good?? If there's no one their n should u use a knife or gun or wat??

i would like to tahnk you fro the info i have now managed to kill 15 hookers and ive got away with it, great advice,


hugs ans kissses to you


LMFAO This is some major fucked up funny ass bullshit. Good luck putos!

You people are fucking terrifying. fucking weirdos.

fuk u

I murdered someone recently so i thought i'd check it out, lucky for me some of the cops are dumb and will see this comment as a person looking for attention and ignore it, and if they do somehow magically get to see this comment they will find out i'm 15 years old and just say whatever he's a retarded kid making up shit.

But yes, i am tempted to murder again orthough my last act was unecessary and i probly shoulden't have done it, i don't live in a fantastic place with fantastic cops, nobody will find out trust me, probly will be a missing persons case maybe it will be on the news no idea, i did it 3 weeks ago and nobody still knows!

I told some of my friends and they said it was cool, they are all emo's rofl, they didn't care they wanted to join apparently, maybe i should kill again, cause like, it felt kinda nice and also don't judge me as a sick person untill you really try it you're self you know what i mean guys?

Killing your Ken doll doesn't count.

i bet you feel cool now, huh? lol attention seeking faggot. why dont you kill yourself? maybe that'll get on the news, lol.

Hey, I'm the dude you tried to kill you little prick!
I'm gonna hunt you down and rape you!
Thinking stabbing me and knocking me out cold with a blunt object would kill me?..
Well I got to the fucking hospital just down the street from the dumpyard.. you idiot!

And yeah, we don't live in a place with fantastic cops.. all the more reason.. that I.. will find your little weak ass and molest it to king-dongs cum!

great post. anything worth doing is worth doing right. just like hookers and blow

im just that guy

fuck all you lil pussy ass bitches


this is truely sick. you all need professional help whether this being serious or a joke. its disturbing!

I'm here because I am planning to kill somoene. It is not a joke. This will be my first kill and though, I will be patient. It will take me about 5 months to prepare.

I have a lot to lose. I'm already in debt. I will end up in a dead end job. I want no kids nor do I want to marry.

All I need is patience. I will kill this person. He disrespected me and I hate the fact that he will get away with it. No he will not. I will send him to hell.

mate.. depending on how he disrespected you... .. you know what, fuck this comment.. he probably is already dead lol

hey guys, do you have any fantasy about killing,cooking,and eating hot,sexy,firm beautiful girls? Well I do. I would often fantasized about cutting a beautiful girl or a young woman in her early 20s, making a roasted steak of her legs..and eating it...hmmmm yummmy

this is disgusting! how can people actually have the heart to kill another person? People these days are killing their brothers. this topic disgusts me. i was just on this for fun and then i notice how serious some people are!

this is seriously demented and ill report this website if u dont delete this article right frikkin now

For bieng 13 and all I am pretty morbid and I think if you were to murder someone that you don't know with a hammer and go straight home, don't drive a car there is no way they can trace that person back to you. Almost every body has a hammer it is that obvious and I am ready to go through with it. Also your advice didn't help me at all I already new all that shit.


Lol to the person I kill

By the way I think I need mental help but my parents don't think so.

First off, there is different makes and kinds of hammers.. along with the amount of blood and carnage.. the can re-create the scenario of how the person was struck and the shape of the object it was struck with, based on where the blood stains are and the body lies..

Along with, even the smallest, miniscule drop of blood on you.. so small you cant even see it, will leave its trace.

Plus murdering people you DONT know, has precautions...

You see, you don't know Them.. you don't know their habits, who they are and what they stand for. OR.. who THEY know..

Judging from your age and situation.. if you were to kill someone you didn't know.. you would either, get caught by a witness. Stopped by the victim within the act and beaten yourself. or beaten up on the way home from the crime scene for acting suspiscious with a hammer..

LOL wow....see I need to have my baby's mother killed this is no bullshit this is real i will not put any info out to give away anything to give myself away so I shall start by saying she is a whore a cunt and I don't think I could do it and get away with it im already on the hotlist with the cops....because her new man decided t osay he was gonna put a hole in my head 3 days latter he got shelled...and we say shelled where i live it's just a hood thing....well i wasn't around i had some goons do it, but the cops of course came to me what i did was tell them where he worked what times when he went to her house n showed them his home. So i guess they done it n took his car to the Chop Shop Near the Hood. Ok She Needs it next so should i pay them again and get her done with or what?

this is a stewpid conversation and y would some1 make a page bout hw 2 kill and get away wit it????

man thats some crazy stuff yall is talkin about. i assume you guys are very crazy people and have nothing better to do than sit in the computer all day and post stupid comments like the last one hundred and fourty comments i just read.

this is really good if ur planinng on becoming a cerial killer :)

I want to be a cereal killer too!!

I've already taken down Captain Crunch..
Going after the monkey on Coco Pops..

As for Golden Puffs.. that hairy beast seems like one tough S.O.B.. so I'll leave him..

now i need a list of names to kill. lol

i just find it funny that theres all these people saying how terrible murder is yet they have just read a guide to homocide....seriusly? you are all so stupid..and im only 13 and if i was going to kill someone i would be smart about it and hire someone else....idiots.

thk you! it really helpled me

im going to kill my parents and collect there money as my own then ill kill my 7 younger sisters

7 younger sisters!?..

Hah.. No comment... lol.

i like chicken

you guys do not know anything!! first you get to know your victim(s) second if you can get them to go into the woods on a hunting trip or something like that third have your crime scene as clean as possible like mowing and placing 3 or 4 sheets on the ground to cover any evidence i.e hair blood spot whatever fourth you must kill them as un-messy as possible like hanging or bleach+gasoline bath fifth you must have your disposal site at the crime scene i.e an old well works best sixth you have to cover up your work branches dead leaves whatever seventh you must be extremely careful with yourself like wear a hairnet if you dont want to shave your hair off eighth after you kill the victim you must be careful about material and non-material evidence i.e hair footprints and after you have finished you must bury/burn everything youre wearing when you killed the victim at the disposal site and dont forget to go and pay the hypnotist to erase that nights events so if they bring the lie detector you really wont know anything

actually YOU know nothing... that seems like a lot of work when all you REALLY need is an empty syringe. did no one ever go to science class, the second that an air bubble reaches your heart you have a pulmonary embolism(similar to heart attack) and die. as long as its injected into a vein, the air bubble is on a one way journey to your heart and nothing can stop it. your welcome :)

Thank you, I'll nuke the world with this tutorial!

Now if only I could use these tips to get rid of my ex's mother...
Unfortunately there are a few key-points why i can't. She pisses me off constantly and no one else that hates her has a record for being suicidal, schizophrenic, and just plain odd

People, you are forgettting your morals. There is not a need to take a life because everyone dies but not eveyone lives. We all should love each other hug each other and touch each other HHHHaaaaaaaaaaa!! SIKE!! i really dont give a damn just dont F*%@ wit me

i wll kill my wif today using these points

you guys should really watch the movie rampage..brilliant

You hav just a general idea. Ur close tho tryy itt n itt will all fall in2 place its based on instinct. Its such a I'm only kidding....

The best way to kill someone is by getting them drunk and when there sleeping hold there nose and mouth shut until there dead, remember to wear leather gloves leaving no finger prints and police will think they just died of nataural causes, it worked well for me!

Thanks. I really needed help with this kid.

it works i tryed it

The Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway, did not turn himself in. He was found out by law enforcement, using forensics, who found tiny particles of a type of paint used only on a certain brand of tractor-trailer, which was traced to the factory where this paint was used. Mr. Ridgeway was an employee of this factory and worked painting trucks. Further DNA analysis of proved him to be the guilty party and he was ultimately imprisoned for life, without parole.

all you guys think killing some one is that easy i bet ya youare event afraid of your shadow in the night stop say bull shit about haw to show other kiling you got to be a real man to do that not a chicken brave man wont talk about them self

ur fucked up man, plain and simple

I have been looking all over the net for info and it was quite interesting your 4 rules, and that extra 5 from one of ur readers.
Although, my situation is quite difficult as to be able to follow ur rules :S too bad.
it seems i will need to be more inventive.
thanks tho.

Rules 1 and 4 are useless for normal people who want to kill someone whom they think is dangerous to other people or themselves. Rules 1 and 4 are only for sick fucks who just want to kill for the sake of killing.

The only reason to commit murder is to accomplish a meaningful goal that will somehow improve the lives of those around you or society as a whole. That would include killing some of the posters on here who think murder is fun in and of itself. It most certainly is not an enjoyable act (although I wouldn't know personally). It should only be used as a means to an end if murder is the only way to accomplish that end.

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This gotta be put on a textbook

The most important thing is to do your "work" solo, Keep your mouth shut, Almost everyone that gets caught talked too much

if you go around killing people at random for no reason, like prostitutes and such, or want to, i hope you dont think your cool. thats weird. thats what you are. only weird white people do things like that. kill enemies, not random people. thats just weird and gay and retarded. smart people kill for a reason. morons kill people at random because they think theyre cool for doing it or something. you guys are what i call: cornballs. and sorry but this advice is pretty gay. only kill people you dont know? lol. what's the point? are you mentally ill or something to be going around killing people for no reason or are you just gay and think its cool? and burial sites? who the heck takes the time to kill someone and dump the body. just make sure no one is watching, shoot the person and leave. duuuuuuh! its really not that hard. you guys are cornballs if your listening to this advice thats obviously written by some weird white guy who's probably never even killed anybody. lol.

Anonymous, You're right. I realize now that I'm white, I'm weird and my god I believe I even be, as you say, cornballs. (as much as it hurts to admit it to myself) That being said, I'm taking your advice. I'm on my way to your place to put a bullet in your head while no on is watching. This is not random of course since I have deemed you to be the enemy of cornballs and morons, two groups I feel a certain affinity towards as a transsexual female lesbian man. I was going to beat you to death with a shovel tomorrow but after reading this you've convinced me burials are unnecessary. I thank you for saving me moments of my life I would have wasted. Kudos to you.
P.S. If you think you may want a snack....better get to that right now. I don't want to interrupt your meal.

I take it back about the guy who wrote this article. He probably is a killer. It says he's been in jail 6 times. Yea, he's probably definitely some "on the low" serial killer. Wouldn't be suprised. All I'm trying to say is that, in my opinion, it's not cool to go around killing random people you don't know. Besides, the murder is a lot sweeter when it's someone you know and don't like. As far as it being easier to get caught by doing it this way, yea, I could imagine it would be, but in this is the only way to do it that makes sense (to me), but all you have to do is be smart and you shouldn't have a problem. Happy killing sprees - tootaloo

Man i need to try this shit .. . . . . its acually because a "friend" of mine got like 100 dollars, and ran away with it, so now i have to kill him either giving him a "joint" with exstacy mixed in it, OR give him some nice muffins with snake venom OOOOOOR i just follow the instructions on this page. Did you knew, if you burn a body, there is no traces or evidence??? its true.

careful burning a body isnt good for your sinuses

Easiest way to get away with murder is do it alone and keep your fucking mouth shut

Easiest way to get away with murder is do it alone and keep your fucking mouth shut

this guy is amazing

It would be much less suspicious to kill some random you barely know for no particular reason but generally people want to murder the assholes that piss them off!

it worked

this will be a merry christmas for me

This is MI5 we have chips in laptop's that will pin point your location but we don't won't the paper work so just stop writing them hints and just do it.

why did the guy write in the end of the article :

Don’t murder people who make you mad or inflict pain upon you. Let them live long lives—believe me, it’s the best form of revenge

I dont understand how letting them do whatever they are doing and living long lives is the best form of revenge.

You guys are fucked up if this is real. I don't know how I got to this article but damn I hope this is a joke. Murder isn't funny. Imagine if your sister/brother/parent or grandma was killed by some faggot thats having a bad day? This shit isn't funny to joke about because it happens too much. Fuck you losers you deserve to burn in hell. If there is one.

Semi-decent rules. It's going to take A LOT of planning to get away with murder. And the simple fact is, most people will not decide to murder random people who have no connection to them because most people are not THAT messed up.

Instead, we choose to kill people who seem to deserve it for whatever reason, and that is OK! The problem is you fools cannot contain your emotions and plan the murder with perfect execution. Say your boss is a total dick, he does the 3 worst things to you that he can get away with, and he does it on a daily basis because he likes to make you suffer. Well he deserves to die doesn't he? But wait, don't act on impulse! Once you decide to kill him, you need to do 3 things.

1. Take the abuse with a smile, be a good little employee. Never say anything rude or threatening to him, and certainly don't let ANYONE know that you hate him. DON'T BECOME A SUSPECT.
2. Now you are ready to politely resign with 2 weeks notice. Have a new job lined up and continue with your life as if you weren't planning to kill a man. You need to wait for a minimum of 6 months, always holding onto that grudge. Remember your hatred, no matter how much you think it doesn't matter and you've moved on. Gather information on him subtly. Learn his home address, who he lives with, where he goes on weekends, what restaurants and bars he frequents. Learn his schedule. But never let him notice you or you can give up now. Check up on him a couple times a month until the 6th has passed (or longer if you can hold the grudge).
3. Now it is time to strike. You left amicably and are not considered a disgruntled employee. He probably treats his other grunts like shit, so they'll be the ones having police knocking on the door. Depending on what he does in his free time, determine when he is most vulnerable. Late nights at the bar? Walking the dog through a park? Figure it out. This will also determine the method you use to kill him and whether you leave the body and weapon or take both for disposal or total destruction. Personally, I plan to wait for the victim to be alone. Then I ambush, striking him on the head with a bat or blunt object to knock him unconscious. To finish the job, I inject them with an empty hypodermic syringe. Leave the bat because you cannot be traced by it due to your always handling it with latex gloves. Take the syringe and dispose of it or destroy it. Congratulations! The world is a better place.

I forgot to mention, if you fancy my method of removing people, you can easily obtain your syringe from clinics heroin addicts go to for clean needles. There's other ways of course but this is the most simple. Be sure to get the needle from a clinic in another city, and before your 6 month waiting period. The autopsy will show this to be the cause of death, and police will check local sources of these needles to try to figure out who done it.

Also forgot to say if you decide to to knock them unconscious with a bat and leave the body, go ahead and take the money from their wallet and their watch or whatever is valuable. That makes it look like a crack head robbed them. Dispose of that as you would the other evidence. NO FUCKING FINGERPRINTS.

Drug dealing is serious business even if you're not a drug lord. First you must have been buying enough product for a while to be able to get double-ups (a $20 piece the size of a fat forty). Second of all its best to work as a couple (if you can work as a team, unfortunately me and my man fought alot). Customers trust couples more and are more likely to approach them. My boyfriend (God rest his soul) and I sold drugs for six years. Third of all have at least 3 reliable connections (THAT ARE NOT ADDICTS) that know approximately how much you buy a week so they can set a package aside and deliver at a moments notice. Just a short thought on using scales. I never used one. If you have to use a scale to precisely measure out the weight of whatever the customer is buying then the weight you're getting is not large enough to make you a decent profit. My $20 rocks were large enough that if two customers wanted a $60 each I could cut the three rocks in half and shave at least a dime off each of the six halfs and make $120 in cash and have $60 in rock for personal use or sell it to the next customer who wanted a $60 and make a profit of $180. That's how it should be. You don't need a scale. Just ask yourself "would you pay $60 for this piece?" If the answer is no then don't expect your customers to pay $60 for it. NEVER LEAVE LARGE QUANTITIES OF DRUGS IN YOUR HOUSE. Have access to customers cars if you must pick up something (we never had any trouble getting our customers to let my boyfriend drive their cars), or make arrangements with a certain car services (a lot of dealers do this but this can be expensive. Drivers charge heavy fees to transport dealers from place to place). NEVER use your own car! You could, but why waste your own gas when you can use someone elses. Getting clientele: Well we did it by noticing that 10-15 dumbasses were running up to cars, trying to open the doors and scaring people with their tactics. So I told my man let's take a walk down the street and see what happens, something tells me we could take over this area." The potential customers then started driving right by the local assholes and started coming up to us. We were clean and well dressed. I told them that we did not do business in the street and carried nothing on us but they were welcome to come to the house if they liked. They all let us in their car and came to the house. We let them try the product before they bought and never took their money until the sale was made, never asked them to break us off (btw this is a very unprofessional and low life crack-head move. How would you like it if you went to your corner market and bought a pack of chicken and the cashier asked you to break her off a leg!) I never failed to bring in every potential customer I talked to. I was more intelligent and articulate then my man ever could be. Before you know it we had shut down a whole area and made a lot of enemies. REMEMBER, THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO BE A SUCCESSFUL DRUG DEALER IS THE POWER TO CONTROL YOUR ENEMIES AND THE BLESSING OF THE LOCAL POLICE AND POSSIBLY DEA (becareful with DEA NEVER take them directly to your connects house. Have them wait a block or two away most of the time if they're just looking to get high they will comply. If they insist you just have to refuse and let the chips fall where they may they are not after you their after your connect. Protection of your connections should get highest priority it could mean their life and/or yours! Fortunately, we never had any trouble. DEA agents are the biggest addicts of them all! Of course we made no profit off dealing with any law inforcement because we had to give them the size and weight we got, this was the cost of doing business)! HAVE A LAWYER ON RETAINER IF POSSIBLE. ALTHOUGH, WITHOUT THE BLESSING OF THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES DON'T BOTHER SELLING DRUGS! Pay your taxes! If they can't get you for drugs income tax evasion should put you away for a long while. If your operation is small and you are not working you still should have some legitmate income (such as disability, pension, va benefits) just don't live too above your means or the IRS will come a calling. You will have to find some way to invest and launder money. I am not to knowledgeable in this area. If you are at the wholesaler or distributor level or higher you should have a legitmate job, pay your taxes and ways to invest and launder your money. Make alliances with other entrepreneurs and send business their way and they'll send business yours watch their back and they'll watch your back. Help out your neighbors, diversify, boost (whatever is needed by any of your neighbors, food, baby clothes, buy/sell food stamps, whatever. I was into all kinds of illegal activity since I was 15 (successful and profitable boosting business, outfitted most of my high school and their parents--got greedy, though, and busted for grand larceny at 17, they wanted to try my partner and I for rackteering because the authorities believed that this was not just two young girls stealing but an organized criminal enterprise, but they couldn't prove it, turns out we were under survalence in most major clothing stores in two cities: got 1-3 suspended, also ran poker and dice games in elementary school, doubled the price of candy bars during the candy drives), forgery, stolen credit cards, stolen checks, running scams, you name it). Most successful drug dealers are not beginners. They have had criminal mindsets since childhood. They have been in the company of many high-level people in diverse areas of crime. Successful drug dealers do not operate in a vaccuum--they build organizations. Protect others and they will protect you, negotiate terms before making any alliance, size them up: how do they look, speak, how are they dressed, how does their home kept, do they have jobs or some other legitimate income, are they married (preferred) or are they players (risky)?. You should have the instinct to choose your alliances well. If you can't tell the difference between an entrepreneur, a common thug or a person who pays more attention to his sex life than business then this is not the business for you. Having strong alliances will practically eliminate breakins and other problems that may arise. Strong alliances can mean the difference between life and death in some cases or prison or freedom. Be aware of what each of your customers buys and at what regular intervals (if customer base is small this is easy, commit to memory, not ledgers or notes lying around the house). If the amount they buy suddenly goes way up one day. Don't be greedy, say you cannot supply it. This is how drug operations get infiltrated. HAVE THE ABILITY TO READ PEOPLE WELL AND SIZE THEM UP QUICKLY! THIS IS A MUST! This will help you avoid making dangerous and/or costly mistakes. I've never picked up an undercover in my life. Have you? If you have ever picked up a undercover in the past you are not cut out for this business! Know when to get into a car to cultivate a customer and when to pass it up. Again, instinct. If you can't determine what is safe and what could be a trap, become a librarian! Men walk the street seeing dollar signs and victims, women "feel" the street intuitatively, taking in the whole atmosphere seeing not just dollar signs but their personal territory with steady clients always coming back to them because they and their product are "that good". The local authorities will find out about you eventually and come to you to buy your product. They sent their wives to pick their packages at our house every weekend! This is how we got their protection. Keep traffic and heat down in the neighborhood. The less chaos in the neighborhood the less the cops will hassle you, because you are actually saving them work. You can conduct your business in peace, cops can go home early (and get high) and avoid a lot of paper work and they will help you. When we got tired of the local yocals setting us up, crossing the street into our complex we just called and asked for a sweep and assholes were halled off to jail to cool off for a while. Nip problems in the bud. Example: We had a couple who lived a couple of doors down from us and every friday saturday night they would get drunk and fight. This brought down a lot of heat every weekend and people were losing money. Cops and security were always there. Two of our associates took care of the problem. The next day their door was riddled with bullet holes and spray painted on the door "Come back and die". They left all their stuff and left. We also had complex security protecting us. Also, don't EVER give credit and don't EVER allow someone to buy your product break it up and sell bumps (we had a woman do this to us. She was renting space to bums and selling sandwichs and beer and a bump after 2:00 a.m. for $10.00 There were mattrices all over her apartment and down the stairs outside her apartment. Bums were pissing and puking all other the place. She told complex management she had a licence to run this "shelter" given to her by the Salvation Army. Bums from all over were pouring into our complex. I called management annonously, told them I knew her from the Salvation Army and that she was a scam artist and had her shut down and evicted pronto!) It's ok to sell bumps only with the permission of the original dealer however, this is NOT a good idea unless the original dealer is a business, such as a video store, grocery store known for allowing buyers to break up their product and sell bumps. I did this in new york (where people tend to mind their business). You can make money doing this as long as you realize that selling bumps will bring every lowlife junkie to your door and traffic will be heavy. To sell drugs out of your home or apartment and eliminate the hassle of dealing with the low lifes set a minimium price we sold $80's and better. We had the best product in town. Eventually, we started getting product on consignment unfortunately my boyfriend turned into a major addict and smoked it up and we ended up having to pay for it. NEVER GET HIGH ON YOUR PRODUCT! ONLY YOUR PERSONAL! DON'T GET GREEDY. GREED COUPLED WITH ADDICTION CAN GET YOU BUSTED OR KILLED). CLOSE DOWN WHEN THE LOCAL CLUBS CLOSE DOWN OR EARLIER. GET SOME REST, YOU'LL NEED IT. Not only that, cars pulling up to your door or people knocking on your door at all hours of the night is conspicuous. Never sell to anyone you don't know. If someone you don't know approaches you and says "I heard I can get it here", just tell them you don't know what they're talking about and where did they here this (this is how we found out who was cutting our product and selling bumps). Be careful of strangers offering to set you up with large quantities of drugs that you know you can't move. This does not even make sense and should set off bells ringing in the ears of even the dumbest person. I didn't know whether this could be a set up for a bust or a take over attempt ending in our demise or what (this happened to my boyfriend in a cab. A mexican driver he did not know, but claimed he knew my man offered to set him up with a kilo of power on consignment. Scared me to death I told my "man" are you stupid".? I called our mexican connections myself, told them what happened and told them that if a contract was put on his stupid ass for following for something so obviously strange, I'd take it personally!) If you find yourself working with a fool be prepared to do what has to be done if he/she does something stupid that could endanger your life and it comes down to either you or your partner (I wouldn't have hesitated to kill him in minute if it came down to that). The drug business does not put repremands in dealers personnel folders for dangerous mistakes--your life could be at stake!

SOME PEOPLE THINK THE DRUG BUSINESS IS "COOL" BUT IT'S HARD AND DANGEROUS WORK WITH LITTLE ROOM FOR ERROR. THERE'S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CORNER CRACK DEALER AND A GANGSTER. WE WERE GANGSTERS (OR AT LEAST I WAS). MOST PEOPLE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT A REAL GANGSTER IS. FIRST OF ALL, GANGSTERS DON'T WHERE TATTOOS! WHY WOULD A CRIMINAL DO SOMETHING TO MAKE HIMSELF MORE EASILY IDENTIFIABLE? STUPIDEST THING I EVER HEARD OF. I'VE KNOWN WHOLESALERS, TRAFFICERS, CARTEL MEMBERS, BURGLERS, AND ALL TYPES OF MAJOR CRIMINALS AND NOT ONE OF THEM HAD A TATTOO. I COULD SOLVE THE GANG PROBLEM TOMORROW--JUST MAKE WEARING A GANG TATTOO A CLASS A FELONY PUNISHIBLE BY 10-15 YEARS IN JAIL! GONNA BE A LOT OF HOT AND SWEATY GANG MEMBERS WEARING LONG SLEAVES COME SUMMER. LOL! LASER OFF THE TATTOO IN PRISON AND MAKE IT HURT! THAT SAID, TRY YOUR BEST TO AVOID BECOMING ASSOCIATED WITH GANG MEMBERS OR ALLOWING GANG MEMBERS TO WORK FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION. JUST THE FACT THAT A PERSON FEELS THE NEED TO JOIN A GANG MEANS THEY ARE A PERSON THAT CAN'T THINK FOR THEMSELVES. GANG MEMBERS CANNOT BE TRUSTED AND CAN BE VERY, VERY WELL ARMED AND DANGEROUS. GIVE THEM THEIR RESPECT, SPACE, STAY OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS, NEVER, EVER SNITCH ON ANYONE AND THEY'LL PROBABLY STAY OUT OF YOURS DEPENDING ON HOW PROFITABLE YOUR BUSINESS IS AND IF ITS WORTH TRYING TO INFILTRATE. IF YOUR BUSINESS IS BEING THREATENED WITH GANG INFILTRATION (AND, MIND YOU, I'V NEVER FACED THIS) THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO. FIRST HAVE A MEETING WITH YOUR ALLIANCES TO DISCUSS THE PROBLEM. NOW, KNOW THAT GANGS FUNCTION AS ONE MIND. THIS TELLS YOU THAT THE INDIVIDUALS IN THE GANG ARE INCAPABLE OF THINKING AS INDIVIDUALS. THEY ARE BEING RULED BY FEAR AND A FALSE SENSE OF HONOR AND ALLEGIENCE TO EACH OTHER. THE ONLY WAY I CAN THINK OF TO STOP THEM IS TO MAKE EACH MEMBER QUESTION THAT ALLEGIENCE TO HIS SO-CALLED "BROTHERS" AND COME UP WITH A SCHEME TO PIT THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER SO THAT NO ONE IN THE GANG KNOWS WHO TO TRUST ANYMORE. THEY NEED TO BE MADE TO BELIEVE THAT MEMBERS OF THEIR OWN GANG ARE BETRAYING THEM OR THAT A RIVAL GANG KILLED ONE OF THEIR OWN. THIS COULD START A GANG WAR. HOW THIS CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED IS ANYONE'S GUESS BUT IF GANG MEMBERS BECOME UNABLE TO TRUST EACH OTHER THEY WILL BE UNABLE TO FUNCTION AS ONE UNIT. IT WILL THROW THEM INTO CHAOS AND CONFUSION. THE COLLECTIVE MINDSET SHOULD BREAK DOWN. YOU CAN THEN TRY KILLING OFF THE LEADERS OF TWO GANGS AND PUTTING THE BLAME ON EACH OTHER. THEY WILL GO TO WAR AND KILL EACH OTHER OFF LEFT AND RIGHT SOLVING YOUR PROBLEM. ELIMINATING THOSE CLOSEST TO CERTAIN GANG MEMBERS WILL REALLY DRIVE THEM INSANE. HOWEVER, IT MAY WORK, IT MAY NOT. BUT IN THIS SITUATION A SOLID DAMAGE CONTROL STRATEGY IS ESSENTIAL. ALL I KNOW IS THAT BEING A GANGSTER IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY IT'S ABOUT THE ART OF THE GAME IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE JUICE TO KEEP YOUR ENEMIES IN CHECK (and you'll make a lot of people mad taking over a territory) AND THE BLESSING OF THE THE LOCAL PD OR DEA TO KEEP YOU OUT OF JAIL THEN YOU ARE NO GANGSTER. Oh, and by the way, my man was a fool. I ran the show. Women make far better gangsters then men! We have far better intuition are far more cunning and manipulative, are better able to lie effortlessly, and can be far more ruthless when necessary. For every 10 maximum security prisons they have in New York for men there is ONE for women! I've known way more women murderers than men and they had never been caught! We know what we're doing! If we mean to kill you we mean to get away with it! Consider the difference between a pimp and a madam? A pimp is a lowlife praying on someone else's vulnerabilties--A madam is a CEO! If there were a 10 o'clock curfue for men under 30 the crime rate would be cut in half) I would give corner crack dealers 1 year in jail for selling macadamia nuts and 20 to life for being a dangerous nuisense to their community. Keep your business relatively small and easy to maintain and you will still make a good size profit. And anyone stupid enough to walk around with large qualities of drugs on them deserves to be busted (stupidity in the first degree--automatic 10 years). They make it bad for everyone. Being a gangster is not about just making money it's a power trip pure and simple. Follow these rules and you'll be successful. Unfortunately, my man got greedy and started dealing with everyone and anyone who would buy. He started ripping people off there were also many instances of domestic violence. Our police protection was getting sick of us. I left him and he eventually died of kidney failure from a combination of crack and diabetes. But his real cause of death was his stupidity. He simply was not cut out to be a gangster. A corner crack dealer was all he was capable of. If it weren't for him I'd be rich but I have nothing to show for anything. Always remember, if you want to be a drug dealer be prepared to trust NO ONE (not even your partner sometimes). You will have associates, customers, get high buddies and enemies, trators, infiltrators, but forget about having true friends. Remember the purpose of the collaboration between criminals is to gain something out of the alliance with you and for them to gain something out of the alliance from you. Mutual respect is a must but if you're looking for friends find another line of work. Be careful buying guns. Know where your gun is coming from and where it's been. Make sure it is untraceable (you really should have a connect for buying untraceable weapons, we did, but we never had to use them. Thank God, because the only people me and my man would have shot is each other. If, God forbid, you must solve a serious problem in permanent way, have connections that can handle this also (and the juice to keep THEM in check!). I must say, I had blast being a drug dealer until my man ruined it and I was good at it and never owned or needed a gun, but it becomes old and tiring after a while. I retired 9 years ago at age 47 after my man died. I entered rehab in 2006 and plan to go back to further my education next year. Now I have true friends and true piece of mine. I don't have to do a full search of my house everytime someone leaves and constantly be on watch for anything and everything. I can relax. I HAVE LEARNED THAT THERE IS NOTHING "COOL" OR "SLICK" OR "GLAMOUROUS" ABOUT BEING A DRUG DEALER. IT TAKES CUNNING, FLAWLESS INTUITION, EXPERT PLANNING, THE ABILITY TO BE MANIPULATIVE, AND TO THINK ON YOUR FEET, THE ABILITY TO DO DAMAGE CONTROL AT THE DROP OF A HAT, THE DESIRE FOR POWER AND CONTROL AND UTTER RUTHLESSNESS IF NEEDED. IF YOUR PRODUCT IS GOOD IT WILL SELL ITSELF, WORD WILL GET AROUND IF YOUR INSTINCTS ARE SHARP AND YOU'RE NOT GREEDY, HAVE ALL THE OTHER QUALITIES YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL. BUT YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS BE ON YOUR TOES. POWER IS NOT SOMETHING YOU EARN, IT'S SOMETHING YOU TAKE. AND IF YOU TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE YOU CAN BE SURE SOMEONE IS GOING TO TRY TO TAKE IT FROM YOU SO BE PREPARED. THE HIGHER UP YOU GO IN THE DRUG BUSINESS THE MORE COMPLICATED AND DANGEROUS THINGS BECOME AND THE HARDER IT IS TO GET OUT. POWER AND CONTROL AND THE DESIRE AND WILLINGNESS TO PLAY RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH YOUR LIFE AND SOUL IS THE MOTIVATION BEHIND THE DECISION TO BECOME A DRUG DEALER ALTHOUGH SOME MAY NOT WANT TO ADMIT IT. BEING A GANGSTER IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED, THE OVERLY EMOTIONAL, THE WANNA BE MOVIE STAR, THE PERSON WITH A CONSCIENCE AND IT CERTAINLY IS NOT FOR THE GREEDY OR THE STUPID! TRUE POWER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LOUD OR EVEN SEEN THAT OFTEN--IT IS KNOWN TO OTHERS BY REPUTATION WHETHER THAT REPUTATION IS GOOD OR BAD WILL DEPEND ON WHETHER YOU ARE RESPECTED OR FEARED. AIM FOR PEOPLE TO RESPECT YOU NOT FEAR YOU. BE FAIR IN YOUR DEALINGS WITH OTHERS, BE ALWAYS STRAIGHT UP AND RUN A CONSISTENT AND PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS AND SELL THE BEST IN TOWN! PROTECT AND STAND BY YOUR CONNECTS AND ALLIANCES. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, TO BE A SUCCESSFUL GANGSTER YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD AMOUNT OF SOCIOPATHY IN YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL MAKEUP, BE SOMEWHAT OF A NARCISSIST AND HAVE THE ABILITY TO BE A CHAMELION ( THE ABILITY TO BE WHAT YOU NEED TO BE IN WHATEVER SITUATION YOU'RE IN AND IF THE SITUATION CHANGES YOU MUST CHANGE WITH IT). YOU MUST BE ABLE TO CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE'S PERCEPTION OF YOU. YOU MUST BE INTELLIGENT, ARTICULATE AND CHARASMATIC (FOR A MAN) AND (INTELLIGENT, ARTICULATE, MATTER-OF-FACT AND TO THE POINT AS A WOMAN) YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH UNPLEASANT PEOPLE. EXAMPLE: YOU MAY DESPISE ONE OR MORE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS BUT YOU MUST BE ABLE TO MAKE EACH OF THEM BELIEVE THEY ARE YOUR FAVORITE CUSTOMERS OF ALL. (I had to do this with customers who were pediphiles and schzophrenics who talked to television sets). YOU MUST ALWAYS MAINTAIN CONTROL OF YOUR HOUSE. CUSTOMERS SHOULD NOT BE USING YOUR BATHROOM OR GOING INTO YOUR BEDROOM OR KITCHEN. Remind them respectfully that they are there to purchase your product and not to pee or eat (depending on hoW much money they spend regularly.) Of course, give your highest paying customers more leyway. But even then access to your kitchen and bedroom should be off limits. Do not allow your customers to just pick up their product and leave immediately. If you live in a complex this is viewed as "suspicious activity" and you could get into trouble. Always ask them respectfully to sit for at least 10 mins to avoid this. NEVER, EVER SERVE ANYONE WHO BRINGS ALONG A CHILD OR IS PREGNANT! IN FACT, MAKE IT VERY CLEAR THAT IF THEY BRING THE CHILD ON A BUY AGAIN YOU WILL NOT SERVE THEM EVER AGAIN (A woman brought her daughter along with her to our house and left her "tools" on our couch the child picked it up. I grabbed it out of the child's hand before she could put it in her mouth! This could have not only hurt the child but landed us all in jail (the authorities I don't think would have looked the other way on this one). Not only is bringing a child on a drug buy just plain wrong, smoking and driving with a child in the car is downright dangerous. My man and I were almost ready to kick the living shit out of her ass.


these may be some good tips, but what about hair and whatnot? you have to also have an alibi, in case someone decides to take out someone who DID get them mad. but what i dont see is why people sometimes keep the clothes they wore. burn them. the gun/knife/whatever other weapon: melt or desstroy it. any witnesses? kill em before they cry. now as for theere being a witness even remotely close to the area is beyond me but jesus christ its easy to get away with you just have to think ahead

I would recommend driving out to the boonies or a similiar place with little to none human activity and burn the body, then scatter the ashes in a swamp, lake, beach, or similar area. If any one asks you cremated somone in your family who was in the navy. You could also melt the body in some acids and dump/bury anything extra in a secluded location.

i believe in long as they deserve it. if they ruin your life, kill one of your friends, lie about you, get you arrested for something they did or you didnt do. if they sexually assaulted you. trying to ruin your childhood. all are perfect reasons to kill someone. its the way the rest of life works, you fuck any bull dont expect leave without a few holes in your body.

i understand if its a cheap gun you can throw it away but what if the gun is expensive as fuck?

Pretty simple if u know haw to ride a sportsbike u can kill with ease for starters go out buy a bike let's say a suzuki gsxr600 go buy a pistol best a revolver from a neighborhodd crack dealer or anybody with stolen guns now wait get up one morning when they are going to work wait til they drive off and come by and put one in their head and keep riding go destroy the bike idgaf if u gotta cut it up in pieces with a torch and burn all the plastic and take it to the scrapyard in pieces with a whole bunch of other metal throw the fucking pistol of a bridge in a river a 100 miles away the motorcycle is faast enough u can ride without a tag or insurance or any title or proof u own it just ride get rrid of evidence and don't talk to anyone about it no need for anyone to have even thee slightest clue show up to work do ur normal routine thing everday fuck it u jus got away with murder don't fuck up and tell on urself

ok i dont waste my time with such junk but iv been looking into some shit lately u want to fuck someone up more than kill them which in my eyes is better then their death plant a device which u can talk to them thats so hidden they belive you are littarly in their head and make them belive you are god then make them do things to fuck their life up =-p