How to Be a Drug Dealer

The 3-step, 10-rule system to dealing drugs, from a former dealer.

>>> Primal Urges
By staff writer Nathan DeGraaf
June 28, 2006

Nathan: This dude who’s more arrogant than me told me to write about drug dealing.
Wait a minute. There’s someone more arrogant than you?

Drug dealer in action

Every person on planet Earth (and there are no exceptions), at some point in time, has wanted to be a drug dealer. Let’s face it, it’s a great gig. Drug dealers are their own bosses, they work their own hours, and they make decent coin. I mean really, how can you beat that gig? You can’t, dammit. You just can’t.

So, because back in the day, before I turned eighteen and after I hit puberty, I may have fractured an occasional law or three when it came to the dispensing of illegal narcotics, I can tell you honestly how to get into the lucrative career that is drug dealing. Sing it with me now, “I’m here to help.” I’m making the world a better place, one column at a time. It takes a village and all that.

A Drug Dealer's Checklist
Use the list below to help you prepare.
Find a lawyer as soon as possible.
Raise $500+ cash for initial supply.
Get a reliable cell phone.
Secure your stash at all times.
Safeguard your privacy/identity.
Apply for health insurance, aka "fight protection."

Step 1: Locate your Clientele

If you attend high school or college, and you can’t locate your clientele, you either live in the most backwater place imaginable or you are a total moron, and I am honestly surprised you can read.

Drug dealer hands off drugs for money

If you do not attend college or high school, my advice to you is to find the nearest college or high school and keep your ears open. Eventually, you will hear kids talking about this one guy they know (and yes, it’s usually a guy) who does more drugs than anyone they’ve ever seen. After you hear this name a few hundred times, you can be dead sure that you’ve found your new friend for life. Find this guy and hang out. I guarantee you, he’ll be fun to party with, and he’ll be the key to getting into the softer side of the business (selling at schools, parties, friends’ houses, etc.).

Please do not go out to bars or rougher parts of town and try to sell anything. You’ve got a lot to learn before you can get there.

Also, please note: Primal Urges is not responsible. For anything. Ever.

Step 2: Buy and Use

To become a successful drug dealer, you must first become a successful drug purchaser. Purchase and use as many drugs as you can find. Once your name becomes synonymous with drug use, people will begin approaching you and asking you to share the wealth.

At this point, you can go back to your supplier and have him or her (but I mean, come on, it’s almost always a him) provide you with more drugs at a discounted price. You don’t need a roadmap from there.

Step 3: Buy a Safe

Not just any safe—a big, heavy sucker that no stoner could possibly move. Throw everything of value into that safe. Dealers get robbed. A lot.

Now, after you have followed these steps, you should have no problem selling drugs to any human. However, there are still some rules you need to keep in mind. As I have said on more occasions than I can count (mainly because I can’t do math) over the last few years, you gotta have rules.

The Top 10 Rules to Being a Drug Dealer:

10. When introduced to a new client, never admit to having any drugs on you.

You have to always, “go get it from your friend.” You do this so that no one starts spreading rumors that you walk around with drugs on you. People who walk around with mass quantities of drugs on them get beaten and robbed. Shocking, I know.

9. When purchasing large amounts of drugs, you must make sure that the purchase takes place in the dealer’s home.

You do this so that everyone knows that you know where to go if you get stiffed. Basically, it’s just good to know where the guy (or girl) to whom you just paid ten grand happens to live.

8. When purchasing large amounts of drugs from a dealer’s home, show some tact and respect your dealer’s privacy.

Do not ask the dealer where he or she is from, or what his or her favorite hobbies are or anything like that. One of the reasons that movies and television always depict dealers and thieves having funny conversations about odd topics is because that’s all they can really talk about. They talk about TV, sports, the way the government fucks them over and where to get good food. They almost never talk about themselves. So don’t ask. You’ll only make them feel uncomfortable.

7. Know how to fight.

Or know a lot of people who do. (If you're going to carry a weapon, at least read my guide on "How to Get Away with Murder". You never know...)

6. Never front anything to anyone for any reason unless you would trust them to watch your house for an entire week.

I’m serious here. I mean, if you’re gonna front something to someone, you better wish you were related to that person. He or she better be the best person in the world.

5. Don’t drink much.

This is not a job for drunks. Drunks are sloppy.

4. If you get high off your product, make sure you’re only smoking profit.

Everyone knows this. Few people do it. Kinda like how people used to treat seatbelts back in the ‘60s. And we all know how important seatbelts turned out to be.

3. Don’t get pets and little kids high.

This one really isn’t a rule for dealers, so much as it is just an opinion of mine that needs to be voiced. Leave the animals and children alone. Trust me, they don’t need to be any dumber.

2. If ever arrested, don’t say a thing until advised by a lawyer.

And never rat. There is nothing worse than a rat.

1. Don’t get a boyfriend/girlfriend who is a total druggie.

Not only will you never know if you can trust or love him or her, you also will be losing money when he or she steals products from you. It’s a lose-lose relationship. Kinda like the US in the World Cup.

Drug dealing is a great profession, but like all great professions, there are more applicants than successful professionals. If you really want to make money as a drug dealer, you can do it. But you must follow the rules. Remember, the rules exist for your benefit. Now, I hate to sound all condescending and preachy but folks, you just gotta respect the rules.

Especially if you want to be a drug dealer.

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Most any political system would work if it just wasn't for politicians ... and other greedy humans.


Can I please skeet skeet on ur face ???

Fuck u u fucking faggot
no offense to gays

cool story bro

I'm 4 and what is this?


There u go!!!! black people are chill, u gotta show to booker t washington..he a tank, so is mr t!!!!! KKK members are gay, they are taking the same actions as the people they fight against, there not better, theere just dix who cant learn how to run from a drug dealer, and so what if a drug dealer is black, its typical..get over it..and i just wanna point out that most of the people who make the most outrageous comments are the ones who just use the anonymus name so that they cant be tracked...pussies

well all of you sound like some dumb fucks.... im hawain/egyptian, female AND dope dealer --FYI-- sell big weight (fk nickel & dime shit) to motherfkrs with FERIA(that means money, for u simple "my brain can not process more than 1 language" folk). No discrimination here. Come 1 come all. LONG STORY SHORT anyone can be a drug dealer & any fuckwad can be a crackhead.

I'm offended. I think my brain COULD process more than one language; it just hasn't. Of course I have no proof of my opinion -- just as you have no proof that you aren't making an error in lumping me (and a bunch of others) together with those who probably can't even process ONE language. You sound like a nice angry lady. Try not to be an asshole. We have a glut and don't need more.


ECRYPT offers the only true email encryption for smartphones.

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what the hell r you dumbass fuckers talking about?? i'm a redneck bastard and ALOT of country folk around here deal. yall r very stupid to say only niggers deal drugs. who do you think does all the meth?? pretty much only whites

thanks man cuse u see every color or race of people sells drugs for instance there is the blacks,whites,hispanics,even some chinise,also indians (it in there culture to smoke weed),ect. every one is trying to make a living some take the slow road and stay in an office all day then there are the drug dealers who make lots of money but its dangerious but i say so what being a cop is dangerious so realy where just trying to make money (all of use ) the rich , the middle,and the poor,(i dont beleave in being poor) i mean its your choices that make u poor but there is always a way to not be poor work at mack donalds colect the money find an apartment that u can pay for or rent it u see u just have to think. even if its for that split second.

You're an idiot, It isn't in Native American religion to smoke weed. It's called sweet grass and it's not inhaled, it's more commonly burned and fanned over the body. In some tribes they use a pipe to suck the smoke and expel it, but never inhale. However, I do agree with you on the "not believing in poor people", but at the same time some people couldn't get a job even if they tried. So I'm 50/50 on that one.

oh my god you fucking retard when he said Indians he meant people from India you dumb fuck if he meant native he would have said native hey man if you dont like it you can email me and i'll give you my fuckin adress but if you know whats good for you you'll be stayin as far away from me as you can. -- im not one of those pussies that dont back my words my words have all the backin they need. -- do it i dare you

Seriously, nothing you say makes ne sense! you want me to know your address, and with that I can kill you, and yet you don't want me anywhere near you... WELL looks like i'ma have to email you and rape your whole family...

I would like to just say that you obviously have no life, I'm sick at home and decided to search the web were I found this (I have no interest in drug dealing) were I have decided to read the comments and you have commented like a million times and it's kinda weird because I was on another blog thing, where someone named Rasta was picking fights with everyone the same way you are. Also, its really not cool and actually very trashy to threaten someone on the internet, especially saying things like "i'ma have to email you and rape your whole family".

I HATE "ECT." I told you it hurts my fucking eyes! Goddammit, it is ETC. It means ET CETERA. There is no EC CETERA, as you probably mispronounce it, and certainly no EC TETERA, as you are misspelling it. ET!!! ET!!!!! ETC!!!!!!!!!! GET IT RIGHT. I am on overload; IT HURTS MY GODDAMN FUCKING EYES, GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What ever happened to talking about selling drugs?
And btw only white people fucks with heroin and meth? What niggas u know that'll do some crazy shit like that. U fucking casper ass hicks. Blunts and beer, All day!


There was and is a Jesus. PLEASE do not make comments like that because he is real and all knowing. Even though you might turn your back away from HIM, HE would never ever turn his back on you. HE is always there for you.

Real implies existence. Existence can be proved.

Can you prove Jesus?

I think, therefore I am. Does Jesus think?

What does Jesus think? Especially about whiny bitches and Mormons?

No, really...what DOES Jesus think about Mormons?

What about Jehovah's Witnesses?

Do you think he thinks about trolls?

if real implies existence,
and existence can be proved,
then nothing is real, since nothing can be proved to anyone other than ourselves...right?

There is no need to prove Jesus' existence; it has been pretty well established that he did exist as an historical flesh and blood human. One cannot prove he was the son of God; that is why faith is needed. I wish people would just quit pushing it, though; some of us don't AND CAN'T believe it. I am as much God's child as anyone is or ever was -- that is, IF anyone is or ever was -- and that includes Jesus. Should I therefore capitalize myself as The Daughter of God? I think not. But I also don't find it necessary to belittle the faith of others. If anything, I envy them the comfort they derive from their faith. Such is simply not available for me, and I do wish, from time to time, that THEIR faith didn't seem to require MINE; it is tiring to try to remain congenial while they push and push and push me. Believers always mean well; they DO want to save me; unfortunately for them AND ME, I cannot be saved. If I could, I would long since have seen to it. Maybe one day THEIR Jesus will come along and pull me into the fold; MY Jesus is dead -- years, centuries, millenia dead.

The historical existence of Jesus is a different issue from the Son of God contention. The first is established; the second is Believers Only Admitted.

BTW: Jesus is my hero. If anything at all that I have heard about him is true, he knew more about love than any human is allowed (by the powers-that-be) to know, and he had the unmitigated nerve to LIVE what he believed. He was killed for the same reason as were Martin Luther King, Ghandi and my other hero -- unlikely only if you haven't studied his life -- Malcolm X: love is very powerful and a truly loving person is always (correctly) perceived as a danger to the power held over other people by the world's powerful. As has been said, they always kill the prophets; sucks, huh? But don't doubt Jesus' existence. Unfortunately, as are all but one (that would be Nelson Mandela - I ADORE people who take a stand for love and WON'T back down) of my heroes, Jesus is dead, but to doubt that he ever existed is simply to expose your ignorance of the historical research which proves (as far as we can prove anything) that he did. There are people who think the Holocaust never happened either, but ignorance never has and never will change history, though it CAN suppress it -- for a while.

It isn't my fault that all my heroes (and yes, that includes Jesus) are black. No white people that I know of ever sat in jail for 27 years or died on a cross just because they wouldn't back down. In fact, I, myself, am the only white person I know who would even think something like that was worth doing, and even I don't have the nerve actually to do it. I am not ashamed to be white (though mixed with a little red) but I wish somebody white WOULD do something like that. I hate always having to explain that I don't give a fuck about your color; but now, if you should DO SOMETHING I can admire ...

fuck you. hes not real.

Yeah, has jesus ever done anything for you.. maybe like brainwashing you to the point where your getting all defensive through a comment post. whatever mann, if you wanna believe in a fake prescense not turn your back on him, then why are you looking how to sell harmful products( and yes weed is harmful just not enough that anyone cares)

"prescense"? Looks like a rite to perform before you light a stick of incense. Could you possibly mean "presence?"

BTW, the latest scientific research pretty much completely disagrees with your assessment of the evil "weed." You've heard of science, right?

Have you ever been challenged to "look it up?" Well, what that means is that you should "look it up" before running your mouth (or, in this case, your fingers.)

Shut yo bitchazz up dnt ever disrespect CHRISTANITY u hoe ass nigga u red neck fuck i'll beat yo white azz

oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!! i'm so scared of the little bitch behind a fucking computer cursing as hard as he can, fuck you christianity is a fucking superstition and jesus never fucking happened, and if it did, he's a fucking queer who got his homo ass wooped... and i'm DEFINITELY big and black u fucking homo... suck my dick queer

Miltown is in trouble if that is their "finest."

your not black. everyone knows that there is no niggers on the internet. and black and other race gangs are a lame excuse for gangs. the only rightful gang is the mafia. they were the first true gangsters.

a. you are retarded. The grammatically correct way to say that is there ARE no niggers on the internet. Also you used the wrong version of the word you're, which is another sure sign of retardation.

b. by "the mafia" i assume you are referring to la cosa nostra, who were not in fact the "first true gangsters" (which you say like gangs and gangsters are noble in any way shape or form) usually when referring to "the mafia" you should clarify whether you mean italian, polish, irish, russian, etc. Organized crime does not belong to guidos.

c. the "race gangs" and "the mafia" are so intertwined these days that you really cannot disconnect the two, as "the mafia" supplies the "race gangs" with work and products, and the race gangs provide the mafia with cheaper labor and the safety of a low level of street involvement.

d. you should probably kill yourself.


so i've read through like 3% of these comments and im LOSING IT!!! this is the most hilarious fucking white/ black battle i've ever heard of!!! its better then fucking WWII!!! keep up the good work guys (; make me proud my niggas and my white trash.

Whitish-Black POWER!!

(and any other race that would like to be involved may change the above statement to fit your liking)

LOL your name

It's about time someone told it like it is!

all you niggas r goin to hell cos ur like to put your tongues in ur mommy's asshole while your daddy fucks your dirty black butt

your opinion dont count for shit, get back in the corner u dirty nigger

Im'a Muthafuckin Nazi
white power

you are all losers learn to live life.. LOVE AND RESPECT. will get you far in drug dealing AND IF ANYONE BRINGS HATE. KILL THEM .

Aww, cute, you believe in a hell...
Still, KKK is lame. But really, the ones arguing on that plain are morons on both ends. The rest of us who are educated have to just hope we can keep their crossfire away from us and our kids.

Wow. The retard rate for commenters on this article is even higher than usual. Must ... stop ... reading ... losing ... IQ points ...

There is no hell but yea I think all these gangs and racist fucks are stupid and retarded and a waste of life i mean seriously "OHH YEAA KKK BITCH WHITE POWER" wtf is that thats retarded xD. and all these color like Red Blue Crips Bloods is bullshit. fightining over a COLOR damn oh wow how cool... And sadly most of people in gangs are black or mexican which makes them look bad and thats why all this shit keeps repeatin. im an athiest but if there was a hell i wish they go there but too bad there aint one. Fuck all yall racist cunts.

because nig nigs got more balls than most honkeys stupid from a white drug dealer

shut the fuck up and git ur blak ass back on the slave boat fuckin nigger.

racists shit


yeah bro if it aint white it aint right if! its brown flush it down! HA! HA! HA

ROFL aussie nigger basher? what are you 5?

hea man what ever the kkk is just like the crips,bloods.latin kings. the chrips try to kill the bloods, the bloods try to kill the crips, its just like the kkk they try to kill black people but u would have to be retarted to move to the cuntry where most kkk live most kkk wont fuck with the hood like coral city dave grove west side eastside opalacka, ect or move to the city like newyourk the kkk is only in the cuntry side realy most of them are

im black and proud

well it's obviousl that your black cos you spell like a retard, but proud i dont get that how can you be black and proud? what the fuck do you niggers have to be proud of? you are a lower race look at black coutrys run by blacks they are all corrupt, run down shitholes with jack shit you niggers need to go down and in Australia im gonna keep knocking you all down till you all hide like the rats you are

Well it's obvious that your black because you spell like a retard (you must be black?), but proud I dont get that how can you be black and proud? what the fuck do you niggers have to be proud of? you are a lower race look at black countrys (black country's - thats news to me) run by blacks they are all corrupt, run down shitholes with jack shit you niggers need to go down (go down to where?) and in Australia I'm gonna keep knocking you all down until you all hide like the rats you are. I TOOK THE LIBERTY TO CORRECT YOUR ATROCIOUS GRAMMAR LITTLE BOY. Hey maybe when you grow up and become employed by a black man you'll learn to become obedient and keep your little mouth shut, before the world shuts you up. Racism is not tolerated in this day and age YOU ABSOLUTE SPASTIC.

Lets get somethings straight not EVERYONE wants to spell fucken perfect on the INTERNET, Im white i used to deal and i have no problem with black people but i highly doubt you would ever say anything to a nigga straight up in say Harlem,or Queenz,because they would beat THE FUCK out of,and rob you and leave you there to die. So learn more about other places then just fucken AUSSIE cause you guys have nothing to be proud of,and yea blacks do have their flaws but so does everyone else in the world, Be racist cause itll all comeback to your bitch ass,pot is supposed to calm people and bring em together not fucken start wars over ethnicity.

hi man i am an africa pricisely base in cameroon, i have been doing drug business since when i was 8 years .this cocaine and marijuna is planted in area,if u nigga want to purchase coke just contact me i will provide u wt this tuckin drug

here it is 2009 and use people are still on this racist shit!!!!!We are in a recession and instead of getting money use rather use racial slurs amongst each other really???? I don't know if you noticed but we have a black president!!!! so that kkk shit needs to go out the window!!!!!

yeah a black president that gets disrespected like no other president in history, called a liar to his face which resembles the face of a chimp which hey atleast he managed to do something no other american president has done, none of the real american presidents looked like a chimp

i am a white man and from Ohio and i think all the racist shit is only held on to by the few people that are to stupid to see that every one race sell kills and stills and if you would have got out of grade school you would know this so keep on with your shit so everyone can see how retarded you really are

Out of grade school? I guess you didn't make it... the word you are looking for is "STEALS".
I agree though, this kkk stuff is just sad. One more cult for America, at least we're almost to 10% of the population cult free!

ye thank you for standing up for black people if there were more people like you then the world would be a better place so thank you :)

i have realized that the reason that we see more of blacks selling drugs is because they can run faster and jump higher incase a cop comes to their crib and tries to steal their drugs for their own personal use.... someone has to protect the stash, and a black man seems the most suitable at this point..... GO BLACK MAN/ WOMAN!!


Haha this is actually true to the word I mean look at the olympics and all the athletes. Most are black. They are fast though but Ill tell you this if you put me in front of a bee ill maybe beat the world record if i wanted to....BIG PHOBIA =(...

just everyone relax and smoke a j together

Exactly, the one thing that will bring every race together, marijuana

Mary Jane, the one and true point of life. Oh and acid trip too. :P


your caps lock key scares the hell out of me... i concede :)

i agree with rasta... caps lock is more intimidating then sylvester stalone on steroids, AGAIN!!!

words from the wise.HA u started by saying that black and white people are bitches,fags,and than fag pussy bitches.
wow pat yourself on the back man. your an idiot.
there is no god. non. what so ever. Jesus if he did exist. was nothing more than a guy. that's it. god. fuck god. fuck god. fuck god. i am my own damn god. and if there is a fucking god. fuck him. OK. u ever have a bad day in your life that u wish never happened. go shake your gods hand for that. fuck god. there is no fucking god. is this drilled into your brain yet?.. no god. all.. live your fucking life. u dumb fuck. your not wise. u know nothing. and u proved that from the start.

John Jacobsen, if I ever see you, I am going to use the "How to get away with murder" tips on your racist kkk butt.

fukk u if u kkk i kill u raki5t fukks for fun

your a funny nigger you seem retarded! id love to fight you boy

I bet u feel tough
fuckin wannabe kkk

nigga i wish you would fight another homie. we black pple stick together so im gonna laugh one day if u rolled up in my hood and started sayin that shit. i would kick yo ass so badly that yo white ass rednecked momms wouldn't even recognize you. you racist punk ass white cracker punk bitch im w/that nigga Rasta man BLACK POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and one last thing this article is wack as hell don't listen to the fool who wrote this he probably "THOUGHT" he was a drug dealer when he sold probably a small as nick sack one day and never hustled eva again

who do you think brining the shit over here, not "nig nigs", and im white

fuck you , racist fuckin hillbilly cornbread white piece of trailer park trash. kkk is bitch just like you.

hahahaha you would say "cornbread"!!! lol

woah what the fuckkkkkkkkk?! that has nothing to do with drug dealing, your just a racsist son of a bitch. haha, i'm white, but fuck you, power to black people.

im white im not racist i just hate em all equally ha ha

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yo. you should be careful friend. people die every day from thinkin with their dicks and saying shit like that to make a point. and at least try not to sound like your 12.
im white as coke but hey lets all just get along okay?

crackahs tha best custamahs, fasho!!!

you think? theres a heap of niggers here in jail for doin shit for drugs for a certain proud white man i know and theyre in there for a long time just to get a fix niggers are cheap and easy to use and sell drugs to

Well if they wasn't brought here and forced to be poor by ignorant crackers,then they wouldn't have to sell or do crimes.
and whites/Italians started it before blacks.
if everyone was born w/money then there'd be no crime but y'all slave owners started it

start by learning how to spell, then take your head out of your fucking ass and realize that the fucking niggers were brought here like 300 years ago, you can not use slavery as an excuse for being a shit stain on society. it does not take long for people to change, just look at all those people who started out poor and are now rich as hell, all the niggers are just stupid fucks. anyone ever notice all those country in Africa where every one is poor and starving, and there is constant war and disease, there all run by blacks

start by learning how to spell, then take your head out of your fucking ass and realize that the fucking niggers were brought here like 300 years ago, you can not use slavery as an excuse for being a shit stain on society. it does not take long for people to change, just look at all those people who started out poor and are now rich as hell, all the niggers are just stupid fucks. anyone ever notice all those country in Africa where every one is poor and starving, and there is constant war and disease, there all run by blacks

hahah black ppl got it from fucking dirty white women like your mom and grandma who were tired of lil dicks like your's and your dad so they come to fuck a black man(hahah) i think thats why you hate black guys. but anyway i guess you never knew a real black guy cuz your to scared to meet them you probly stay in a gated commmunity like a bitch.. i bet you wont come to la talking shit cuz you'll get your ass beat...bitch you havent herd black ppl run shit and mexicans whites are no more your race is to dumb to stay around..

damn rite...kkk forever.....KRACKER KILLER what it means 2 us n where i'm from....kkk muther fucka...we the same nig nigs n the dark corners to have ya sister n ya girl to slut ya mother out....

oi fuck off niggas are harder than fucklittle what boys im 14 and i can still bang you out pussy

i am a true drug dealer and you would all be dead by now in this game u moron fucks

why r crackers always coming to blk wanting to front an holla bag...broke bitchis...g's up

you racist fuckling goof i hope you die in a hole

listen we kill niggas wit gats they end up wit holes in their backs must have taken your inferior white mans brain 8 YEARS to come up with that one.

Mormons are gay.
Utah is gay.

End of Story.

yo fuck u racist white trash ass mother fuckers,who do u think us drug dealers sell crack and coke too huh ?

you tobacco munchin small dicked pussies, come c me ^^^NYC^^^

Hey white trash at least blacks dont have to steal to get money and to the top white tydies allways steal from blacks and there own kind who trusts whites nobody soon the Blacks,mexicans,and cubans and arabs will shove there foots up there white gay asses.Blackfoot fo eva whoot whoot white trash burn this out of us.

Hey white trash at least blacks dont have to steal to get money and to the top white tydies allways steal from blacks and there own kind who trusts whites nobody soon the Blacks,mexicans,and cubans and arabs will shove there foots up there white gay asses.Blackfoot fo eva whoot whoot white trash burn this out of us.

I run my own business. I'm not trash. Thank you. Nobody here is sensible at all. It shows how stupid all of you are. And if you want to rise above racism, then why do you blacks portray yourselves as stupid ass people? You're not achieving anything that way for sure. Color shouldn't matter to anyone, so you just need to shut up and grow up.

Kkk. I didn't know Inbreeds still existed today, I figured after so many years of getting drunk and sexin up your crack whore trailer park trash wel fare moms would eventually kill out your pathetic excuse of a simple minded semi retarded group of sheet wearers

Thats It You Got It Figured Out Damn You Smart Bruh All My Niggaz Sell Drugz All My Dawgs Rob And Know A Few That Kill Yeah We Low Lifes Pieces Of Shit Spooks But I Bet One Mutha Fuckin Thing You Talk That Shit Round One And Getcho Mutha Fuckin Head Blown Off Bitch I Make The World A Worse Place Nigga Thats Me So Fuck You Stupid Cracka And Grow A Set B4 You Come On The Internet Talkin Shit !!!!!!! :)




you talk alot of shit boy

your dumb.
no gives a fuck about utah.
no one gives a fuck about mormons.
no one gives a fuck about YOU.

First off, your mormon so your going to hell. Secondly,your racist so your an ignorant bitch. Third, everyone is entitled to an opinion and has every right to speak it. But what does race have to do with drugs when about 98 percent of all meth addicts are white, so whats better selling drugs and providing for you and your family or getting addicted to a depravational substance. Go get fucked in the ass by a big guy whos infected with HIV and have a nice day.BITCH

@Marshall H. Your Comment Is One Of The Few That Made Sense ! Thankss For Not Having To Be A Complete Dick To Get Your Point Across , Btw Im Black Lol .

you ole bitch ass nigga catch me in da bronx and we can go toe to toe you and yo bitch assness

lulz @ how this got turned into a race thing. Drugs know no colors.
Except when you're high enough to hear them...

when ur high enough to hear um ..... what da fuck are u on about jano wat ur best bet is doing is try smacking ur face off a concrete wall and if that dont workout 4 u trow urself into a cage fuck away the keys and get a retard to feed u catfood ha ha ya fucking SCAB

Digg this you bitch ass mutha fucka yea blacks sell drugs but guess who wer sell too you fag ass bitch you muthafuckin crackers and yall make all us Niggaz as you call us is rich as hell I just bout a a lambo from selling to yall bitches and since I know you slow cause most racists are a lambo is a lamborghini dig that bitch this goes out to john jacobsen

morman power pack of spastic cunt blacks have da nicest weed wat do the white in america o crystal meth yuk sick scumbags i dont particurly like black people butiv no problem with dem they do der thing we do urs nazi cunts get a life the black people came here 300 years ago on slave boats but wud u racist cunt go up to dem they wud blow ur face off hitler brainwashed handicaps dats all iv to say

Wow your a racist fuck your probably a backwater hick making inbred kids with his cousin so stfu. You do realize the black panthers killed off most of the kkk. All the kkk are is a bunch of back water inbred people so stfu leaving in utah! Go to NYC or anywhere else and say that and watch how fast you get jumped.

Wow your a racist fuck your probably a backwater hick making inbred kids with his cousin so stfu. You do realize the black panthers killed off most of the kkk. All the kkk are is a bunch of back water inbred people so stfu leaving in utah! Go to NYC or anywhere else and say that and watch how fast you get jumped.

Wow your a racist fuck your probably a backwater hick making inbred kids with his cousin so stfu. You do realize the black panthers killed off most of the kkk. All the kkk are is a bunch of back water inbred people so stfu leaving in utah! Go to NYC or anywhere else and say that and watch how fast you get jumped.

fuck you you cracka ass muthafucka i your a redneck cocksucker . bitch

White power= Crack and meth heads

no white power doesnt equal crack heads and meth heads ill admit it im racist as fuck im only 19 and im racist because where i grew up before i ever had hate towards any race i was called a fucking ''White boy'' a cracker, peckerwood you name it the arabs around here have a little thing called whiteboy hunting where they beat up random white kids for fun and were the bad ones for saying white power? if a black person says black pride or black power or any other race for that fact its fine but god help me a white person says it and there racist! well fuck that shit okay ya its 2012 now but nothings fucking changed i wasnt brought up to be a racist i became one from the constant shit i took as a kid for being white sorry but white people only account for 8 percent of the worlds population! 8 PERCENT! WERE THE FUCKING VICTIMS not these fucking coons and towel heads and for the record if any of you monkeys think your tough and wanna reply talking shit im a white boy ya but im also a white boy that doesnt fuck around and always has a 45 by his waist so act tough monkey and ill shut your coon ass up real quick you think were little dumb peckerwoods but i know some whiteboys that know how to throw hands protecting themselves from you violent animals there whole life get over the whole slavery thing look at africa whites have nothing to do with the situation over there you coons are just a bunch of animals and dont know how to run a country without killing eachother like i said again we account for 8 PERCENT of the worlds population were the minorities not you and look we have the most developed best running societies in the world so shut the fuck up you dumb monkeys and arabs i have nothing against the way you look actually and have met a few nice black men in my life but 90 percent of you are racist fucks there are more racist black people and arabs in this world then whites and i dont give a fuck what anyone says so when it comes down to it you may be a nice black guy but the numbers are to bad and when it comes down to it im gonna ride and die for my own race because the worlds a fucking joke and i wish everything wasnt segragated by race but it is and always will be i rest my case im sorry to be a racist i wish i wasnt but blame this fucked up world we live in not me we all gotta do what we gotta do to survive in this shithole and im gonna do it because im not going to be a victim i love nothing more then showing these blacks and arabs that whiteboys aint a bunch of pushovers and half of us are harder than you motherfuckers niggers and towelheads are just tough in numbers nothing more when it comes down to it one on one ill whoop a niggers ass any day of the week just let me know BOY

im not even black and i am offended by that comment you racist fuck. what a douche bag. come up to new york with that shit you might come up missing. get fucked you racist redneck retard.

fuck u! u white bitches. blow me baby nuts thats you ho!


You pussy ass cracker motha fucker....U and ur fuckin clan bitches probly buy ur blow from nig nigs...go hang off of a burning cross bitch

yo you are the biggest faggot on the planet and i heard to join the kkk you have to suck 10 black cocks all clan take it in de ass

u fuckin faggit. fuck KKK im fuckin black if we hear dat kinda shit where im from u get shot.

Your a fucking fagit your bitch ass had to join the kkk because you can't fit in any were else what a bitch your probly just some dumb hill Billy that has nothing else to do but fuck your cousins and try and be racist online cuz your to scared to be in person


what a dip shit. non of you know anything about drug dealers.
besides why the fuck does it matter?
1) not all drug dealers are black. and if u wanted to be a good drug dealer. how about don't look like a hippie or sum gangster looking mother fucker.
2) you can drive around with drugs in your car. just be fucking smart about it. there are millions of ways to get away with it. such as if u do get pulled over. don't be fucked up on your own shit. and dude its just a cop. its a man in a uniform. relax. don't be all sketched out.
3)you want drugs? use fucking FedEx, they don't check your shit. i know i worked for um. and over half those mother fuckers do drugs. even the head people.
4) Ive done plenty of drugs. from LSD,mushrooms,2ci,pills,pot, crack,coke,hash,opium, whatever. and you know what i had fun while i did it. but than i grew the fuck up. you want to waste your life for a synthetic feeling or a poisoning your body go ahead. pot is the only thing i still do. to help me sleep at night. all that other shit. is a waste of time. you wanna sell it to make money fast. but Ur helping others to further waste there lives.
5) i hate mankind. there are good people in the world. but everyone does something dumb in there life. everyone makes mistakes, you cant learn without making a mistake. people are ignorant, stupid and careless. smarten the fuck up people. we are all the same. we are people. the government is fucking us all over. lets kill each other and fight for our piece of earth. we are all stuck on this ball of dirt and water floating in an endless space. life would be a lot nicer and easier if people would pull there heads out of each others assholes.

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Why are all you dirty crackers so racist ? Black Power Kill The KKK ! Theyre just a bunch of dirty dick sucking hoes !!!!!!!!

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