Ten Things I Don't Understand About Black People

The N-word, hip-hop, and other questions fueling the racial divide.

>>> Casual Misanthropy
By staff writer JD Rebello
December 11, 2005

But first, a disclaimer...

Listen. I’m not racist. So if you’re looking at the title and thinking, “Oh boy here he goes, get your ALCU handbooks and humorless views on life out, we’re writing a letter,” save it.

Kanye West wearing the Confederate flag

Yes, I make my fair share of jokes about African-American Human Beings, but the way I see it, how am I any different from those Original Kings of Comedy-type whose entire schtick consists of variations of “White people walk like this...black people walk like this...” jokes? I’m not.

Furthermore, if I’m allowed to say this shit unfettered, it provides yet another aspect of our culture that the two races have in common. Personally, I think of myself as a fucking pioneer. I like black people. I have black friends. I enjoyed Baby Boy. I’ve watched porn involving black people (either that or the lighting was bad). So in conclusion, if you read this column and still think I’m a racist, please don’t read me anymore. It’s that simple. Oh yeah, and go fuck yourself.

And away we go...

1. The N-word.

Let’s talk about it. I know it’s a horrible word, something akin to dropping the C-bomb around a chick. I guess what baffles me is it’s cool for blacks to say it to each other.

Fashizzle my dizzle? C’mon Snoop, in 1993 that talk could get you killed in the LBC. I’m disappointed, black guys, that you let this happen on your watch.To continue my parallel, isn’t this something like one girl saying to the other: “Oh is that Sarah? Is that my cunt Sarah? Cunt, get over here! Damn cunt how you been? It’s been ages.” They don’t. Now fine, you consider it a sign of solidarity and that’s cool. (By the way, I loved being able to write “cunt” that many times and it’s not even all that offensive given the context.) I guess my question is: I know whites shouldn’t say it to blacks, but is it okay if we say it to other whites? Like if I met my white friend Timmy and was like, “Hey nigga, want to go to the Gap? No don’t invite Steve. I hate that nigga. Oh nigga please.” Can I say that without black guys giving me the old stink-eye? I think that should be okay. But I figured I’d get the “it’s all good” from you first.

2. Why are black girls so damned loud?

The reason I ask is I’m afraid the affirmative action people are going to get involved with espionage, and now we got Monique and Shaniqua sneaking into Kim Jong Il’s palace in the middle of the night and suddenly being all, “OH SCHNAP. MOTHERFUCKER I BROKE A MOTHERFUCKING NAIL! SHANIQUA CHECK THIS MOTHERFUCKING SHIT OUT!” I’m just concerned for the welfare of this country.

3. Black guys, do you really like white girls or do you do that just to piss white guys off?

Because, I’ve had this happen where a cute white chick gets with some crazy ghetto black dude. And it pisses me off. Not that I’m against interracial dating, that’s fine. I just wonder, because black girls don’t really like white guys. You have to realize, too, white girls are kind of insane. Seriously, they spend ridiculous amounts of money on The OC DVDs, I don’t think they truly understand the plight of the black man.

4. Are you guys really still mad about slavery?

I mean, geez it was over a hundred years ago. And it’s not like you personally were held slaves. Yeah, slavery sucked but Jews still don’t piss and moan about the Holocaust. Shouldn’t there be a statute of limitations on bitching about something that happened over a century ago and not even directly to you?

Okay don’t look at me like this wasn’t going to get insensitive at some point. Sometimes we have to confront the hard questions here at Casual Misanthropy.

5. Do you guys really like pig’s feet?

Because it looks disgusting. If you like the taste that’s fine, it just baffles me is all. How about cow uterus? Is that any good? Dog pelvis? And what the fuck is a chitling?

6. Do you guys really think D.L. Hughley is funny?

Because I’ve watched a few of his comedy specials, and honestly he’s about as funny as a documentary on child abuse. But I see black guys in the audience just whooping it up.

And that leads me to my second question: What is wrong with black audiences at black comedy specials? Nobody just laughs, it’s like a full body dry heave, like they’re trying to hack up a Toyota Land Cruiser. I get scared, that’s all.

7. Is everything really racist?

I hear this all time. “I asked for no tomatoes. There’s tomatoes on this. That guy’s a racist!” Do you really mean this or is it just an easy way to call somebody out? You know who I think is a racist? George W. Bush. Seriously, I realize nobody’s said this yet, but his reaction post-Katrina leads me to only one inexorable conclusion: George Bush doesn’t care about black people. Seriously, I know I’m the first person to say this. Oh, hi Mike Myers. And you brought your friend, Beating an Obvious Joke Into the Ground. Let’s go to Chris Tucker.

8. What rapper is it okay to like?

And which rappers are too watered down for lame-ass white folk? Oooh, can I guess? Ok. I think you’re cool with DMX. And I guess Jay-Z, even though honestly all his songs essentially sound like “Uh, Rockafella uh uh...” and so on and so forth. Is Eminem okay? Well, let me rephrase. If he wasn’t white, would he be okay? I think 50 Cent blows. I’m not scared of you, 50 Cent. Bitch ass hoe. How about Vanilla Ice? Just kidding. Let me know. By the way, black guys, how come rap music sucks now? Huh? Seriously, the two pioneers of early-90s gangsta rap have been relegated to Coors Light commercials and coming up with incomprehensible lingo for Eugene Levy to spout in the next Queen Latifah catastrophe. Fashizzle my dizzle? C’mon Snoop, in 1993 that talk could get you killed in the LBC. It’s depressing, that’s all. I’m just kind of disappointed, black guys, that you let this happen on your watch.

It just seems like all rap music nowadays is like, “Look how rich I am. I get mad bitches. Check out this bling.” Although if rap survived Cam’ron, I think it can survive anything. God, Cam’ron sucked.

9. How come you all look alike?

Just kidding. But seriously, do you think all white people look alike? Because, no offense, I think all blacks look alike. Same with Asians. Even Jews. People from Connecticut? They ALL look alike. Same with gays. And pretty much any minority group I may have forgotten. You know who looks a lot alike? Portuguese people who write shitty college humor columns. See, can’t get mad now, because I self-deprecated. Self-deprecation. It’s like a life jacket.

10. Did you really spend $200 on shoes?

And what does Avirex mean? Those seem like awfully big pants, is that really necessary? Do you spend more on laundry? How come you guys don’t have to fold the bill on your baseball hats? And why is the tag still on there? Sorry, I’m trying to get as many questions in as possible. Please don’t hate me. I love black people. Fresh Prince!

I figure now’s a good time to pay tribute to Richard Pryor, who died yesterday at 65. Say what you want, Pryor did more for race and comedy than anyone of his or any era.. You could even argue he was the greatest comedian of all time. A few months back, I found myself sucked into a Comedy Central re-airing of his from the seventies. Here’s the point: I never enjoy comedy from the seventies. Even George Carlin’s old stuff seems tame.

Anyway, I couldn’t let today’s column go by without saying something. So there you go. I sincerely think he would have enjoyed today’s column. At least I hope.

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hilarious...you identified some of the most true "stereotypes" in a humorous fashion, i dig it...especially numbers 1, 2, 4-7, 8 and 9, and 10. oh, and 3.

Wow...I was expecting this to be funny. Maybe it was...when it was written. I hope your writing has gotten better by now.

ten things i don't understand about white people
1. why are some white people raciest against black people but get tans every other week so they become a brown or should I say tan.
2. are white people really this soft as their dick at telling jokes or do they hide them from black people so we don't steal em.
3. why are more and more white people wearing their pants below their ass and wear red and blue bandannas thinking their bloods and crips.
4.white kind of foods do you guys eat cheese and crackers.
5. are all ghetto white people called trailer trash.
6. why don't they talk with base in their voice and sound like stuck up mickey mouses.
7.why can't white people match one pair of cloths even if it's pair of socks I like come on blue does not go with orange pink and green really white people get your shit together.
8. i will never understand how dumb a whit person can be with a confederate flag the north won south lost stick a thumb up your ass and get rid of it that's so in the past and I would not be proud to be a red neck trust me half of my family are.
9.why does every white man think we want their white girls we don't we just want are dick suck everyone knows a white girl easy to get and plus all of em give head if your dick big enough and it doesn't look like a 3 inch red dog dick
10.why are you lame ass punk bitch fagging white people mad i wrote this is it cause I'm right about you stuck up pricks??????

1. Sun worshipping/tan culture is recent in white history, within the last 80 years, as it became socially acceptable to bare more skin in public. Before that the ideal proper white lady was pale as snow. Gentlemen maybe have had tans, but usually that was a sign of working class. Nowdays, vanity makes whites tan, even though there's no such thing as a healthy tan for whites, as any dermatologist will tell you.
2. I don't know.
3. Diffusion...blacks made it seem cool, white imitate. Nothing new there.
4. Only for appetizers.
5. No, some are called "white trash"
6. That's an IN LIVING COLOR skit.
7. I don't know what that means.
8. Beats me.
9. All of 'em, huh? Really...*fantasy land, population: you*
10. Lots of white people are stuck-up. Lots of black people are easily offended.

haha you owned this guy. good reply

white honkeys

lol "white honkey" that's like saying black nigger... what's the point??

i swear , you are a clown -___- .
saying cracker is like saying nigger .

I disagree. The Word "Cracker" doesn't have a 400 Year History behind it.

Cracker does have a 400 year history behind it actually. It has nothing to do with the food, it is a name given by slaves to their slave owners who "cracked" the whips. Hence, those who would whip the slaves became known as crackers and since it was only white people who owned slaves, the nickname became synonymous with white people.

white people were not the only people to own slaves did deeper love....and frankly i think all this bs .....the word nigger mean ignorant both of you guy sound pretty ignorant to me..... i know that every thing God designed is beautiful and unique other wise this world would be pretty darn boring..... my roots are very colorful and im proud to embrass the all......there are rich and poor black people as well whites,asian and i can go on and on
i grew up in louisana in the 80's i was spit on because of my color
my sister had snake thrown in her hair because of color... i remember working in the nursing home in the 90's a couple of patients did not want me to care for them i was scrachted spit on and call a nigger regular just because of the color of my skin ..... there are still places that people of color is not aloud to today... this is real a it hurts... i have wites sister in laws and bother in laws neices and newphews i have a spanish son in law and grandson and i learn from all of thier culture and i love my family....i believe that you are a product of your enviroment and association you say you have black frees if that what you see you in the wrong enviroment .... just mybe you just havent ran in to the right black girl .... one of my best friends is white and she laughs pretty darn hard it un real but that who she is and i wouldnt chager her for the world... i just wish you would see through the eyes of God..... we as a people are really beautiful when seen for who we really are and not for what a few have done....the few black people you know and the few comedians you heard does not hold the views of every black person in the world.... and this ignorant bs is not the views of every white person int the world. mlk and jfk deaths should not be in vain

This is the only sense I have read here. It is refreshing to know that people think the way you do. :D

Good for you. You go girl. Couldn't have said it better myself. (btw, white male here).

I could have said it better myself. If i had said it it would have all been spelt correctly, used correct grammar and had far better syntax.

And what was all that God bullshit?


Spelt is a grain. Spelled is the past tense of spell. Shut up.

"Spelt" is actually correct, in English. So is "learnt."



Well! Regarding the comment about the Jews and the Hollucost and them geting over IT! Maybe we could get over it if the FAMILIES of OUR SLAVE ANCESTORS could get REPARATIONS. The survivors of the terrible (Hol.) finally got PAID for the injustice that was done. As you say,"It was 400 years ago and it wasn't us." We have SLAVE survivors NOW IDIOT,they're old as Hell and they haven't received SHIT! Look back,every immigrant comes here and gets free money to start businesses etc.Pearl harbor survivors got money,Indian survivors got land and Tax free.... Hell look at the "Antique Show" all of those old ass white folks who are getting paid thousands of dollars for their heirlooms that great,great,grandfather/mother,Aunt,Uncle, left the family for FUTURE inheritances. We were ROBBED of THAT! Your grand parents and great grands left houses,MONEY-CD'S,COMPANIES,LAND ETC. TO ENSURE A HELPING HAND FOR YOUR GENERATION...YOUR FOLKS TOOK THAT AWAY! As murder cases go to COLD FILES,once evidence shows to prove that the injustice was done,it doesn't matter if the murder was 50 years old or NOT the culprit still has to be convicted and either be punished or pay restitution! So you people get over it and give us our due,You all complain about WELFARE,AFFIRMATIVE ACTION,REPARATIONS and anything else that doesn't resemble modern day SLAVERY (Minimum Wage) You need to live 20years as a black person(who doesn't make big bucks to play sports,sing,act etc..) then see ifyou can make those types of comments.

I wrote this post as an Anonymous person but this ticked me off so badly,i decided to repost it immediately thereafter with my real name! It's time for us to stand up and speak out! i am not predjudice,I have plenty of friends& associates from all races and backgrounds but I get sick of people evading the ENTIRE SET of issues concerning(Black/White.)

You got alot of nerve to call someone out of their name! You are the SICK MF to be getting off on sh*t like this,what you did to do is grow the F*CK-UP now thay's what you need to do. You say your BLACK,well I'm NOT,I'm BRONZA or honey golden! You say your BLACK,something you can't see,that's on you! SEE YA! DON"T WANT TO BE YA! DON"T SEND ME NO MORE OF YOUR DAMN MESSAGES! YOU ARE THE DAMN FOOL AND GOT A PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEM,IS THIS WHAT YOUR MAMMY PAYING FOR YOU TO GO THE SCHOOL FOR? WELL SHE SHOULD GET HER DAMN MONEY BACK! OH! I FORGOT YOU GOT THE PELL GRANT! HA HA HA HA!

ANONYMOUS! Your stupid a** should be in a mental institution with your kind! You talking about sending my people to the moon,well guess what? I would perfered being up there then to be around mf like you! YES! I love chicken and watermelon,it's the only thing safe to eat,your f*cking people have poison the damn cows,so the beef isn't any good! OH! You saved your family PIGS! I'm a country girl and I whip a**es! You try and grow some BALLS and try to put somebody on a ship,you so stupid you can't send a damn boat to the moon! HA HA HA HA HA ! You Damn ignorant FOOL! I wish your MAMMY could see you! We don't need no body to whip your sick in the mind a**! KEEP IT REAL! DONKEY A**!

nigga you a bitch ass nigga. im going to track you down and lynch your fucking dirtbag family. you son of a bitch dont talk to this man like that hes a grand cyclopes bitch! im the fucking grand wizard and if you dont stop putting stupid ass posts up im gona fukin plant a cross on your fucking lawn and burn that shit!!!! FUCKING NIGGERS!!!!!!!!

empowering! what courage it must take to say something not even slighlty controversial with your partial name attached to it!
speak your mind niggerface.

You know…Ignorance is like a DISease!!! As with ALL diseases…we should keep them quarantined from the rest of the population before it spreads!! Your mentality is seriously lacking in efficiency and should be checked into the nearest mental hospital to correct the problem as soon as possible! Everything I have read to this point has discussed me except for a few positive points, and I am sad that I have to claim any of you as part of the HUMAN race. While I understand the original authors’ point, that has made some valid claims (from a white persons perspective); everyone seems to be missing it all together!! Geezzz ppl!! Get a clue! We should all be talking about these things to find common ground, not to fuel fire in a never ending battle. Use common sense when commenting, NOT IGNORANCE!! BTW- I am a biracial woman with a diverse family and LOVE every one of them. I COULD school you on a few things, like why race isn’t the problem…our government is. But hey, nobody wants the truth or education! They like to be frivolous and argue about things that are meant to distract.

thank you someone finally gets where i'm coming from i have not commented on this and i am not about to it's just all ignorance to me i am 13 and i very well see you point of view my mom has told me about the government and what the did to our neighborhoods can you please send me some more info on that

You know…Ignorance is like a DISease!!! As with ALL diseases…we should keep them quarantined from the rest of the population before it spreads!! Your mentality is seriously lacking in efficiency and should be checked into the nearest mental hospital to correct the problem as soon as possible! Everything I have read to this point has discussed me except for a few positive points, and I am sad that I have to claim any of you as part of the HUMAN race. While I understand the original authors’ point, that has made some valid claims (from a white persons perspective); everyone seems to be missing it all together!! Geezzz ppl!! Get a clue! We should all be talking about these things to find common ground, not to fuel fire in a never ending battle. Use common sense when commenting, NOT IGNORANCE!! BTW- I am a biracial woman with a diverse family and LOVE every one of them. I COULD school you on a few things, like why race isn’t the problem…our government is. But hey, nobody wants the truth or education! They like to be frivolous and argue about things that are meant to distract.

what did you do to deserve reporations for slavery. i take it you are black, because you want free shit. Go Obama. where would the reporations come from? it should come from the african rulers that helped to enslave there own people. my family came from Ireland during the potatoe famine. i think the country of Ireland owes me some potatoes. the abolishment of slaver offically happened in 1865. As far as reporations go, i fully believe that those 145 year old former slaves that you talked about should get extreamly large ones. i do not agree with slavery in the least, but reporations are absolutly out of the question. do you think the money should come from the government? i mentioned Obama earlier in this post. when he was elected president he gave out money to poor people. when interviewed, these people thought that it was his money out of his own pocket. it wasnt. it was out of my pocket. if you dont like the country, and feel your not getting you fair shake, then go back to wherever it is you think you come from. sell your suv's and your gold teeth and go live in a disease ridden, starving, flies in you eyes country. Good Day

REPORATION! For taking care of you all nasty a**es,cooking,cleaning and taking care of your damn children! Try doing something that you are made to do,and then you can talk,but if you have never walked in my people shoes,how the F*CK you going to tell us anything! B*TCH! You are not the only people who pay taxes! Get the F*CK UP OFF OF YOUR HIGH HORSES! I"LL bring your a**es down a snotch! Yes! That's what your worth POTATOES! See this si what I'm saying you don't even look for anything,because it come easy to you big head mf! GET A LIFE AND SIT YOUR DUMB A** DOWN SOMEWHERE!

Waaaaa Waaaaa you all are all a bunch of victims aren't you. In the case of the MAJORITY (NOT ALL) THE MAJORITY of you thuggies, instead of just going to college to get a GOOD education, cleaning up after yourselves, getting out of the ghetto (Don't tell me you can't get a job cause it's bullshit, Mc Donalds is always hiring and not just Mc Donalds there is always somebody who needs help so anybody who says they can't get a job is just straight up LAZY) anyway, yea and instead of doing all that and pulling yalls gosh damn pants up ( Like anybody wants to see a stinky ass, believe me it's not as pretty as yall think it is). So yea instead of doing good things that will actually prove stereotypes wrong what do yall do? Lets start with STATISTICS from the high school population in the country: Young blacks in high school sell weed at school, make fun of young white boys who do nothing to them, make fun of young men who are homosexual, they are loud and obnoxious in their classrooms disrespecting their teachers and not to mention running around the hallways rapping about bitches and hoes and how they think they're so cool cause they've carry guns and live in the projects. Next, lets visit the STATISTICS of "black" neighborhoods. Before we get into this I would like to point out that what I say is not directed to all black people. There are actually good black people out there who choose not to be victims and actually do something with their life but ANYWAY, back to the other "black" neighborhoods. This is what you'll see as the "projects" or lower meaned neighborhoods. These people normally sell drugs instead of getting a job, these people let their kids run wild doing whatever they want and popping out more kids just do they can USE the welfare system along with food stamps so they don't have to work they just use OUR tax dollars to buy their munchie food and rolling papers. These neighborhoods might be a little ugly on the outside but that doesn't mean that you can't take the place you live in and actually make it look nice but NO these people just leave their houses a mess, not washing the dishes, not even taking a bath probably, roaches everywhere and stuff like that.

Don't go talking that philosophy sh*t to me,because I'm not hearing you! B*TCH! Who do you think put drugs in our damn neigborhood? Your f*cking people,so what the hell are you talking about? GET YOUR SH*T RIGHT BEFORE YOU OPEN THAT DAMN TRAP OF YOUR! Come in our neighborhood and I know you would get your A** TAPPED! KISS OUR NEIGHBORHOOD A** AND KISS OUR A**ES!

That's all you got to say? Come to our neighborhood and kiss our a**es and we're the one who put drugs in your neighborhood? We may have introduced the drugs to the population, but if you actually had an education and wasn't making fun of white people and homos your whole high school career you would actually know that it's since been illegal. Ya know I think that's why niggies sell drugs cause they can't read thus they don't know about it being illegal, they just like going to jail and gettin pounded in the butt. Anyway, yea that's all you do is sit in your little neighborhoods beating people up and smoking blunts good call buddy. Lol yall are so stupid, this country is trying to give yall stupid stinky nothings a chance but still yall would rather do nothing and blame the government for your own laziness. I was stupid to think when Obama became president that niggies would start behaving like actual people instead of a bunch of the apes and monkeys they came from.

NO! DUMB A** ! What you fail to understand is your a** are illegal and you do illegal things! Don't you know who your relatives are? SNOW MONKEIES! You ever seen your relatives,they are a sight to be seen,with their pink faces! You know what? You all got some FLAT A**ES! Go and try to grow an A**! DON"T SEND ME NO MORE OF YOUR F*CKING MESSAGES!

LMFAO Oh wait isn't it wonderful how all these niggers on here rant and rave about how they're so much better when they can't even spell the word intelligent? Gotta love the lovely language of ebonics and I mean't to say ebonics with a lowercase e. Denial is a major issue in this forum. It's like all these blacks in here that call us snow monkeys and other stuff when it's like they can't even see that everywhere they inhabit they DESTROY. Why is it that everytime blacks inhabit brand new apartment buildings and just trash them? Why don't they just stop trashing everything, pull up their god damn pants, and get a fucking job? But Noooooo they don't want to do that they just wanna fuck up our country and say it's because of white people making them slaves lol. I GOT NEWS FOR ALL YOU BLACKS IN HERE. WE DIDN'T MAKE YOUR PEOPLE SLAVES, THE PEOPLE THAT HAD SLAVES HAVE BEEN DEAD FOR A LONG TIME, SO LIGHT UP A BLUNT AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BLAME FOR YOUR LOUD BIG LIP NASTY NAPPY STINKY ASS MESSY LIVIN GIRL RAPING JAIL INFESTING LAZY WELFARE AND FOOD STAMP STEALING SELVES. Do I smell fried chicken? Oh yea AND WHY THE FUCK DON'T YALL EVER TIP WAITERS? EVERYBODY KNOWS THEY DON'T WANNA WAIT ON BLACK PEOPLE BECAUSE ALL THEY DO IS RUN THE HELL OUT OF YOU AND LEAVE YOU A 50 CENT TIP WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT SHIT? YALL NEED A LIFE FOR REAL.

I understand your point and agree with it, but I strongly dislike the tone you added to your writting. It is filled with insults, your not productively adding to this forum, only filling others of inferiority. Respect your view but remember that it is impacting those who read it in a negative way.

You can't even spell monkies. I think I could even teach a monkey the correct way to spell monkey. Maybe you were descended from pond scum.

I'm sure all whites would rather have flat ass'es than ugly stinky gorilla ass'es...........

why is it white people always call us lazy? is it my fault that YOU guys were the lazy ones who needed slaves in the first place hoe eould you people act if it was the other way around and you were the slaves please tell me

wow i just started reading this and really its just pathetic, Im biracial. Im white and black and i love every single one of my family members to death. I was raised to actual give people a chance and not just shut them down because of their race or what statistc comes with what race they are. But hearing this doesnt even get me angry it just disappoints me. some white people sell drugs, some black people sell drugs some hispanic people sell drugs etc. its just the way our society is, you make it seem like black people are the only ones that do things wrong but the thing is its not the race that makes people do the things they... do like sell drugs, its the PERSON. Oh and another thing not all black people make fun of white people, or beat up people or dont get an education. One of my best friends skipped the 5th grade, 7th grade and 11th grade not to mention that he's one of the smartest kids i know and hes black and he lives in one of the most roughest neighborhoods in our town. so next time you comment on this page trying to get your racist point across, try to atleast come up with some actual facts.

Why dont you blame whitey, thats what i do. You are so stupid, you make our race a joke. Thats the problem with our people, instead of just accepting the situation for what it is, and trying to fix it. We sit on our asses and fucking blame everone else. The white man is not making our black men do drive bys, rob liquor stores, get women preg. then split, murder. We make up about 12% of Americas population, but about 90% of prision population. Not whiteys fault. These men are being found guilty by black and white jurys. That is us, our fault. We want respect, but give none. We want free shit, and do nothing to deserve it. I got out of the getto, and i did it on my own. There is no fucking reason that the rest cant do it. We have the same opportunities as the whites, but instead we let our children run the streets, instead of going to school. Then we say that the white man dont care about our children because he wont give us free shit. Our black race is just lazy. Not me, i did for myself. Took the opportunities that were offered to black and whites alike. You will prob call me an Uncle Tom. I dont care. You call yourself a victum, you will always be a victum. Your children will be victums and so on. Be the crybaby victum and see where it gets you. A lifetime in the fucking getto where the self made victums belong.

Thank you, I am glad that they can hear someone saying that from their own race, and not just from whites. It makes us seem like the bad guys, like we are purposely trying to make them suffer. But that's not the case, I just want everyone to at least somewhat get along instead of getting mad and yelling at each other any chance they get.

any intellegent white person would kiss black ass in your ghetto town ... because if they dont then you and all your nigger friends gang up on them... maybe you should return the favor when you leave your ghetto and enter the civilied world...ohh thats right..you do...otherwise you would get lynched or soaked in the cuyahoga like little emmit til

Your not hearing the philosophy, well, that's the problem in the first place. Recognize that most black people do fall into the majority sterotypes, unfortunately, and take the first step away from being just another number in the majority population. Start by improving your language because any bad words no matter who it comes from, sounds ignorant. The comment related to white people putting drugs in black neighborhoods, the only people at fault are those who fall into tempation and decide to be another number of the masses. Honestly the person that your comment is being directed at, has a valid point. You decide to ignore it and become walking evidence to support sterotypes or learn and make a change.

AWWWWWWWWE did someone get made fun of in school? lmfao dont take it out on all black people sweetie..or should i say brown cuz idk where all this black business is comin from , im clearly brown and i have yet to see a "black" person. O yea pls think b4 you speak because theres another thing i have seen (very recently some wild ass white children running around as you would say, apparently not all white people believe in discipline either. who do you see cuttin ppl up ndeatin em.........white ppl, who do you USUALLY see on the news after being identifie as a serial killer white people. so lets not say our kids run wild, i mean i dont even have any kids nd i wanna discipline most white peoples kids....hmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe this is why are ancestor were o good at taking care of you r families.......because your ancestors couldnt.

you...are...a...moron. think about this. the only prosperous african countries: egypt and south africa. south africa- full of white people. egypt- has a giant river running through it. your ancestors (from africa) are obviously inferior. they never figured out how to, or perhaps couldnt with their geographic surroundings, irrigate crops. this forced them to be hunters and gatherers. this lessened the time they could sit around and try to be smart(such as europeans, asians, arabs, and so on). ever wonder why to this day medicine is so abhorrent in african countries? cause most of the population is fighting to survive instead of learning shit. its obvious to anyone with a general understanding of recorded histroy. sorry. you guys are really good at sports though.

Hummm! Yes! Let’s talk about statistics! First, I think it’s funny that you mention Mc Donald’s as a form of work when in fact it is a servant’s position! Are you working there? Probably not! Second, it is a known and provable FACT that there are more white people receiving public assistance than blacks! Third, black ppl aren’t the only ones to carry weapons and sell drugs or disrespect teachers. That my friend was a learned pattern! Black ppl don’t make the guns or smuggle drugs into the country. Black ppl see less of the money from it and receive MORE jail time from it! Which brings me to the Fourth, the prison population is filled with 90% minority opposed to the same crimes committed by whites! Fifth, NOBODY and I do mean NOBODY wants to live in the ghetto! But I guess it’s just something some ppl have to do working for places like Mc Donald’s! Sixth, not everyone is capable of getting a college education as you may or may not be aware of. I could go on, and on, and on but it is clear you are speaking from your own perspective and not KNOWN statistics! With that being said, please learn about what you talk about before posting it. You can do this by going to www.statistics.gov to find all the ratios to back up your claims. Further more, not all ppl in the ghetto live nasty or with roaches. That is a myth!!

A college education is available to anyone that looks for it, what do you need? You need good grades in high school and a good GPA. Schools offer millions of dollars worth of scholarships a year, if people don't try and go for them it's their own fault. We can all be better than what we are and if you live in the ghetto you can get out, but for that to happen you have to actually work for it and not expect it to just come at you for free. Nothing in life is free.

Oh bullshit, you didnt take care of anyone. Blacks cant even take care of theirselves. Thats what welfare is for. When have you ever taken care of white people for free. You havent, thats why your not getting shit. You dont even know if you decended from slaves. Not every black person in America did. Regardless of what you think. That doesnt matter. Just give me my free shit, free shit, free shit. Thats because you are lazy and cant earn it for yourself. I "AKSED" you to explain where all of these former slaves that are sill alive are? and all you could say was something about pink pigs. Oh and Free Shit. You brown turd

B*TCH! I don't have to explain anything to you,you claim your so damn smart! You are letting me know you don't know your history! Remember! Some of your damn own get sh*t free too B*TCH! YES! WE took care of your nasty a**es! Those of them who where back then are my people,SKANK! DUMB A**! Being a SLAVE is working for nothing! Take your STUPID A** back to SCHOOL! Don't SEND ME NO MORE OF YOUR DAMN MESSAGES!

Technically if you want to look at it like that then they were my people. Property is property, and ownership would make them mine.

You know, their were black soldiers who received reparations as well, so you can't say that white people are the only ones to get free stuff. Also, I really love how you think there are still slave survivors who were born over 145 years ago...makes sense to me.

Yell! You would say you don't know where the (BUGS) come from,well let me tell you, it come from filth,being nasty! Even if we ddin't use grease in our hair we want get BUGS! You all with your stringey hair,you look like weat DOGS and you smell like DOGS! If you look at your skin,you all have skin like a animal! Your relatives are snow monkeies,you ever seen them with their pink a** faces! We have beautiful hair with a curl to it,we can wear our hair all kind of ways,you can only wear your one way,hanging like a horse tail! DON"T DISLIKE US! GET LIKE US!

Haha I never knew carpet hair was "beautiful" lol and besides that's why black women use irons to make their hair straight and all black guys can do with their hair is keep it short or just an afro and braids

Hey thats not nice or true. White people have hair just like yours. On our genitals hahahaha

You probably don't wipe your nasty butt. Unless you are or have ever been a slave SHUT YOUR STUPID BLACK only bathes every other week pie hole!!!!!

You crazy fool, I am from Africa, what you are talking about is not what it looks like. You dummy ass.

OBAMAS A FUCKING NIGGER IM GONNA KILL HIM PERSONALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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what if someone wanted to kill your dad or your brother or uncle because of what he looks like ? does that give the person the right to kill your family member or not?

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Thank you for posting this. I feel the same way.

Well I have to agree that reparation should not be given because the ones demanding reparation were not slaves and did not have anything taken away from them. I really would like to know where all you people are from because you sound so ignorant. You can state your point without saying degrading comments. I feel sorry for all the white people that really believe that all these stereotypes reflect ALL black people. We don't all eat chitlins, pig feet, and any of the other things mentioned in the previous posts. I think the author is on the right track. He raised serious questions that whites have without being insulting. That is the way that you will get your questions answered. Not by calling people names and saying go back to their country. The only natives to this country were the native Americans. So believe it or not whites did not originate here either. So with that said, I would like to answer some comments in a mature way because I am an educated adult. First of all ghetto is not synonymous with black. People who act "quote Ghetto" are usually not educated. There are plenty of "Ghetto" people that are white as well. People who are less educated tend to act with less social grace period. I honestly think that is the bottom line. There is a larger middle class of blacks than whites think. Unfortunately this doesn't make for interesting media. But I challenge any of you to step outside of the box that your mind is trapped in and spend some time is a middle class diverse area. You will feel foolish knowing how much you have been brainwashed by the media. (I'm talking both blacks and whites).

great reply...

Ok fine, you want reparations? Really? Lets cut a deal. We will fly you all back to Africa and put you up in the finest straw house money can buy. Deal?

Sucram100's picture

their are alot of straw houses in africa because its not cold there. besides that , there are parts of africa that are rich and theres poor. I agree that the country is corrupted , and lack democracy in many ways.

@ November 10th, 2010

I started reading this comment and to me it when something like this, "Well! Regarding the comment about the Jews and the Hollucost and them geting over IT! Maybe we could get over it if the FAMILIES of OUR SLAVE ANCESTORS could get REPARATIONS. The survivors of the terrible (Hol.) finally got PAID for the injustice that was done. As you say,"It was 400 years ago and it wasn't us." We have SLAVE survivors NOW IDIOT,they're old as Hell and they haven't received SHIT!....blah blah blah I want something for nothing....I don't want to have to work for anything..wah wah wah"

Does that sum it up?

This is coming from a irish/mexican/Scandinavian, or as I like to put it...a wheat cracker (wouldn't mind a whip about right now)

My family are all blue collar workers (read: WORK) and are poor mutherfuckers. I grew up dirt fucking poor in a family that valued work over education so I didn't have free shit to help me start a business or whatever. GET OFF YOUR FUCKING LAZY ASS AND WORK FOR IT. You deserve absolutely DICK for something your ancestors experienced. Your ancestors do but you don't. Work for it.

As for being racist, who isn't a little? I am stereotypically racist. To me that means if i see some dumb hood rat with his pant around his angles and shitlocks, I think to myself, "dumb niglig". When I see a toothless redneck tying with cars on blocks in his front yard I think, "fucking white trash crackers"...And so on. But does that mean I think all black people are shitty hood rats? Fuck no. Some of my closest friends are black and have a shit ton more education than I do.

Use your fucking heads people. Stereotypes are there because they are real, don't get all emo over it. If you fit a stereotype then you deserve to get shit for it. COPE.

The thing people don't get is most times someone is perceived as being racist they have a good reason too feel that way. Pull your fucking pants up, Brush your teeth, stop having kids, fix your cars..and people won't classify you.


Stop being so fuckign sensitive and use your brains. Oh, and as long as black people use the term nigga..so will i. The power is in your hands to kill that word.

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Well put my irish-mexican nigga. I'm black myself and your right, the word nigga/nigger in my eyes has lost power. but there are alot of black folks that keeps saying that word to each other. We also tend to find excuses for our lack of achievement. We blame the white man all the time and its getting old. we blame that black folks ourselves have lack of prosperous unity and leadership , when in reality every single one of us is a leader. I used to have hatred for the white man and realized I just needed to blame someone for my failures, plus hatred for the white man was taught to me from my dad. But at the same token black have been so oppressed for so many centuries and just 40 years ago we are finally looked upon as equals, by the majority. We going to get over this hump slowly but surely. well put bro , I aint mad at ya!

@ Sucram100 Awesome comment

So Native americans get land and tax free? Thought this whole argument was stupid. People please do your research before you comment. My grandmother's tribe gave up their"free land" and supposed "tax free" status to be more american. Do I get free money to go to college? Hell no.... I drag my ass to work every day to put myself through college and support my children. Maybe we should all take responsibility for ourselves and not blame our race and color or other races. Grow up people. Live your life for you.

Well, I think that either the families who owned slaves are dead, or they just don't know that they did. Most of the families that I heard of who do know where actually kind to their slaves.

But this is just my assumption

No. First of all, People in Africa sold each other to white people. Y'all were the dumb ones selling each other. Next, there are no slavery survivors dipshit. They would be over 145 years old. Last time I checked, the oldest person on record was 114. Not nearly as close, and she was a white French woman. So that whole statement was BULLSHIT. Sorry, and by the way, quit your bitching. No body cares. Your not going to get any money for your great-great-great-great-great grandmothers suffering. Suck it up. You guys get it so damn easy with colleges and jobs who need black people to keep funding. So, a harder working white guy couldn't get into a school because they needed a lazy ass black guy to keep their funding. Fuck you.

Blacks have been repayed. In full. You get away with everything. And have you noticed how many minority scholarships they are?

so youre complaining about money?? im pretty sure every single black mother whose baby daddy left them loves that welfare... mmm baby.

I wasn't left anything, and my ancestors were Irish. If you want to talk about mistreatment, do some research into how Irish people were treated when they immigrated to America. Maybe I should get reparations, but that would be ridiculous right...because I'm white, and it didn't happen to me. Get over it, reparations are a stupid idea thought up by ignorant black people.

low middle class white female from Detroit here, this point has been missed by many. Not only was slavery happening for so long, but that after the emancipation: segregation, hate crimes ie: lynchings, and poor wages to african americans continued all the way up until 40 years ago, occured in the great ol' USA. People seem to think that 100 + years have gone by and the families of these victims should have no anger or resentment. These are our parents and grandparents generations, not 100 years, but much more recently. These hurts and resentments are expressed to our generation and carried forward. No, not everything is based on racism as the article suggests. However, after being beaten down physically and verbally throughout the many years, the current african american generation has finally been allowed to voice their many resentments, hurts and frustration of race relations current and past. Not always in the best ways, but then obviously white or any other nationality cannot claim that either. I am sure we have all seen the race riots, we all remember and (I hope) revere Martin Luther King, and we all have seen how race can effect the outcome in a criminal trial. I say, give time to this generation, give respect (the golden rule applies here) to those that have families that suffered slavery, oppression and murder. And without bias accept responsibility. Give the recognition of wrongs done to the african american in the manner in which we have for all other atrocities.

Well let's go ahead and debunk everything you know about slavery and anything you think it may have to do with you. Slaves brought to America were purchased from? you guessed YOUR ancestors for money that they most likely used to feed the rest of their families white people didn't make them into slaves their own people did. If you consider the amount of money paid at that time to purchase a slave which mind you thousands of people of all colors and creeds died to free then anyone who can be directly linked to being purchased by a white settler as a slave would in fact owe those same reparations to the people who PURCHASED THEM and were then forced to release them. I'm sorry all of this happened if it were my call to make you would never have existed because your ancestors would have died from drought, pestilence, starvation and if they made it that far then over population which would only create a more strained social structure which would no doubt lead to tribal wars. Yes I would like you to keep in mind that if not for slavery you would not be here you would not exist because it is highly unlikely that the PURCHASED slave would survive the abuse he would suffer from his own people as they had more slaves than they could treat or feed and if you were unable to support yourself and family you would be forced into slavery again BY YOUR OWN TRIBE keep in mind that in the time of slavery there was no known african civilization that came after the british colonized many parts of africa and then again when the war over africa came to a peak during WW2 mind you the british, american and all other predominantly white forces that saved you from hitler and the same holocaust the jewish suffered how many 100,000's of people must die defending africa and african americans? Has anybody considered whether or not the US would have been advanced enough to even assist in WW1 or WW2 if not for slavery and the technological advances that in help to produce largely because of a surplus of raw materials? Would there be a black history month? Mind you where is white history month? Where is the whites only college fund? There are dozens of college funds available only to people of ethnicity. If you want even rights then when can we call you whatever racist slur we like just as you can anyone else? YES that would mean that EVERY race color and creed would have the EXACT same rights as every other, sorry that doesn't mean you get special treatment or reparations or any other form of free anything that any other race wouldn't be entitled to. How many of you are aware of the slavery amongst Native Americans? Once again taken by their own people, and the Chinese? Once again have a long history of slavery along with the Japanese, British, Mongolian, Russian, Roman, Greek the list goes on and it only gets worse when you look at war times and who do you think pushed the hardest to change war time laws preventing war criminals from being made into slaves??? Well that would be none other than the ol' USA. So to sum this up if not for slavery you would not live in America you likely would never have come to exist, there is also a good chance that Africa and most of the world would have succumb to the holocaust which would mean that black people as a race would not exist along with many others. Where are my reparations? I would be you any amount of money that somewhere in my family tree where was a once wealthy slave owner who spent all of his money on people to work his extensive fields then sent his sons to war to protect the life he had made himself only to lose his family and his lively-hood just so over 100 years later people people can discuss whether or not they should be given money for an injustice that they wouldn't even know about if not for the fact that the white guy who wrote the history books decided to put this part in maybe he was the problem? If not a single one of you knew that slavery once thrived in the USA would you think differently? Start getting for your own, you know nothing of the pain that blacks and whites suffered together whether here in the states or at war abroad defending each other as people but, hey you should get some money for it. Yep makes perfect sense.

REPARATIONS? Yes you are right, blacks should PAY WHITES for bringing them here. Best thing that ever happened to em. Or would you rather be trapped in the shitholes of your native lands?

dumb asses

you cry alot!

Maybe you should ask the your own people back in Africa to give you the money, they are the ones who sold your ass.

I understand where you're coming from, but one thing we got was a month. The whole month of February is dedicated to our history. But have you ever thought one of the reasons for prejudices among different races is because some people can't let go of the past and work on bettering our future? I'm not saying we should forget where we come from, but we should just stop being so angry about something we can't change.

I understand where you're coming from, but one thing we got was a month. The whole month of February is dedicated to our history. But have you ever thought one of the reasons for prejudices among different races is because some people can't let go of the past and work on bettering our future? I'm not saying we should forget where we come from, but we should just stop being so angry about something we can't change.

Hey! Idiot! I can understand all of they other posts BUT you and anyone else that thinks like you ARE STUPID as HADES itself if you don't realize the impact of SLAVERY on the BLACK descendants that are here today.You spoke of JEWS getting over the Hollucost,(Are you a JEW? Have you ASKED one If they've gotten over it?) No! You never forget that type of SHIT. Would you forget that someone raped your child? Would you forget about someone killing your parents? Would you forget about someone ROBBING your ASS? (Of Course NOT) So why should we get over so much shit? We lost our INHERITANCE because your RACE decided to TAKE from Us just like they did the INDIANS and just like Hitler did the JEWS.You all have it twisted.We have no land,companies,houses,trust funds etc. to be passed down from one generation to the next because SOME of you DEMONS were GREEDY! Take the "Antique Show" for instance.All of those WHITE folks are still receiving money for Antiques that great-great-great grandparents left their GREEDY asses to reep the harvest of. All ours could leave us is a song and a prayer, a piece of cotton and a bucket of chitlins' and some MELON. If JEWs aren't complaining it's because Germany gave them money later to SHOW that they were sorry for their wrongs.Whites even gave Indians tax free land and businesses(casinos) You all even paid for the Pearl Harbor incident. Everybody got PAId except us. Like a cold case file,you want us to put "THE ISSUE" on the back shelf in a box and FORGET. Murder cases can be brought to justice if the evidence comes up to prove the injustice,even if the murder took place over 50 years ago,thanks to DNA. Why? BECAUSE IT MATTERS! You all complain about REPARATIONS,AFFIRMATIVE ACTION,WELFARE, and any other B>S> handout that has so many strings attached that you become a puppet,until it's not even funny!We didn't ask for that!Minimum wage is SLAVERY! We are still going through it, It was just a minute UPGRADE Its hard to win the race when we've just reached the STARTING POINT AND Yours were maybe 1 meter from the FINISH LINE. Don't get me started! Probably the only reason OBAMA made president is to have someone to BLAME all of BUSH'S B>S> on! GET REAL and KEEP IT REAL. Everyone wasn't born to be Albert Einstein,All blacks AREN"T LAZY so stop saying that.We work hard and still FAIL sometimes because OF CIRCUMSTANCES. How do you provide for your family when this whole system is based on high prices and taxes,taxes,taxes! It doesn't matter if you're black or white or in between $7,$8,$9 per hour and all of the CREDIT WRECKING,STRESS CAUSING,B>S> MONEY GOUGING that GOES ON you are bound to FAIL more times than not! So YOU and those who think like you GET OVER IT,PAY US REPARATIONS in the forms of CASH,FREE EDUCATION,FREE HOUSES OR FREE LAND! OR, IF THE WORD "FREE" BOTHERS YOU,(IT shouldn't because OUR FOLKS SLAVED FOR FREE,FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS) THEN MAKE MINIMUM WAGE BE AT LEAST$12 per Hour to start and see how many LAZY blacks there will be. Oh, can't do that! It's too much like right! If we are so dumb and lazy and since ALL of the money goes right back into the economy ANYWAY what is it going to hurt for US TO GET PAID? Huhhhmmm!

Why does this have to be a white and black thing? While the black population is generally poorer, and are more likely to be struggling, what about the poor white families? Why should the kids of black families be given benefits that kids of white families aren't given? It's not anyone's fault today that slavery happened. African Americans get more financial aid for college and are more likely to be accepted into school. Not exactly fair, but it's whatever. This shouldn't be about race, it should be about improving the quality of life for EVERYONE. Despite what you think, not every white family has trust funds or things to pass down, I know mine doesn't. Just because you're black doesn't make you more deserving of a handout that anyone else. While things should be done to help the black population, because it's obvious something needs to be done, it shouldn't come at the expense of white people who are trying to make a living too.

You are absolutely right! This is where equality comes into focus,we are all equal! This is all I'm trying to say,nobody is better then the next person! This website brought me to a place I didn't like the comments about my people and I became defensive! My people are human beings just like yours are,it's about helping those who are less fortunate,it doesn't matter about their skin! They are people with feelings! I'm a child of GOD! I apologize for the things I said,but you brought me to that point! Live and let us live!

Yes it is about helping those less fortunate BUT you can only help those that are already working their ass of to help them selves as much as they can and SOUL4REAL you should not say your sorry for your true feelings you should just work on becoming a better child of OUR JEHOVAH because you were saying some stuff that only the heart can say and boy you got some hate in there and you complain about min wage well girlfriend thats every were not just BLACKS my husband ( black male from the gettho who made it out and brought family with him out of the gettho all they had to do was get a job are back in gettho because they thought they need everything for free didnt want a job ) gets paid well not great but we live a comfortable life ( under 50000 a yr) but I a white/american Indian get paid way less than he does I dont even make half of what he does so low wages every were but we can live good because I can take a walmart shirt or purse or shoes why does namebrand have to be important in culture i bet you got something real good name brand so was that so important that that bill is behind now or you dont have a savings cause you get those shoes from the mall instead of one like them at ross for a quarter of the price? The point is until we learn NOT to make rich ppl richer and work together as a group of poors instead we can put the greedy rich ppl (actors rappers ball players ) ppl that really dont do anything to improve our world like teachers mothers and so on so blame the rich not a race!!!!!!

We live in a country where everyone has the same opportunities..I can't help if blacks don't want to work and just live off of our government and have one kid after another not knowing who the father is. Get married first and then have kids that is the way it should be not lets have 10 or 12 with different daddy's.Sad world we are living in today.


Sucram100's picture

Mr. White your right america has a very wicked history. I can assure you that the ones who were willingly wicked has been judge in the afterlife and I'm sure it was in the millions of people in the past. I also believe in fighting for what our ancestries did for this country. I also think that half the greedy politics have horns on their heads and dont care if they did. On the other hand it only proves that us black folks can only look out for each other. Only trust and unity among ourselves can save us from this oppressed mind frame we have. A lot of time we dont have respect for ourselves like, rapping about killing other black folks, calling our woman bitches and hoes, or portraying a image that is expected of us from other nations. We have to learn to only to reflect on the past , but live the present and the future. If you want to get back at the racist people, start giving back to your community, be more of a leader and help your church in black communities , demonstrate forgiveness to other races for your own self healing. I believe you have these talents and so do I. I believe that one day we will wake up and see that we are the ones that keeping ourselves from great prosperity.

If you want to make a plausible argument, at least spell things right. And why should people get free money for anything? Ohhhh your great great great grandpa worked on a farm and didnt get paid, so you should get all their money. Makes sense. Im glad to know that all you care about is you getting paid for something that had nothing to do with you. AND PUTTING THINGS IN CAPS DOESNT MAKE YOUR ARGUMENT ANY BETTER. And by the way im pretty sure "Huhhhmmm" isnt anywhere near any kind of word.

By that logic, there are just as many white slaves as black.

I'll Just reply to this with a simple fact. First off only 3% of African Americans in the U.S. today are direct decedents of slaves so we can pay you 3% of what you want and spread it out over the whole population of African Americans. Second, if you don't like minimum wage, get off of your ass, and get an education. You have more organizations backing you then any other nationality in any country. Do you know why blacks are "disadvantaged" and "put down by the man" because you guys can milk the system. Why work when you can get old uncle sam to give you your free hand outs. Hell Mercedes of Atlanta has a quota for you guys so you can drive in style! Whites do nothing to you, you're your own worst enemy. Stop being a leech on society. We didn't have this land and money given to us, we were just smart enough to do the work to get it.

oh wow your talking shit but you spelled it wrong

I see your vocabulary isn't very long,you really think your smart,but your not! Trust me if the word was spelled wrong,you would have made a point to spell it out! Your full of SH*T! Take your dumb a** back to SCHOOL! Is that all you can say,"we can't spell"! You gotta do better then that! Your not no damn EINSTIEN! I DON"T TALK SH*T,I TALK THE TRUTH! That's your damn job to talk sh*t and tell lies!

your a sad sight ..stop trolling on here.....

Spelt is not a word you ignorant tool.

Actually, if you had said that "better" and using actual correct grammar, you would have used commas where needed and wouldn't have started a sentence with "and". calm down :)

Um...could you have meant spelled instead of spelt? Also, your I should have been capitalized. Just saying.

Shut the hell up.

Eww you got spit on

Nursing home or not...if that nasty bitch spit on you, you should have dragged his/her old ass out of their wheelchair/pissy ass bed and spit on/scratched them back.

Fuck that....courtesy is courtesy and that slavery shit is over and it AINT (yeah, I said aint) about to happen for a funky ass job!

Somebody better get the LAWS on speed dial 'cause if a nasty ass nursing home patient spit on/scratch me, I'mma have to yellow tape the place off!

Fuck you sincerely

I agree with you people are equal, apart from the whole god stuff, I'm atheist but I still believe in equality based on colour, however I think that people should be treat better than others based on:manners, empathy, intelligence, and rationality (english white male btw)

God didn't design black people. I have proof.


I'd like to see this "proof". And when your done I'll show you what the [truth] is. I am a beautiful creation of the most high and my skin is as brown as mahogany. If you are a female you are made exactly the way that I am. The only difference is that my skin is darker because I have more melenin in my skin because my ancestors are from Africa and they have more melenin in their skin to protect it from the blazing sun. Unlike white people who burn easily in the sun. I am trying to be as cordial as possible, but sweetheart, don't ever say that I am not a work of GOD. Not only is that an insult to me, it is an insult to him! Who do you think you are? I hope you find the Lord soon baby, you need him.

I really wasnt looking for him, but I am your baby.

B*TCH! If I had anything like you,I would have put some acid on your a** and threw you out a fifty feet building window! That's what you want to be! AHHHHHHHH! WRONG answer! RETURN TO YOUR MAMMY WOUND! She don't even want your a**!

You probably would do that. I watch the news everyday, and blacks are always doing fuck up shit like that. If i were yours I would drink that acid, and throw myself out that window. That sounds better then getting shot in a drive by while playing basketball on a playground.

That's your best bet! BLUE EYE DEVIL!

That's another lie! All other cultures have some type of color,why are those of you who call yourselves white,don't have any melanin? This tell me you all are the aliens,your from another planet or from up near the arctic, where there is NO sun! Cleopatra is half African and also did you know that JESUS CHRIST was a man of color? If you have these people of color as your friends,why are you so down on us? I believe you are lying one more thing if you had them as your firends,why would you be curious about my culture? You would already know about us! I know in my heart you are not from GOD by the way you talk,who are you to say GOD didn't design us,your right GOD CREATED us,he might have design you all! You are not my father don't you ever blow that sh*t out your mouth,my father is the ALMIGHTY GOD! Yes! What ever continent you all had your a** on you stole,because you greedy,afraid we would out do your a**es!

NO! I'm not racist,I just know how to get back with your want be smart a**! Can't take it,learn to take what you dish out,everyone makes an error on the damn keyboard,that doesn't mean you can't spell! I'm aware there is spell check on the damn computer,you a**hole! Are you mad because I'm well educated? There are plenty more of us who know a little sum sum!Go roll in some mud and get some color to your pale a**! You must be afraid,keep using anonymous so no one will know who you are,you right,you better be afraid! Go eat some donkey sh*t!

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Your absolutly right, we do get the cops involed. We do this because your idea of a fair fight is 5 on 1, or driving by their house and shooting automatic wepons out of your car widows. Really fair. Your people must call the cops, because there is always blacks being arrested on the news, and the tv show cops. plus someone had to arrest the all the blacks in the jails and prisons. What i dont get is why do black men always hold cocaine for there cousins? Cant their cousins hold it? I think they are being framed by the police. It is evil whiteys plan to support you on the streets, then support you in prison.

your just another racist red neck black people about 75% of things that people use today including music except metal, but the other ones yeah dnt be hating on blacks n white people dnt really cook their food its just nasty lol

Wow you are the most racist person i have ever come in contact with. SOUL4REAL. I pray for your soul, and you should too.

You don't know me! So who are you to judge me? One thing these people can say what they want to say and your gong to call me racist? ON! YOU got it wrong! yes! I'm defending my people,because it's all lies! I don't need your prayers,pray for yourself!

I scroll through and you have posted about pink pigs on every page. I was going to pray for you but everone knows that blacks have no soul. and that is a fact.

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It doesnt matter it ain't about black or white because we are human I hope you see that light before it's ruined

Black men dont want black women, and who can blame them. That is something we have in common. Who would want a fat, nasty, loud, dirty women. I dont blame the black men for dating white women. Given the alternative, who could.

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I cant believe Africans are still comming over here, when the ones we have just bitch about being here. Let me guess you came over here to find a clean white man, because all of your men are dying of HIV in your country. I hope your man wears a condom. I guess in Africa those are just as hard to come by as clean water. Good Day.
Siku njema

You keep saying you take care of us. Well then get over here and wipe my ass, if you're going to get handouts for something your "ancestors" did 150 years ago, then I'm at least going to get my money's worth. See what I mean? This shouldn't be about whites looking out for whites and blacks looking out for blacks, it should be about people looking out for people, regardless of religion, sex, skin color, sexual preference, nationality, or anything else we like to divide ourselves by. It's a shame that it's probably impossible for the world to realize that we are all connected. I don't know who you are, but you SHOULD have all the same rights and opportunities as anyone else on this planet, it's not like anyone did something before berth to deserve something extra. Think about it, how different are you and I really? Or you and Obama, or even you and Hitler?

I think you're wasting your time trying to reason with anyone on this site. These people are having to much fun insulting each other.

Hey what's this about Wal Mart? I'm white and those white owners at wal mart aren't sending me any dam money. Where is my check? Also while we're on the subject, how come I didn't get no money for my suffering during Katrina? I was real upset by the whole thing, alot of emotional suffering and I haven't seen a dam dime from the government.

No, the people with no melanin come from wealthy countries. Its the people with a lot of melanin that come from third world countries. Check it Out.

ANONYMOUS,NO! You check this out! The sun is all over the earth,but it must of miss your pink a**es! You talk about WEALTH,well let me bring your awareness up,your damn pink a** people stole all that they have,you all didn't earn it! You came from somewhere the SUN is not there and when your in it your a**es burn up,what's that about? So you all are the mf that don't belong here! Take your a**es back to the world of darkness,you damn Aliens! KEEP ON TRYING TO BE COLORFUL LIKE ME AND MY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OF COLOR! PUT THAT IN YOUR DAMN ENGLISH BOOKS!

Nothing would please me more that to have your ass return to the land of the sun. Where the majorities of the countries there are disease ridden, starving, poor shit holes. Except south africa. Oh thats right it was a British colony. That expains a lot. Who do these people blame? They cant blame the white man. There just arent enough whites there. Go back, live in a grass hut, have pourage dripping off you lips, and flies in you eyes. I dont care. It only cost 7 cents a week to feed your families. Most would still have to sign up for government assistance, but oh well. At least we would be able to destroy the gettos, and our streets would be safer.

The way you are talking, I'm beginning to think you don't have any "people" as you like to call it. I doubt many blacks would support your claims. Stop insulting me for being white, I didn't do anything to you, and I couldn't control what my skin color was going to be. I had nothing to do with slavery of blacks, and neither did anyone else on the planet. Time to move on to something more important, like how to solve the fact that 90% of prison inmates are black, yet something like only 15% of the population in the United States is black. You can either blame it on us, or realize that we don't want that to be the case any more than you do. The world is so fucking stupid, it honestly is a waste of time trying to fix anything. I'm just gonna worry about myself from now on.

I agree with you on everything until you said 90% of the prison population is black. It's more like 41%. I just hate manufactured statistics, but I do understand your point. Comparative to how many blacks live in this country, that is an extremely high amount.

everyone in the bible was black except essau. even jesus look at revelation discription of him.

In the book of reverlation there is no speaking of ESAU! Now in the book of GENESIS,him and his brother JACOB are mention,they were twins! They came from the same womb,ESAU,came out red,he had the color of the red bone or a person of color! We as a people of color,comes in all shades,so he was a man of color! Read and comprehend what you are reading! Hope this enlighten you about the word of GOD!


White male here.

Your words really touched my heart, and I am so sorry that people in your past spat on you and treated you so poorly just because of the color of your skin. I agree: The deaths of JFK, MLK (and RFK) should not be in vain, and I don't think they are. Things have improved dramatically around the country in regards to race relations since the 60s. However, there is still work to be done.

God bless you, dear heart. Never hold your head in shame because of the tapestry of your ancestry and the color of your skin.



White male here.

Your words really touched my heart, and I am so sorry that people in your past spat on you and treated you so poorly just because of the color of your skin. I agree: The deaths of JFK, MLK (and RFK) should not be in vain, and I don't think they are. Things have improved dramatically around the country in regards to race relations since the 60s. However, there is still work to be done.

God bless you, dear heart. Never hold your head in shame because of the tapestry of your ancestry and the color of your skin.



White male here.

Your words really touched my heart, and I am so sorry that people in your past spat on you and treated you so poorly just because of the color of your skin. I agree: The deaths of JFK, MLK (and RFK) should not be in vain, and I don't think they are. Things have improved dramatically around the country in regards to race relations since the 60s. However, there is still work to be done.

God bless you, dear heart. Never hold your head in shame because of the tapestry of your ancestry and the color of your skin.


Actually, a lot of the credit for the Civil Rights Movement should go towards Bayard Rustin. He was the man that educated Martin Luther King Jr. about a nonviolent resistance which he learned after traveling to India from the leaders of the Gandhian movement. He was also the chief organizer and leader of the March on Washington because MLK knew that no one else would have been able to pull it off so well. The reason why he has not been mention so much in history is because he had to resign from his position in aiding MLK because he was given crap about his homosexuality and because they feared that once out in the media, it would hurt the Civil Rights Movement.

Shut the hell up nigger lover. Black people are the worst plague to our society the world has ever seen. We should have never enslaved them and then set them free. Look at how they raise their kids, they don't... Their kids grow up talking like retards and pass it onto their children creating this term they call ebonics. They must have some sort of different English course or something in the GED program for black people and same with math because they're terrible at the both of them.

He forgot to add: 11. Why do black people smell so awful, white people do not smell nearly as bad as a black person. A nigger can shower and not even 10 minutes later smell the like the backside of a cow after sitting in the sun for 10 days dead. Why do you stink so badly????

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First, I am glad that someone from the white community has admitted they should have never enslaved black people! I will just disregard the other comment to freeing them. Second, why do white people think so highly of themselves that this is their country? It is not!! It belonged to the Indians!! Really, to be honest, white people are the plague of the world. NOT ALL, because there are a few good ones, but through out history all they have ever done is lie, cheat, steal, and kill, to conqure everything they have acquired. Third, I come from a family of educated, beautiful black people as well as white. My family has degrees in education, business, electrical engineering, child psychology, and crimal justice to name a few! I am a biracial mother of four beautiful girls of which, are smart, not hanging in the streets and so fourth. And I know a whole lot of other black people doing the same. So PLEASE quit grouping ALL black people together as the same, because they are not. There are a lot more of us out here! It would probably do you some justice to go back to school, because I know of no one with an education that speaks like this.

Haha I'm speechless.... You were able to keep the spelling/grammatical errors below the century mark, congrats!!! You've officially removed yourself from the other 50% that can't read or write ; )

Anonymous on November 17th, 2010:
I am going to assume you were talking to me, even though you are going under an anonymous name and date. You must be a bot on the site because this comment was not here before I made my post! You have paid no attention to the depth of my post, only to note that it was below the century mark for spelling/grammatical errors. Was that the only thing you could come up with? WOW!! It is this kind of thing I am talking about…someone with an education makes a valid point and the only thing you could come up with is spelling and grammatical errors!!! If things keep going like this, you will wake up to find yourself on the stump of the sleeping giant.

JFK did absolutely nothing for black civil rights, you should stop parroting popular misconceptions.

This is real deep right here. If I didn't have a heart of stone, I would have probably cried :)

it sounds like your saying i'm racist , i'm truly not , if you are who you are then you know this already

Reread this. Half the words are mispelled, and you have horrible grammar. I've found that this is a huge trend among black people. I go to college right now at Michigan, and every time a crime happens on campus we're alerted through email. In my four years of going to the university, the suspect has ALWAYS been described as some variation of a black male. Interesting...

omg! i so agree with you. god made us in different shades of colors. and at the end of it all; when its all said and done, color wont even matter. i think ppl need to get over themselves.....lol

just here's picture

Better check your history babydoll! Google "black slave owners" and see what ya find......

"...only white people who owned slaves..."

Incorrect! The first slave-owner in the United States was a black man. Don't take my word for it. Look it up!

so if a black man calls a white guy cracker he is actually offending himself (the white guy who knows this fact must be laughing at the ignorance of the black person) by telling the white guy that he is owned by that white guy and the white guy can come and crack him....

Yes, i do think that they retarted when they call white people cracker. Why not just call us master, thats about as offensive as cracker.

Anonymous,how the F*ck do you think you sound,your a** is retarted,by thinking people of color going to call you master! B*TCH! Now that's really retarted! If they called your pink a** a cracker,that's what you are to us and don't forget a pigs,dogs,and don't leave out ALIENS! NOW DO ME AND MY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OF COLOR A FAVOR? KISS OUR BEAUTIFUL A**ES!

Re-read the post. Its not saying that I want blacks to call me master. All its saying is that calling me cracker is like calling me master, and being called master isnt offensive. If you werent so fucking racist then you would have got the meaning of the message. By the way i would rather look like a pink pig, then a fucking struck match, or dogs turd.


Yo Cracker obviously does not equal Nigger. Think about it you can have a product called a "Saltine Cracker," there you have it, the word cracker meaning a delicatessen enjoyed by many a white person with cheese and perhaps ham or some other topping. Sold in stores, "Crackers" written in bold. Try name your product "Saltine Niggers" ~ Nuf sed, one of those words just carries a shittier context and can't separate from it.

Can you just let us be offended by our precious little word that we can only us.

Wow! Didnt know that!


That is beyond stupid.
Whips only crack in the air, so a whipper is someone who whips people, and a cracker would then be someone that makes loud noises.
If you were a slave, would you be mad at your abuser for beating you, or would you highlight how they make empty threats? You're suggesting slaves were mad that they weren't actually being hit with lashes, but merely annoyed by sounds.

So your saying you would get mad if someone said you were a person who whiped slaves? Because I would get way angryer if someone called me their slave!

Um, sorry but there were black men that owned slaves in America tho.

you just powned him!

You're wrong about slave owners. Indians owned slaves and some black people were slave holders. Look up the name Henderson and antebellum south. He was a cotton gin maker and a breeder. One of the biggest slave owners in Mississippi. He was black. Several blacks owned slaves. In fact as a percentage of the overall population, more blacks owned slaves then whites. Check it out.

I think it's funny when black people call whites crackers because there just calling us the people who whipped them across the face when they didn't do what they were told.

in a sense it does a cracker is a term reference to the person that cracked the whip in slave camps

the united states isnt even 400 years old...typical nigger comeback. am i racist...perhapes at least i dont feed you bullshit

im inclined to believe that you are a fucking idiot. both words are used to defile people. but your probably right self entitled black sympathiser, nigger is worse than cracker?

uh, we've been crackers since we started whooping them. My family had nothing to do with that....But I'm pretty sure we've been crackers as long as there have been slaves in America..... But our nickname, "cracker" has alot different name. Nigger is a very demeaning word, less than nothing, basically an animal.
Cracker, well, come on? Crack of a whoop? Basically the police nowadays.......Gotta watch out for tha crackers.......... well....We have the bully name... And no I can't stop typing without putting a bunch of periods for you assholes that wana make fun of silly shit.

All in all.. Good questions on both parts, for the most part..........

COULD that have been a K_( in SAN JOSE,CA?HOPEFULLY!! :)

Yes, actually it does. Cracker, like cracking of a whip. (Like, slavery, if you still didn't get it lol)

cracker does, it came from the white man who cracked the whip at them blacks.
and why are all blacks named toby?
can you ignant fucks elaborate on this matter.

lol cracker is waaay better then niger..an is it b/c we eat lots of crackers and were ..well..light?

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how duub can you be?

Whites started being called a "cracker" because it is the sound that a whip makes when beating a negroid. I don't know if that is true, just what I seen on the history channel.

(Negroid isn't racist, it is the same as saying; Mongoloid or Caucasian)

I always thought it was because they looked like Saltines. I am not trying to be funny, but according to the Discovery Channel, the term comes from the pigmentation of white people when they tan (a regular cracker has hints of white and brown).

I have read a lot of comments on why whites were called crackers (mainly, because they cracked the whip). Most of the time, either slave drivers or the strongest slaves used a whip. It was rare when the Slave Master ever did it. That means, since most racist white people talk about "we", only a select group of people did such a thing:

1.) Slave Drivers (which, depending on the size of the plantation, could be just one person, but no more than four)

2.) Slave Master of the plantation

3.) Strongest slave (yes, that means that black people were whipping other black people...and no one has stated this thus far)

Don't go bragging about "we're called crackers because we cracked the whip" because only about a few thousand white people in this country had that unfortunate job throughout history.

Most people don't realize that the first black slave in this country was owned by a black man!

shut ur ignorant ass up ur obviously not as well informed as u think u are

Says the person bastardizing the English language. Now that's just laughable.

"bastardizing the English language" you dumb f@%k, you don't speak English, you speak an American Dialect of English. so really who bastardized the English language? you people kill me with this Blacks can't speak Proper English BS when the truth is the American dialect that your dumb a@# speak AINT Proper English to begian with. so please find another way to be a prick, because to an educated person, it really only make you look like the booger eating inbred that you are!

American Peckerwoods you got to love'em

Actually, it's been proven that Americans are still using the same English that was spoken when America was colonized, and that the British have changed their dialect.

Not only are you a dumb black, but you didn't even check your facts.

"Actually, it's been proven that Americans are still using the same English that was spoken when America was colonized, and that the British have changed their dialect."

You dickhead looooooooooool

You are a fucking idiot. You are a dumb white. People talk differernt english from region to region. There are different dialects all over America. There is no one that speaks standard english anymore. You do not talk to people the same way you write a formal research paper. There is no right way to speak the language reguardless of what you have been told. Maybe you should take a linguistics course. Just because people dont talk the same as you, doesn't mean its wrong.

Nor did you check your fucking spelling you dumb ass bitch

White people are trashy pollucks

The first black slave in this country was owned by a white person. The black slave was not even from Africa, but the Mid-East and he was an indentured servant (a slave until he paid his debt). The white person was Dutch, not American. Something to think about, eh?

"In 1654, John Casor, an African, became the first legally recognized slave in the present United States. A court in Northampton County ruled against Casor, declaring him property for life, "owned" by the black colonist Anthony Johnson, an Angolan African"

Not all slave owners were white. Most slaves were black and were held by whites, although some Native Americans and free blacks also held slaves; there were a small number of white slaves as well.

Flush the toilet when you finish.

How long does it take a pregnant black woman, or a white pregnant woman by a black man to take a crap? 9 months...

Would that make you feel better if the first slave was owned by a black? The fact is that black people were enslaved and considered inhuman. Black people experienced the discrimination and inequality of the jim crow era. It is because america gave the same people who built america up shitty schools and shitty education. And even the ones who overcame their disadvantage and were very smart were often not allowed jobs for this. This put black people in a shitty position to start with. Things are still not equal because of the legacy of Jim crow. Many places are still segregated on income because of the institutionalized racism that white people and the government have put in to place. low income neighborhood = low income eduacation. these stereotypes were created by america. It doesn't matter what race held slaves, it was wrong. And black people are oppressed bc of it in america. That is a fact. Things are only now starting to get better but a lot of black people are still in a shitty position.

why does everyone come up with some sob story about why people aren't well off. A few decades ago that would have been a valid excuse. Not anymore. There are affirmitive action laws that screw the white person that might be more quallified just based on the color of their skin. that's a racist law. Black people claim they want equallity but yet they have these laws in place. equallity doesn't mean having laws that give you the one up. it's being right on a level playing field. there are funds and grants in college just for black people. you never see a fund JUST for white people. if we set that up black people would have a field day. or how about something as small as b.e.t. Black entertainment. if we came out with a wet people would be irate. And everyone in this country plays the i'm a victim card. i got fired from a job because i wasn't mexican and willing to work for cheap wages. You know what the law says? if you're under fourty and you're a white male, your job is not protected. if I was black, or a woman, i could have screamed vicitm and everyone would have been on my side. but since i'm white nobody came to help.

b.e.t. is owned by viacom, a white guy lmao

What you fail to realize is...it's never been an even playing field! Thus, affirmitive action laws! B.E.T. is owned by white people! And well...the rest of what you said is just bullsh*t! You have to apply to get grants!!! Try it!! You'll get one...I promise!! One of the requirements are, be a graduate from high school or have a G.E.D., get good grades upon entering, oh yeah, I forgot lol apply for it!!!

you're a fucking dumbass! You choose where you want to fucking live! You just can't fucking afford anything else so you get stuck with the shitty ass neighborhood.. Ever look around yourself to see why its so shitty look at the people dumb bitch

Indentured servants were not slaves. They opted into it and were basically paying off a debt. Furthermore, most of them were white.

so the subject has been on who owned who first. but how about who brought who over and how. well, my dear black folk, sorry to tell you, your own people sold black people to white people. its not like we just ran over there and stole africans. blacks were bought from other black people. hows that for a little history.

Check into this: Before Americans went to Africa and hauled slave ships back........African tribes were fighting each other and stealing from other tribes and making them slaves. Slavery began WAY before England took over North America. Even the Indians here in North America stole from other Indian tribes and made them slaves.
Get over the past and focus on being better in the future.

And pull your freaking pants up! For God's sake, you cant even run or walk normal because you have to hold em up! Looks stupid too!

Dem damn wiggers

thats because if the strong black slave didnt he would have been whipped too.come on think about it ,push most white to limit and they will be racist.you cant say that about black people we will just fight .lastly black people can never get over slavery as white people remind us of it daily ,no equality ,cant it a top jobs because of the colour of the skin ,black people are look upon as the lowest race .and one more thing people the jew thing wasnt for 400years imagine white people being slaves for 400years ,your dad whipped or hanged for no reason ,your sister and mother raped for 400years .i believe black people are handling it very well.oh just remember africa origin of all black people Robbed of these riches ,i think all white people should put themselves in a black persons shoes .400years in slavery no other race could servive it .sorry deep down ur know that .

i read a comment that no other race has went threw 400 years of bullshit, well yes the irish were the niggers of the english for 500 years. so stop cryin about slavery and be glad your here. if it wasnt for slavery you gansta homos would be in africa. try saving enough money for 200 dollar shoes there.

be thankful your here and shut up.

if you dont like the way society have categorized u, then blame yourselfs. every black person has the same opportunities a white person has, but for some reason most of them end up in jail. and for some reason they think its cool. lol. wow.

I don't think you understand the concept of "de jure" segregation, which grew out of slavey. You can not blame just slavery for the condition of African Americans. After emancipation, African Americans were on track to live the "American Dream". If you look at South Carolina and other Southern States, Black males held many state offices; however, Southern Democrat former slave owners (farmers)could not accept this new equality...enter Mr. Jim Crow or de jure segregation... meaning government or state supported separation.

Take 1866-1964 and you have another almost century of enforced segregation and degradation. I don't think that it's whining over slavey... you are talking about a group of people who have only minimally had rights to the freedoms of Whites for about 46 years...that's a big difference. When wealth, jobs, housing, right to walk down the street, etc... are taken away, that makes for a nearly impossible "equal opportunity". And, when there were self-sufficient African American towns that were flourishing, the White establishment destroyed them, for example, read about how the government bombed Tulsa, OK around 1920.

You would have to be well-read on such topics to formally discuss the impact of slavery as well as de jure segregation. I would suggest that any argument about the effects or non-effects that slavery had on a group of people not be had until you've read Post Traumatic Slave Disorder or The Miseducation of the Negro. There's so much more to this phenomenon than what media-tainted observation holds. Your understanding, to some degree, my own understanding is limited. I suggest you read the quantitative and qualitative studies done through the Critical Research lens.

And to the position that jews aren't whining...they do not have to. There has been no state-supported discrimination against their will to purchase, live, or become educated (unless you count Germany from 1939-1945). In addition, the slaves of Egypt were a mixed group of Semites, Sub-Saharan Africans, other Egyptians, etc... Yes there has been racism (although Jewish refers to a religion; semitic an ethnicity) toward them, but if one is a European-Jew, with skin color similar to any white person, a simple name change can erase any reference to his/her ethnicity. Additionally, many jews have had the ability to profit off of hundreds of years of investment in slave ship insurance, slave insurance, etc... to build wealth for generations. Moreover, the Jewish system of forgiving debt, etc... allows their people the ability to have fresh financial starts, therby allowing them to again contine toward the American Dream.

Beleive me, I wonder sometimes why African Americans live a self-fulfilling negative image, but again, I have to think about Psychology... its cultural and can spand centuries.

I would just like to say...THANK YOU!!! Beautifully said!! Nothing like shutting a person up with knowledge! I would also like to add to your comment that during slavery, blacks were not allowed to learn to read or write! If they were caught, they were beaten or killed to make an example of them so that no one else would try. To keep a people ignorant is to keep power over them. This has also played a part in the culture and history of black people. "minority children suffer institutional racism in the schools and often become victims of a self-fulfilling prophecy designating them inferior". It is truely an up hill battle for many blacks considering we are still being hit on multiple fronts! Thank you for the wisdom you have bestowed upon this blog...it really needed it!

The irish were slaves to north africans too just like southern europeans thats probaly why the english hated em, plus they were wiped out on the british isles apart from (lepracorn central of course) by the french, That has'nt happened to africans in fact in the caribean they ran those same english men off there so called own land, pussy holes. The irish do still complain, they need to learn how to build a real kaboom looool, their countries still occupied and in debt to the english, plus the pikeys are like englands version of trailer trash lots of them live in caravans and huts and drink rain water from puddles, sad people, the irish have got it hard, actually why are they still alive, they probaly gave into interbreeding with the english, and every other culture that would have em. But nonetheless there survivors! because they've been through alot and they don't think the english has done em anywrong, only the millions of em in the worlds towncenters living in trolleys and drinking guiness feel hard done by. But the majority or minority of irelands descendants are englands footstool and you know what there cool with it. Good on ya paddy.

SMH! Thanku for showing how ignorant your race really is....Please do your research before you write another comment like this...Once you have done so then please be my guess to repost real knowledge...you ignorant racist person...

Horse shit. Its RARE that I come across a black person in the South who doesn't remind ME - whitey - that his people were in chains a mere 100 years ago. Get the fuck over it.
Black people here get jobs they aren't qualified for because of QUOTAS. I'm sorry, but if you didn't finish high school, you shouldn't be getting a job that would otherwise require you to have a bachelor's degree if not for the color of your skin. Been there, done that. Heard "we have to fill this position with a minority even though you're our first pick for the job." I believe in equality - but when its turned around to be reverse racism, I take issue with that. We're not allowed to be racist, but you are? You've fucking GOT to be kidding me.
Get off the slavery bandwagon already. Its an excuse. I didn't do shit to your ancestors....but I can tell you this - you won't let me forget what a relative that I didn't even have the displeasure of knowing did to your ancestors - who you didn't know either. Its old. Really, it is.

How old are you anyway? I mean, who says "whitey"anymore? I am black, in case you couldn't figure it out. We have no time to think about what names to call you. We are too busy living life to stop and think, "Hmm, what is that white man going to call me today?" or "Why is that white woman following me while I'm just trying to find a cute outfit that she can't even wear because she's a size 0 and I'm a size 10?"

I personally don't like it when anyone who didn't finish high school gets a job that requires a Bachelor's degree. I mean, really, just because there are more black people getting Bachelor's and Master's degrees now than 30 years ago, does that mean that our poor and destitute brethren should really be engineers right beside us instead of the construction workers we need? Look at Michael Jordan. I mean, that guy made more money as an entrepreneur than he ever did as a ball player. So what if he got that athletic scholarship to play ball in North Carolina and he was benched for two years? He sure was taking those business classes seriously. Hey, did you know that he has an MBA? The NBA player of the 20th century has an MBA?! Got to love the irony. Then you have Kobe Bryant, who barely graduated from high school, but is considered to be the best franchise player in all of the NBA? Sure he has more money than all of us who left comments on here, combined, but does that mean he isn't a smart guy?

Oh, and want to talk about irony, how about comparing Bernie Mac to John Travolta. Both were high school dropouts (Mac due to his mother's death and Travolta due to his career), both travelled across the country before achieving success and both had many, many hits. Now, doesn't that beat all?! And the funniest part about all of that is they only did one movie together, and that was "Old Dogs," which would be Mac's last performance on film.

Affirmative Action, at this point, should be eliminated. I mean, really, with more qualified black people in the workforce now than in the 1980s, it should really go away. Think about it. At the height of the crack epidemic, only a mere 15% of the black population graduated from college with degrees. Now, it's what, 45% of the black population (this does not include black people whom received degrees while incarcerated, which I am totally against considering that I earned both my Bachelor's and Master's on my own dime)?

Oh, by the way, I think you haven't been able to get jobs because your mathematic and social science skills are off base. I mean, in the job interview when they asked the chain question and you said 100 years ago (1910), you were wrong. When the interviewer asked the same question to a black person and they answered 175 years ago, he/she were probably hired on the spot for knowing US history AND 2010 minus 175 would be 1835, which was 29 years before the 13th Amendment.

Seriously, are you THAT stupid?

(I apologize for using phrases like, "I mean," "like," and "really". I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie, on tv last night and now I'm stuck in Cali Valley Girl mode. It'll wear off soon!)

Whitey? You act like that word is so old and nobody even talks about things that old. Then you start talking about shit that happened 175 years ago. Also, Bernie Mac wasnt in Old Dogs. That was the racist Martin Lawrence. Not sure if that is how you spell his last name, but oh well.

There is no such thing as a QUOTA. It was outlawed around 1978. In addition, affirmative action has not shown to benefit any particular race; however, studies have shown that White women have had the greatest benefit from affirmative action.

In addition, studies have also indicated that many African Americans are turned away from jobs for being "over qualified". Moreover, I think that many white males that feel that they are being "reversely discriminated" again fail to understand that corporations and other smaller companies have found that they need multiple perspectives on situations...not just the European middle-class white male perspective. This intangible is as relevant to hiring as a score on a test or GPA.

If it makes you feel better, most of the time that minorities are being hired "over" a white person, it's usually to a job within the firm relegated to dealing with concerns about diversity...very limited.

Very well said!

i know you will probably never get to see this, but...

1619 to 1865 is not 400 years


I wanted to let you know that greeks WERE slaves (to the turks) for 400 years in recent history. We were also raped, robbed, etc. for that time

just something worth thinking about

I think this article is pointless as well as the people that are arguing ancient history. Its the 21st Century slavery is over. Deal with it. Whites are humans Blacks are humans. Its what makes the world go round. Realize that there are many different colors and ethinicities in this world, and you can go far. Embrace every one who gives a fuck about there color. The more u fight about this the dumber you come off as. Hint: today your judged off you brains not your race.(btw black male 19 years old)

Seriously people need to stop worrying about another persons ethnicity and worry about all the other shit going wrong in this world. Really.. no matter what anyone writes on here, no one will have a change of heart. I just can't wait for a day LITERALLY when people can't see color and EVERYONE is treated the exact same. It's a shame some people are narrow minded and can't accept one another how they are. 18 white female

Dude, you have no idea what being a slave would be like. You're just going off what you heard. So that kills your arguments credibility. Some slaves had it made. Others didn't. There were some white slaves as well. Indentured servants, but still pretty much slaves. And black people don't get jobs just because they're black? Really? So people like Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, General Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and now Barack Obama??? My dad didn't get hired for a job at a grocery store when he was in high school because they had to hire a black guy. So you can't complain about not getting jobs simply because of your color. And I'm pretty sure nowadays, at least in the U.S., mexicans have it worse than blacks. Just throwing that out there in case you haven't noticed

Barack Obama is not full black. His father only visited him once after returning to Kenya. He was raised by white people. Why do people always consider him to be black when he is really just white? Why is it that when someone is mixed, people automatically call him or her black?

Don't you know that if you have 3% of african blood in you,you're consider to be a beautiful person of color? Can't you tell by Barack Obama swagger he is a person of color? Yes! He was raised by pink people,but you can't take the 3% of beauty of people of color out of him! The reason he is called people of color,because he is,catch up on your history of the beautiful people of color! So what? If his father only visited him once,what have that got to do with who Barack Obama is? We are in the damn white house now,accepted it,we have come along way baby,and we are here to stay! To answer your question,because they are beautiful people of color! NOW TAKE THAT!

Get real, you are not there to stay. He is one and done. You sounded surprised that is father was around just long enough to get his mother preg. Sounds typical to me. I bet that you voted for him. I bet that you only voted for him because he is black. you might lie to yourself and say thats not the reason, but this is probably the first election you voted in. Just like most of the blacks that voted this election. Then youll say that no white man was worth voting for. Thats funny, because after all your people did to get to vote, the majority dont. The darks just dont care. So long as they get their free shit.

White people, while some are very racist, will mostly only be racist when another race gives them reason to be. Yes, we can say that about black people.. because black people are racist without even being pushed, so when they are pushed, they resort to violence. No, white people don't remind black people of it daily. Black people remind themselves and the rest of the damn world about it daily. It's getting really old. 400 years? boohoo.. the Philippines was ruled by Spaniards and Americans for several hundred years.. you don't see us bitching about it. Oh yeah, and the Japanese had their shot at us as well. On top of that.. it wasn't YOUR dad, or YOUR mother, or YOUR sister. It was your ancestors'. Get over yourselves.. seriously. White people of this generation haven't done anything to you, and you haven't suffered anything at all. In fact, the government gives you money just like they do whites, and any other poor people. The reason people think of blacks as a low race is because they get their money from the government, live off of it, don't use the money how they should (to get back on their feet and make a life for themselves and their family.. they just have more babies to get more money), and then ask for more and more and more, and expect to be treated like kings and queens when they've done nothing to deserve that treatment. Oh.. and at least white people can type out their thoughts properly.. I'm Filipino by the way.. black people who think they deserve more than the rest of us piss me off.

"push most white to limit and they will be racist.you cant say that about black people we will just fight ."
That's not true, any one can be racist at any given time. Some time for no reason. It all comes with up bringing.
And every race has experienced inequality for some time. There were various laws directed towards Asians to make their lives a living hell. In 1982 Vincent Chin was beaten to death and the people who killed him just got about scott free.

OMG LOL!!! Did you really just suggest that black people had it worse then the Jews? LOL. WOW, you really need to open a book. Do you realize that in the middle easy EVEN TODAY the majority of the Muslim community (pretty much every one that is not a Jew) do not believe that Jews are people!!! They literally believe that Jews are evolved from pigs!!! I can not even believe that anyone can claim to compare their racial torment to the Jews. I'm not even a Jew, I couldn't let that one go. Sorry guy, your wrong. It wasn't just the Holocaust. They too were enslaved by Egypt for 210 years (BTW Egypt slave owners... a little worse then most American slave owners). The siege of Masada, please look it up (reading a book will do you some good).

You dumb fuck. Jews were slaves for over a thousand years. Most jews are white, and we survived it. Dont talk about walking in shoes, unless your talking about the $200 pair you bought with your welfare check.

YOU DUMB A**! JEWS WERE IN A CONSITRATION CAMP! THEY WERE NOT SLAVES! HITLER! JUST KILL THEM EXPRIMENT ON DIFFERENT TYPES OF BIOLOGICAL WAR FARE! Learn something before you start running your mouth! NO! You couldn't walk in our shoes,because your a coward!

No dumb bitch, you read up on your history. The fucking jews were slaves in Eygpt long before africans were slaves in this country. You are right about hitler and the concentration camps, but that is it. You dont have to read a history book to find out if the jews were slaves. It is also in the bible.

NO! B*TCH YOUR THE ONE WHO IS DUMB! You mean to tell me you know something about the BIBLE? YES! You are right about the jews being in slavery back then! But it was your people the ROMANS who had them as slave,just like you PIGS had my people in slavery! My beautiful people of color and the jews,are the chosen people! Remember! You all are not the only people who know something and have an education! DON"T FORGET THAT!

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Who lied to all of you? hahahahahahahaha

yea they were. but the jew of the bible were black. not this jew(ish) ppl of today.

dont say that, that is racist. Jesus was a jew and jews today are cousins of Jesus

dont say that, that is racist. Jesus was a jew and jews today are cousins of Jesus

While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, most Jews were not white while they were enslaved. "Jews" were not slaves. Israelites were. They happened to be Jewish. So yes Jews were slaves, but not the same definition as Jew today. Since Judaism is an ethnoreligious group, it is almost impossible to define them as black, white, or asian. With that being said, back then, most, if not all, Jews were middle eastern, arabic, whatever you want to call it.

Egyptians were not black. Yes they were very dark for the most part. but thy were not black as we would call Nubians of that day. Due to racial mixing, it's almost impossible to define them as a certain race. They just wouldn't fit into the classifications we have today.

Technically there are no races anyway. If there were, it would be impossible to reproduce with members of another "race".

Well I hate to bust your bubble! Jews are Israelites,they are the chosing people! They were called HEBREWS! All people from the middle eastern continent are people of color! The Americans are the ones who speaks of race,the proper names are cultures! You got it wrong on races reproducing,if different animals can reproduce,so can human beings! Egyptians are people of color also,we are all connected as human beings! So when anyone speak bad about my people it pisses me off,any people get enjoyment out of someone sufffering is not any good!

Look, all Israelites of that day were Jews. But all Jews of today are not Israelites. I said that Judaism is an ethnoreligious group. This means that it was originally an ethnic group but through time, the religion they practiced was named after them and now it's not just a religion or ethnic group. Anyone who is Jewish the religion is not necessarily Jewish the ethnic group. For the most part, everyone who is Jewish the ethnic group is Jewish the religion. Unless they are converts, which means their ethnicity is Jewish but their religion is anything other than that. I think you misunderstood me when I said that there is no such thing as race. If there was, then humans couldn't reproduce with members of another race. We are all the same species which is the most specific taxonomical classification. Race was invented as a way to further classify humans and is generally misused by the public. People of color is not the same as black so please calm yourself. You are getting to worked up over trivial matters. It comes across as desperate when you try to associate our "race" (african descent) with other great groups of people. African Americans have done many wonderful things. Some members of our "race" act dumb just like some members of any "race" do. That does not make us any worse and getting belligerent only perpetuates stereotypes. Please closely read this post this time instead of shallowly repeating what I said and making it seem as if I said the opposite.

If some one don't want to be corrected,mean they are a fool! The JEWISH RELIGION IS JUDISM! back in the bibilcal days they were called HEBREWS! Can't stand to be corrected?

Yes the Jews practice Judaism. But, Jew is also an ethnic group. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnoreligious_group Please stop being ignorant and do some research. This is why those white people are get upset and judge us based off of stereotypes. It can be so hard to break down the walls of ignorance surrounding many black people. Would you want to get to know someone that behaves the way you have on this website? Probably not, so people develop stereotypes and judge based on them. Yes, it is wrong, but in many cases it is better than getting to know people like yourself. You simply refuse to listen. You make me lose hope in my race.

Please proofread your post before calling someone a fool. A fool is someone who is close-minded like yourself. Fools tend to make grammatical errors such as: Judaism being spelled Judism, biblical being spelled bibilcal, and your entire first sentence. Thanks, and I look forward to ripping your views to shreds again in the future.

Who are you to try and judge me? Who are you? Anybody who use or know about a computer know you make some errors,do this make you uneducated? You talking about shredding my views in the future,because you spelled a few words,you shredded up my views! B*TCH! PLEASE! Where did you go to spell check? HA HA HA HA! All of that sh*t your talking,you can't touch me! Judging people is what you do best,you saying wouldn't no one want to get to know me. I believe your wrong,because they know I'm REAL! Let me bring your awareness up! I'm not BLACK! I'm a person of color,honey gold,you can see me! A person who call theirselves black,black is something you can't see! What does a JEW religion has to do with them being a slave? See you talking your a** off about something that wasn't irrelevant to a jew beings in slavery! Now I just shredded your sh*t! HA HA HA ! You are the biggest joke,get some WISDOM! SEE YA!

You are hilarious. I read this and couldn't stop laughing, it's comical even. I can't decide if you're for real, or if you're some genius person who can write like a stereotypical crazy black bitch really well.

SLOTHWOOD! You have to be crazy to speak the truth? Well, I'm for REAL,can't you read my NAME? I speak the truth! See, you all can't understand the truth,but if I tell you a lie,you would believe me! So let me tell you a lie,you all are the most beautiful people on earth! You believed that? Right? You all don't know facts from friction! B*TCH! Didn't I tell you I'm not BLACK! I'm honey gold! B*tch! BLACK is something you can't see! You can see me! I love myself and my people! STOP! Trying to label me,I'm a human being just like you are and never forget that! I'm well EDUCATED,I thank GOD for that! Something you can't take from me,you can say what you want,but see I know better! NOW LET'S KEEP IT REAL!

ANONYMOUS! WHO THE HELL PAYING YOU TO THINK! I graduated with honors,cuma laude,so who are you to tell me what I need! First and foremore,you get to where I'am before you suggest anything to me and even if you do I'm not going to take it! Your still in school with your damn nose still running,learn how to keep your damn nose clean! Get back with me when you know a little sum sum! YOU MAKE SURE YOU DO GOOD IN ENGLISH! THAT WHAT YOU SHOULD BE WORRYING ABOUT! BECAUSE I GOT MY DEGREE!

You're ridiculous. Black is an accepted term to describe someone African American, which is, if I'm not mistaken, what you claim to be. You're black, get over it. I'm white. Am I really white? Am I really as white as a sheet of paper? You are on your own little planet, you are hysterical.

You have no sense of class or grammar do you? You also have a short memory because if you remember, I was just trying to explain the fact that Jews aren't white. You say you graduated cum laude, from what university is the only question I have. Stop saying you are not black you are a person of color etc. It makes you look more ignorant when you act as if you don't know what I mean when I say black. If you couldn't see black, then you wouldn't be able to read my previous posts. I will now try to correct your grammatical errors I noticed from multiple posts.

"First and foremore" should be first and foremost.
"Anybody who use or know about a computer know you make some errors,do this make you uneducated?"- Anybody who uses or knows about a computer knows that you make some errors. Does this make you uneducated. The fact that you don't correct your errors make you uneducated.
"something that wasn't irrelevant" You tried to tell me that what I said wasn't relevant. Saying not irrelevant means relevant.
Please stop cussing with asterisks. Either cuss or don't, don't be half-assed about it.
you can email me at d_raywill@yahoo.com if you want help with your use of the english language. Maybe then you can really graduate cum laude. Hey, I might even be able to bump you up to magna or summa cum laude.

P.S. This is what I meant by ripping you to shreds. Please help me restore my faith in my race by replying with an intelligent and well thought out post and not an ignorant rant.

P.P.S. You give ignorant racists more ammunition against us "people of color" every time you talk.

DERAY WILL, If you can do all you say you can do, why the hell are you on a website talking sh*t and putting other cultures down? If you were intelligent,sh*t like this wouldn't be on your mind. You would be doing something constructive with your life and time. You can't help me do a damn thing,help your damn self,your the one still in school! If my sentences wasn't correct,you got the message,with your want to be professor a**! Why are you in school? Why aren't you teaching professor Will? You Wish! NO! Your the one who give other cultures the ammunition to talk about my beautiful people of color. We wouldn't be having this conversation if you wouldn't have put those dumb a** questions on this website! Put the blame where it belong and you know what you can't teach me sh*t! Why don't you grow up and be a productive citizen intend of being a destructive citizen! If there was any good in you,you would keep on pushing people buttons. You telling another lie about you being a person of color,I know my people would do this type of ignorant sh*t,so you tell that bullsh*t to somebody who don't know any better! Teach me how to continue to put flames to your a**es!

I fail to see how I could possibly be giving other people reason to dislike my race. Unlike yourself, I behave myself properly online, use excellent grammar (which you are still failing to do, more on that later), act levelheaded, and present valid, logical arguments. In response to sentence one, I have not put any culture down. I said you are an embarassment to our race. Sentences 1-4, how can you ask me why I'm on this website when you've been acting a fool on here since before I started commenting? The next few phrases that you think are sentences: I'm still in school because I'm 16. I'm doing something meaningful with my time by having a 5.0 gpa. I will be a surgeon in the future so that will be a meaningful use of my time.
Time for grammar lesson number three!!!!!!
"your the one still in school!"- you're = contraction of you & are
"If my sentences wasn't correct"- weren't- plural nouns get weren't
"Your the one who give other culture"-your-see above give=gives
"Put the blame where it belong"- belong=belongs
"you know what you can't teach me sh*t!"- comma after what
"citizen intend of being a destructive citizen"- intend=instead
"If there was any good in you,you would keep on pushing people buttons."- wouldn't keep pushing
"You telling another lie about you being a person of color,I know my people would do this type of ignorant sh*t"- you just said our people would do ignorant shit of this type

Now, please do not try to tell me that I am not African-American, because I am. Just because I'm not taking your ignorant side, does not mean I'm not black. Please, please, please review your posts before you submit a comment, because you really are making us look bad by typing in caps, which is equivalent to yelling, and having atrocious grammar. You asked me why I'm in school, I'm in school to learn how to be nothing like you. I'm in school because I'm 16 and getting a high school diploma. I'm in school because I am advancing my knowledge at IMSA (look it up).

I find it impossible to believe that you graduated from any accredited university or college cum laude. It might have been the University of Phoenix online college, now that I think about it. If you are so grown and smart, what job do you work, and why are you trolling the internet looking dumb as hell.

Please direct any reply to d_raywill@yahoo.com because this website has a funny way of displaying comments and it makes it difficult to find yours.

P.S. I love how you didn't say anything about your previous comment because I disproved everything you said.

What ever you think of me,I don't care. You are a person just like I'am and your opinion of me don't mean sh*t! Opinions are like a**hole,we all got one! About my credentials in college,who are you that I have to prove anything too? Your a peon,still learning and not doing very well,you say your 16? Now I know where all this stupid sh*t is coming from,you haven't lived long enought to know where I'm coming from. Your 5.0, where is this at kindergarten? I thought so! You said your African American,I can't tell,putting your own people down and asking these silly a** questions. You really have a problem, If I would have known you was a kid,there wouldn't have been any comment from me. I'm still going to stick with my views and opinions about how I fell regarding my people. You correcting me,if you know what your talking about,only a FOOL can't stand to be corrected. This website is an embarrassment to any culture,playing head games. Well I hope you and your fellow members have gotten your ROCKS OFF,playing these damn KID games.Now,that I know what you're doing you will not hear from me again! SAYONARA!

It took you long enough to leave. I asked you politely to stop saying I'm not black. I am not putting my own people down, just yourself. You say only a fool can't stand to be corrected, when have you corrected me? Seeing as you are the one getting bent out of shape when I correct you, you are most likely the fool. Who is more foolish, the fool, or the one who keeps posting ignorant, poorly thought out comments?
Please send any replies to d_raywill@yahoo.com
I've decided to play nice today and not correct your grammatical errors. It's probably because they are the same mistakes each time. I guess some people never learn.

DERAY WILL! Don't you know from every ACTION there is a REACTION? Stop! Acting like you don't know what you all are doing! You got a reaction out of me and I BLAZED that A**! HA HA HA HA! Now Shred That!

Your continued ignorance is perplexing. How can you continue to behave this way, with the obscenities and poor grammar, and expect our people to be treated as if we have intelligence?

T h i s T h r e a d O f R e p l i e s S e e m s R e a l l y S k i n n y .

Anonymous! This debate is not about checking spelling or grammar. The debate is about JEWS being in slavery;you talking about their religion is irrelevant,meaning, unrelated to the matter! I close my case!

Anonymous,I went to the post that you recommanded and you know what,I was right! I hope other people go and see for their selves.

I think you did a great job of clarifying some inaccuracies. However, in establishing your point on the term "cracker"; you related that there weren't many "whites" that whipped slaves, as the "Slave Master": Strongest Slave, serving as one authorized to whip slaves. I could be off in my interpretation of your writing. If so, please correct. You are right, the slave owners were few in comparison. They rarely did whipping for accomplished by the field slaves. This whipping was the job of the "overseer" (Slave Driver); a "white" person who worked for the slave owner; a production manager of sorts.

Great post though, but lets keep it REAL real. Whites whipped blacks; albeit legally for the times, as blacks were considered property.

Here is a bit of trivial: Did you know that the first documented Chattel Slave was that of a Black Man?

try telling that to an ignorant black....


And your one of the reasons why the N word still exists! Shut up and go back to jail where you were meant to go.

i think its funny that you admit that niggers love to rob. all the "we go to college and get jobs" just kind of melts away into your "cracka i will rob you!"

cracker means to crack with whip. The whip cracks on your back. look up a slave lashing on back it is terrible.

very understanding

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Im white, we are what we eat right? I eat crackers so im proud to be a cracker damn niggers cant get any better word pick other than honky which that words makes me laugh

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wow i bet u probably think ur sooo cool now aye?? nope ur just immature and need to get a life.. i really dont care what skin colour someones has but it seems that everyone does... wats the problem people???? why do u black people hate white people?? and why do you white people hate black people???your are all the same with a ew differences but somehow we seem to fear those differences. how shameful.. p.s i love justin beiber!!!! <3

the justin bieber comment ruined what could have been an excellent troll.

That's definitely not true. Nigger doesn't mean "black person". Nigger means "ignorant person". Anyone can be a nigger no matter what race.

You are absolutely right! That is the true meaning of the word!

It's not about asking how we got here,everyone that know about history of the USA,knows how the hell we got here! This is not your world,so stop trying to make it your world! You know why we are performer? We are talentive people and you all are meliorate in the entertainment field,you do have a few who are exceptional and they are consider to be like us! You will never have the pleasure of seeing us in slavery again! This country is looked upon as a country,but what you fail to understand is it's not the country it's the people who live in the country! America is a beautiful country and it's being destroyed by the ignorant people! NOW GET UP ON THAT AND HELP SAVE IT!



white people dnt get it u guys had never had something bad happen 2 u, like the jews and the blacks we got tortured n the white people just live life free n un damanged u guys think ur perfect

white people dnt get it u guys had never had something bad happen 2 u, like the jews and the blacks we got tortured n the white people just live life free n un damanged u guys think ur perfect

All races, except for the blacks can easily see why no one wants to live, be near, or even come close to living like or around blacks. If you don't want to take my word for it then try this little chestnut of a website.


Copy and paste that in the address bar if its not clickable.

See the thing is black's hate the truth about themselves because it just proves everyone else is right. In their tiny infantile minds they are unable to cope with the fact that their race as a whole is by far the worst possible out come for humanity. This is a major sting to their emotions so they get "mad" and this is made physical when they "chimp out". Then we see the real animalistic qualities come flowing out with self gratifying behavior. Like raping and killing anything that moves, shooting up the clubs/mini marts/sporting events/etc, and who can forget it when packs of them roam the streets looking for anyone to rob and steal. And they say blacks do all that because there impoverished. I say Bull Shit!

Blacks have the same opportunities as the whites, they are just to lazy and dumb to use them, and want a hand out. Just look at the History of Haiti, read about that seriously! In a nut shell the French built a paradise there, and then they "set the niggers" free. Oh what a mistake that was, the blacks went loose there like a plague, killing all the people that weren't black and immediately turned the paradise in to a squaller (heap of junk). But yet everyone else in the world "be stupid and day don't be thinkin' ike a realzz nigga would, we be da best and shit son."

Let me put it to you in a simpler form, if you kill off all the whites in the US, then the US will turn to rubble and will be beyond the 3rd world that is present day Africa. No white people = no more hand outs for you. History shows time and time again that the black race is unable to care for itself, if it could it would have done so already. I mean they have what, say, only about 10,000 years to work on it.

WOW TIME OUT! Many of the things that you use today was created by black man! Have you ever gone to college? One of the first universities was in west africa in timbuktu! Education was first seen in egypt! Everything that the White Man has, is stolen.
You have taken Rock n Roll from blacks and acted as if it your own...smh...Countless times in history you will see how the white man has NEVER been able to to something on its on!! They have always needed the aid of another! The white man came to africa and saw the great civilizatons that we created and field with great jealousy! We were kings and queens in africa and the jealousy oozed out of you...Heck they even turned Jesus white! How many white people have you seen with hair like wool??? But yet jesus for years will be constantly shown with flowing brown or blonde hair with white features. Astronomers still to this day use the findings that benjamin banneker discovered, the farmers atlas that your grandpappy and great great grandpappy uses was created by (OMG......thats right you guessed it....please dont say it...) A BLACK MAN! The clothes you wear that are cotton....orginally designed by a BLACK MAN.....Tommy Hilfiger eat your freakin heart out....I cant belive you say blacks have the same advantages as whites when in the world today people like you are the ones who hold the reins in corprate america and have no intentions on letting a black man or woman get ahead....in Washington DC the neighbor hoods that were mainly black have been DESTRYOED and the people living there have been told to get out! Why? so million dollar condos and baseball stadiums could be built for who? I aint even gotta say it....the white race has raped others since the exsitance of man.....and they DAMN sure aint about to stop now...

Well Mr. Strong Black Man,

First off before anyone can take you seriously, would you care to point out some sites that prove even one of the things you said? From what I was taught in school, the only black to ever invent or produce anything of value was George Washington Carver, noted for his work on peanuts. Thanks Guy, everyone loves peanut butter.

As for language and such, yes the first scribblings of any kind were reportedly first seen in Egypt, which primarily consists of Arabic culture. Not the "high quality" folks found in the mid/lower part of the African continent. Blacks came up with Jazz, if you see rock and roll as a rip off of Jazz, then you just proved my earlier point in the previous point. As from what history shows, the most recent civilizations in Europe were constructed by Romans who apparently didn't bother with using Blacks as slaves, like was the case in Egyptian time some centuries earlier. As for white's controlling the reigns of capitalism and corporations in the US, for the most part we do, thankfully. If that was controlled by the blacks we would have long ago either fell in to chaos or would have been invaded and taken over by some other country. As for the neighborhoods in DC, they were probably slummy dumps that once looked beautiful. Thanks to your fellow brethren they are now boarded up dumps or have been taken down, more than likely for safety reasons and to prevent unseen crimes from taking place in those areas. Also to remove the eyesores, think of it like this. Just because you like to live in a shit whole and think its a wonderful place to raise kids doesn't mean anyone else likes to.

I wish my ancestors could have known what the consequences of bringing the blacks over to the colonies would have done to the states in the future (now). They would have gladly left the tribal monkey rapers where they were and picked their own damn cotton. Bash me for my statements if you will, won't change my views, like your views won't change by reading mine. But hey look on the bright side, you guys rock at most sports so you got that going for you. Everyone knows, white men can't jump.

I must , every racist person can go DIE !
Why hate somebody because of their skin color .
That's sick . People REALLY need to open their fu*king eyes .
It's 2010 , get over yourself ! The main reason black people call each other nigga is because of the struggle black people been through . It's an inside joke . Just like white people have theirs .
I am not racist at all . I'm mixed and hate to see all this hatred for no reason . If you don't know you're history , it will repeat itself .
Not all black people are loud , ghetto , and uncivillized .
Not all white people talk like they got a stick up their ass .
Just because they taught you stuff in school DOES NOT mean it is 100% accurate . Study different religions to figure out the truth . You must go through ones struggle to understand where they are coming from . Seeing things like this breaks my heart . . .

Don't worry I'll die some day, hopefully not soon. I didn't personally wish you a quick death. Good or Bad? Who knows, and who cares, other than you.

Yes your ancestors struggled, they were beaten, killed, raped, and forced to do the shit the white man didn't want to do, oh and lets not forget the the wars they died in. But as you said, your half white so that means your nose isn't pressed in to your brain and that you had at least some white people in your life to show you the logic from the "white" (I say that lovingly) side. Yes I do agree the white man/woman's side of logic is quite different from the black man/woman's side but even you must see that for the most part blacks are a major burden or problem if you will, on society. NOT ALL of THEM, but most. Do doctors just remove all of a tumor or just some of it and hope for the best? Call me white, call me evil, I'm just posting my observations on mankind as a whole and from what I can see.

The black man/woman has caused nothing but distress on society in the US since his/her granted freedom in the 1960's. By that I mean the right to do all the "white" things. I'll leave that to your imagination. My biggest problem is why, after countless centuries of progress (were talking 1000's of years) has the blacks as a race not "stepped up to the challenge" of making a name for themselves, and this is just a relative time frame. Where is UAfricaS (US type living) or whatever. A civilization built upon its values as a whole, its undying lust to make a better world for itself? Where is that motivation? It is non existent! If it were a tangible goal for the blacks (Africans) then they would have long ago surpassed the whites and eliminated us from the face of the planet. This facet of black society is not lost on the US population of blacks, yes they still follow the traits of there inherent culture (Africa). So logically that tells me that there is something wrong with the dark skinned people, maybe to much tanning on the savanna? Or could it possibly be that they are lazy and want a handout? God forbid my potty mouth! This could lead me on to one of my theories of evolution but I won't go there, "were to advanced for that kind of thing since we're all "equal".

We're fucked as a race of humans (all of us), my last hope is that I'm around to watch the fireworks in the end! For future reference, when a black posts a reply to my post he is only showing his/her inferiority and incompetency to handle the truth of the reality of the matter. I mean for all "we" know some alien race could have long ago came and implanted the human species with "advanced genetic codes" this in turn set off a timer, a timer we are now watching count down to its end. Think: How else did we turn white? white skin = living in space away from solar radiation....science has proven that (far northern continents) but that's just some of my crazy ideas.

On a final note, I hope the best for the blacks, please done kill us "poo white folks, we been givin' ya so much" At least let us whites live as a private society. If you want to burn Chicago to the ground then go for it, just don't tell me/us about it, and pray the consequences for those actions don't destroy your entire race.

Hey You HatinDemNigs bitch I hope you burn hell you god dammned fucking black people hater. You are the type of man that wants to go to hell . Yo know what I hope you die Fucking hell because all you right is bullshit.Peace

Is that english?

Wow, typical. Poor spelling, grammar and punctuation. Must be black.

jimlives's picture

Nope not black, you por fool, I can see you are not a God fearinf person, and as far as the typos, I am on heavy pain killers, because of a condition I have, so I can only think of 1 nice this to syto you, because I have tried to get along with tou. By the way whydid you think I was black, you are not any smarter than any black person in the world, you poor poor soul, if you have one. OK the nice thing, go to hell! the nicest thing i could think of. You ma are a very unhappy person, I will pray for you, I hope others will as well.
ps: you are a crack up, thanks for making my day!

"...must be black" SEE??? That's what we talk about. Just because someone cant spell that good or whatever you just assume it's a black person. But then you're quick to say "black people always use the race card". We don't have to:) This person just proved how narrow-minded some people can be. Another thing you guys always talk about how we need to go back to Africa..uggghh. First of all we never asked you guys to bring us over here in the first place! You guys could have left us over there then things probably would have been better.Hey, we wouldn't have existed to you guys, you guys wouldnt have existed to us. White men wouldnt even do shit themselves back then. Thank you guys? You should be thanking us too you know. For doing all that shit like pickiing cotton and all that shit which is something yall could have done. Oh yeah thanks for bringing me to this fucked up country where people treat me like shit and are constantly stereotyping me when they dont know me and constantly being disrespected on the daily basis! GEE GOLLY, Dont you just LOVE AMERICA??!!

i agree. lol black people are always stereotyped.

Hey, I'm only 13 so I don't know much about this stuff yet, but from what I heard, the africans sent the slaves to the white people. so, it's not really entirely our fault. though i do feel bad that black people were slaves =(

Also, Italians, Irishes, Jews, Egyptians, Asians of all types, and many more were also slaves well before the black people, not to mention for much longer periods of time.

Finally, Latinos, Asians, Africans, and White people are all stereotyped in many ways. What I've noticed is that African-American people tend to take the stereotypes much more seriously than the others, which is why they get much more disrespect, descrimination, and hatred. Think of America like Kindergarten. There's always that one kid everybody picks on because he's sensitive about it and takes it too seriously. I think if those particular African-Americans didn't take the stereotypes to heart so much, everybody wouldn't apply the hatred so much. Again, like in Kindergarten, if they ignore the bully, it'll go away.

I tried to make this as non-offending as I could while still getting my point across. Sorry if you're offended by what I said, but to be honest, if you are you're just proving my point.

Well that is what he said. It is pretty easy to determine who the darkys are on this page. Maybe we are just writting things you cant read or undertand.
Per hapz if we writ n ebonics yall can unda stand us. Cuz i can tell who da brothas is on dis site. Dont even need to Aks.

I wish there were less people like you in the world.I don't understand why people are racist.It doesen't matter whether your black or white,or any other color or race,we are all people.I'm only twelve and I'm more reasonable than you,so grow up.plus I'm black and I don't think you expected that did you.people like YOU are the problem.I have lots freinds most of them are white.

Was it white men that couldn't do anything for themselves, or was it white men that were smart enough to realize that they could be more effecient by putting an obviously inferior race to work? Oh, and African men sent African men over to become slaves.

Youre right. That was way out of line. Makes me sad for my kids.

I dont know if you are black or not- but PLEASE dont think that the majority of white people are like this. You always get that lunatic fringe- in every group, every company, every where

How about a white guy replies to you. The biggest set back in the world isn't the black mans inability to set up to the plate, it's the white mans decision to hold back the black man in every sense and cause them to fall behind as a culture. White took over Africa, robbed the blacks of everything they had, and now we expect them to pop up a USA type nation? With what? We've stolen all their natural resources, money, and left their countries in pieces when we finally decided to leave Africa. If white people hadn't put up a social barrier that blacks couldn't overcome, then they would be right up their with us.

Wow, makes me sad to read your ignorant and racist comments, if this is how you really feel than I truly feel sorry for you. No one should be consumed by as much hate as you portray in your words. Shame on you.

Your argument would hold water if every majority "white" nation on the plant experienced the same economic success' as the U.S., they do not. Many Eastern European countries (Moldova, Greece, Portugal, Turkey) are amoung the poorest in the world and the population is majority white. Can youexplain that?

"Crazy Ideas" that is an understatement!

Its a proven fact % of population more blacks are in jail for crime than whites, they are the biggest % of drug dealers, murderers, drug dealers and people wonder why they afr so disliked.If you look at the UK for example, we never had half the bad crime till the black plague infected our country.

Just wondering why you mentioned drug dealers twice?

"Its a proven fact % of population more blacks are in jail for crime than whites, they are the biggest % of 'drug dealers, murderers, drug dealers' and people wonder why they afr so disliked."

Drugs must be heavy in the UK. Although, when I visited England and Amsterdam, I was only offered drugs by white people. They were artsy and cool, but I was never approached by a single black person in either country when it came to drugs. Can't say the same about when I am hanging out with friends in the USA, but the environment is totally different in the UK (and the surrounding countries).

Hey idiot! Its a proven fact that whites hold the record for murdering. I bet whom ever stated that the black population has the highest number for being in jail for selling drugs was said from a whitey. All your statistics mean nothing, you hate because you live in fear of the black race. I dare you to say any of this face to face with a black person.
For the idiot with so many questions that he thinks that blacks do. Why don't go and ask a black man a woman your stupid, ignorant questions.
Racist people are stupid, ignorant and freakn jealous but holes that will sell your mother for a dollar. Get a life cause you are some worth less pieces of horse crap.

and I dare you to say any of this face to face with any white person. Your statement that "you [white people] hate because you live in fear of the black race" implies that you think that black people are superior to white people, and if that's the case why would black people complain about how they aren't considered equal and how they aren't given a fair chance? Also, the fact that you have to revert to such childlike name calling such as "idiot" and "butthole" reinforce the obvious truth that you have no idea of what your talking about and that you should probably try harder to at least seem educated because nobody is going to take you seriously if all you can do is call people names. And maybe that is the problem with unequality in the workplace. Honestly if you don't try to get an education, odds are you probably aren't qualified for a good paying job. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate black people, and definetely not because I'm afraid of them, I just think that you guys give yourselves a bad name. And it's not all black people, just most of them, especially some of the ones posting comments here. So in the end if there is anyone to blame for your "unequality", it's mostly yourselves.

NO! That a lie,if we as human beings would accept one another for who they are this wouldn't be a problem! Don't you know that true Love is accepting someone for who they are? Bickering back and forth is not going to change anything it's making thing even worst! For the name calling one thing we all need to understant is (white) peoples are not (white) they are (PINK) they want you to believe they are pure,that not true! My people (black) stop calling yourseves (black) because (black) is something you can't even see,that is not true! We can be seen we are beautiful shades of colors! Don't stump to those people level have some pride,we know the truth and they know the truth! My sister who is trying to make some sense to these people about OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,leave that alone,there is no understanding of who our savior is,but we do,BLESS YOU SISTER! We are not the blame for our unequality,put the blame where it belong! When you know who you really are, you don't need to defend yourself! We don't imitate or duplicate we are the originators! Hold your heads up and walk with dignity! A WORD FROM THE WISE!

You need professional help. Are you that afaid of whites that you think we get together and come up with ways to hold down blacks? What is this shit about wanting people to think we are pure? I must have been absent the day we covered that at the Annual Meeting of the Evil White Mens Committee for Holding Back Black Society. or as we like to be called EWMCHBBS. We are not as popular as the naacp, but we are just as racist. We are white you are black. We are not pink. Our gums are pink, yours are blue. That we did cover at the last EWMCHBBS meeting. Have a good day and do hold your head high, smile, and show those blue gums.


Oh man, I just about pissed my pants when I read that acronym EWMCHBBS! Oh god, my side...LMAO! Priceless and funny right there!

Yeah just stopping by to check on this forum posting, can't believe it's still going. Looks like there has been some coon activity going on here since my last visit. Yeah the usual, misspellings, improper syntax, and grammar, from some slouched brow, jungle bunny who some how learned how to turn on the computer. Probably from watching the whites use them at the public library. It's 2011 now, I still don't care much for black folks, they are so low on intelligence and high on violence (and weed, PCP, crack, meth and anything else they can devour) that its hard to "care".

I just get so sick of going to the store to buy groceries only to find that the first of the month has passed and the stores have been pillaged clean of all the useful items. Wal-Mart looked like a war zone, and no shit, ALL THE BANANAS WERE GONE! Just proves how you can take the nig out the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the nig.

(may not like this next part at all, I'd advise skipping to the next paragraph)
Me and a buddy of mine came up with an idea on how to stop the blacks from breeding so much. You know, because there wild animals and all. Just spade and neuter them! Pretty easy right, all the males when first born, just cut their dick off. For the girls just use a coat rack to reach up in the vagina and pull out the ovaries. Simple, easy to perform, low cost and it will save trillions of dollar on social welfare hand out programs with in a matter of years. (Though there isn't much we can or should do to save the monetary system) So long as we keep the process going, and eventually one day we can look forward to a world free of all black oppression, because there won't be any left.

You thought my last story was too much? Really, got you all offended and junk? Good! Its time some one say something to the blacks. Or would you rather they continue to take over the whole damn country along with there new allies the fucking Mexican's. One city at a time, one ghetto at a time (that can be your new nig anthem) for when you've run this country into the ground.

It's coming people, it's coming. The end of this social order as we know it. Not the end of the world, just the lifestyle you have become accustomed to. It's got to end, and the sooner the better. Black people might be dumb as hell but that's from their own limitations and the restrictions placed on them over time. I'll agree to that much, no more though. Though they do have that street savvy that will help them survive when the economy finally collapses and the dollar is either phased out or replaced with yet just another stop gap measure to try and eek out yet a few more resources that will ultimately just end up in a damn landfill. Go consumers go, eat up America! Well that is what they want everyone to do anyway, you know, to help the corporate (white mans) pockets get even more packed with cash. So go buy those new rim's and use that money they keep on printing. It's fake money anyway!

Don't hate on me because of my standings toward people and society, it all makes perfect sense when you look at who the real enemy is. That being the Federal Reserve and the Corporations that have PAID IN FULL for their own private congressmen, you know that person you supposedly voted for? You vote for nothing, they give you the people they want in power, only to help further the agenda. The agenda is nothing more than simply staying in power for as long as possible, no matter the cost to human life or the planet itself. It's all irrelevant to them, in fact I'm sure the powers that be just love to see us on here bickering and arguing, lets them know we are not united in anyway and that they are winning. They win! We Lose. As long as this shit keeps happening and we keep on letting the free market enterprise system run its course, then we are going to wake up one day and realize that we have squandered all of our natural resources and that there truly is not enough to go around for everyone. I strongly urge anyone with half a brain to please research the Resource Based Economy System. It's not perfect, but its far better than anything we have today, and it may be the only course we can take to avoid widespread chaos and the decline of mankind as a whole. Don't just take my word for it, have a look for yourself. You can begin the name calling now!


My friend, It is not racist for people to discuss racial differences, as a matter of fact it is prudent! Governments can't solve the problems between races, people have to by getting to know each other and coming to understand each other. So if you can't handle the discussion hear at the adults table, they are serving kool-aid at the kiddies table!

Black people call each other nigger for two reasons:

1. To take the power away from the word

2. Because they CAN. They are in what's called the "in-group"

Some of you really need an education

ps- I don't know how all of you can be so "Black and white"....

We don't need to fight the war of our fathers.

a young white female.

Leah Walstrom,

You are brilliant. Thanks for posting something worth reading. Can I find you on facebook?

and as a young black male, i can say you are right. this whole section of postings are ignorant as f***. thanks for your post white girl.