>>> Casual Misanthropy
By staff writer JD Rebello
June 19, 2005

Since when is NASCAR this huge trend? Since when are non-redneck, non-incestual, non-Bush voting assbags who smell like a monkey trapped in a Budweiser watching this horseshit? NASCAR is the most boring, mindless, pointless, needless, lessless waste of three hours since the direct-to-video Titanic 2: Oceans of Change.

First off, it's not a sport. Hey Cletus, do you hear me? Not a sport! Any jackoff can drive in a circle for three hours and not crash, especially since the only participants are white males. Where's the fun in that? Let's get Asians, old women with three kids in the car, 16-year-old girls driving Mustangs.... At least that would provide a challenge, and serve some entertainment value.

And furthermore, what possible athletic ability does it take to drive? At least in golf, you have to be able to swing a club and wear tight pants while walking 18 holes. What the hell do NASCAR drivers do? Do you have to work out in the off-season? Hell no. All you have to do is drive fast. Still, some people try to make the NASCAR drivers come off as great athletes. Who gives a rat's ass if a guy wins a race? That's not his victory. That's the car. Shower the car in milk.

Second, it's boring. Not quite Napoleon Dynamite-boring...


What an overrated pile of shit that movie is. My God. Was anyone else rooting for that kid to get his head caught in a toaster? And why do people think it's funny? Because the kid said "Gosh"? That's what passes for comedy nowadays. You want a comedy that will really blow your skirt up? Rent Dirty Work. That's a fucking film.


And back. NASCAR is so damned boring. Seriously, they drive in circles for three hours. How is this exciting? Can't they drag race down the Mass Pike? Or do donuts in front of Taco Bell? "Fast and the Furious" was an appalling, nearly unwatchable film steeped in homoeroticism, but it had a neat idea: street racing. I'd definitely watch some Mexican in a wifebeater and his $500 Civic, complete with $3,000 nitrous oxide exhaust careen into a wall. I'd pay good money for that.

Instead we get to watch a bunch of hicks drive stock cars around and around while an eight-person trailer family sits in the stands chugging beer and spending welfare dollars paid for by poor college students like yours truly.

And finally, my biggest problem with NASCAR is all those hockey haters claiming this redneck waste of time is going to replace hockey as a major sport. No chance. Hockey is fast-paced, fun, and requires athletic ability. NASCAR is a bunch of Southern shit, and the South is a waste of land and should be shipped to Mexico along with their Confederate flags and sister-boning. It's bad enough the South gave us Bush, now they are trying to shove NASCAR down our throats? Well not me. Fuck the South. You lost the Civil War. You are our bitch. We wanted you to be industrial, and we kicked your ass for having a smart mouth. Go sit in the corner you ugly, inbred assholes. And take your lame-ass "sport" with you.

The Blue States.

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hey.. hockey, red sox and you suck.


...comedy gold

fuck you. the red sox kick ass and hockey is the shit

and i agree with you about nascar but dont rag on the south man. weak.


Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

entire article summed up in six words

i agree with everything except the napoleon dynamite part. that was just unacceptable and on behalf of americans everywhere, i am offended!!

Normally I find your articles funny, but this one was just lame. Not for the fact that you bashed NASCAR, but for the fact that you like hockey. Fuck Hockey and fuck the blue states, they're both full of shit. I'm not even that big of a fan of the south. I just hate New England more. It should sink into the Atlantic just as California should sink into the Pacific. Napoleon Dynamite DID suck, but not as bad as this article. Adios

Sincerely, the only conservative Minnesotan

Nothing will ever replace hockey. Just because ice boys didn't have a season this year doesn't mean goddamn Nascar is going to become America's new favorite past time. I know people that went to Nascar and Justin couldn't be more right on. Especially the part about Napo Dynomite- Not even Vince Vaughn could improve that train wreck.

Justin, hilarous as always.

Honestly, I didn't mind the NASCAR bashing...but yu took it too far when you started bashign the South. Go jump in a lake

Justin is just mad cause he got jacked for his tater tots in high school, gosh

I love watching hockey, however I think it would be more popular if it was more accesible to play for everyone. It's easy and cheap to toss a ball around in your backyard or kick around a soccer ball. But playing hockey requires expensive padding, ice time if you don't live in the north or its summer and often enough school funding to have a real team, we didnt!
Everytime I go to the South I am just in shock that: people still dress like that, people still have confederate flags, people let themselves get that FAT, and the most terrifying thing of all... that half our country is full of genuine idiots without any form of fluid mental activity. I can't wait til the next election wooweeee

hey get out of america then

Justin is an asshole and we love him for it. Stop saying his articles suck when he is simply doing his job- making fun of everyone.

I had sex with Napoleon Dynamite and Justin, you're right...It's just like a NASCAR race.

you have two weeks off from writing a column and this is the shit that you come up with?!??!! No wonder Court has so many columnists now, anyone who gives him a handjob under the table gets to have a column! So how many did you have to give justin?

First off I'd like to say, wow... I mean holy shit Justin. Did you write this in six minutes? Or did you have to think of ways to repeat your self? Maybe you were too busy watching American Idol reruns or masturbating to beastiality, I don't know. What I do know is this is the biggest steaming pile of crap I have ever read. Watch comedy central or something because Lewis Black, you are not. Give up the rants and jump in a race car. I'm sure its harder than you give them credit for... can you even drive a stick?

Oh an Simmone... America's past time is baseball...

Uh oh, Justin pissed off the rednecks, looks like they're going to have to jump off their cousins for a while and try to string random profanities into a semi-coherent thought.

I'd like to take this oppurtunity to say:


Justin, nice work.

i'd rather be a canuck then an ignorant self centered american who thinks his country his so far above everyone in the world.. but, kinda hard when you guys are so egocentric to realize that you guys are going to be going for the best fall in history of civilization... what are you guys going to do when you can't give each other manicures, watch american idol and listen to faggots sing about their feelings all the, united states is the biggest joke in the world and we are just about to hear the punch line..

you obviously have no clue what's going on in your own country if you think the usa is going to be the only one to fall! if you knew the truth you would realize there isn't a lot of difference between our corrupt governments!

blow it out your cornhole

Good shit, man. Good shit.

Get out of america then? why don't y'all just stop being uneducated fat hicks. Its called civilizashunnnnnnnn.

first of all.....



That's what it stands for...and second, Napoleon Dynamite was a funny ass movie...the lameness made it funny must be a dumbass to not realize it...your really not an just seem a little handicapped...

i mean come on, with that picture you have posted up there, it seriously looks like you have down syndrome...with that goofy grin (trying to smile like the Joker?) and those big ass ears (big in a bad way) are you sure your not an inbred...? or somehow raised in a trailor park...

i mean i'm a college student and i still can afford to buy clothes from the mall...with your no-logo hat and "vintage" shirt (its probably just old) looks like i've been paying for your welfare check...guess they aren't paying you enough at PIC...

Yeah every nascar fan is a redneck who partakes in incest with their brothers. Yup... your wisdom is so great justin. We all know generalizations help encourage intelligent interactions in society. Hey Justin I would almost say you have seem like you have pent-up frusteration... hmm maybe because hockey sucks and we got rid of it, boston got lucky, you are a bitch to girls so you can't get any, or the non-Bush party seems to be organized so well that they are making coherent arguments.

i don't know what you are all bitching about. i liked this article

I am glad you have always stuck to living in the North and you didn't go to college in the South...your columns wouldn't be as fun.

Loved the column again !!

i've never seen more bitching over a column in my life. you people need to chill the fuck out.

oh, and don't worry justin...there are plenty of 12 year old girls who still love you.

NASCAR is tough because the car has no environmental controls. There is a base coolant to keep the engine from overheating, and a small cooling fan to keep the driver barely alive. The driver has to wear a full body suit that holds body heat in. Its actually quite dangerous with regards to heat exhaustion.

Also you mentioned in passing that the cars were stock. Its hardly stock car racing. No car can win the race because the book on how far you can customize is almost a mile thick. So in Nascar it really is the driver that wins the race, not the car as you so mentioned.

Also you have to consider that driving around a track at 200 mph with 20-50 other guys that want nothing more than to put you out of the race is a bit different than driving 20 over the speed limit because you are late to work.

That being said.... NASCAR still sucks. The only reason that it is popular is because any idiot can understand the base component (drive fast). The problem is that NASCAR is nothing like "Days of Thunder", which in my opinion is the only redeamable thing about this "sport". The races are incredibly slow for being so fast. Each driver wins or loses inch by inch for the entire race. There are no great comebacks like Cole Trickle in NASCAR. The reason that people watch it over say rally or open tire racing is quite simple.

People hate complex stuff like math. Try and tell someone that a race takes place in several different heats, legs, time trials, or anything else and your base fan will die of massive brain failure. Your average fan doesnt care that in Toronto open tire racing takes place on the actual streets of toronto. They dont care that Rally takes place on real roads. They couldnt tell you a damn thing about tire selection either. They might MIGHT, be able to tell you that tires are what win a race. And then again, thats only because Cole Trickle didnt know how to drive right on his tires.

BTW Im not a racing fan, but I do think that if you are gonna watch racing at least spend some brain cells and watch ACTUAL RACING, and not stock cars that arent stock (in the since of buying it from a store) race on a track specifically designed for the cars that race on them.


wow that sputler guy wrote an essay. half way through i kinda fell asleep.

Why does everyone think that the south is filled with rednecks!? There are other ppl down here too!! anyways, i just wanted to say that although your column was very entertaining, that the south isnt that bad. i mean we do have easy access to cozumel, cancun, the cayman islands, key west......seriously all the non-rednecks down here have it made.

love ya :)

A few things bothered me about this article but one of the more surprising points was how NASCAR was "trying" to replace hockey. Sorry to say, but that was done a while ago. NASCAR is the second most popular sport in America, football being the first.

To be honest, the sport is having to expand from the south because so many yankees want to be able to attend the races. They are the ones that have caused NASCAR's popularity to explode. Hell if it was up to us Southerners then it would stay down in the South. We would much rather not have you yankees around. So I would be glad if you passed the word along to your fellow blue states to stop watching, that would be fine with me.

Rebel Yell

NA$CRAP sucks, especially after Sundays show of favoritism towards certain drivers at Infinion. And especially after Boobie Barkers comments about other motorsports.

If I looked like this pencil dicked geek, I'd have a pretty bismal attitude toward anything more popular than the things he listed as his 'faves'. He thinks anyone can driver a racecar? Ever driven 60 mph within 2 feet of someone? No? How about 180 mph?


I'm glad you hate it. You suck too. Do you really think anyone watching Nascar will take you seriously. Do you think you can change the Nascar popularity explosion going on in the United States right now. Or are you offended by a bunch of white guys and girls going round in circles making millions of dollars for what you call something anyone can do. So big mouth asswhipe, I don't see you going 200mph inches from another car trusting that the 42 others around you have the tallent to not hit you sending you and your car head on into the wall. Remember, people have died doing this. But since you have no real basis for your rant I take comments from arrogant, self important, know nothing assholes like a grain of salt. You mean nothing in this world and never will. I for one will be entertaind for 3 hours and be happy knowing you are sitting in the corner playing with yourself while looking at pictures of Paris Hilton since there is nothing but Nascar on tv. 8)

So my final words are, FUCK OFF

Please do be entertained for 3 hours watching cars go in circles, and no, it does does not require talent to just freakin drive. If you truly are entertained for 3 hours then try this, and I bet you won't. Watch a full NASCAR race, and just shut up; I mean shut your mouth and not talk to other people. You can't. The NASCAR fans I know talk all during the "race" because there is not enough entertainment on the screen.

You have no idea what you're talking about. It was funny though. Kind of like reading posts from some of those trolls on newsgroups that make no sense but crack me up.

Hey Ass Monkey. At Least NASCAR has a season. Hockey does not. LMAO

And to think you want to be a writer. My 3 year old could write a more intelligible article. Justin, try masturbation it might help. I try not to ridicule but you sound like a petty little man who feels a need to write trash. This is probably due to an inferiority complex and the lack of social skills. You’re upset because your party lost the election, again. Hockey went bust because their players were greedy. NASCAR whether you like it or not is here to stay. Last, before you hype up the north or Mass. for that matter. Have that gentlemen (<a href="">Chappaquiddick</a>) of a Senator tell the truth and then serve his time behind bars where he belongs.

PS As far as your attitude towards the South. While you are getting “educated” learn the truth. Here’s a nice little quote for you.

"I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the races which I believe will for ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.'"

Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States of America
“The great emancipator”

Misanthropy is a general dislike of the human race. It is not dislike of individual human beings, but rather dislike of the features shared by all humanity throughout place and time, including oneself. A misanthrope is thus a person who exhibits a general dislike of humankind.

enough said!

4th year! God must your parents be disappointed!

Justin, is there any way you can send me an e-mail. I'm sure you're flooded with all sorts of hate mail, but I don't see your email anywhere, and most of the effing computers here in Afghanistan block AIM.. and midget-porn (dammit). I'm over in Afghanistan as an Infantryman and your dirty humor is the funniest shit on the internet. What's your secret? Crack? I use a lot of your material on my blog (hope you don't mind, but my readers love it). I've written a whole series on Golden Rules, using a lot of your wording, but spinning it for The National Guard. Please check it out, and let me know what you think. And if you get a chance to email me, in between binge-drinking and staring at yourself in the mirror, you'd make my day over here in Afghanistan! Love your shit!

Us stupid rednecks love hockey! Those toothless fuckers who play that game give the best bjs.

Your bio says that you enjoy your dog. How often?

Your bio also says that you hate mean girls. I'll bet a guy like you runs into <b>LOTS </b>of mean girls, huh? I guess it's a good thing you have that dog to enjoy.

I agree with you on one point. Napolean Dynamite was the stupidest movie I've ever seen. Other than that, you're ignorant. You have no clue what driving takes. These guys DO work out during the off season, and 5-6 days a week! I've seen pictures of drivers like Carl Edwards & Mark Martin, they are incredibly buff. I recently visited a race shop & they have a gym there for the crews and drivers to use, because they need to be in shape. You definitly stereotyped here big time. You offered an opinion on something you know nothing about. I've ridden in one of those cars, and man does it take skill. Not to mention the skill it takes to put one of those cars together. Not that you would know about that. You probably cant even drive a stick or change your own oil.

Not funny, my great aunt & her three kids were killed by a 16 year old asian girl driving a mustang. And the only solace I found was in watching NASCAR...and banging my brother. or something.

Finally, someone who shares the same idea about NASCAR as I do. I think we're the only sensible people left in this world. NASCAR is for douchebags.

Does anyone else here notice that people here seem to use the same words to describe justin that justin uses to describe things he hates.... that is when he says something about the things they enjoy.

NASCAR sucks, not because of skill involved or even the competitive nature (or lack thereof). It sucks because of one thing: the spectators. Lets think about it what kind of stats are there in any other sport; percentages, scores, times, OVERTIME, tie breakers, yards lost, time of possession, distance hit, speed, and the list goes on almost forever. What interesting or odd statistics are there for NASCAR fans to keep track of? Position..... pit times?.... average lap time? do these stats sound at all interesting or motivating?

How can you respect the people who enjoy this shit when the only thing that ever enters their fuckking mind is position. Its a retarded sport.

BTW, I write a lot because I work 3rd shift and I get bored easy.


Hey jackass...anyone tell you that those ears maybe able to slow down a 180-mph NASCAR....and like to add its the driver that wins the races...Tony week hands everyone their asses on a road weekend does it again on the legendary speedway of Daytona. And tell me what Hockey player loses 8-10 lbs while he plays his sport (which as we all know isn't now..and actually he's probably gaining that while N<b>OT PLAYING</b>)...and yes Napoleon rackin himself on the SLEDGEHAMMER is is what you see in the mirror in the morning.

Why you makin' the fun of our great sport? Our patron saint, Dale Earnhardt, died for your sins. I'll pray for you.

I just would like to see this prick put his butt in a seat at 190mph around Daytona or Talladega for one single lap and then say what a sport that NASCAR isn't! I do not think anyone makes anyone watch the sport. If they don't like it, go watch paint dry!

Let me see you sit your ass in a seat with 42 other drivers on a day where temperatures in your car reach well over 150 degrees and drive around inches from eachother for 200 laps knowing that at any moment you could make a mistake that could end your life or the life of a fellow competitor. Nascar is far more than just "driving around in circles" as you put it. Until you get your ass in a car and until you go out there and actually compete, then why don't you shut your mouth about something you know absolutely nothing about.


Wow...lots of negative feedback on this one. Huh, who would have thought people from the South would actually own a computer...or know how to read for that matter?

hockey and nascar suck total schlong, its boring whether you watch people drive in circles or skate in circles. Nascar is being on the turnpike but faster and hockey is figure skating with knee pads (maybe for sucking canadian dicks without joint aches). Fuck the south and fuck hippies who vote for gay ass democrats, go John Mccain, and go football, go Patriots! Tom Brady would fuck up any gay ass hockey player/inbred southerner/nascar driver or fan/ democrat pussy or any other bitch you could throw at him. Then he'd bone all the bitches and win a fourth super bowl

Hey Justin, let's talk shall we? I could really care less about your intense hatred for Nascar, since I rarely watch it, but it was pretty lame to make idiotic generalizations about every Southern person. I've lived here all my life (I'm 22), and while there are things I love and things I don't about the area, I sure as hell don't stereotype entire populations of the country. But maybe I should. One nation united, my ass. <br>

Bush isn't the only one making us look like a nation of elitist retards; people like you aren't exactly helping change the perception either. I didn't even vote for Dubya; in fact I think he's a horrible representation of the US to the world. But apparently you think every Southerner wants to lick his balls. Whatever, writer boy. Good luck with your journalistic career. The day you actually make it as a successful journalist will truly be a monumental day, because hell will also have frozen over and pigs will be flying. Oh and you might want to grab a mirror before calling anyone an ugly, inbred asshole. Kthx :)

rock on Justin! You are the only voice of reason. Nascar is the lamest form or racing on the planet. (It ranks up there with lawn mower racing and truck racing ) And as for hockey, some of you Americans (probably the southerners) should get you heads out of your ass and realize what a great game hockey is. But I wouldn't expect y'all to understand the complexity and deep tradition found in hockey. It's probably a little difficult to grasp for some of you....I mean, that's why we have the NBA - so ignorant fucks have something to entertain themselves with.

Pure gold Justin! I don't know why so many people based the article, he hit it perfectly. The South is teeming with inbred morons. Cheers

Nascar is utter,boring crap. Its 944151 cars, driving in a circle, for like 4 goddamn hours. If you want to watch racing, watch open-wheel racing, or club cars, or something. Actually, just watch one stage of WRC. That is competitive driving.

Nascar does suck. So do fat confederate flag flyers. I live in Pennsylvania and I see far too much of this shit for being north of the Mason-Dixon line.

I think you should write a column about how much Napoleon Dynamite sucks my asshole. All of my friends think that movie's the second-coming of Christ, trying to tell me "interesting" facts about how it was a short film originally and-- I don't give a fuck. It sucked my asshole. People who try to read into mindless bullshit and pretend that it's some kind of innovative form of comedy should all be brought together and have their genitals set on fire.

Haha right on Justin. NASCAR is the worst sport (outside of soccer) ever created. All you people that watch it need to get a life. Think about are watching people drive around in circles for three hours, what fun!

NASCAR is not a sport and drivers ARE NOT ATHLETES. They drive cars. I don't care how fast they go, they still just drive cars.

Leave it to a sox fan to put an article out there exposing one of the worst "sports" ever created.


If the south sucks so much, then why are all the DAMN YANKEES moving down here so fast????

dude you are such a right winged dill hole. You examine, accuratly i must add, the NASCAR pendemic in the US, but you have to slip in your republican mentality on us. Not cool man

YOU are right on!!!!!!!!!!! This was great!!!!!!


I'm not even a NASCAR fan and I think you're a misguided idiot.

damn dude, you gotta ge the dumbest, most ignorant, least educated piece of shit yankee this world has ever seen!!!

one word for u non racing quear eye for the straight guy watching.little bastards. FUCK OFF!!!. IFYA HAD ANY BALLS YOU WOULD ENJOY NASCAR.

if nascar was <i></i>just<i></i>driving in circles then mindless people like you would be entertained for days on end.besides your just pissed b/c they make more money as you would say driving a car than you will ever make in your pissy little yankee job.

<b></b>nascar is one of the most exciting sports ever. 43 of the worlds best drivers, a 14 million dollar car, and no room for any mistakes. there are tempers flairing, emtions, oh yeah and about 5 million fans watching every sunday. my piont of peiw sees you being such a jealous fuck because the have an easier job the you and they make about 2x as much in one races as you do in two years

Okay, you really need to get out more. First off, It's <i>not</i> just a hick southern thing. The premier racing event throughout NASCAR's history has been the <b>Minneapolis</b> 500 Of course it's been renamed due to sponsorship deals, but that still doesn't change the fact that it is held in Minneapolis, Minnesota which is, last time I checked, pretty deep in Yankee territory. Detroit is by most people considered the home of NASCAR. Again, that's pretty far north to be considered a southern region.

Pal, you reeealy need to get a clue before you go off on your little rants. All you inane drivel does is make you look like a dumbass.

If u don't like it then don't watch it u fuckin queer and u probably need to get out more to.

I hate idiots like u that bitch about nothing just to bitch, grow tha fuck up and move on cuz no one is making your stupid ass watch it.

I bet u got ur ass kicked alot in school just for being a dumbass

I want to see this guy go around a couple of laps at a place like Bristol and tell me that NASCAR isnt physical and the drivers are not athletes. And as far as the Southern comments, there are probably less Southern drivers than there are drivers from other parts of the country. I also agree with some of the other commenters that the author of this article is an uneducated asshole who has not researched what he is writing about.

you should also never generalize one part of the country so badly. I have southern pride. but that does not mean the i love Bush. i think he sucks.

NASCAR Drivers: Athletes, NO; Skilled drivers, yes! Let's see you drive 6 inches from another redneck's bumper at 185mph and not screw up. Calling a NASCAR driver an athlete is like calling a cheerleader and athlete. As for hating Bush - shut up you whining liberal

I wouldn't quite call nascar drivers "skilled"... If I was being chased by one, all id have to do is turn right. Also, has anyone stopped to consider the ridiculous amount of fuel these cars must consume? I wouldnt call NASCAR a sport, i think "Rapists of Mother Earth" would be a more fitting term.

Bill Clinton was from the south. So was Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln and over half of the presidents this nation has elected.
The south is significant part of this great country. Get over yourself and deal with it.

OK, im gonna give my opinion on this, and before i go on, I'm British, NOT AMERICAN.

You can put whatever spin you want on Nascar, in fact Oval racing as a whole, but the fact is there is very little skill involved. These are not the worlds best drivers. Tony Stewart is not the greatest driver in the world, FERNANDO ALONSO is. The Formula One world champion. Thats right, Formula One, the drivers world championship, what I like to call, real racing.

My advise to all you arseholes who think NASCAR is any shadow of decent racing would be this. Instead of watching people driving round in a circle, switch over to formula one. And for once, witness real motorsport.

Just because something requires skill, doesn't make it a sport. The car does all the work, it's that simple. When the drivers start running their asses around the track, I'll call it a sport.


You are right on the money !
Why are they pimping NASCAR so much? I'll tell you why.
ASSCAR, I mean NASCAR is nothing but a rolling advertisment for big money sponsors. Who wants to watch a 3 hour commercial anyway?
We jump in our cars and drive everyday. Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of cars driving around in a circle on the weekend? And if you think that's bad, my local radio station broadcasts races on the weekend.
How boring is that? And they keep trying to shove it down our throats.
People that watch and listen to ASSCAR, really have no life.
Maybe one day we won't have to suffer with all this nonsense.
Keep up the good work buddy !!!

Amen Brother!!! Amen!!

I actually had to re-read the final paragraph to be sure that I had not written it myself.


What a dumb motherfucker...
Do your research before you post.

I hate nascar. watch my show, I rip nascar and get so much shit for it. Please I beg you all if you hate nascar watch this.

cut and paste into browser. the name of the episode is EPISODE 15 NASCAR NOT A SPORT

okay the south is just as good as the north u think your soo damn good fuckin yankees well guess what everybody down here hates the north.. and nascar isnt a redneck sister fuckin thing dumbasses, you know ppl have hobbies and nascar might just be one of them no tellin what the fuck yall bastards like!

Ok heres a few things that we need to set straight...

1) The south is full of inbred red-neck uneducated hicks


3)Hockey kicks ass and NASCAR could dissapear off the earth and no one would notice

4) Sox rule and Yankees suck


Hey Justin, you're a faget :)

I Agree! You are a mother fucker! :+: :) :)

hey buddy obviously you know nothing about nascar and its sport. How are they not athletes? they have to have incredible endurance to 1. withstand an extreme amount of heat sometimes reaching 150 degrees. 2. they have to keep the car under control at all times to prevent wrecking. these cars dont have traction control and just tapping the back bumper can spin out the car no matter who is driving. I would love to see your sorry ass in a 3500 lb stock car going around daytona or lowes and even sonoma....this asshole probally dosnt even know what the tracks i named even look like. so u think its so easy then lets see big papi get in a car and win let alone qualify. and if it were to disappear right now no one would know? too bad its the second bigest sport in america. next to football it gets the best attendance and ratings. and i hate to break it to u but ur everloved baseball gets practically no ratings and its fan base is declining greatly so next time you open your ignorant asshole motuh why dont you do some fucking research. god bless and fuck you.

ok justin i am from memphis tennessee a great southern state. i enjoy all types of racing and have grown up in a racing family. for you to sit there and say that nascar is not a sport is just plain wrong. it takes a lot of physical and athletic ability. i would love to watch you drive a 800hp stock car around along with 42 others trying to get in the same spot you're going for only inches apart going about 185mph. you have to not only focus on what you are doing but what every other person around you is doing. you make one wrong move and someone could get seriously injured or lose their life. now tell me nascar isnt a sport you ass fuck. my friend races 360 sprint cars on dirt. i know personally that it is a very demanding hobbie. you use a lot of upper body strength by steering and the G forces when you come around those turns push you back and make it hard to breathe. you are really using about every muscle in your body trying to keep the car in control. he works out almost every day even in the off season. you just dont sit in the car and turn the wheel you have to stay focused and no when to let off and how to control the car. its not just like going on a ride down to wal mart. its a very athletic and demanding sport.. yes you heard me <b>SPORT</b>.
and the shit you said about the south is very untrue. not everyone from here are redneck hicks. some very important people have been born and raised in the south. some of those people have made america what it is today. and yankees need to fucking learn some manners. atleast down here we are polite and say yes mam and no sir. most of you bitches up there are so dang full of yourself and your damn yankee pride that you are ignorant and inconciderant. get over yourself! and if you know anything about music you would know that most genres ofmusic wouldnt have even been started if it wasnt for the south. jazz, rap, folk, country, and many more. so for you to say that we are all redneck ignorant ugly hicks makes you a fucking idiot. get a life and get over your damn yankee pride!


dude i would love to put u in my race car and let you stand on the gas but then again you would probably hit the wall cause you little pussy ass couldnt handle the race car and you would be screamin for you momma just like the little bitch you are. fuck all you yankee cocksukers

Saying NASCAR is a little southern redneck sport is just stupid, it's not just for southerners infact since June there has been only one race in the South. And there isn't another race in the south until the end of August as you can see here I made the races in the south bold.

June 4th- Dover, Delaware
June 11th- Pocono, Pennslyvania
June 18th- Brooklyn, Michigan
June 25th- Sonoma, California
<b>July 1st- Daytona Beach, Florida</b>
July 9th- Joliet, Illinois
July 16th- Loudon, New Hampshire
July 23rd- Pocono, Pennslyvania
Races Coming Up:
August 8th- Indianapolis, Indiana
August 13th- Watkins Glen, New York
August 20th- Brooklyn, Michigan
<b>August 26th- Bristol, Tennessee</b>

Now you don't have to like NASCAR but saying it's a southerner sport only is pretty stupid and ignorant.

you olbviously know nothing about this topic. dont write cheques with your mouth your @$$ cant cash

first of assfuck your right Nascar is not a sport, its a way of fuckin life. you have probably one of the smallest dicks on campus and feel you have to bash what someone else likes to make yourself look big at your next frat party before you slip something in a girls drink to get laid or before one of your own frat boys slip one in your drink and you wake up sore assed. which im guessing after reading your article you would probably do it willingly. as far it being a sport of the south, alot of the tracks are in the north. im not a redneck and i watch Nascar everytime it comes on. next time do some research before you write or how about this one go to one of the Nascar driving schools and see how fast you can go and then tell me that the drivers arent talented.

all i have to say here is that you need to educate yourself before you spout off. if you learned the ins and outs of the sport, and yes it is a sport and they are athletes, then you would change your opinion. the crews and drivers need to be in shape to do what they do. the crews change all 4 tires and fuel a car in 14 seconds. it takes an athlete to sling around 60 lb wheels and tires and 80 lb fuel cans and 50 lb jacks in 14 seconds. the drivers run up to 600 miles in a 130 degree car that may or may not be dialed in and handling bad, there fore they are constantly working their bodies to drive. its also more mentally draining than any other sport there is, there is more stratagy involved and split second decisions made as the race goes on than any other sport. soooo, it is in no way compared to an everyday guy running down the highway. i suggest you watch a race with an open mind and listen to the crewchiefs, drivers and announcers and maybe you will learn what its all about

I think you better get your fact straight. I was born and raised Canadian but i <b>LOVE</b> <b>NASCAR</b>. And i find this whole fucken Article a piece of crap that my CANADIAN ASS would use to wipe if it was on paper. FYI CANADIANS ARE NOT REDNECKS, you are more of one then me.

Judging by the spelling and grammar of those who just defended NASCAR as a sport - especially that moron that described it as "a way of fuckin life" (who then proceeded to gay-bash and make penis jokes) - you all fit the author's orignal description of NASCAR fans. Therefore, he was quite accurate in his point and it appears that no further research on the subject is necessary.

Ok NASCAR is physically demanding to the driver and crew, they work hard to be good at what they do. But thats not why many people who enjoy real racing dislike NASCAR. Its NASCAR's lack of prolonged excitement and technology. Im sorry, i've watched a few races, and yea..its kinda cool for like the first 10-15 mins hearing the cars roar around the track...but about 40mins later...i wanna take a nap. Fans of NASCAR aren't all hicks...even though that is the majority, some of its fans are just motorheads that haven't found the joy of the F1 Circuit or the JGTC...maybe D1 for some of us. NASCAR is old, like its'll die someday, the rest of us just have to be patient.

Nascar is not a sport. Stop with the mirages.

A sport requires a human being in motion...its a test of human physical and mental toughness. Nascar has one physical quality, and thats the heat from riding around for hours. The car does all the work, regardless of who builds the car.

Saying nascar is a sport is like saying computers are human...all you do is build a machine, and make it compete with another machine...with human controls. So when I play a video game, im playing sports? Hell, when im just sitting in my I doing a sport? NO.

I dont like nascar, but I dont hate those who do just because they like it...but its not a sport. Im sorry, but calling it a sport is a slap in the face of baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, etc players. Im a football player, and I could go into baseball if I wanted...and I take offense when anyone calls Nascar a sport. Its not, and thats a FACT.

Justin Rebello is an idiot plain and simple. How about learning what you are talking about before you make an ass of yourself. First off do u think you can drive a car at 180 mph constantly straining the body without passing out, probably not this guy sounds like he would pass out pulling his wire, and sorry to tell you but being a circle track driver myself I spend more time in the gym then this guy spends bitching about stupid shit. Also the strain is so great on these guys that they can lose around ten pounds per race. And if you knew anything you would realize that very few nascar drivers are southern rednecks most being from northern states, the midwest and california. and incase you are totally stupid its a known fact that nascar does have more fans than hockey because unless you are canadian no one gives a crap about hockey because it is so infested with talentless europeans. So what makes nascar a sport you say well here i will tell you first of all everyone are in cars that conform to the same rules its alla bout the team and how well the pit stops are done and how well the cars are preparred. It is also so unpredictable its ridiculous why do you think know one bets on it because no one knows what is gonna happen. So in closing Justin you are an idiot and you can take your hockey stick and sit and rotate on it and if you got any problems with this how about you e-mail me and we'll meet up in real life and i'll show how much talent goes into racing by woopin your ass on the race track or on the hockey rink because by the way i am canadian and have been playin hockey since i was 6 so i know hockey also and it doesn't compare to nascar dumbass

by the way my e-mail is for any of you other haters who want to bring it

I like this guy!

NASCAR is certainly a sport... but so is ping pong. It might take skills, but that doesn't mean it's any less of a joke. Don't forget to turn left.

As of the 2007 season, it is no longer NASCAR. Begining with this season, it is NAFFAR.
National Association of
This is due to the CUNT car being introduced.
Is it a sport? Not under the current dictator's rule.
Can it become a sport? I'd like to find out.

Nascar does suck ass but I think all of you are wasting your time writing back. No one needs to talk bad about the South. Come to Florida, theres not many "sister-Bonners here". Bush is not from the real south, He's from Texas where theres steers and queers and pig fuckers! Bush sucks and the south should be ashamed of him and Nascar. oh oh yea, and FUCK the NAGGER who said the south sucks......what did you come down here for vacation and ended up someones Bitch??? Serves you right ho.

This article is funny. I don't doubt that sitting in a blazing hot car for 3 hours straight is difficult to do, and yes, you will lose weight. Maybe more Americans should use this weight loss system - 90% of you are clinically obese!! Nascar still uses LEADED gas! That was banned in the 70's. Nascar still uses Carbeurators! A totally useless and inefficient way of fuel delivery. Yes, NASCAR should be banned for blatant disregard for the environment - as well as being just plain stupid. Ever watch NASCAR on a road circuit? The cars heave and dive like a fucking rocking chair. Body roll is all over the place - these are not race cars - they are junk using ancient technology (small block V8 - biggest piece of inefficient shit ever!) BMW produced a formula one car with 4 cylinders and over 1000 HP I believe in the 70's. I hate NASCAR, it should be banned, and Ricky Bobby is 100% accurate in it's portrail of NASCAR.

Hmmm...sounds to me like the Twin Towers falling didn't get enough of you yankees. I'll have to contact my man to set another "attack" up....

You are a sorry ass excuse for an american. Obviously you lack what normal people call common sense. How dare you say anyone can drive a car for"three hours??" maybe you need to do a little research on the conditions those drivers go through in a race. Why don't you ask them how it feels to hit the wall or another car at 180+ miles an hour, how it feels to have 2 g forces acting on them, to drive in a head to toe wool suite, with car temps reaching 130 degrees +, with track temperatures exceeding 130+ as well, and not being able to have a timeout or a sub or a half time within a four hour period. oh my bad i forget they do get a few 14 second breaks during the pitstops. I would expect something like this from an immature middle schooler, but not a "supposedly" grown man. just because you're prolly a middle class stuck up guy with the normal every day life and these guys are doing what they love and making millions at it..doesn't mean you need to be a bitter asshole.

I am a Bush-voting Evangelical conservative. What you say about NASCAR well, it's.....ABSOLUTELY TRUE.
Nothing like watching jellybean-shaped rolling billboards patterned after the crappiest rental cars made, turning left for 3 hours. Just shoot me.

NASCAR does suck. It was fine when it was relegated to the small southern states, and it was a minor issue. Now that it's taking hold in the west and east, primarily California, New York (your typical brainless, hyperventilating, uneducated, irrational and emotional democratic states) it's really taking off. Even our far left wing democratic institution (Hollywood) is endorsing it. What a pity!

Friends don't let friends vote democrat!

Better in Texas than Florida fuckin' a bunch of aligators, bet you like them blow jobs, heh, ya' swamprat asswipe. I got your steer and your queer hangin between my legs, oh wise one

Rally Racing is what real drivers do during a NeckCar race.

It's so funny that this thread has been going for over 2 years! Serious comedy!

Here's a So Cal boy's take on this topic...

NASCAR is just about the lamest TV show that exists. Yes, TV show. Those big money sponsor that market, and run NASCAR could [literally] sell the public anything (except, apparently, here in OC). Pathetic. Not to mention the cars they drive in NASCAR are serious dinosaurs - the oldest technology in the motor sports world (although, admittedly, several do have cool graphics - even though they're simply billboards).

Anyway, I'll stick to surfing, snowboarding and motocross! Oh, btw NASCAR fans, those are "sports"! You actually have to leave the couch to participate (which will clearly leave you out).

I hate NASCAR with a burning passion. NASCAR is the ingrown hair on the back of modern auto racing. It is technologically deficient, over-marketed, and un-imaginative.

<b>The thing I hate more than NASCAR, is people like the author. Guarantee you he knows nothing about cars or auto racing. Bet he's never been to a auto race</b>, be it NASCAR, IRL, ALMS, CanAm, Champ Car (Yeah I know google those last three.) Yet he makes all these accusations, none of them good. Anyone can make the jokes you did, how 'bout making some points that took some thought. Here's some good ones to use, NASCAR still uses Carburetors and just switched to unleaded fuel. NASCAR doesn't race in the rain. NASCARs caution system creates a false finish to the race.

After all any one can spout off generalizations on the internet. Like, how can hockey, a sport that includes Chinooks, be any good? See how easy it is.

PS I was gonna go pick apart every single argument you vomited into this article, but, I have a life.

dont you like to get on a dirt bike and go as fast as you can? fly down the highway in your car as fast as you can? just go as fast as you can in anything? try to going 180+ 6 inches from the guy next to you. i'll bet you cant do it. i ahve raced in different sports motorcycle, auto etc.. you have not. i have played organized sports, football, baseball, basketball etc.. going as fast as you can is a much bigger rush then any other sport out there. god bless

NASCAR isn't too bad, except for the fact that 75% of every driver is some southern hick, as well as the announcers. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if they allowed slavery for the sport and made a bunch of blacks work on the cars. Montoya adds a bit of diversity, but there's still 42 other white drivers, over 30 of which are... Well, you know.

If you want the best racing entertainment, watch Formula One. They have drivers from more than one country (I know it's more than 10), have the most advanced cars in all of racing, and drive only on road courses. Their crashes are more spectacular as well, thanks to carbon fiber flying everywhere. Sadly, most of America no likey.

Anyways, some drivers are okay, and pileups happen quite often, but NASCAR should not get all the praise it currently has. I would love for F1 to get ANY coverage in our media, but it doesn't. Not even when they race in Indianapolis. Oh and by the way, none of the tracks I've seen in NASCAR are circles, they're more like ovals.

wow nascar really sucks, it's great that our high gas prices contributes to retarts with 500+ hp cars and budweiser. All i have to say is....... R34 Skyline on nascar, ownage

I agree with you in everything you said.I'd like to see something like the NASCAR Olympics come to fruiton so everyone can see why they let the cars do all the work.Another thing is if Dal Earnhardt wasn't driving so damn fast he would not have died. It was not a tragedy at all.

fuck you...Earnhardt was not going any faster than anyone else you cock sucker...if you dont like it then dont watch it and shut the hell up...160,000 people come to bristol twice a year to watch the races...twice as ANY football game...TV ratings blow everything else out of the fucking go suck your daddy's cock and fuck off...

formula 1 sucks cock...

just going to say your right NASCAR does suck.The drivers in NASCAR should compete in the special olympics with some real atheletes I bet you the special olympic guys win they don't rely on cars to do the work.After that they should have a NASCAR team compete against the special olympic people in a game of wits.I see a sweep for the special olympic folks in both events.Who cares NASCAR Drivers are millionares.So's Osama Bin Laden thats something to be proud of.As far as Earnhardt goes he wouldn't have died if he wasn't driving so fast.His dumbass of a son is next.Boo Hoo Hoo he's leaving the family team wah wah wah.Who fucking cares.I can't wait until Bin Laden makes a bombing that will really do something that I can't cry about and blows up a NASCAR race and rids our country of a majority of the dumbasses in it.

Oh... you had me at ASSCAR sucks, but then you went and upped hockey, which sucks the same. Oh and Bush!?! Are you kidding..?

To the author: You're trying so hard to sound like maddox. Too bad neither of you are funny.

Great to read. NASCAR is the lamest piece of shit ever. Take a NASCAR driver and them in a formula 1 car and watch hilarity ensue. NASCAR idiots have no concept of handling, control, driving-skill, etc etc. Bunch of left-turning morons.

1) What crawled up your ass and died?
2) "Blue-States" like it too.
3) This is America.
4) Do you really have nothing better to do then bash on Nascar?
5) Do you really think you can drive a car 200 MPH without shitting your pants?

A Pissed off New Yorker.

Perhaps you'd feel better if you took the cock out of your jaw.

trust me I raced circle track for years I am in great condition and find few men can work beside me all day, on many nights when I GOT OUT OF THE CAR I WAS COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED!
It is far more physically demanding than you all seem to realize, you should attempt it before you critisize.
The amount of time and effort required just to maintain the car will wear you out. I read one comment comparing it to video games, I have a house full of video games none as demanding as racing a car, four wheeler or motorcycle. competitive motorsports is a demanding sport dont kid yourselves. just because you dont like or understand something doesn't give you the authority to bash it the way someof you do. immagine if everyone decided to try to eliminate everything the disliked. thanks for reading.....


Really sad that all this ignorance is still such a huge part of life...
I am NOT a NASCAR fan, but it still bothers me that someone would go through all this trouble b/c they don't like or understand something to the point that they need to trash it like this...

Absolutely correct about everything in the article but for one thing..
Hockey sucks, too.

Nascar is unwatchable trash, and this country would be much better off if someone dropped a bomb at daytona during that ridiculous "race".

u all suck, NASCAR ROCKs , the south will rise again

kurt busch is quite possibly the worst racer ever to live...juan pablo montoya is easily the greastest person to come out of columbia he really knows how to handle a car and me andrew ford would let him touch my body

Think about the fuel that it takes to get the fans to the track and to get all the drivers, crew, dumb ass media personalities, food, beer, and anything else dumb asses need. Millions of gallons for one race...ONE RACE!!

Wow, what an ill-informed pile of shit article this is... First off, I hate bush, hate rednecks and hate alcoholic, yet I know that NASCAR is a sport. First off, I highly doubt that you could drive one of those cars... they have very little power steering. Add the fact that they are in 130 degree heat in the car. Plus, the drivers face the same amount of G-forces as astronauts do when lifting off - 2 or 3 times a lap for 200 laps. Yeah. You couldn't drive a stock car if your sad little pathetic, worthless "life" depended on it. Now, about it being boring. I do agree with you there. I think there are tons of better forms of racing out there, for example IndyCar racing. Whether or not it's boring is a matter of opinion, and when you publish it as some sort of "fact" that it is boring, you are only proving how immature you are.

I'll be going now, I have a life to attend to, unlike you.

Hey there JD Rebello. You don't exactly sound like an intellectual. More like sort of an ignorant prick. I don't like Nascar and I hate hockey. You're trying to make the case that everyone who voted for Bush is a retard, but you're also making the blue state people look just as stupid as you are. I find drunk rednecks and blue state trash such as yourself equally disgusting.

Every sport is played on a finite track or field. How many time in basketball to they go up and down the court. Hockey, Football, so maybe you should just watch Golf.

Nascar is boring except for the last few laps, but so are most types of racing. It's funny that most Nascar driver are from other states than the south and even from other countries. Every state has their version of the redneck. As far as bashing sports that other people like is stupid. If I don't like them I won't watch them. I live in the south because of a job, but as soon as I can I am out of here. It's to damn hot and humid, AND BLUE LAWS SUCK ASS.

Nascar definitely sucks. If you have ever been to a nascar "event" you know that it is pure hell. hour after hour of loud assholes and louder cars spewing out carbon monoxide and all the beer guzzling jackasses breathing it in. As if these subhumans can afford to lose more IQ points.

By the way, not all southerners like Nascar. Not all view Dale Earnhart as some kind of Jesus figure either.

By the way, Nascar is no more pointless than drag racing, speed boat racing, motocross, snowmobile racing, any "sport" than indulges in burning massive amounts of perfectly good fuel and burning even more money.
Time to evolve Bruno. Also, time to shower and discover deodorant.

Justin you need to come up stairs and eat your dinner now

Justin ain't gonna post this but his momma has to bring dinner down to him. Yeah Na$car blows chunks now, because asshats like him have dumbed down the races COT, sounds like and runs like a freakin tampon. Brian "DWI and not caught" France, just a douchebag. And have to watch these travesty races on cable, screw that.

my God, this is the best blog of all time. Mother FUCK NASCAR and it's mindless idiot fans.

NASCAR is another indication that America's intellect is in the toilet. A crapload of hillbillies making left turns. Wow. How exciting. Guess fucktards need something to watch when pro-wrestling and infomercials are not on.

Fuck you cunt.

NASCAR is a retarded sport. You're right, there's no real skill to it. They're basically "playing chicken" and bending fender at 200 miles an hour. It's not exciting or inspiring, it's a snoozefest.

I also happen to agree about hockey, the one sport I'll ever really watch. Being someone who can't skate worth a shit adds some appreciation to the sport for me. Plus, who doesn't like seeing two players throw their gloves off in a blinding rage just to beat the shit out of each other? Now that I think about it, hockey's really two sports in one, isn't it?

From Virginia: Fuck NASCAR

i'm born and raised from south carolina and i started following nascar when i was a little girl and this article you wrote was rude and discriminating. You have nothing else better to do with your time but bull your self and talk crap on other people just to make yourself fell better and it's disturbing, and i garantee you your one of those fat,ugly and gross YANKEE fuckers. For you to say that us southerners are ugly, assholes????? Reeeeeeaaaaal mature buddy! nice going. . . is tha twha tyou want???? i kean really grow the fuck up!!! Don't even get me started on the worthless pieces of shit's you yankees are! your pathedic, go fuck yourself you piece of shit.

if you don't like nascar then dont watch.
stop bashing a sport that other people enjoy.
do somethign else with your time rather than bashing nascar.
get a life man . . . . thats pathedic.


Oh stop whining JD, are you so intent on ruining the sport for everyone? And FYI, nascar sure as hell is a sport; it may be inconceivable for you to picture driving a car without power-steering, or enduring a head-on crash at 200 mph, but it takes more of a toll on a body than swinging a golf club at like 40 times in a day, or aiming a stick at a white ball and knocking other balls into their holes.

I would say "go back to the city, kid" here, but I live in the city, I'm a programmer and a web master; but I will say this: Stay out of this world that you don't seem to understand, and stop trying to ruin it for others just because you don't appreciate it as a "sport".

Now feel free to whine and cry and flame me.

woohoo go california the red states suck go blue states good job Justin oh and hockey and nascar both suck to meeeeee.

If you think NASCAR sucks, you should see how bad NASCAR.COM Community sucks!

Nascar drivers aren't really racing car drivers. Every time they go to a real race track; that'd be one with more than 2 corners, Carl Edwards or Marcos Ambrose win. Nascar is about crews and cash, not drivers.


Funny Stuff.. but he is right, the south sucks. and the poeple there are a fucking waste of space.. pathetic!!!!!!!!! id get so bored in that PIECE OF SHIT OF A CAR that id shoot myself.. when i first watched it i was slowly dying in the inside.. i felt myself gettin dumber and dumber... FUCK THE SOUTH AND THERE UGLY AS CONFEDERATE FLAG!

Funny the poster how Asians are stereotypically lumped as bad drivers and then condemns rednecks. A stereotype that most likely came from them in the first place.

Aside from that, I do agree that Nascar sucks and takes almost no skill to be good at. Formula One racing is what really takes skill to be good at. Not even the best Nascar driver is better than the worst F1 driver.

I'm from the north and let me tell you I love nascar and all you fuckers that say nascar in not a sport is retarded. if you dont like nascar you are a communist liberal asshole and a
and all you assholes that keep saying shit about southern people. you are pricks southern people are some of the nicest people you could ever meet why the fuck would you make fun of someone because they talk different or they dont like cities and they have junk on their front lawn big fucken deal you dont have to live there so shut the fuck up personally i hate the north its just a bunch of gun hating liberal pussys

and what does George Bush have to do with nascar at least bush tried to do things for America Obama hasn't done shit

I would like to say that NASCAR fan's aren't a bunch of rednecks. I live in New Jersey, and I'm a fan. (No I'm not like the cast of the Jersey Shore. We don't act like that, and in the part of NJ that I'm from, we don't have annoying accents). In order to be a driver, you DO need to be fit. It's not as easy as it looks. Most of the drivers in the sport are phyisically fit. For example, Carl Edwards. He was on the cover of Men's Health twice. You say that its just a bunch of guys driving around in circles for 3 hours, I personally think baseball is just some guys hitting a ball with a stick. Anyway, back to NASCAR, its not like your driving down the high way and your car is easy to control. Every cars handeling is differnt. Some are loose, others tight. I'd like to see you get your ass in a stock car and try driving it around. Did you see the episode of Shaq Vs Dale Earnhardt Jr?? When Shaq got out of the car he said that it was the hardest thing he's ever done, and that anyone who said its easy was kidding themselves. After that, he layed on the ground out of breath. Its people like you who annoy the hell out of me.

Sounds like a obama turd crying in his milk.

Nick the ninja's picture

Since when is NASCAR this huge trend? Since when are non-redneck, non-incestual, non-Bush voting assbags who smell like a monkey trapped in a Budweiser watching this horseshit? NASCAR is the most boring, mindless, pointless, needless, lessless waste of three hours since the direct-to-video Titanic 2: Oceans of Change.


Fuck the North man. You guys dont know shit about us you obviously dont know shit about the civil war you started it bitch. If you damn yankees didnt piss us off it wouldnt of happend. Try to beat us again well fuck you up BITCH


left turn left turn left turn left turn left turn left turn left turn left turn left turn... yup that is dang interesting. Doesn't take much to entertain a southerner. Or a redneck. A fucking orangutan could race NASCAR. "Left turn, Clyde" yeeehaw yeeehaw!

I would like to see this guy try to turn laps going 130+ in a 100+ temperature car with other cars around going different speeds, faster or slower or same speed. It takes a true athlete to do that 30+ times a year, at different tracks ranging from a .5 miles track all that way up to a 2.5 mile track. I would love to see this guy attempt to make 3 in the Daytona 500.

wonderful wonderful article....nascar audiences are ill bred disrespectful losers who even boo their leader. and these are supposed to be christian folks. haha. The most boring sport on the planet, fat old guys driving round and round. give me Formula one racing any day.