Top 5 Reasons Americans are So Rude

I have the wonderful and unique opportunity to work closely with a number of people of various heritages and from countless countries around the world. Inevitably, when talking with a diverse group of people, the conversation often steers itself toward the differences or observations these people have made about the American way of life and our culture or lack thereof. Whether it's politics, cuisine, attitude, or history, one way or another the same question always arises: "Why are Americans so rude?" I think it's time I shed some light on this by answering their question once and for all.

Here are the top five reasons Americans are so rude.

5. Our Food Sucks

News flash people: If you find Americans rude, then maybe it's because you came to our house and behaved inappropriately! Every foreigner I've ever met has told me that American food is terrible and theirs is so much better. The United States has this uncanny way of taking food from other countries and completely changing it to suit its own tastes. The idea of a country adopting a cuisine and trying to make it its own is terrible, and has never been done before, anywhere. It certainly didn't work for rice and pasta, which as we all know are STILL only found in China, and it's an insult for us to have the nerve to try such a thing.

Since America is a melting pot of just about every culture on the planet, I can absolutely understand how it's hard to find anything to eat around here that resembles anything you have at home. In fact, American food sucks so much that when I travel, I make it a point to try all kinds of new things and embrace the cuisines of the countries I visit. So I can totally see why you would travel here, to live and work, but complain about the food and want it exactly the way you have it at home. In fact, with all the great food you have abroad, I don't understand why you would even leave your country/house in the first place, let alone come here, where we hardly have ANYTHING to eat at all.

The reason we are so rude is that we are constantly reminded how much our food sucks—and obviously, having nothing good to eat makes everyone irritable. It's a wonder you guys don't just open up your own authentic restaurants here and show us what good food really is. If yours is SO great then I'm sure you will have no trouble maintaining its authenticity while also turning a profit. I would be a loyal costumer for sure, but only if it's authentic food according to your high standards. Don't sell out your culture just to turn a profit, because that's been done before and clearly no one respects that in any way, plus it makes everyone judgmental and rude.

US Food Pyramid
All this food is fake and completely inedible, please go somewhere else.

4. We Don't Have Much History

Let's face it, the United States is less than 300 years old, and it's well known that every other country on the planet has been here since the big bang. What's worse, we actually took this country by force and are the only people to have the despicable gall to attempt this, throughout all of history. I mean, that has never been done before and it has never been done again since, so I can understand why you guys don't really like us but totally get along with each other.

Ships sailing to America
Who needs a land bridge when you have a boat?!
I think the main issue here is that America only elects its leaders by a unanimous vote, therefore we are all 100% responsible for any atrocities committed by our country, regardless of what leader caused them or when. Admittedly, this leaves us a little grouchy when one of us pulls a dick move which the rest of us have to answer for globally. Furthermore, we have to answer for every past atrocity in present time, no matter how much actual time passes.

To be honest, we are all a little envious of the rest of you, since you guys are able to just blame past atrocities on war mongering politicians of yesteryear or genocidal leaders of old. Unfortunately, we as Americans don't have that luxury and must answer for everything that any other American in "history" has ever done, regardless of who did it or how long ago it happened. This is totally our fault too, especially since we closed our borders to ALL immigration back in 1776 and have operated as a giant collective consciousness ever since, agreeing with EVERY SINGLE THING any of our unanimously elected officials do in the way of foreign or domestic policy. The upside though, is that because we are all exactly the same people/person we were hundreds of years ago (and there hasn't been ANY immigration since), we can each easily trace our lineage, which I know is very important to you all.

3. We Have No Culture

McDonald's flag being hoisted in World War II.
I seem to remember, not so long ago, our culture saved yours.
Like I said, America is a melting pot of each and every culture on the planet, which means that we clearly don't have any culture whatsoever. In fact, I want to personally thank all of you who came here, leaving all of your cultures completely behind. Your sacrifice has kept this nation completely uniform and identical from coast to coast, making it really easy for us all to agree on everything.

Having no "valid" history to speak of and no "authentic" food to eat also really helps in maintaining a complete culture-sucking vortex of a nation, which America is so well known for. I mean, think about what would happen if all of you had brought that culture here with you when you came. Eventually the entire nation would be so culturally diverse that none of us would be able to agree on anything at all! Think about how hard it would be for the rest of the world to understand when one group of people did something that another group of people, in the same country, completely disagreed with. If that happened, each of us as individuals would lose all our global accountability as a nation and the rest of the world would have to stop lumping us together into one giant collective consciousness. Do you know how terribly inconvenient that would be, for the rest of the world, to see and understand that much diversity and culture within one nation? No, it is much better that the world doesn't have to deal with so much diversity in one location and can keep the entire nation culpable for its leaders' decisions and actions, or lack thereof.

I think what the world sees as rude, is really just a collective conscious, speaking uniformly all at once, for the actions of a nation where we all unanimously agree. I mean look at New York City, clearly the most uniform city in the world, as anyone living there can attest. They are globally recognized as the rudest city on the planet and I for one am certain it is because they are all the same people, speaking as one, due to a complete lack of culture.

2. We Have No Real Language

One of the things most often misunderstood about America is how it communicates with people from other parts of the world. You see, because we are so ubiquitously uniform and lack any real culture, history, or food, we also lack any "real" language. As opposed to all the other countries of the world who have unique languages (invented from scratch with no common historical ties), we had to grotesquely incorporate other languages into one. You can imagine that with no real history or culture to draw on, this was quite a challenge for us to say the least. We basically had to invent something completely different, out of something that already existed, and then somehow make it our own. Like some of the other things I've mentioned in this article, this has never before been done, in any other country, which I imagine is why it is difficult for the rest of the world to embrace.

Our language is unique in that it is the only one of its kind derived from another similar language, but with changes made to certain words in both spelling and pronunciation. It has its own "cultural" idioms and "historical" phrases, which are completely confusing due to our complete lack of culture and history, which is probably why there are so many misunderstanding with people from other nations. Essentially, everything we say is wrong, because it isn't communicated the same way in your language back home and we didn't take the time to learn yours before you came here.

I mean, I know how rude Americans are in that we go to other countries and don't bother to become completely fluent in the language before getting there, yet we expect you to understand us perfectly. So I can totally understand when you come here and we sound different to you, how that is equally as upsetting, since we AGAIN didn't bother to become completely fluent in YOUR language before you got here. Especially since our language is not even "real" in any way, shape, or form, while yours is completely valid and authentic. To compound matters, we even have different accents across the nation and say things completely differently from one region to the next, which isn't done anywhere else in the world.

Map of different language dialects in America
Dialect Map of American English (Hawaiian and Alaskan dialects not shown)

1. Our Rude House Guests

By far the number one reason that Americans are so rude is because we are constantly plagued by really rude house guests. Everyone knows someone who shows up at their house either graciously invited or completely unannounced, who ends up behaving completely inappropriately while they are at your place. They eat your food while complaining about the quality of it. They squat on your couch but get ornery if you ask them to contribute. They leave a big mess and expect other people to clean it up. They steal stuff when they leave, because they have less than you. Worst of all, they blatantly criticize you to your face the entire time they are there as YOUR house guest.

Map of US with faces
Lacking any "real" culture since 1776.
Sound familiar? Well it should, because I just described the vast majority of people who come to this country in search of a better life, or even those who just stop by for a visit. I work with people from a wide assortment of nationalities who are also some of the most educated scientific minds on the planet. I can say, hands down, that they ALL have one thing in common: they are the rudest guests I have ever known. I love and embrace cultural diversity, but you people are giving your countries a bad name. I would NEVER show up at someone else's doorstep and tell them that they have no culture, history, palatable food, or criticize the way they speak or do things in their house. That is the very definition of rude behavior which understandably would make the person who actually lives there respond in kind.

News flash people: If you find Americans rude, then maybe it's because you came to our house and behaved inappropriately! You are no better than us and it's time you got off your high horse and took a look around you. No one has "authentic" food, not even you! There is no minimum time stamp on history and don't you dare judge us for atrocities you have also historically committed, you reverse ageist. Culture isn't defined by how unique it is, because last time I checked there were very few completely isolated and culturally uninfluenced countries on this planet, you elitist snob.

US flag with Statue of Liberty
By the way, that statue is French and we happen to love it!
Oh and if you're having trouble understanding what I'm saying or why I'm being so rude now, then maybe it's because you were too busy being rude yourself, by pointing out all our faults and being disrespectful during your stay here, to learn how sarcastic we are. For someone who claims to understand so many different language subtleties, it's a wonder you never picked up on the subtle irony of being rude and disrespectful, while telling others they are rude and disrespectful.

Fortunately, if you don't like it here, you're free to leave whenever you want! Otherwise, try and embrace something different, eat what's served to you, be respectful to your host, and show some gratitude for the opportunities you've been given! I'm pretty sure that is a globally recognized, universal standard of how to act when you are out in the world.

Welcome to America; we may do things a little differently than you...or maybe not so much. Mi casa es su casa!

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KC Jayfree's picture

I was going to skip this one, but this is by far your greatest work. Kudos my man.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks kc,
That's nice of you to say.

Bill Dixon's picture

I read it and...well I am sensing some sarcasm...part of me thinks you might not actually think those things.

Awesome article-5 stars-all red, white and blue.


Andrei Trostel's picture

Sarcasm? I'm sure I don't know what you mean. :P

Thanks Bill.

Gavin Pitt's picture

I don't think Americans are any ruder than any other nation. It's a combination of your insane religious rong with its tentacles reaching everywhere, your access to nuclear weapons and your insistence that pumpkins are dessert that has us Rest of the Worlders talking about you when you leave the room... *g*

Great article! I'll be sure to print it out and wallpaper my house with it so that when America invades Oz, I may be spared

Andrei Trostel's picture

For the record, most of the religious dogma that gets passed down through the various Christian religions comes from Vatican control over religious documents and their interpretation or lack there of. Last time I checked, the Vatican wasn't located anywhere in the U.S. so I find it ironic that we get blamed for the religious rong and its abusive misinterpretation of religious messages. In addition, the other main religions and their misinterpretations/all out wars, are also not not rooted in this country. We are certainly not the only ones with nuclear weapons or their proliferation throughout the world. Your pumpkin observations almost sounds suspiciously like a unique cultural cuisine. We don't have any unique cultural cuisine for you to think strangely of...or so I am so often told by our visitors. The Rest of the Worlders need to get their stories and judgments in line with their proclaimed high levels of worldly acceptance of different cultures, lest they be seen as non-accepting, cultural judgmental and rude. You know, people in glass houses and all that....

Thanks for your comment though Gavin.

Gavin Pitt's picture

I dunno dude; every time I go on Gay news sites, it seems another Wingnut Yankee with a bible in his claw and a chip on his shoulder the size of Lot's Wife is blaming Me and My Peeps for 1] The Downfall of Civilization 2] The Destruction of the Family Unit 3] that week's Natural Disaster. And anyway, God is on your currency. Check and mate *g*

Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha you love to call the game right at the start don't you Gavin? Once again check and mate is a little premature, but that's cool, some guys have issues with premature finishes. (kidding of course) :P
First of all, I never said we don't have bible thumping crazies here. I just said that what creates them is due to influences from the sources of these religious debates. These sources are not in this country by any stretch of the imagination which is pretty hard to disagree with, wouldn't you say? It is pretty well established that all the major religions are rooted in countries other than this one, so blaming the religious wackos on America is pretty misguided. It's like blaming a person for having cancer when someone else is withholding not only the education for cancer prevention in the first place, but also the ultimate cure for the disease itself. Control of that information and thus the power to influence the world for the greater good is being maintained and withheld outside of the U.S. borders and always has been.

Ironically, the 1st amendment to the United States Constitution regarding the separation of church and state, demonstrates that the U.S. government, at it's basic core values, doesn't wish to intertwine policy with various misguided different religious doctrines. The fact that it is still at the center of many debates today, demonstrates how divided the county really is in it's political views versus it's religious views. To ignore such a division and say Americans are this way or that way is being just as culturally blind and ignorant as we are always being accused of.

The past half-century has witnessed a surge of Christian fundamentalists toward politics due to the decisions by the United States Supreme Court in 1962 to prohibit state-sanctioned prayer in public schools in the case of Engel v. Vitale and in 1963 to prohibit mandatory Bible reading in public schools in the case of Abington School District v. Schempp. This clearly demonstrates that the U.S. government is still trying to get away from religious influence and is in conflict with the religious influence itself that is now fighting back toward an integration into the government in order to infuse the laws with their misguided doctrine. That is where your anti-gay bashing comes from Gavin. It isn't the American way to gay bash and be intolerant. On the contrary, it is the American way that is actually fighting FOR equality and freedom, not against it. Equality and freedom is what this country has always been about and those values are most often stymied by outside influences, often of highly religious origins. God being on our currency is just a demonstration of the religious influence within the government that has always been present in all politics since the dawn of time. That is NOT unique to America and to think otherwise is just silly and demonstrates not only a lack of American cultural understanding but a lack of basic global history.

Religion in politics predates either of our countries, Gavin, and to blame core American values for anti-gay legislation brought about by religious values is just as ignorant as the anti-gay legislation itself. Religion itself is your culprit here, not America.

Gavin Pitt's picture

Well, at least we agree that the Religious Rong are an insidious problem.

I have no problem with America. Especially your 20-something jocks. In fact, I would like to extend diplomatic relations between our two great countries right now, and offer my bedroom as a safehouse to any of your 20-something males that require sanctuary *g*

Wow, some of these reader comments are *harsh*. You've become PIC's version of Michael Moore, Andrei!

BBQ pure American!

Andrei Trostel's picture

YES BBQ! in the interest of full disclosure, the word Barbecue is a cross between Native American and Caribbean origins in the form of "Barabicu" which means "sacred fire pit." It then entered European languages in the form of Barbacoa and then the word migrated back into American English as Barbecue later abbreviated to BBQ.

As far as the general practice of cooking seasoned or flavored meat over a fire pit goes, it is kind of hard to argue that it isn't just a basic human function dating back to everyone's origins.

Now that said, an American BBQ certainly has its own style, flavor and culture even if it is practiced the world over in some form or another.

Thank you, an excellent example, but other than that...and every other example of unique food/history/culture/language, we don't have anything unique as I am so often told by our visitors. (Please note the heavy sarcasm.)


Cheer up dude I have good news

BBQ is not American but bad spelling is

In English

flavour is spelt like this

humour like this

and the season is autumn not 'fall' which means nothing , Canada,New Zealand and the Aussies are fine with this but the US not so , so that is kind of unique.

As for those pesky visitors I suspect there will be far fewer of them due to your hot murderer , who will she kill next I wonder ? Viva White Justice !

Bad spelling , white justice and people campaigning against universal health care! Vive la difference !

Andrei Trostel's picture

I love that the Joy Division fan is starting the comment with "Cheer up... "

That certainly makes a case for u, when it comes to humor. :P

It's almost like you are saying we have our very own form of language in America that isn't anywhere else where they speak English, surely that can't be true and MUST be incorrect. HAHA!

You're a glass half empty kind of bloke aren't you? It must be the whole Joy Division/Nirvana lead singer suicide stuff doing that to you. Perhaps in your melancholy state of mind you missed all the people campaigning FOR universal health care and better justice in the same exact country you think is campaigning against it. I get it though, it is probably easier for you to just lump everyone in the whole country together as you see them, because that is far more enlightened than actually seeing people as individuals.

Clearly the justice system in England is much better since no one on the planet has ever complained about anything you have done throughout history. Hey by the way, how is that compensation and repatriation for Diego Garcia going or is that still bogged down in litigation?

Once again, people in glass houses probably shouldn't be throwing stones. Let's try and focus on our similarities more, shall we?



your link 4 diego+garcia wont work for me so you can email me the jist if you like.

Unfortunately our similarities are a bit negative................obesity , stupidity, not learning the language of others , i spent the last week in Iceland and most peeps there spoke 20+ languages , except the brits and the yanks who only spoke one language , people from Chicago and the UK at least made the effort and were accepted but most of the rest just shouted....................................

what is the diego garcia deal ?

Andrei Trostel's picture

It just links to the comments below about Diego Garcia as a reference to what I am talking about. I didn't want the rest of the readers to feel left out of the loop and start shouting, because they don't understand. ;)

I think BBQ in it's current incarnation is American ,the particular styles and ingredient groups used today were developed by slaves before the American civil war ,the idea of dicing a brisket is also American ,due solely from people living long enough to have no teeth ,the diced brisket was made that way so slaves whose teeth were all lost could still eat it , it the southwest styles of BBQ the ingredients are entirely from the America's ,even today the very things I use to make smoked brisket are ingredients that are grown in the America's , to be exact ,they are grown in the united States ,mostly in New Mexico and Texas .Having tried BBQ in other countries I can say that BBQ in America is not only unique but far superior to what is made in other countries ,even in the United States there are over a 100 different styles ,most of which are localized by the ingredients found in that area.

Andrei Trostel's picture

There is absolutely no question whatsoever that America has its own incarnation of BBQ with many different styles. I'm reminded of Rhett and Link's BBQ song as case closing evidence.

For those of you slow on the sarcasm of Americans, this song and its presentation is also comedy.


Nice video , reminds me of how I got started and all the failures along the way in BBQ and smoked meats.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Yeah, it is even more funny if you are familiar with them, because of course they don't look like that or are even remotely as dumb as to mix up Florida with California let alone all the other little gems in the video. They really did a great job with the satire of it all.

I think BBQ in it's current incarnation is American ,the particular styles and ingredient groups used today were developed by slaves before the American civil war ,the idea of dicing a brisket is also American ,due solely from people living long enough to have no teeth ,the diced brisket was made that way so slaves whose teeth were all lost could still eat it , it the southwest styles of BBQ the ingredients are entirely from the America's ,even today the very things I use to make smoked brisket are ingredients that are grown in the America's , to be exact ,they are grown in the united States ,mostly in New Mexico and Texas .Having tried BBQ in other countries I can say that BBQ in America is not only unique but far superior to what is made in other countries ,even in the United States there are over a 100 different styles ,most of which are localized by the ingredients found in that area.

Andrei Trostel's picture

There is absolutely no question whatsoever that America has its own incarnation of BBQ with many different styles. I'm reminded of Rhett and Link's BBQ song as case closing evidence.

For those of you slow on the sarcasm of Americans, this song and its presentation is also comedy.


I love how there is an ad for USA immigration services next to your article.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha I think the ad picking program just gave you an extra dose of comedy by picking a key word from the article or something. Actually these types of serendipitous ad choices are probably the only good reason to NOT log in with a profile. There are no ads when reading while logged in.

As I viewed this post, I Agreed with a lot of the points you made, but i have to disagree with some to, just due to the fact that Other countries are rude too. In China Every Worker(meaning every person really) gets a house looking the same as the other person's house, a block made out of cement. When you come of age from school, you don't decide your job. Though you can marry who you want , You live in your work area, so you don't get to see your spouse for days or weeks. This cause pure hatred toward rules, and what do the leaders do? They use their military strength to hold power. They even post a big green mailbox, where you can put complaints about other workers in the area. Us, in our Every-One-Is-Equal way, think, "who would rat out our fellow workers?" The green mailboxes are near full to the bring every day with complaints about other workers.

Even if America is not maybe the most nicest place, People want to be there because it is maybe nicer ,and or better, than their own home.

Though, your main points are so very true!

Question:Gavin Pitt said "America invading Oz" what do you mean Oz? (Wizard of Oz? O.o)

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks Nathan.
Haha, Actually, I think that was my point: "Other countries are rude too."


I think they changed the letters because some people might mispronounce Aussy (like it might rhyme with mousey), but Ozzie or Oz is less likely to be mispronounced. It also looks cooler than Aus, which could also be mispronounced with an accent to sound like Ass or something. Plus Oz has the obvious Wizard of Oz connection as a most wondrous place.


Gavin Pitt's picture

Yes, we call it "Oz" to try and get people to realize 'Aussie" pronounced "Ozzie" (like Ozzy Osbourne) rather than "Oss- Sea", like Sarah Michelle Gellar says it *g*

Lina's picture

Maybe u got a point, maybe u dont. From personal experience i can tell you one thing: people love to nag and complain! I'd bet u a million bucks that those same people that bitch about the states to u start swearing at everyone and everything around them in less than a week's time when they go back home. Personally i dont find americans really rude, i guess the word thats more applicable here is anti-social. People here tend to mind their own business, mainly leading very individualistic lives with a very high regard to personal space and privacy which tends to make them much less approachable than people from other countries. But i guess thats cuz they got a shitload of stuff goin on and they're always stressed out mainly cuz the work environment is highly competitive and blah blah and so on and so forth. Its definitely a different atmosphere from what a lot of immigrants are accustomed to, but eventually they will adapt. I mean after all the entire continent was built by the hands of immigrants and that on its very own is the definition of american culture.

But u also have to understand that america is one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world, and that has been the case for quite a while now. It's also one of the few countries that has the veto power in the UN and its foreign policies tend to interfere with those of many other countries. The lives of ur politicians are on public display for the entire world to mock whether we're talkin about clinton's indiscretions or bush's stupidities, mainly thanks to the american media, so they become very easy targets especially when they decide to launch wars that effect the lives of millions of ppl. Whats even more frustrating is that the american population is only fed wut its government wants it to see. For example, me i'm syrian, when i first got to canada i was at a bar with a bunch of friends and somehow in the conversation i mentioned that i was syrian. Some were completely shocked cuz apparently i dont fit their 'image' of an arab, and then one of them asks me how come i was drinking alcohol so i asked him where exactly is the problem with that? He was like well i thought its against ur religion to drink. Hahaha the funniest shit was when i told them i was christian, an arab christian??! Holly mother of christ! Does that even exist?! So i was like dude... where was christ born? He says Bethlehem. Good we're on the same page, and where is that? He says in the Middle east. Perfect! So if the roots of christianity were fostered in the middle east, and the middle east is mainly inhibited by arabs, why is the idea of christian arabs so absurd? Oh then i got questions about whether i lived in a tent and if i used to ride a camel to school and so on... Anyway my point is, that so called war against terrorism, although valid on many levels, becomes a joke when the truth gets distorted. What happened in iraq... it was a tragedy that could have been avoided. Saddam was a monster yes, but in which right does the united states invade another country halfway across the world? Yes the man tortured his own people but he was not a threat to the world. And when arabs are portrayed as friggin savages on the news where women are covered from head to toe in black and men are screaming religious chants then its only normal that people will support such a war. After the bloodbath in iraq, they interfered with the situation in lebanon. This is why ur country's politics are criticized. They interfere in everyone else's business!! So i'm sorry, but when u tell me that ur history is criticized, yes there most definitely is a legitimate reason for that, and the past keeps resurfacing only because it is being reinforced by the present.

Ahh yes... another point i'd like to make is that while immigrants here criticize the states, americans abroad also criticize the people and the culture of the countries they live in. I spent 18 years in an international school, met people there form all over the world, and yes a lot of them were americans too. When i was 17, my 23 year old physical education teacher (who's from arizona) kept immitating the 'syrian' walk, makin fun of the way people drive, their laid back attitude and so on. And while sarcasm can be entertaining at times, there's joking and then there's takin it too far. He did however learn his lesson after i kicked his ass in a game of one on one basketball. But anyway, my point is that i guess its just human nature to mock and criticize others. I guess it somehow functions as a means to making them feel better about themselves, there's always something to complain about u.

If u really wanna shut those friends of urs up... study up a little bit about their own countries or even get them to talk about their childhood and wut it was like growing up back home when they're a little drunk. U'd be surprised what u might learn, and its always useful info to use against them when they start blabbing and offending u. If u say it in a teasing/joking manner they wont get offended but at the same time they'll get ur point.

Andrei Trostel's picture

I'm not sure how to respond to this Lina. My inclination is to study up on Syria, get you drunk and ask you what it was like growing up back home. (<-only kidding, I don't really want to shut you up). :P
I hear what you are saying about the power and influence we have but we aren't the only ones with veto power in the U.N. so I am reluctant to believe that the harsh American criticism is due to veto power alone, lest the other 4 nations fall under the same exact global judgments. As far as invading other countries half way across the world, I think you have a very valid point there. I think Americas harshest critiques come when our boots hit the ground in other countries. It is important to realize though that not everyone in this country agrees with those decisions and to lump us all together is just as ludicrous as thinking all Arabs ride camels to school or that ALL Germans in WWII were Nazis. Bush was elected by a very very very small majority and within that same slim majority there were different factions with diverse political agenda focuses. That tells you that exactly half of the nation or more wouldn't have made the same overall choices as he did during his presidency. So again, to say Americans are this way or that is just ignoring that American cultural and political divide altogether. My main point here is that stereotyping of any kind is a really bad idea and only demonstrates a hypocritical ignorance to refuse to acknowledge cultural diversity within a single nation. This nation as you said, was "built by the hands of immigrants and that on its very own is the definition of American culture." There is NO WAY all those various entities agree on everything the government does just because they are all "American" and thus "American" shouldn't be stereotyped as this way or that, any more than Arabs should be stereotyped as this way or that...or anyone else for that matter.
So yeah, maybe I got a point and maybe I don't, but I dare say that since my main point was always that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, I think it is a global point that we all already agree upon on many levels.

Thanks for your comment Lina.

Lina's picture

Hahahaaa, i gotta say that i do enjoy a good debate especially now that i'm on vacation for a while and i have the time to think about things besides school and the fucked up state of the economy.

So yes yes i know ur not the only country who has veto power, but u do tend to exercise it more often than the others do but thats besides the point i was tryin to make. The only reason i mentioned that was to support my claim that as a country america is very influential and tends to interfere in the policies of other countries. And as European said, a lot of other countries do view the 'war on terrorism' in the middle east as a tactic to gain more influence and benefit from the raw materials that area is very rich in. I'm not gonna go into the details of this because i can go on and on, i was living in lebanon when the war broke out there in the summer of 2006 and trust me i can back up every claim i make with a ton of facts.

I do however agree that one cannot stereotype an entire nation based on the actions of some of its citizens and yes i do know that Bush did not have the support of every single american citizen and that the results of the election that year were very close. But as Mr. Skungeous mentions, these people are highly visible and they do send off a negative image to other countries. I'm not saying this to attack you, i'm just tryin to explain to u the perspective of other people and why they might say the things they do and where its coming from.

I also agree with Nate, that perhaps americans are not as culturally diverse because they do live so far away. Most europeans and arabs that i've met have done their fair share of traveling and therefore i guess have been exposed to more diversity. But this is not to say that it makes amricans rude, i guess it just makes them more engulfed in their own lives in their own country without much thought about the rest of the world. But hey, i've also met americans that have traveled a lot, that are really open-minded and that are very cultured. I guess it all depends on the individual.

Andrei i do enjoy reading ur articles, and the fact that u reply promptly only makes it a more enjoyable experience. Hahaha but i have to say that although a lot of guys have have been inclined to get me drunk, u are definitely the first who's ulterior motive is to question me about my childhood :P Hahahaaaa fine fine i'll shutup now! :P

Andrei Trostel's picture

First and foremost, thank you for your comments and your witty repartee. On the contrary I do not want you to shut up and enjoy a good debate as well, so let me address a few of your statements. (a lot of the other points you mention I addressed when replying to the other people)

Someone needs to explain to me this interesting dichotomy of Americans being so engulfed in their own country yet being so involved everywhere else in the world. You kind of can't have it both ways can you? Are we reclusive and uninterested in the rest of the world or are we all up in everyone's business? The two are really mutually exclusive aren't they?

As far as war as a tactic to gain more influence and benefit from a region, I need your help there Lina. Since you were in Lebanon in 2006 and probably have a much better understanding of it than I, can you please do me a favor and explain to me how the conflict in that region isn't about control of a region with major influence? One of the biggest complaints about America is that we are getting involved in order to gain more influence in a highly influential region. Yet the biggest roadblocks for peace in the region come from various countries in the region and the immediate inhabitants who are warring for control of the influential region. You see what I am saying?

I never said that America doesn't do things in the world that I personally and many others here aren't morally against. What I said is that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


this is INCREDIBLY biased... its useless.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Your comment on the other hand is overflowing with usefulness.
Thanks for that.

Dude, what do you know? You go to Evergreen State College, a dumb school that does not give out grades and a bunch of potheads for students.

Andrei Trostel's picture

The irony of you stereotyping an entire student body based on the actions of a few of them is staggering and hilarious. It gave me a good laugh though, so thanks for that.

Well, I'll just say it, it took a lot of balls to write this article. My initial knee-jerk response to seeing this article was to get offended. But it was a really well written article.

Can I just throw off one more possible reason why Americans are rude and/or insensitive to other cultures? We lack available access to them. We are surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. People in Europe can spend a few Euros and see about a dozen countries in a week. For an American family to even go to ONE European city would cost thousands of dollars. So, our national psyche developed differently from other cultures that have constant access to other cultures. That's not to say that America isn't diverse. It's just that ethnically diverse immigrants try to assimilate into American culture.

So really, I don't think that we wake up in the morning and say, "I am going to hate on France." It's just that the average American has no ready access to very many other cultures, thereby developing an independent (and sometimes biased and rude) spirit.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks Nate,

It's an interesting point, although there are a lot of nations that are just as isolated as we are with completely different mind sets, so I am not sure how much location actually plays into it. I think it is partly what you astutely mentioned but with the extra added element of power as Lina has suggested. In short, a case of the haves and have nots perhaps.

I have to agree with Lina, americans are not rude people, you are just somewhat diferent in the way that you are a little bit too much "down to your own business" kind of people. I lived for 6 months in the Everett-Lynnwood area, wich im sure you´re familiar with, and i noticed how its really hard to find people to talk to walking on the streets, everyone seems to have a very strict day plan that is so hard to bypass, people go from work to their houses, wait until the next morning go to work and get back again. i think you´re right when you say that people who go to the U.S. should care about grasping the culture instead of whining about stuff.
i have a video on youtube about immigration that you might wanna see, its on:
btw, that picture of the guy with the hat and the bling bling showed up randomly, thats not the way that i want to be pictured

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thank you for your comment and your video. I really liked your video and I think it delivers a powerful and valuable message. Open communication is always beneficial whenever it comes to cultural understanding or misunderstanding. So again, thank you for reaching out and making that video.
Oh and btw that picture is just the default Anonymous picture. You can create a profile and up load a picture and not only will the site run faster and be free of ads, but you will also not be portrayed as the pimped out smurf Indiana Jones Anonymous guy ever again.

I've spent too many years in U.S.
All I can say is that it's nice article.
Probably without sarcasm it would be closer to the truth.
Americans are very good people.

I just hate MTV and all "stupid stuff" (hollow Oscar movies, TV program with Paris Hilton, news, many reality shows about stupid people or "so called stars") coming from U.S. which makes us think that U.S. is a country full of less intelligent people. In Europe we laugh from ordinary Americans filmed being asked to show the rest of the world on map (they have problems even with finding countries such as United Kingdom, Iran, North Korea, Iraq!, China or Russia). Maybe it's just a problem with basic education in U.S.
Another problem that makes us laugh is huge amount of fat children in USA. Don't You have any gyms?
Also in Europe we see Your "war on terrorism" as common military operation to gain proffits by stealing goods from Iraq and whatever...

Rest of the world just wants to live in peace. That's why we pretend not to see those things.

And this "The Hurt Locker" movie? Just give me a brake. Even Your soldiers in Iraq say that's just a stupid fiction and a piece of shit...

I hope all negative stereotypes about Your nation will change in future.
U.S. is a nice country. I've got many friends there. They're great people. Best regards :)

Andrei Trostel's picture


You've touched on an interesting point that I was hoping someone would bring up. Many of the opinions of Americans are based on television shows and movies etc. Wow, I don't blame the world for thinking badly of us if their opinion is based on movies and television, but what an absurd notion, to judge a country on it's television programing or movies. Does the world think that people from India are dancing and singing in the streets to each other because of Bollywood? Does the world think that people from Japan are completely insane based on their bizarre game shows? Does the world think that England is one big Monty Python skit? The idea of judging a country by watching it's television or movies etc. is completely ludicrous. As far as stopping people on the street and quizzing them you have to realize that for every dumb ass they found, they didn't show you the thousands that answered correctly. We laugh at those responses too which is precisely why it is on in the first place. It is hilarious that someone wouldn't know those basic facts. If we all didn't know them it wouldn't be funny and thus wouldn't be broadcast in the first place. I have seen identical versions of that scenario in many other countries as well and they are all equally as comical.

As far as the rest of the world wanting to live in peace it wasn't so long ago that we were doing our best to stay out of a global war until we were attacked and came to the rescue of so many later grateful nations. When it works for people we are heroes but when it doesn't we are profit seeking war mongers. If the rest of the world just wants to live in peace then someone needs to explain to me what the hell is going on in the Middle East, North/South Korea, India and Pakistan, Dafur, Sudan, oh and more recently Bosnian/Serbian and Rwandan genocides. Clearly the rest of the world doesn't just want to live in peace. If they did then I would wager that you would see drastically less involvement from Americans, that is until maybe a bunch of planes were hijacked and then flown into buildings in the name of...what was it again? Oh right, peace. (<-note not aggression, but rather sarcasm) :P

Thank you for your comment and more specifically addressing the media issue.

<< As far as the rest of the world wanting to live in peace it wasn't so long ago that we were doing our best to stay out of a global war until we were attacked >> Until you were attacked ?

Ok, I don't wanna sound stupid or anything, but I want to bring a point here. Don't hate me on this one, I just want to show what could be possible and I know I'm not the first one who thought about it.

The other day, I started to read about skullz and bones. You know that '' secret society trying to rule the world '' . I read this article saying that they had something to do with the assassination of JFK ( I never said I believe that ) and why they would have done that, it would be because when you create a massive terror in a population, they are easier to control.
I know americans dont like it when we say that but, what if your leaders did that to control you better?
Politicians ( not only americans, every politicians ) will do whatever they need to, to get what they want. that's my point.

Oh and by the way, your article's damn good AND I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT THE FOOD! Sorry USA, when I go visit you down there I make sure to bring as much food as possible, especially butter and ketchup ( yes your ketchup is different than ours even if its the same brand ). And thanks for McDonald. Food of the drunk and stoner.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Vince - cad,

Haha I know that we are all in a very short attention span massive epidemic, but the not so long ago I was referring to was actually WWII (hence the phrase global war). I think it is difficult to imagine that all those Japanese planes were a conspiracy.

I am loving that some people take some parts seriously and others take them sarcastically (as they were meant). It is particularly amusing when someone says they agree with me and then state something completely opposite to what I was saying. Too funny.

It really just highlights the differences and misunderstandings that I think we all experience with each other whether we are from the same country or not.

Thanks for your hate on my end.


Hehe I get your point Andrei ! And one last comment. I just love the way you created controversy. keep doing it !

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks Vince - cad,
If you are new to PIC, then welcome. If you like comedy and controversy, I suspect you may never leave. Have a great day!

I've read a few articles of yours in the past and found you mildly amusing. This article is idiotic, slanted, and not really funny at all. I don't know what you were aiming for but you missed.

As an American who feels like patting themselves on the back, you are not qualified to see how people view you in foreign countries.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks Derek, for finding me mildly amusing in the past.
I'm sorry that I didn't manage to live up to your mild expectations with this one but I assure you that I am more than qualified to listen to people from other countries. Hopefully I'll get a laugh out of you in the future...though I do tend to write a lot of idiotic stories so maybe not.

You are quite right that Americans are not uniform or unanimous. There is, however, a noisy and arrogant element in your society which enrages those of other nationalities. They may not be representative, but they're highly visible and they give the entire country a bad name by putting down or advocating harm towards other nations. With all due respect, the socially responsible folks of America need to get that mob in check, pronto.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Mr. Skungeous,
I agree with you 100%
I'm curious though, can you please find me one country in the world that doesn't have ANY ignorant people in it who advocate harm toward others? When that country exists I'll personally write a letter to our president suggesting we follow their moral code. Although he doesn't really listen to me.

I could name a few nations which, on the whole, take a dim view of international bullying. What I've written is not an attack upon America, and to be honest it easily could have been; I'm a very, very angry Canadian who is so sick of the public face of America that he can't bring himself to watch the news any more. But I want to be fair and constructive, so I'm pointing out that it's radicals who are doing the damage. I'll feel more inclined to respect America when I feel less stepped-on.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Don't get me wrong, like I said, I agree with you. However to think we have any control over a vocal obnoxious minority in a country of free speech is just not realistic. In addition, we elect our leaders based on an election platform that is often abandoned by the politician after they get into office. That is why politicians are often synonymous with dirty words. We listen, we choose the lesser of two evils usually, we vote, we hope everyone else voted the same way (often not) and then have to wait four years until we can vote again (for president that is). A lot of damage can happen in four years. To be blamed by the world for all that crap in those four years even if we didn't vote for the person just seems ridiculously unwarranted. That is the boat about 50% of Americans are usually in. Often times people have pet agendas too, we vote on the stuff that matters most to each of us and are forced to take the rest with it like it or not because there are usually only two choices in the end.
I hear what you are saying though and ironically half of the country or more agrees with you. So now what do we do....suggestions? Exactly, not much, except vote again in four years. I mean the president has NEVER taken my calls.

Those of us in Canada who support our traditional social values have a fight on our hands too. All we can really do is try to lead by example, and promote an awareness that being a jerk really isn't all that cool or profitable. It's an uphill battle against a mass media which encourages a trivial and egotistical attitude. The best thing that could happen for North American social health as a whole is if the entire continent unplugged their TV sets, but that's just wishful thinking.

As for the American government, I'm actually surprised by the Obama administration. They really do seem to be putting citizens above corporations, or at least are very good at making it appear so. If the Democrats can keep up this performance and the Republicans can get back to their roots and stand for the good of the people, then I'd be as happy seeing either party at the reins. I do sincerely wish you and your countrymen luck in the quality of your future leadership.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks, and to you as well.

New Zealand
Costa Rica

I agree with your general points but how many countries have an expensive torture programme and no universal health care ?

Andrei Trostel's picture

Just so we are clear, the question was "can you please find me one country in the world that doesn't have ANY ignorant people in it who advocate harm towards others?"

Reports regarding hate crimes in:
New Zealand
Costa Rica

My point isn't that America doesn't have a lot of things wrong with it and that serious changes need to be made. My point is that people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones. Intolerance is NOT an American attribute, but a human one and to demonize an entire nation of diverse people from all across the globe, based on their nationality alone, shows the same amount of ignorance that you are accusing Americans of.

Thank you for reading and for your comment.

Update: Just checking, but did you mean a different Norway?

Yeah, like I said, every country has ignorant fuck heads who advocate harm towards others, let's not pretend this is unique to America, lest you run the risk of being just as ignorant.

I wish things were different around the world, but sadly they're not.

Dear Andrei,

Go fuck yourself.

With serious and malicious intent,

An American

Andrei Trostel's picture

It's unclear whether or not this American (dr_retarded) actually read the article, but my money is on "No."

You got me. But I still stand by my previous statement.

Andrei Trostel's picture

HAHA, The irony of you being unwilling to read the article is hilarious. Come on man, give it a try. You might be surprised at what you discover.

lolol, this is kind of true.

i know, because i live in america.

i wouldn't say we are as rude as the past americans though.

seriously? getting into every other country's business? pushing the native indians off the land without asking and claiming it for ourselves.. and they were here first! its kind of embarassing..

and of course, the prejudice against blacks, japanese, native americans, and immigrants decades ago. when it was supposed to be a free country. we still have it today, but not as much as before.

Andrei Trostel's picture

So you are saying we are getting better?
I like your optimism, Aurell.
We certainly have a lot we need to work on, but then who doesn't.

Bill Dixon's picture

Jesus, 36 comments? If i'm the 1000 commenter to I get a t-shirt with a picture of your face with the word xenophobic underneath?

If you thought the I'm with stupid shirts were a big hit,

Remember the time that we were comedians and the things we said were inherently understood as tongue in cheek?

Yeah, those were the days.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha I don't think I will ever become xenophobic Bill, even after answering 1000 comments. If it makes you feel better, technically half of them are me replying so it is more like 18 or so. :P I try and make a point to reply to each one (directed at me), because I feel I owe it to the readers to care about what they say since they cared enough to take the time to read what I had to say. (Whether they thought it was good or bad) So yeah, bring it on everyone and keep those great comments coming. I'll do my best to reply although I may have to sleep at some point too. ;-)

I remember those days fondly Bill (last week). Trying desperately to bring more laughter into the world while delivering subtle messages. Out in the open for everyone to see and heckle if they so desired. Hmmm not much has changed actually.

Interesting piece! And great comments from your readers. I especially liked yours, Lina.

I am an American living in Mexico- yup, a legal immigrant gone south. (I suppose that can be taken a lot of ways. :) I've also lived in France for several years and in Scotland. My father is Swedish. But I was born, raised and worked in many parts of the US.

I agree with a number of points from other respondents. 1) Americans are often focused on their own lives and not especially attuned to other countries and cultures. 2) They are a friendly bunch, overall (even the religious wackos, at times.) 3) They often are portrayed as really stupid, although I believe it's a small minority.

A couple of points I'd like to bring up. First, to reiterate what you have said, a large percentage of Americans (or better said USA-ers- everyone from the Americas, North South and Central, are American...) very strongly disagree with many US government actions and policies. I live about 3 blocks from the US consulate here in Guadalajara and want to vomit when I walk past the building, with its long line of Mexicans waiting around for legit visas to go to Disneyland and spend their hard earned pesos at US shopping malls. They are treated no better than cattle and they are routinely turned down and are insulted by American consulate workers in the process of spending loads of their pesos on trying to get a visa. How do you think that creates good will on a personal level?

The other thing is that Europeans typically get 4-6 weeks of PAID vacation time every year. And frequently they live close to their families- so there's no pressure to visit important family members when they have time off. Americans, on the other hand, get 1-2 weeks per year, and as we a mobile bunch, lots of that precious vacation time gets spent visiting family who live far away. It's hard to imagine, for many people, using that time and spending a LOT of money going off to see and explore (wow and even try to understand) another country.

That said, I think this is changing, and I'm optimistic (in my true US way) about the future. I think younger people are travelling more than their previous generations and there will be better understanding in the future. Also, the internet allows us complete strangers to have conversations like these....

Finally, my experience is that non-US'ers have more problems with the US govt than the US people. Yes, its policies DO impact others when we decide to bomb places like Afghanistan "back to the stone age." Horrendous. A reason I don't live in the States anymore.

Anyway, good chat here. Thanks for writing.

Andrei Trostel's picture


You raised an amazingly good point that was touched upon by Nate Hood as well, but I think you added a significantly important detail to it. This country is HUGE and many of us haven't even been to all the parts of it and explored the different regions AND CULTURES OF THOSE REGIONS, let alone traveled outside of it. While Nate pointed out the ocean barriers, I think the familial aspect of it plays a MAJOR role here. For instance my parents & sister live 3,300 miles away from me and DON'T travel due to health related issues. So when I get my 2 weeks of vacation (much of which is often used up with days off for various other reasons throughout the year) do I go and see them, or do I go to some other country on the other side of the world? This is an incredibly ironic thing you have pointed out here since we are SO often accused of not having close familial ties, yet we spend our vacation times visiting family members instead of traveling the world. As Nate pointed out the cost is enormous as well. We can't just hop a bullet train or drive under the English channel and end up in various different countries. It is a major undertaking and time commitment, one that takes us away from our families that we are so often accused of not having ties to.

Stina, I am also optimistic that things are changing. A lot more Americans are traveling and the internet has certainly opened up the world significantly. Although, some could argue that it also highlights the extreme cultural differences by letting you see them without truly experiencing them and appreciating them.

As far as rude consulate workers and non-US'ers having more problems with the US govt than the US people, I think that is another thing that is rampant everywhere. How many stories have we heard from Americans traveling abroad about being treated like hell. Robbed regularly by the locals or often by the taxi services just driving them around in circles. Or worse yet, foreign officials requesting bribes under the threat of being place in a foreign jail. Americans are also being treated rudely while trying to obtain visas to visit the places everyone keeps telling us we don't take the time to visit. The joke in America (that holds some truth) is that if you want to travel and not be treated rudely then you have to say you are Canadian.
Again, I come back to the glass houses thing. If the rest of the world wants to demonize Americans as rude and obnoxious and not be total hypocrites then perhaps a demonstration of courtesy is in order on their part, whether it is us going to visit you, or you coming to visit us. Remember the golden rule people: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Stina.

I have to disagree about the food, though. I live in Northern NJ and the food up here (many of which are owned by people not from the US) is excellent and the food in NYC is really good as well. Maybe in some little towns in the US where there's nothing to eat but chain restaurants and something that passes for pizza this is true about the food being crappy, but it's not true of the entire country - you'd be hard pressed to find any common ground in any respect for the entire country for that matter, it's so damn big and diverse. I hardly feel like I can relate to 90% of my fellow countrymen and countrywomen (this was illustrated by a recent trip to Disney World with my daughter, there are so many trashy, ginormous, hover-round driving people out there) to be honest, but when i travel and when I stay at home, I'm just not a dick to anyone.

Andrei Trostel's picture

I'm unclear about what you are disagreeing on. ;-)
That was my (albeit sarcastic) point.
The food here that is "American", the food here that is "fusion" and even the food here that is truly "Authentic" to what other countries would serve, is all represented in this country. So to stereotype the entire country and say the food sucks is like going to ONE person's home and deciding that the way they cook is the way the whole world cooks. It is ludicrous and closed minded to think otherwise. It would also be considered TOTALLY rude if you went to a person's home and complained about the food they served you, EVEN if you didn't care for it. Yet this is VERY common among foreign visitors and WE are the rude ones? Haha Yeah, sure.

I guess my biggest annoyance about America is how powerful religion, especially Christianity is in politics, the first amendment exists, and I'm not saying it's not being followed but I think there's only one single atheist in the senate, none on the supreme court(I have nothing against Jews but they get to be on the supreme court even though they represent a smaller demographic) roughly 15% of Americans claim to have no religion. You pretty much have to have a religion to be in a position of power in the government I guess?

Now, again that's not a big deal but it kinda irritates me, that a country like America, which boasts freedom of speech & religion, except if you want to get elected to public office I guess. I know it's the people that vote you into office, but it's usually not 100% up to the people, a lot of it is depending on who gets funding for their campaign. And the people behind the funding are to blame I suppose.

I love America though, I grew up in Europe I'm half Euro half American, it's a great country there's just that small religion thing that kinda bothers me. Oh and I lived in Amsterdam for 3 years, for work. There's a lot of stupid annoying "WOOO!!!! AMSTERDAM!" kids there, that doesn't help America's cause much. They're really really annoying. =).

Andrei Trostel's picture

I hear you Apv,
I am not religious in anyway and have a big problem with all the hypocrisy surrounding religion and the intolerance within the different religions. As stated before most of the problems with the various religions and their agendas don't come from this country though, they are rooted in other ones and filter down through the ranks due to control, power and influence they want to maintain over their disciples. As far as elections go and funding etc. Yet again, that is hardly something specific to the United States. The potheads in Amsterdam is kind of like the guy who stereotyped the entire student body of Evergreen, because some of them smoke pot. Hardly a representative demographic of the entire country.
I understand what you are saying though.

We Have No Culture? Really?


We ARE the worlds culture!

And our language is adopted by the rest of the world in their culture.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Yet again we have someone who didn't read the article.
2000+ words in under 4 minutes? Yeah, I'm so sure you "read it."

English is not YOUR language. It is based on french and german. It was created when French occupied England during.. i dont remember the dates. Your culture is nothing compared europe's history. That is something that is also annoying about USA, yes, you do influence the world, not always in a good way ( not often ) but you are not running Earth.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha Save your energy Vince - cad.
I happen to know for a fact that he didn't even read the article at all. The best part is that he came from a link from another site ironically geared toward "readers" like this one. He read the section titles and then lost his shit. There is no arguing with someone like that, just laugh at the irony of the title and the fact that he couldn't even open his mind up enough to read it.
Hahaha priceless.

darkqueen's picture

BTW if you don't know your language english was actually from britain. read your history man, then you will know who adapted whose language.=)

Andrei Trostel's picture

Asking him to read his history is a tall order for sure since he couldn't even read the article.

Thank you for recommending (via Twitter) that I check out your comedy've got some hostile fans.

When I'm having a bad day I shall come back and spend some time reading your reader comments just so I know there is some balance in the universe.


Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha Thanks Jill.
Yeah, I'm not sure the word "fans" is applicable here. ;-)
A good deal of people don't realize that this is a comedy website and find it through various other means. So if you are coming here expecting straight up reporting and not sarcasm/comedy, I can see how they could get so riled up. Throw in language barriers, cultural differences and the fact that half of them are skimming or only reading the section titles, it can be a recipe for disaster. Bill touched on the comedy aspect above briefly. If they heard stuff on PIC in a comedy club that they went to, with the intent to laugh at jokes, they might have a VERY different light hearted response.
(Plus they would likely be already drunk and not care as much). Hahaha!

I appreciate their passion either way though. If they are going to put that much energy into a comment on something I wrote on a comedy website, then the least I can do is address them in kind.

Thanks again Jill and have a well balanced day.

KC Jayfree's picture

dude! WTF!?! quit hogging all the comments! haha.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha I know, right?
I was going to have another article out this week and decided to let this one ride since I spent all my time replying. :P
Seriously though, thank you to all that commented.
We/I love hearing from all the readers whether it is good or bad.
Keep em coming, you guys are great!

Grasshopper's picture

Well done Andre,
When i was reading this i kept thinking that we down under-ers get accused of pretty much the same things, no culture, no food, no language. If it had been anyone but you writing this i would have started a rant that noone calls us rude, just loud and lazy. But i had a feeling you were going somewhere and you delivered.
We suffer the same problem, so many guests coming here and complaining that its not like it was back home. They never have an answer when you say "if its so bad here why dont you go back". If your country is wartorn and oppressive dont embrace the freedom we offer then try to change it so that we end up in the same situation.
I thank you for saying the things we all think, and proving that Americans are not all jerks. And any Americans who get offended by that, question why it would be even considered that you are all jerks. More Andres need to be presented

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks Grasshopper,

It's true, Australians and Americans have very similar misguided perceptions toward us from other countries. Even here in the States there is a view of Australia that is total bullshit, more than likely perpetuated by Crocodile Dundee movies or some other ridiculous crap. Anytime you base one's perceptions of a nation on movies or television you are automatically demonstrating a level of intelligence that is just ridiculous. Australia is certainly rich in food, history, culture, and language and to think otherwise...well, then it is London to a brick that you're a drongo. ;-)

I thank you Grasshopper for your kind words.

Tiffany Taylor's picture

Great writing, Andrei.

As someone who's lived all over the world, I must say that I do love Americans and that I feel that a small portion of them give the whole a bad reputation.

That being said, I thought I would point out that the United States seems to have plenty of culture--just not a unified one. Most countries I've lived in or visited seem to have a cohesive thread that binds it together. The U.S. appears to lack this cohesion and identify itself based more on region (East Coast, West Coast, Southerners, Northerners). Every country may have slight divides but I feel they are more pronounced in the states.

This doesn't trump your arguement any--I thought you were spot on. Just thought I'd add my point of view..

Oh and someone may have already said this, but I didn't feel like reading your 59 comments:)

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks Tiffany,

Yes, I believe you are absolutely correct. People don't realize just HOW divided this nation is on a great many topics. Even "historical events" like the civil war still have effects on perception and stereotypes toward each other, within the nation, let alone outside of it. The whole argument over still flying the confederate flag, demonstrates that division in the way people think about things. I have driven across the country more than once and I can tell you that even just crossing state lines results in a SIGNIFICANT culture shift that you can almost feel in the air. The accents and language change a great deal as demonstrated by the dialect map I added as a picture. To stereotype this nation as this way or that, just demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge about us which is incredibly ironic given what we are accused of.

Haha yeah, I suspect not many will read all the comments and I may be saying the same thing to different people over and over again for the rest of my life. Maybe I should start numbering the responses and just reply with, "see response number 45" Hahaha!
Thanks again Tiffany for reading and commenting.

Woohoo!!!! Such a great post :)

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks, I love your enthusiasm.

Hahahaha gotta agree with these post! it's like annoying people complaining about people who are annoying. Everyone should understand that at the core every country it's the same; they value their own culture and belittle others. That's ethnocentrism at its best.

Me? I've been in CA for 6 years, and let me tell you at least one thing: I've never seen so many polite people help me in my whole 18 previous years in my home country. I'm not talking about getting good service after paying, I'm talking about being helped on the street without asking for it, that kind of thing. As an example from many, in my home country a magazine seller ignored me (I was 13 years old) for 30 minutes straight even when I asked politely for a magazine just because she was white and I was Asian (she eventually caved in and sold me the magazine because I was educated by my parents to you know, not be an asshole. Patience and a steady stare helped too). And yes I was a legal "immigrant", what with being born there and practically swimming in their culture. Sure I've got the occasional jerk too in CA too, but what place doesn't?

Food is GREAT here. Since there are so many different cultural backgrounds a lot of people actually do sell their original cuisine and it's delicious. Other countries just stick with their old traditional food and end up thinking it's strange to eat this or that. Only coming here I've started trying all kinds of food. True, a lot might be altered at some level to suit the costumers' taste, but who doesn't do that even in their own country? plus it's still a lot more diverse than what I've used to eat before moving.

I rather people didn't try to take credit for any crap that happened in their history. It's like they're trying to feed their arrogance by feeling proud over stuff they personally didn't do. Should we feel grateful for what our forefathers did? HELL YES. Were we at that time responsible for that so should we take credit for it? HELL NO. We're the beneficiaries, not the benefactors. And that goes for every single country out there. Instead of longing for the past it would be nicer if people tried to seek a better future by fixing their economy, education and so on.

So yeah other countries can complain a lot about USA, but it would be great if instead of pointing out the neighbour's faults they looked at themselves first.

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Thank you Gwendolyn for your insightful comment.

You mentioned that you are Asian, which made me think of something regarding many of the Asian restaurants here. I don't think that a large majority of the population here even knows this, but did you all know that many restaurants in America have two menus? That's right! For example, Chinese restaurants have the "American menu" containing all the fusion food and also the "Chinese menu" containing COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AUTHENTIC CHINESE FOOD! This blew my mind when I first encountered this when going to a Chinese restaurant with a group of Chinese people. They collected the menus on the table, handed them back to the waiter and asked for the "other" menu. Sometimes they don't even order from the menu and just tell the waiter what dish they want and the place just makes it for them. INCREDIBLE! Exploring this further, I found it also happened in many other Asian restaurants. Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese etc. I don't know if it happens in ALL ethnic restaurants but many of the Asian restaurants maintain complete authenticity while still trying to please clientele that may want a more fusion type of food. In many Asian cultures, food is love and even greetings like "hello" directly translated mean, "have you eaten?" So when I hear people claim how much the food sucks here and that there is no culture I am floored that they have NO IDEA what they are missing by not exploring what is available or embracing the magnitude of culture available to them if they have an open mind. American culture is made up of the world's cultures so if you think we don't have any here then you likely won't find it anywhere else. Haha :P

Thanks again Gwendolyn for your comment.

First I would like to say that I really enjoy what you wrote and the way you wrote it..
Im not really commenting on anything because its pointless..
I am one of those people that realize that all this stuff is meant to amuze people and to give them a laugh..

I've been glued to PIC since the first time I visited.. I think its really funny how some people read the first paragraph and don't like but still tend to say something retarded at the end..

But what I like is how you write your stuff.. Very well written.. Really wish I could write like you.. Haha

I also want to point out that if you ever want to know anything about anything, you should write about..
Because there will always be readers that will give you an insight oh how things can really be..
You've got people agreeing to your stuff but they're coming at you from all sort of directions.. Which is good..
I learn from it.. =p

And yes I did actually sit here and read your article and ALL of the comments.. To be honest I didn't want to but I like to read the different opinions that people have and their own way of understanding what you're saying..
Very insightful!!

Keep up the good work!!

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Thank you,

I actually think that people miss out on 50% of the comedy when they don't read all the comments. Especially when the writers actually respond to the commenter. I mean it isn't like the humor ends as soon as the article gets published. Sometimes the writers are even more funny when they are just casually replying than when they are trying to follow a specific format or idea for a piece. Plus humor is extremely infectious. Often times some of the reader's comments and sarcasm are even more funny than the piece itself. Commenting is about being part of the process and when someone reads something funny, often that is when their best humor rises to the surface to be shared back. So I appreciate that you read the article and ALL the comments, because it lets me know that you are a person who truly gets PIC and wants to experience things to the fullest extent. I admire that in our dedicated readers. It makes writing for you that much more enjoyable.

So thanks again for that.

Your right!!
The article may be funny, but I believe that real humor lies in the reaction and responses of the readers..
Especially the comments of those who still don't seem to understand what PIC is about.. That's why I read the comments..
And it is pretty funny that you reply to your commenters and they sit there trying to prove you wrong at what's supposed to be a joke..

Andrei Trostel's picture

Yup, half of the joy I get from writing for PIC is replying to all the commenters. Hey, I gave everyone fair warning. Check my profile: "Basically I am the most sarcastic person you could ever meet and god help you if you take me too seriously."
Speaking of profiles, Waldir, it is my personal opinion that you need one. I knew the last comment was yours but with a profile there can never be any doubt.

I believe that's what made the comments moe enjoyable.. The fact that I knew they didn't take the time to check out you profile and read your warning.. I had checked you profile before a read anything.. I wanted to see what I should be expecting from you.. And you came through, sarcasm all the way..
I did realize that I forgot to put my name but I knew that you would somehow know.. I mean something had t give it away right?! Like the double punctuation!! Haha
Im planing on it.. Im reading this stuff all the time so I figured I might as well have one..

Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha, Yeah sometimes reading the profile doesn't even help though.
I had one person once tell me that they thought it was not very believable that "I attended Juilliard" and was "a graduate of the Harvard business school" yet didn't even mention the part about me "living through the Black Plague" (<-Incidentally, all of that is a line from Beetlejuice) People see and read what they want to see and read and then go off all half cocked and try and start fucking with you. Personally, I make sure I am always fully cocked before trying to fuck with anybody, that way the results are much more satisfying.

Waldir's picture

Seems to me like you have it all figured out.. Haha

Lol I found that hilarious! But I don't get the bad food one frankly when ever I cross the border to the United States I only go for the food, all hail Taco Bell!

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Thanks Tanner M,
Isn't it run for the border?

This was rather epic.

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Thank you (assuming you meant epic in a good way)

Hi Andrei,

I love the way you reply back to every comment. First I want to say that I love a lot about this country, the individualism, the morals of most people, the concept of hard work and the possibility of realizing your dreams if you work hard enough or rather smart enough. But I do want to point out that most if not all Americans are just plain rude and I will try and explain why in my not so good fifth language. Bare with me.

Since you used the analogy of host and guest, I am going use the same. You said you all are rude because we come into your "house" as a "guest" and complain about your food, culture and what not. But Americans do not really let anybody into their "HOME" unless you need them (legal immigrants) or they come in anyway without your permission (illegal immigrants).

Let's talk about the group of illegal immigrants. They come here illegally, so you ARE rude to them and I don't blame you. You treat them like shit but that's okay because they are illegal. They may be human beings but illegal so they lost their credibility of being treated like human beings (sarcasm intended) .

So the next group that you DID "invite to your home" or more like you NEED them so you give them visas (tourists for their money, students for the tuition, workers, business ppl for their smarts and money). So you see, you are not really a host. You are just using these ppl and you want to benefit from them (not everybody of course because you think they take your jobs and all but i don't want to start that discussion.)

So you have a bunch of ppl you are using for their talent or to make money of them by getting cheap labor, whatevr it may be, but when you need somebody to do stuff for you, you need to be nice to them. But after all, you are AMERICANS, so you don't know how. So you mock their accents, their culture, their idiosyncracies, you make up stereotypes of every group, you organize them into your own little groups (oriental, middle easterns, whatever the heck.) And forget you need their talent, but you still treat most intelligent ppl as stupids becoz you they speak differently, they dress differently etc. (Don't even care that at least these ppl are trying and REALLY trying to learn to be Americans.)

Talking about glass houses and throwing stones, you just have to see how Americans act when they go to other countries. They don't even try to learn a word of the country's language or culture or even mix with the locals. They just speak their language with their accent and if ppl of that country don't understand them they are again rude to them. So you are going to their country and being rude to them (OMG!!)

You can justify your arrogance all you want, but you all know you are rude. That's not even the worst part. You are rude, you know it and you are PROUD of it. I am sure you can agree with me.

Just a side note, I haven't seen one American that tried to be friends with me unless they needed something from me. And why the heck should I complain,they use me and they pay me and the pay is damn good at least when I convert it to my currency.

All great kingdoms will fall one day or another and there's nobody to blame but the people because "a country is not just a piece of land but it is the PEOPLE"

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Hi there,

I try and make a point to reply to each comment because I figure that if you took the time to read and respond to my thoughts then the least I could do is reciprocate. I also truly do appreciate the passion people put into their comments whether they loved or hated the piece and in my opinion half the comedy of this site also occurs in the comment section. Sometimes the comment sections are even more funny than the pieces themselves.

I think you make some really good points but when I was reading your comment I kind of got the feeling like you were trying to convince me of something that I never claimed. Of course American's are rude although my point is that so is everyone else for the exact same reasons. You can't really have it both ways can you? Either Americans are rude and by default so are all the other countries doing the same exact things (or worse) OR we aren't that rude and neither are those same other countries. Personally I would argue that we ARE TOTALLY rude and that behavior is NOT something to be proud of BUT it is hard to demonize us when everyone's horns are showing.

People are rude to each other and that is a trait inherent to human nature and NOT based on Nationality. There is no greater proof of that then in America where the entire world is represented and very few of us agree with each other. Like I said, America is a melting pot of the entire world and if you think we are rude than it is only because you refuse to acknowledge your own shortcomings and want to point fingers at someone other than yourself and traits inherent in your own cultures.

Take a look around. There are groups of people on this planet that have been warring with each other for thousands of years over an idea with NO HOPE of peace. We have had countries on this planet that have committed all out genocide for little more than wealth, power or political gain. I'm not saying Americans aren't rude and shouldn't try and better themselves in how they interact with other cultures of the world. What I am saying is that everyone is doing the exact same thing and to stop throwing those stones when you are in a glass house...especially our house.


what a bucket of shit, how does the face that we have no good food or culture make us "rude"?

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Here's a "fact" Anonymous, you might want to try reading the article before you show your true "face" in your comment.


you really must have too much times on your hands to write an article like this, and be happy you live in america and not a third world country

Andrei Trostel's picture

Clearly I have more time than you do since you don't even have time to read an article before commenting on it. In fact I am quite happy that I live in America as indicated by the article. You would know that if you had actually read it.

darkqueen's picture

nice article and i find it hilarious when you write back to all your commenters. keep up the good job.=)

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks darkqueen.

It's funny, some people really hate the fact that I reply to everyone and others really love it. It just goes to show you that you can't please everyone, all of the time, nor should you try. Ironically, I find it extremely rude to NOT reply to someone that took the time to read my thoughts and then comment on them. Even if they hated what I wrote with a passion, I still appreciate that they took the time out of their day to let me know how strongly my writing affected them.

Thanks for your comment darkqueen and I'll do my best.


Andrei is a Russian name. Most "Americans" are racist and ignorant fat asses. Especially that shows among customer-business relations - unhealthy USAmerikan "competitiveness" shows its ugly face/butt. How many times sellers (not buyers!) and business owners hung the phone down on me immediately after hearing my accent! And no, I'm not Russian, so my accent is not that ugly.

I mean, how sick is to ignore and hate newcomers, while you yourselves are the Thieves who stole the land of the Aborigin people (so-called Indians). And USAmerikans are the best when hating their own race, not only the Blacks. No wonder Blacks are becoming majority soon, because any White European is hated in USA more than any USA Black, because of that retard criminaa Bush and Cheney who brainwashed the extremely dumb USA people into believing that 9/11 was actually a job done by some terrorists! How DUMB and RETARDED is that? So when someone asks who are the biggest losers - I say USAmericans. Despite the fact you brought your "fat ass freedom" (free - cheap) to Europe and now you are trying to change Middle East into a fat ass feministic whore macdonaldiZed place and call it MONSANTO FREEDOM.... think twice. Stay home and take care of your own economy which will become Third World (your so much hated one) soon.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Yes Andrei is a Russian name. Although I'm not sure what that has to do with the article. You have a great deal of hate coming off of you and I wonder...where in the world does that come from? ;)
Sounds to me like you have some issues to work through yourself before you start casting stones. I do appreciate you reading and commenting, although I'm not sure if you actually understood the point of the article.
Have a lovely day all the same.

Well, Andrei is Russian, it means your parents are Russian, which means some decent people, especially if you were educated in the right family and society. I could say it a little bit softer about the "wests", but the main idea remains, because of my experiences. And I'm a very positive person otherwise, when I forget my experiences and when I socialise with foreigners such as Germans, Taiwanese, Kenyans, Russians, Japanese, but I really think many "West" Europeans and US Americans have a bone in their ass and are racist and elitist towards others, deep inside, which comes out sometimes, especially if their face is hidden (on the phone, on the web). The fact alone that they invented the term "Third World" and displaced the Indiens, says a lot about the so-called "advanced" "westerns" people. I see a lot of fuss and shine on the surface and rotten inside. One good example is MONSANTO - conquer the world with shiny garbage, poisonous chemicals, and another one is McDonalds, which actual;y many people like for some weird reason, which is known to me as food additives that make you crave it again and again. Of course, there are US Americans who are very helpful on the road and all that, but in general they would hang the phone down on me just because they hear my accent. Or their businesses will not sell to me, because I am a newcomer plus a foreigner. I am not fantasizing, because I asked my US friends to call right after I called and they were pleasantly served. How's that for a good people? And I must add, I have good European manners. So, yes at this minute I'm full of hate, but only to express my feelings on the subject. Thank you for reading, understanding and best wishes to you as well.

Andrei Trostel's picture

I see what you are saying but the irony of your comment is somewhat staggering as you are presenting a great deal of prejudice in return. That was the whole point of my article in the first place in that a HUGE amount of the behavior that the rest of the world complains about is demonstrated in spades my the same people complaining about it. I get that there are tons of shitty Americans that perpetuate biases, but there are also tons of Americans who don't. You mentioned Bush but forget that JUST under half the country didn't vote for him. You are judging an entire nation on the actions of a president that almost exactly half of the country didn't agree with. (probably more since a staggering number of Americans don't vote and a good deal that did vote for him regretted it later). Think about this for a second. Based on votes alone, if you judge a nations people on 51% of it's inhabitants then you are wrong about every other American you meet. That is a LOT of people to be wrong about and is the very thing you are complaining that Americans are doing to you ironically. Judging with extreme prejudice. That was my point in the article. SO many of these behaviors are occurring elsewhere in the world as well and also being demonstrated by the very people complaining about it.

You yourself mention that my name is Russian "so my parents must be decent people." Like ALL Russians are decent people which is just a ridiculous bias. My name is Andrei Nikolai Trostel and I was born in North Bend, Washington. My parents were born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My grand parents were born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My great grandparents may (and I say may) have immigrated from Russia and that is about ALL of the ties to Russian heritage that I have, since my grandparents actually PRETENDED to be Polish probably to avoid any kind of prejudice against Russia during the cold war era. They actually tried to HIDE their heritage in order to start over in another country as did countless immigrants to this country. However my parents could have named me with ANY name and in fact I think my mom chose it out of a book she liked. My point is that prejudice is alive and well and judgments are perpetuated on simple things like a persons name when little or NO facts are behind that judgment. I am my parents before me and my grand parents before them. Does that make me a bad person or am I just a decent one, because my name happens to be Russian?
Prejudice is wrong anyway you cut it. Whether it is for good reasons or for bad reasons. However, the point is that the ENTIRE world is prejudice and perhaps instead of making snap judgments about race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or whatever other factor it is commonly based on, maybe...just maybe, we should base our opinions about someone on the person themselves. As crazy as that notion seems it is really the only thing that makes any kind of actual sense, wouldn't you agree?

I appreciate you taking the time to read/comment and I DO appreciate the passion that you demonstrate in your comment, but can't help but feel that it is really part of the problem and NOT part of the solution. Let me be the first American to say to you that I am truly sorry that you have encountered some crappy Americans and I hope you have a great day and find something positive in the very next American you meet.

I'm from India, but have lived in America from past 12 years. So, I may have the slightest advantage of looking America from a foreigner's point of view.

A few Americans i have come across, or have known are friendly, and intelligent. They seem to know what's going on around the world and well informed. But then, there are quite a few ignorant ones that i had the pleasure to have interacted with. Well, you can say every country has ignorant people. In fact i would say they comprise the majority in India. But, for America, you see, when you project yourself as the most powerful nation in the world, and have best of the education institutions perhaps, the world expects that the ignorant few in America should be in the minority. The world expects to see a lot of highly educated people living here. The quality of education you Americans can afford is unparalleled. So, we, the ignorant population of the rest of the world, expect to see a lot of "non-ignorant" crowd here in America. But, I'm sorry to say, i was utterly disappointed with you guys. I know television shows do not showcase the real culture, or way of living of a particular country, but its appalling to have TV shows like the real housewives of New york and their likes. You people criticize the Arab women for being dressed from head to toe. At least they are not crazy like how women in on those shows are. And yeah, that is reality TV, and it's gotta have some reality to it. And that reality is, a lot of American women are extremely selfish, ignorant, stupid females who have no idea where on the map India would be, and would not care any lesser to know it.
My point is, Americans have this arrogant attitude of "entitlement" and don't know the hard-ships of the lesser fortunate people around the world, and they don't give a damn about it. All that matters to them is their i-phones, getting their nails done, and pampering themselves at the drop of a hat. LOL. Makes me laugh when i see those women, hahaha.......
Men aren't any better either. Very very selfish.......
That's just my opinion. You can say I'm jealous of Americans. Maybe I am. I come from a world where people can't afford 1 square meal a day. So, yeah, when i see so much food going to the dumps, yeah, i'm furious. I hate what i see here. I hate how much of the world's resources you Americans use up(that includes me from the past 12 years). It can support 3 earths. So, yeah, I'm pissed at America's way of living. period.
Okay, i have vented it all out, waiting for your response now :-)

Andrei Trostel's picture


I'm going to do my best to address your comments to the best of my abilities, because I truly do appreciate the passion that you bring to the comment section and the time you took in reading and commenting.

I think, ironically, that you might be approaching "The United States" with quite a few preconceived notions. First I want to address this idea that we "have best of the education institutions perhaps, the world expects that the ignorant few in America should be in the minority." I'm not sure why you would have ever thought that, since it is pretty widely publicized how messed up our education system is, especially when compare to the rest of the world.

For instance, just pulling a few random things out of a Google search: The United States ranks below average in science and mathematics understanding compared to other countries. In 2008, there was a 77% graduation rate from high school, below that of most other countries." It is pretty widely accepted around the world that our education, in fact, pales in comparison to countless countries around the world.

So I guess it begs a question that if The United States is below average in science and math, in addition to graduation rates from high school falling below that of most other countries, why on earth would you expect to find highly educated people here with very little ignorance? I can tell you right now that all one has to do is throw a stone randomly in this country and you would most likely hit an under-educated "ignorant" individual. (Although maybe that is just because they are too stupid to duck <-kidding, kind of).

I'm uncomfortable with the idea of anyone coming here and expecting to NOT find ignorance, because my first instinct is to think that this person hasn't been paying attention at all.

Our "history" is steeped with ignorance and intolerance as much as any other country. That was sort of the point I was trying to make with this article is that we are no different than the rest of the world in many aspects. It is that exact reason that I wrote the article in the first place, because so many people judge us for things they have done themselves and in many cases are still doing.

That said, I'm also uncomfortable once again (I mentioned it above in another comment) that anyone would watch a television program (reality show=crap) and base an opinion about an entire nation on it. For instance you bring up the show "Real Housewives of New York" which honestly I have never even seen. However, a brief Google search demonstrated that the show is about ultra rich, ultra superficial, socialite wives living in one of the most expensive cities to live the world, let alone the country. Of course these women are going to be superficial...that is like a big DUH. Then to blanket the entire nation's women based on that is demonstrating the exact same behavior that the world accuses us of. Again, one of the major reasons I wrote the article in the first place.

Are we wasteful as a nation over all? Absolutely! Should we do something about it? Certainly! Is it something that the vast majority of Americans are concerned about? Yes! After we elect our politicians do we have any control over what they do regardless of what they promised us they would do? Sadly no...just like the rest of the world.

Be careful judging entire nations on any one thing or even any one region or demographic, and especially on Television programs. Imagine the rest of the world judging India on Bollywood films. The idea is just ridiculous. Are you guys all dancing in the streets and singing all the time? You see where I am coming from I hope.

I sincerely thank you for your comment though and I do appreciate the time you took in writing your thoughts out.

If it helps I'm also pissed at America's way of living too. Do you think Obama will answer my phone call? I'm betting no.


Oh, forgot to address one more thing. You mentioned that American language has different accents in different states, and no where in the world this exists. Sorry to curb your enthusiasm, but in India, in just one state alone there are different accents of the same language, with different dialects, and things are said differently in each of those dialects. Let alone India has some 35 states and 50 different languages :)

Andrei Trostel's picture



I think you might have missed the sarcasm of that statement my friend. In fact the whole article is written from an EXTREMELY sarcastic point of view, indicating that many of the statements that I state as fact are so obviously NOT fact and to think they are fact is laughable. Yet this is what so many people think of America which by default is also laughable. That we speak one uniform language and/or that no real language exists despite the obvious dialects and regional differences across the nation is a commonly held belief among foreigners. Hence the obviously NON-TRUE section heading, "We Have No Real Language."

That statement was just one of many of these. My point was that just like basically EVERY other country on the planet "American language has different accents in different states" and regions thereby demonstrating the similarity to those other countries. Hence obviously we have a "Real Language" just like you do.

It is easy to take a lot of this seriously Lakshmi, especially with language barriers and cultural differences thrown in. Basically though the ENTIRE article is making a sarcastic point that everything people say about America is the same stereotypical crap that we are guilty of doing to other countries. So let's just all stop judging each other and try and see our similarities instead of the same faults everyone seems to have.

Sorry for the confusion but it was necessary to write it from a sarcastic point of view to make the points.


Andrei, I met some very nice U.S. Americans, yet still, something was lacking in their souls and personalities. I'm generalizing, not saying "all U.S. Americans" but rather a great deal or even a majority. Yet in general U.S. Americans (Americans would be Argentinians, Canadians, Mexicans, Dominicans, Cubans as well) are very materialistic people and yes, very selfish and demanding and also very competitive when dealing with companies and services, yet there are some that are very helpful as well. Every country has good and bad people, yet percentage-wise it's another story. I think today U.S. Americans have both - sense of entitlement and a sense of insecurity and inferiority that they developed especially after the 9/11 Scam (Inside Job).

This is where my respect for ~50% U.S. Americans and especially their government has completely collapsed.

I do like Obama somehow and I think he is one of the best presidents, yet the puppet masters behind him are still at their old songs... What kind of democracy sprays chemicals in the sky and does not inform the population and absolutely ignores requests to explain why "chemtrails" are in the sky.

Let's not say "Americans" when we mean "natives and citizens of the United States of America". Let's not use that term anymore. It is unfair to all the other Americans, such as Brazilians, Peruvians, Guatemalans, Belizeans, French Guianans, etc.

There is NO "American Dream" and there has never been one. This term "American Dream" has been borrowed from Soviets, who used it under a name "Bright Future". Or vice versa. "U.S. American Dream" is a tale to fool ordinary people into a mass consumption.

Lakshmi, I agree with you 100%. That would also be very much my opinion, especially about the expectation (things we expect from USA, who claims to be #1) and sense of their entitlement. Would like to have a friend like yourself, who knows what to be poor and values small things in life.

Andrei Trostel's picture


I think you hit the nail right on the head with this sentence alone:

"This is where my respect for ~50% U.S. Americans and especially their government has completely collapsed."

I've got news for you though, that is EXACTLY how the vast majority of U.S. Americans feel about their own country men AND their government as demonstrated by the 50/50 split in the Bush election. In fact I would say that most U.S. Americans probably have a collapsed respect for a greater majority than 50% of their fellow Americans due to micro fractured agendas even within their own political parties. Basically what this tells you is that you share a similar view with the majority of U.S. Americans that you meet ABOUT U.S. Americans. Kind of Ironic don't you think? Again, "we the people" are not so different than you. Which was the main point of the article, so instead of judging us for things, why not try and embrace similarities that we have. I mean isn't that what people complain about the most with regards to U.S. Americans, that we judge the rest of the world without merit? Nice to connect with you on a common ground finally. I sincerely thank you for reading and for your comment.


P.S. I also want a friend in a society, whom/where I can hug without people thinking that we are homosexuals or lesbians. Because to me sex is behind the scenes, not upfront, like to the most western people, who describe themselves first as straight, bi, or gay and then tell their age and name. Also I always think that the term "Third World" which was created in the USA is very arrogant and unfair to many people in the world. I'm sure people who created terms such as "Third World" also created organisations such as "KKK" , "Fascists" and "Illuminati" etc. I must also note I am from Northern Europe (not Russia) and I am not a U.S. citizen. I just can't afford right now to move back to Europe.

Andrei Trostel's picture


I can appreciate where you are coming from and honestly I have the perfect fix. Maintain mostly only women friends! Women are EXTREMELY affectionate in a platonic manner and frankly it is more enjoyable anyway. :P (Yes, I know you meant male friends)

Honestly, you are right in that ultimately men here in the U.S. are crazy homophobic and I have a hard time connecting with men in general. As a straight man, the friendships are NEVER as close as I can get with women, because of all the homophobic paranoia. Like if you ask a guy something personal then you are hitting on them or "too interested" and they freak and get all weird. Women tend to share personal details usually pretty freely among friends and I have always found women friendships way more rewarding than male ones for that reason. Sorry to say, but I don't think it is going away anytime soon, but in the mean time, consider all the major advantages of having a woman friend. ;)

Ready for this one Nymous?

For the Record:
"French demographer, anthropologist and historian Alfred Sauvy, in an article published in the French magazine L'Observateur, August 14, 1952, coined the term Third World, referring to countries particularly in the Middle East, South Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania, that were unaligned with either the Communist Soviet bloc or the Capitalist NATO bloc during the Cold War."

"The growing use of the term Developing World led to a growing sense of solidarity among the nations of the so-called Third World to unite against interference from either major bloc. In 1955, leaders of 29 countries from Asia and Africa met at the Bandung Conference to discuss cooperation."

"In addition, Mao Zedong, the Chairman of China Communist Party, in February 22, 1974 with the President of the Republic of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda had said: "I think the United States and the Soviet Union was the first world. Centrist, Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada, is the Second World. We are the Third World."

That term was NOT NOT NOT developed by U.S. Americans and we weren't even the ones to perpetuate it.

Judgments...judgments...judgments...against us once again.
Kind of illustrated all my points beautifully though, so thanks for that.


P.S.2: I also think that people in many European countries are more rude than Americans and less helpful. Yet they are different usually. Maybe more natural? So this criticism towards USA is not a single one. I love some things in USA and I hate some things in USA too.

Andrei Trostel's picture

I couldn't agree more which is why I wrote the article. The entire world is rude and ultimately soulless in my opinion. If they weren't I wouldn't be reading articles about war in the Middle East, North/South Korea conflicts, India and Pakistan conflicts, Dafur, Sudan, Bosnian/Serbian and Rwandan genocides...the list goes on and on. Intolerance and ignorance is a global problem...not a U.S. American one.

Andrei, it's very good that you reply to everyone. That shows how good of a person you are, and honest. Many U.S. Americans are like yourself. I wish I met more people like yourself.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks Nymous,
I feel like if a reader takes the time to read and respond to my thoughts then the LEAST I can do is answer in kind.

Dude, I missed to read the following statement of yours and that changed my opinion about you a little bit:

"To compound matters, we even have different accents across the nation and say things completely differently from one region to the next, which isn't done anywhere else in the world."

Which is not done anywhere else in the world??? Are you sure??? Hahaha. Wow! What an ignorance.... my country is very small, yet we have a minimum of 4 dialects and at least 4 different languages. Again, the above sentence is a very good example of "American Ignorance" and unsupported arrogance. You don't know things, yet you think you know things and you say things how you think the world revolves around the U.S. And indeed, the U.S. economy is still the largest in the world, just by a wee bit larger than Japan or China and smaller than all of the European Union combined. Yet if take away all the inflationary dollars that were printed by the retard bush, and build decent bikeways, footpaths and a decent public transport infrastructure, your countrys, the U.S, GDP would become similar to that of Argentina or Malaysia, which are great countries with a medium income.

Also, why would you be ashamed to say that your blood is Russian? You are an U.S. American, or rather a Californian pr a Kentuckian with your own specific accent, which is great, now tell me what kind of accent your state has and how does it differ from other states in the U.S.?

Andrei Trostel's picture

I think what you really missed is the sarcasm inherent in that sentence my friend, which fell in line with all the other sarcasm in the article. I am making a point that it is ludicrous to think such a thing about anywhere in the world by stating what is so obviously NOT true. I think sarcasm is difficult to pick up in writing, especially with language/cultural barriers, but usually if someone is making a case for something and then states something so OBVIOUSLY false, it is safe to assume they are demonstrating how ridiculous it is that people think the original point. In this case the original point was that the rest of the world so commonly tells us that "We Have No Real Language."
Sorry for the confusion and I can see why it would give you pause.
The fact that it is SO ridiculous was the actual joke. It is equally ridiculous that we have no real language here in U.S. though that is a commonly held belief.


Wait, did I say that I am ashamed to have Russian blood? I'm not at all ashamed of that in the least. Perhaps you misunderstood something. I am often being sarcastic so it is usually best to NOT take me seriously. You'll be better off percentage wise. :P Except of course when I AM being serious. HAHA

As far as my particular U.S. American accent. I am from the Pacific Northwest (specifically Washington state) so I speak with what is called a slight "Creeky" accent. By "Creeky" I don't mean like a squeeky door sound, but rather I believe it refers to the many creeks (as in water) in the region. It's subtle but I DO say things different than even Californians. For instance the words "caught" and "cot" sound identical coming from me whereas elsewhere there is a clear aww to ahh difference. (<-I'm not sure if that made any sense)

Du, USA has a language - it is called American English and Mexican Spanish.

Your sarcasm was filled with patriotism, the one that sent US jobs away to China :-)

I like to insult people for no reason and I like to fight, but currently I'm hiding behind the screen like a coward as I'm having slight health problems (hand and shoulder pain) after the last fight. I grew up being attacked on a daily basis.

I knew you were russki..... and proud ;-)

I think U.S. American accent is kind of rough and the Canadians got it. Living overseas I instantly could hear U.S. Americans speaking in a very loud manner while everyone else remained calm and quiet. As if U.S. Americans knew how to fight. Some people say that American English is ugly and many US Americans speak as if they have their mouth full of hot soup trying not to spill it, so they push the lower lip upfront to prevent the soup from spilling. American English was formed by people who never had food shortage, so it sounds just like that, - someone who had a lot to eat. I hope I did not insult you enough to get death threats. Heheh.... Actually I'm surprised you never asked me to go back to my country, - now that's a improvement, or perhaps NW attitudes are just different.

The way they say "caught" in the SE is "caawwt". Also here are other examples:

Hi = haa
How are you doing? = hayah doo'en (with open mouth)
Dog = dawg
Frog = frawg

Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha Nah, I have never gotten the whole "go back to your country" thing. Especially since everyone here with the exception of the Native Americans (who were here) and the African Americans (who were stolen and brought here) came from immigrants. Actually I think it is kind of funny how anti-immigration this country now is considering it's origins. The irony is thick.


Also, dude, your provide a map of dialects of American English, yet you fail to provide a map of Native American languages? You folks are guests in North American continent, yet you feel like claiming as your own? In fact my grandmother was part Apache, yes, from the Apache nation or so-called U.S., so I'm not a 100% European I suppose. How does that make you feel Mr. American?


Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha honestly I would have liked a more comprehensive map of American English including Native American languages and their influence, but that is all I could find on the internet that could represent my point. I did address how we "took" this country in the article though with this RIDICULOUS and SARCASTIC statement:

"What's worse, we actually took this country by force and are the only people to have the despicable gall to attempt this, throughout all of history. I mean, that has never been done before and it has never been done again since, so I can understand why you guys don't really like us but totally get along with each other."

Obviously we are not the only ones guilty of this in the world and aren't the only ones to take a country from indigenous people or hell, even NON-indigenous people. Again, my sarcasm was probably lost while demonstrating that we aren't alone in all of our behavior so let's stop throwing stones in glass houses.

Nymous - Sure, why not? I would like to be friends with people who share the same set of values like mine.
Your post reflected my own sentiments. Glad we agree with each other!! :)

Hi Lakshmi, I'm glad we are friends now. If you ever wish to contact off board, do let me know. I have a ton of Indian movies on DVD.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Awww see that is sweet. My article brought you two together. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and makes it all worth it.

What we have in common would be another long article, yet most people tend to criticise rather than praise. Remember friends criticise, enemies praise. Why? Because when you criticise the criticised improves, when you praise the praised becomes a snub-nose, for the lack of better words. Be aware of the ones who praise you a lot, they may not be your friends. They may want you to keep on making the mistakes you were making and they may want to kiss up to you and then who knows what happens next. Your best friend is a constructive criticism.

What we have in common: we are humans, mammals, if you wish, we breathe the same air, what else can I say, there's a lot in common. It's boring to write or read about commonalities. ;-)

P.S. I want to thank all the U.S. Americans that have very unselfishly helped me in public transportation hubs and on the road. Some day I will help someone as well. And I criticise to improve, not to put down, even if I tend to get upset sometimes.

Andrei Trostel's picture


"It's boring to write or read about commonalities."

HAHA well I'm uncomfortable with that since my entire article was written with the specific point of sarcastically highlighting ALL the commonalities that U.S. Americans have with the rest of the world, specifically in light of their harsh judgments of us.

Hopefully you weren't TOO bored reading it.
I know I had fun writing it.


Hey my Russki Friend,

We kind of like to insult each other to keep things sharp.

"I think the United States and the Soviet Union was the first world. Centrist, Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada, is the Second World. We are the Third World."

The French were/are part of the so-called "West", so all the "rich" countries of Transatlantica and the Pacific were snobby and arrogant enough to call others Third World. France is one of the influential countries in forming the USA.

Soviet Union was not a "First World". It was not a rich country at all. It was not a country, it was a Prison of nations. A state capitalism. Poor Russkies never were a rich country. They were and are at the level of a low to middle income country, such as Argentina or Iran or Mexico. Soviet Union was a so-called "Second World" although it could easily be a better off so-called Third World country such as Mexico. Japan is First World, if you wish, yet all these terms 1-2-3 World are so wrong. By my opinion Italy, Portugal, Greece are developing countries even today and Japan is a developed country while USA is a complicated economy and especially the politics without any name suitable to call it. The USA is probably a "Other World". While the true decent countries are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, perhaps Germany and at some degree France. Also Switzerland and Austria and that's about it. The rest are developing world including USA, Russia, South Africa, Malaysia, Korea etc.


Friend from the East

Andrei Trostel's picture

I'll let Mao Zedong know since he was the one who said it, not me.
Oh wait...he's dead. Hmmmm...oh well, I tired.

I don't care what gender my friends are, yet women friends tend to want to write with my pen sometimes.

Still at the U.S. Americans - I must say this - U.S. American guys usually are soft, can't fight and are big but cowardly, use guns way too often and are not as rough and tough as the British, Russians or other Europeans. I do not see U.S. Americans being overly evil or rough on each other and I never saw U.S. Americans fight. When we enter an all-American bar in Chicago all the guys there become quiet and kind of softy. Although I've seen one "bandit" in Chicago, he was kind of an ex-prison guy just like we got plenty of those in Europe. I guess gun culture makes men soft and pussy like. There goes the goodness , honestism and helpfulness of U.S. American guys and the bitchiness of their women. The problem is U.S. American women, just google "American Women Suck" and you will see what I mean. Kind of feel sorry for U.S. men at this. Lack of feminine and decent, good caring women makes men worthless and soft. U.S. women are kind of strong on the face, with balls, unfeminine, a huge turn off and many very many are BBW's who are just unacceptable. BK = Burger Queen. Eyes close, cheeks far, the rest is one fluffy cloud. How can one make US American women as fr8iends? That would be a suicide. They would lie saying "friends first" but they don't mean it. They mean "fuck first" and then get out and let the other one in.

So what kind of society can be healthy without decent women to support it?

This crisis is adjusting attitudes of US Americans to the better, I noticed that.

Remark: I will criticize every country that I live at. USA is no exception. In some countries I would receive death threats for criticizing them. ;-)

P.S. Lakshmi is woman's name, I think, but I think she will not want to keep in touch with me ooutside this board.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Well at least you aren't generalizing anymore. (<-hint, that was sarcastic) :P

I would like to know all the differences between all the Americanenglishs, accents and dialects of all the 50 U.S. states. So far I can only separate American English, NE American English and the common Southern/SE American English. Also I know if anyone is saying "oat" instead of "out" it means they are K-nadian. And a Russian English is when one says "zeees" instead of "this" and pronounces all his vowels very long and all his other letters very hard.
And Japanese English is when they say "yafoo" instead of "yahoo" and "kuruma" instead of a "car".

Andrei Trostel's picture

I'm sure one could probably write a book about all the differences actually. There are even differences within a city sometimes depending on the immigrants who originally started it. Just like everywhere else in the world the language here is diverse and different from area to area, you just have to know the subtleties.
I actually find linguistics a fascinating subject. Too bad I'm dyslexic and have a hard time with learning languages in general. :P

Andrei, and Nymous, seems like you guys had lengthy conversation while I was away. Honestly, I did not care to read all of it, but Andrei, I'm going to have to side with Nymous again. Sorry :)

Nymous, I agree with you totally on your views about american women. And the gun culture. Two topics on which i can discuss passionately for hours. Unfortunately, I can't cos it doesn't make any difference if i rant about it for pages at length. Things will not change here in America as long as they mix religion with politics, and the women here, they are beyond any repairs. I have lost complete respect for American women. I just don't want to bad mouth my own gender.

Well, you got my gender right :) It's not that i don't wanna be friends with you off board. It's just that i have this reservations for strange people on internet :) I don't mind being friends with you on this board though.
Cheers!! :)

Andrei Trostel's picture


For the record I have reservations about strange people on the internet too. Unfortunately, I think as a Columnist for Points in Case, that includes me. On the upside I have no problems getting into restaurants and such, because I always have a reservation for myself.

Regarding U.S. politics - the closest political system to the U.S. one I can point my finger on is Iran and Uzbekistan.

Same politics-religion vinaigrette burger, same state/corporate control of the media, same plots against its own people (9/11), same overly religious to almost maniacal people and also very friendly people some as well. And the climate is similar with lots of cotton and tobacco growing. And same hatred for each other USA vs. Iran. And the two presidents - one looks like a devil and another (now former - shrub) looks like a fool.

Lakshmi, it is my pleasure being friends with you and also with Andrei too. He is a good guy. Some women like bad guys, but Andrei Nikolai is a good guy.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Awww I'm honored.

Did you intentionally get Andrei's name wrong? what was that all about?
I liked Andrei the moment i bumped into this article! yes, he seems like a very good guy, unlike some Americans I've had the pleasure to have known :)

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thanks Lakshmi, that's sweet.

Lakshmi, Andrei's names are Andrei Nikolai. Check his posts out. If Andrei lived in Russia, his name would be Andrei Nikolaievich Trostel. In Russia the polite form is to call a person by his or her first name and their father's name as well, both together.

Andrei Trostel's picture

It's true, my middle name is Nikolai.
Now here is the part where I tell you that my father's name is actually...(wait for it)...Harry. (<-Isn't that comedic gold given the length of my hair?)

Yup, as ironic as it seems, my father's name is was my Grandfather's name.

My mother picked my first and middle name out of a book (I forget which one) because she couldn't bring herself to name her child Harry Charles Trostel the third. I'm actually kind of grateful really.

My family's history is murky at best because my great grandparents on both side actually did their best to hide their heritage as did many of the immigrants who came here to start a new life. They left for a reason to start something new and so often they picked all new names and started over. I have actually thought it was interesting that so many foreigners complain about U.S. American's not knowing anything about their heritage, because so many of us would LOVE to, but our ancestors made it impossible for us. My family even went as far as to pretend to be Polish during the Cold War era, because they were afraid of judgments against Russians. My Grandmother actually destroyed her birth certificate and we never even knew her REAL birthday.

So yeah, I am proud to have a Russian name, but sadly it is the only real Russian acknowledgment of ANY of my family history. But hey, that's the U.S. American way.

That's how it's done in some parts of India too. A guy/girl goes by his/her first name and his/her father's name together. I still have my father's name attached to my first name even though I'm married. See, the problem is if i take my husband's last name which is his father's name, it's kind of weird. So, i have to take my husband's first name as my last name which would be very confusing to the Americans. LOL. :)

Andrei Trostel's picture

Yeah throw in all the cultures here in America and it is very difficult to determine anything name wise, given that it's a big melting pot of different cultures and different naming traditions.

Imagine how confusing it would be if I were named Andrei Harry. Wait, maybe that wouldn't be confusing at all.
HAHA! ;)

Waldir's picture

"Basically I am the most sarcastic person you could ever meet and god help you if you take me too seriously."

I don't know about you Andrei but I think some people might have missed that part..

In the little time that I've known you through you writing, I think I could say that I'll be surprised if you took anything serious..
Well not really.. Because when life gives you lemons, you get rather pissed off and ask for a regular glass of water.. Hahaha

Andrei Trostel's picture

Right, fuck lemons in water, that is just bullshit!! Get your ghetto ass lemonade out of here and bring me some real fucking water before I squirt this in your goddamn eye!!



Damn Waldir, I almost did it with a straight face too..


Waldir's picture

You were so close!! I guess not even lemons can make you take them seriously.. Haha!!

Andrei Trostel's picture

Least of all lemons!! As far as fruit goes they are one of the biggest jokes!! You can't even eat them without going into full body pucker convulsions!! Anything that is THAT big of a joke you have to laugh at!!


wow. I think i'm in love with you hahaha

Andrei Trostel's picture

That's sweet of you to say.
Thank you.
Now who are you again?

wellll, my name is Melissa and I really agree with your article! you single hahahahaha ;)

Andrei Trostel's picture

Single minded maybe.


its okay my third child was a taco. And my fourth was apparently lady gaga... go figure?

Andrei Trostel's picture

Missy, your facebook profile seems to have some paternity confusion. I mean is your third child "a taco" or "Vladimir Tepes The Impaler The Third"?

Honestly I don't know what to believe anymore.
I'm even beginning to questioning if you really are octuple jointed!


Merkins rulez!

Andrei Trostel's picture

The love terrorists?

my third child Vlad Tepes WAS a taco, I swear! one who liked to kill people. So very violent. And delicious... i'm most definitely octuple jointed! ;) hehe

Andrei Trostel's picture

I'll believe you on the octuple jointed part, but only because I'm single minded.

then you must be single jointed! Missy- 1 Andrei- 0
wait, that sounds a bit wrong lol but its okay because its me typing it.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Oh you want to play do you?
Well look here Missy...

For the record, if you think that your being more flexible than me makes you the one who ends up on top, well then you really don't score as often as you probably think you do.


HAHAHAHA! its ok, i've never scored and even if I did, i'd rather be on the bottom! so take your victory and shove it! you know where.

in the bunghole by the way. Haha, cornholio =) OIO

Andrei Trostel's picture

Awww maybe you've never scored because you give up too easily.

Just sayin'


Missy, it occurs to me that you need a PIC profile.
If you are going to play here then it is a must.

...and by must I mean completely unnecessary, although it does make the site run faster without the ads.

Not for nothing Missy, but no one who looks like you should ever be represented as a screaming Anonymous baby. (The current Anonymous photo)

Missy K's picture


I don't think your website likes my inbox though. Either that or it got filtered out...

Andrei Trostel's picture

I'm not sure what you mean, but I can guarantee you that this website likes the box of any woman who is octuple jointed.

(keep the "Notify me of follow-up comments posted here." checked and you should get emails about follow up comments)

You still need a picture Missy.


Missy K's picture

Ok there I got one
Now kiss my eight jointed ass. and other stuff HAHA jk. I gotta stop making jokes like that.

Andrei Trostel's picture

There you are, much better.
On the contrary, you should keep making jokes like that, it might help with that whole never scoring thing.

Missy K's picture

okay, then go ahead and kiss my ass.
I know you want to. It'll help us both score.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Missy you seem really indecisive.
First you tell me to, "take your victory and shove it! you know where. in the bunghole by the way."

And now you just want me to only kiss your ass?

Honestly girl, make up your mind.
This is why you probably never score.


Missy K's picture

The reason I never score is because I need a good score partner.
And I want to be completely sure he's scoreworthy. LOL reminds me of elaine! "spongeworthy." anyway, are you scoreworthy? ;)

Missy K's picture

That would seriously scare me. I cant put things, in that place! let alone spongebobs dead cousin who fights off the white soldiers.

Andrei Trostel's picture

"I cant put things, in that place!"

Haha well once again that explains the not ever scoring. It is kind of an integral part of it you know.
We'll talk and I can explain it all to you if you like.


Missy K's picture

WELL I CAN'T! but if someone else does it thats fine. If I do it, its like I conciously know i'm doing it or how a person can't tickle themselves and make themself laugh, but someone else can.

But please, do explain.

Andrei Trostel's picture

O.k. so no vibrators for you then, or masturbating I suppose. Wow, when you said you didn't score you weren't kidding. I guess that explains why you are trying to pick up random guys that you know nothing about on college websites. Clearly times are getting desperate!

Ironically though Missy, I'm currently fucking with you. HAHA!

You sure did pick a hell of an article to have this conversation in though. Out of all the times I've written about sex, you pick THIS article? HAHA

Imagine all the immigrants and how much you've totally frightened them by now.

They will never comment on anything ever again...ever.

Here, try this one.


Missy K's picture

Fine, i'll screw this one up for you. You're welcome.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Screw it up?
I thought you never put anything in there.
Sorry couldn't resist.


Missy K's picture

I'll get you, white devil! lol jk. But yeah use a screwdriver. Way to kill me =(
Ok just the thought is painful lol

Andrei Trostel's picture

"I'll get you, white devil!"

All evidence to the contrary sweetheart.

Missy K's picture

So how was your day? haha. Mines been good :)

Andrei Trostel's picture

Well, it's been a little backwards really. I mean, I can't seem to find my News Feed on here anywhere.

I wonder why?

Oh right, because it isn't Facebook, you freakin' whack-a-mole.


Missy K's picture

don't accuse me of being crazy. Just because I chopped off my ex husband's goods.

Andrei Trostel's picture

...and the reasons for not scoring gets clearer and clearer.


Missy K's picture

HERE'S ANOTHER: I went to the doctor today and he said i'm VERY fertile. Which is weird because he was my eye doctor. Did he compliment me, or should I be scared?

Andrei Trostel's picture


Sometimes people who compliment you are also a little scary.

Point in Case.

Missy K's picture

yeah but i'm scary in a cool way. Like awesome scary.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Your ex-husband's goods might beg to differ.

Mike Lamb's picture

Tough call on the hot-to-crazy ratio here. Hot goes a long way, but I think her crazy still exceeds the legal limit. Plus I'm pretty sure she's not old enough to smoke. Or drive.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Well one thing is for certain Mike, the girl is definitely smokin'... I'm just not sure what she's smokin'. In her state she certainly shouldn't be driving though.

I've always thought that Americans are rude because they think they're better than any other nation in the world. I still think so now.

It's as simple as that. I don't see how food, culture, history etc. can be blamed for that. Simple excuses.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Try reading the article and then leaving a comment based on the actual content, instead of reading just the section headers and then forming opinions and judgments. There are no excuses of any kind in this article, you would know that had you actually read it.

I really did not think an american could EVER write like this
if only all other Americans thought like this

Andrei Trostel's picture

On the contrary ope, I think you will find that most Americans think like this, although I agree that few could EVER write like this.

Well as part of that is true for me ,which is just an opinion and is compleatly different from most of you since I live in a tiny town where the school contains only a couple hundred students, I have to say that most boys are rude, disrespectfull, and downright mean that is probbably why I can be rude at times. What I am saying is that we are all affected by each other.

No one is too evil not to care about yet no one goes unaffected by evil.

We Americans are just using other languages and foods to create a diverse group but we don't agree with other people's tasts and are changing it so we like it. If you didn't like something becouse it is too salty or too little salt (esily fixable but just an example) wouldn't you change it when you cook the same thing so you like it. I still don't agree with politics.

sorry if I spelled something wrong I don't really pay attention to my English teacher sometimes or I just don't know.

By the way and I don't want to be rude but I can't tell if you are a guy or a girl.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Well I do agree with you that we are all affected by each other and should always defer to the "do unto others as we would have them do unto us" rule.

By the way and I don't want to be rude, but I think you may need glasses. HAHA!!

Interesting article. Australia is also a melting pot of culture. As history will show, our country was settled by foreigners and also taken by force from its native inhabitants. We are also a young country. Far younger, in fact. Our immigration system is far more leniant than yours and due to this we see an influx of regular tourists keen to "see australia". (most of them go to sydney, cairns, perth and possibly Uluru which is a very small portion of what our country has to offer but lets stick to the point)

I happen to come across tourists from all over the world as part of my occupation. As we speak Oprah is supposedly boosting our tourism industry by revealing our country to Americans like yourself.

This leads me to ask. Do you you have a follow-up article on why americans are so rude and inconsiderate when spending time as "house guests" in other countries?

Andrei Trostel's picture

Izzy, thank you for reading and for your comment.

I'm not sure a follow up article is necessary since the point I am trying to make here is that the rest of the world isn't any more or less rude than U.S. Americans are when abroad OR at home. My point is that people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones when talking about how rude we are. Until a greater disparity in the behaviors of other countries around the world and ours occurs, I think the point remains universal for everyone globally.

Hey again,
I'm afraid youre gonna have to do a working holiday overseas at some point because clearly you dont understand why the world has the view it does of the travelling american.

After years of travelling and working in the hospitality industry I've found that North American tourists seem to adopt the "exceptionally american" attitude while dining in our restaurants and sleeping in our hotels rooms. They clearly fail to do the simple thing that all travellers should do.........RESEARCH.
Hospitality workers in Australia earn a decent wage and tips are merely a bonus to most people, so (as a reasonsble person should understsand) our hospitality workers eg. Waiters, bartenders don't bend over backwards for customers REGARDLESS OF THEIR NATIONALITY/APPARENT FINANCIAL STATUS for requests that arent of a nature that would please a (lets say) "house guest".

Our economy (which is currently and frequently on the verge of overcoming yours) should show this but clearly doesnt.

The view of many overseas countries of Americans as rude is, by no means correct. However the americans that travell abroad are doing your homeland no favours in the way they treat our workers. We believe all people are equal and choose to treat people accordingly. This doesnt seem to be the case in the US but i am open for you to discuss. I am interested to see what WISDOM (clearly different from knowledge, i'm sure you know) the books you have read have provided you with.

The majority of the people in our not-so-largely populated country feel true remorse for the atrosoties (sic i'm sure) our ancestors have caused and are quite active in rectifying such issues to ease emotional pain, not just for the media and to "keep the peace".

I spent a small amount of time in the united states between the ages of ten and thirteen.

Andrei Trostel's picture

"We believe all people are equal and choose to treat people accordingly. This doesn't seem to be the case in the US but I am open for you to discuss. I am interested to see what WISDOM (clearly different from knowledge, I'm sure you know) the books you have read have provided you with."

You know Izzy, I think the tone and wording of the above quoted and emphasized section of your comment really elucidates everything I could ever hope to reply with. So thank you for making this reply really easy for my simpleton American mind.

I said it before and I'll say it again, "My point is that people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones when talking about how rude we are. Until a greater disparity in the behaviors of other countries around the world and ours occurs, I think the point remains universal for everyone globally. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

If you treat others with condescension and a holier than thou attitude it is pretty hypocritical to then start pointing out that behavior in others, which was the main point of the entire article.

So thanks for elucidating that quite nicely in this comment. I appreciate that more than you know.


The people seemed to be quite welcoming. My family and i always seemed to hold an old tradition true, which is to not "tread dirt where one has been invited"

We always felt welcome but chose to remember that kindness will only ever follow....well.........kindness.

An example i shall give to you.
Somewhere in arizona (i dont quite remember because i was quite young although my older brother does) we had walked into a sporting equipment store without knowing that the store had closed. Once the shopkeeper had so rudely told us we immediately appologised to bother her and left the store. After we had departed my parents stopped the car as the woman was waving behind us. Once we had reversed she apologised for the rude behaviour and asked if we would like two baseballs as souveneirs. In the end, we had gathered that her act of kindness was dut to her remorse as we HADN'T BELITTLED HER, and HADNT TOLD HER HOW "things work in our country". We still keep in touch via email and she continues to tell us how the manners in her area have declined.

The only reason i can think of is that mostof the US citizens that head south to mexico for holidaysdeal with people who are quote happy to jump at their every need for tips. I guess another question would be...... What happens when your dollar is worth fuck all compared to ours? Will the "upper class" be a little more open to HOW OUR COUNTRY WORKS?

Andrei Trostel's picture

"We always felt welcome but chose to remember that kindness will only ever follow....well.........kindness."

That's a nice story and yet you have approached me with quite the opposite attitude which I find fascinating.

The irony of the condescension and hostility in your words is simply staggering, especially after I sincerely thanked you for reading/commenting and then thoughtfully tried to address your comment.

Simply fascinating Izzy, but again it goes a long way to prove my point, almost better than the article itself, so I am very grateful for that and thus appreciate the comment all the same.

or will they continue to assume that they are the "powerful nation"?

Andrei Trostel's picture

"What happens when your dollar is worth fuck all compared to ours? Will the "upper class" be a little more open to HOW OUR COUNTRY WORKS?...or will they continue to assume that they are the "powerful nation"?"

I have combined the fragmented question/comment to make it easier on my obviously inferior American brain when replying.

Izzy, it seems to me that you have a lot of hostility which again I find both telling and highly ironic given the subject matter of how to act when dealing with people from other countries. Perhaps...just perhaps, you might want to take a good look internally at that anger and hostility. Someone once told me, "kindness will only ever follow....well.........kindness." (Although my inferior American mind can't seem to remember who that was)

Try and have a nice day Izzy, regardless of all this negativity being thrown around.
I really and truly mean that.


My apologies if i seem hostile or angry. That was not my intent.

My major concern is after decades of working in hotels i have noticed the american tourists are the most rude of all naionalities visiting our fine country. I'm not saying that all americans are rude. In fact a large group of students from the university of georgia stayed at one of the hotels i worked at on the great barrier reef and were nothing but courteous and patient. The same could not be said for the older folk in charge of their group.

This has by no means been a personal attack on yourself or your country. I have to inform you though that many of your fellow citizens are not taking on the do unto others concept.

While on holiday, many of them speak to our workers as though they are lesser people. This is one of the reasons why americans are being seen as rude. Its not right.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Oh good, I'm glad we got that sorted, because it kind of defeats the purpose if the comment section of this article becomes some kind of nationalistic war zone to highlight differences, instead of embracing our similarities.

I do hear what you are saying though Izzy and I completely agree with you that certainly there are many Americans who are not doing our country any services by acting like jackasses around the world. However, as I pointed out and was the point of the article, this is yet another place where Americans have more in common with the rest of the world, from what we see here of tourists in America also.

So I guess I am still back to, "everyone should globally act in a manner in which you would want to be treated as well and to not throw stones when living in a glass house."

I think we can all agree that is pretty much a universal truth, no matter which country/culture you are from and that is all I was ever saying.

Sincerely Izzy, thank you for reading and for your comments.

This was an absolutely dreadful article. I understand your frustrations but you are becoming extremely antagonistic and uncouth. I am an American. I have served our country for four years now and continue to do so in the military. I have worked with countries from around the world in Afghanistan and I can say without reserve that people are basically the same no matter where you are from. Its true we have separate customs, cultures, traditions, and languages and that some Americans do get frustrated when trying to communicate with folks that can not speak English very well. I am sure that the reverse is true as well. With that being said I have made friends with Germans, Frenchmen, Turks, Britts, Kiwis, Romanians and so on. Perhaps it is the military's doing, perhaps not, but everyone conducts themselves in a professional and friendly matter. I have learned some French and German and I see many others learning English and when someone does something that is rude, unknowingly, it passes with minor embarrassment and a thoughtful apology. The type of sarcasm and arrogance in this article does nothing but re-enforce negative stereotypes about Americans. That's just my 2 cents. If you want to educate foreigners about America's culture you are going about it the wrong way my friend.

Very Respectfully,

Andrei Trostel's picture


From what it sounds like to me, you actually completely agree with the article.

"I can say without reserve that people are basically the same no matter where you are from."

That was pretty much the point of the article, Daniel, that everyone is the same no matter where you are from. The world has this convenient way of demonizing Americans, but yet behaves in the exact same manner that they are demonizing us for.

I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of it all.

Thank you for reading and for your comment though.

Mike Lamb's picture

As a chronically furious American with a short attention span and access to the internet, I would like to argue with you regardless of whether or not our views are actually conflicting. This is why I hate your face.


Seriously, how does that shit even work? You're like, I hate ice cream, then I'm like, fuck you, then you're like, no you dumbass, I'm ironic. That shit is confusing, why would you lie to me about that?!


Look, you know I'm not gonna read the little letters if there are big letters around. Stop messing with my head.


I'd be pissed off no matter what, so it's up to you to properly offend me so I can yell at you for what seems like a really good reason, otherwise I just look like a dick. This sarcasm shit is fucking with me. Why do you hate America?


All I got out of this was "5 Reasons why you should punch me in the face." Some of the things you wrote (I only made it through 3) really made me angry and I want you to take personal responsibility for my emotional disturbance.


Fuck you, and I hope you burn in Detroit.

Andrei Trostel's picture

HAHA, yeah the Americans not reading the article and freaking the fuck out really isn't helping me make my point, is it Mike? The ultimate irony though is that many of the foreign readers also aren't reading the entire article before freaking the fuck out.

So I guess, in the end, I am still right in that we are all basically acting the same regardless of where we are from.

Whilst you are practically saying that EVERYONE else in the world is stereotyping America, isnt that a bit hypocritical?

Im English (not exactly European lol) but I love what I have seen of America and it's people. In my opinion, its just like England but on a bigger scale, with more money, more international influence, newer buildings, and a higher average standard of living (from what I've seen anyway)

What I have seen of the rest of Europe isn't that different either when you look past the language, the spaniards inability to join a que, the Italians over-intimate welcomes and the French (no offence frenchies, its in my nature)

The one thing I will say is whenever I ring an American call centre, they seem extremely rude and apathetic, but to be honest so would I if i worked in a call centre, and I would rather talk to someone who spoke English as a first language (however un-British it is) than having my call sent to India!?

Good article
but you can add defensive the list of American traits
: D

Andrei Trostel's picture

Ryan McDonagh,

It all depends on how you look at it really, because it's a circular argument. Since I am basically saying that the rest of the world isn't much different than us, it is both incredibly hypocritical in its stereotyping nature and also not, all at the same time, since it is highlighting our inherent similarities. The stereotype of the world's view of American traits wouldn't exist if the stereotype of American traits didn't exist first, which wouldn't exist if...and around and around we go. I guess what I am trying to say is hypocrisy only breeds more hypocrisy and instead of focusing on our differences we should be focusing on our similarities.

For instance, I hate having my call sent to India too, but then historically I blame the English for what goes on over there. (No...of course, I jest)

You do not have a true democracy, and you do have a history that the majority of your people are unaware of. Even during the Cold War Soviet Russia had taught the righteousness of the independence from Britain. However, ours is taught in lies and deception.

Your people are ignorant in acknowledging the real problems going on in the world. The monetary society you have created has destroyed countries on every main land continent on the planet. Your people fail to acknowledge the fact that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Your people have stopped asking WHY but begun HOW. Your people fail to acknowledge the importance of unity and live on the basis of laws that indirectly only apply to the penurious population.

I was speaking on very general conceptions that refer to the general population. If you look into them deeply, you will begin to think critically. You may call me a Communist or Marxist for I am from Russia and of my observations, but I am neither, I am just speaking on the atrocities that I have seen by your people, your country, and your political "influence". Every time I visited America, I was astonished by the way people treated each other around me as were they of me, stereotyping, profiling etc. because every other non-western country I have been to in the world have had people of positive nature, not materialistic. I am from Russia, I live in house not an igloo, I have Rottweiler's not bears on unicycles is just among the various topics I have discussed on my travels through America.

So my point is your land is not the most hated country in the world because everyone is envious of you, or because your freedom's are better than all the other nations, or more technologically advanced, it is because your country and the majority of the people in it are too arrogant and impertinent in others affairs.

Andrei Trostel's picture


Your point about stereotyping and profiling might be a little less laughable and hypocritical if you weren't actually doing the same exact thing in your comment, which again is the entire point of the article.

You have peaked my curiosity though.
What countries did we destroy in Antarctica?

Where are you from?

I was speaking generally, as were you in your article. As for continents, I said mainland continents. I am surprised that is the best reply you could have come up with.

Andrei Trostel's picture

I see, so you were speaking generally while criticizing about stereotyping and profiling. That makes your comment have so much more merit...oh wait, no it doesn't.

I guess we still have something in common though, because I am surprised that is the best comment you could have come up with.

For the record, Antarctica is still a mainland continent last time I checked.


Think about what you just said.

Andrei Trostel's picture


I actually love these types of comments, because they prove the entire point of the article beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your comments are completely self defeating from the start.

You state that Americans stereotype and profile other countries, but your very statement itself is stereotyping and profiling Americans, thereby demonstrating the very attributes you are demonizing, which is ironically the ENTIRE point of the article.

The aggressive and insulting nature of your comments also goes a long way to demonstrate the same rude behavior that Americans are constantly being accused of time and time again.

The article itself (written by an American mind you) is pointing out similarities in people and cultures around the world, yet the entire point of your comments are to isolate and separate. You are not focusing on any positive aspects of the piece or the comment section, but rather are going to great lengths to highlight the negative. Very telling. Very telling indeed. The irony is so thick here you could almost cut it.

So therefore, I sincerely thank you for reading and continually commenting, thereby completely solidifying my entire stance, once again.


All of your replies have been defending yourself, not replying to questions, whether you can realize this is implied or not, rotate back to my first statement.

Andrei Trostel's picture

All of your comments have been hypocritical and antagonistic, there are NO questions to reply to in any of your comments (go ahead and check, not ONE question mark to be found), whether you can realize this is implied or not, rotate back to my first reply to your statement.


Sorry I meant statements, English is not my first language.

You are much more hypocritical, it is ironic that you are saying I am stating ironies when your article is composed of stereotyping.

Though my statements are what you have said, your replies are also.

We are too patriotic for our own good..

Andrei Trostel's picture

"We are too patriotic for our own good.."

Haha Now that is the first thing you've said that I'll agree with.

However, I am writing an article in order to point out similarities in different types of cultures and people in order to open a dialogue and bridge the differences. You are Googling, "why are americans so rude" and obviously searching for answers to questions that are inherently stereotypical and flawed from the start.

Ilya, I'm truly sorry that you've encountered a few dumb ass Americans in your travels, but please don't fall victim to anyone's stupidity by returning their ignorance in the form of your own stereotypes. Americans come from ALL walks of life and to think they are ALL one way or another is just as ridiculous as thinking Russian people live in igloos and own bears riding unicycles.

You are a Russian in beautiful Richmond, British Columbia and I am half Russian myself, who grew up 160 miles from where you are now. I wonder if we are REALLY so different you and I?

Let's try and focus on the similarities between us and not the differences, shall we?



I read some comments here and see what the fuss is all about. I did not read the article because for some reason my browser was not loading pages from the top so I just got a jest from reading comments.

First, I would like to say that, Andrei states that people from all over the world have same similarities as Americans in pointing out fingers and blaming. I do not see a problem with that because after all we are all equal and to criticize or stereotype is a human nature.

However I do believe that this becomes a problem when America "BOMBS" others than stereotyping Americans as evil and heinous becomes valid. I cannot recall when was the last time there was a massive bombing of US to bring it to stone age. Do you not think it is justified to call US a lunatic state after committing war crimes on people of other states. I believe there are good Americans but unfortunately the world sees American through the eyes of its politicians and the ones that are good Americans are also represented by these politicians after all they represent you good Americans too. The others countries have no way of knowing what you good Americans think because it is seen by the actions of your heads of states.

What you have reinforced in your article is that people blame each other so Americans are not that different from other societies after all. How about in the case of Iraq or Afghanistan war. I think them stereotyping Americans is justified because American military bombed them. Sorry for the good ones that are included in the judgement too. I suppose you good Americans can make a change and not let foolish presidents be your head of states right! The people from other countries what can they do if you are good Americans. You say that there are good Americans so what do you want the rest of the world to do. Call you a separate state comprising of bad and good americans lol.!!!!

In another comment you were saying that you have to consider the 49% of the population of US that did not vote for Bush. Well, what about the other 51% that supported Bush and hence supported his ideology regarding war. That 51 % of the population is scary to me that means 220million/2 - 110millions supported his actions and war on other nations.

If you are gonna say that you have no control over your politicians that promise one thing and does another then I think there is something wrong with your America and I would highly suggest that Americans ought to fix this because who knows your next president could be a real flame thrower. I think this step is really important for your country because you have the technology and technology in the wrong hands Bush, Zionists etc can lead to disastrous outcomes.

The fact that the American leaders that calls for the assassination of other leaders or topple other regimes to gain control over their resources say a lot about how materialistic US is even to the point of intervening in some body else's business. A lot of commentors made this remark that Americans are materialistic and rude because they are indulged in their own affairs and do not care about others. lol yeah right!

As you can see people in other countries have pre conceived notions about how great a country US is. Dont you think that is something to be proud of. If somebody say to me I am great I would love that person even if I am a bad person. If you are gonna say that this not the reality then at least fix your government so that they do not kill other people or steal resources from there country. this is where the problem stems from. Fix this and the rest of the world will like USA.

Andrei Trostel's picture


I appreciate your in depth comment and I am going to do my best to address your points, although my apologies if I miss some, as there is a lot to cover.

Yes, I AM saying that people from all over the world have the same similarities as Americans, but not just in criticizing or stereotyping, but also their violence and involvement in other countries business as well. When you look at what is going on around the world, it is kind of hard to point fingers at Americans as the cause of all the violence. If so many other countries were leaving each other alone, as is so often ridiculously stated, then the United States wouldn't ever even be asked to get involved. Let's not forget that we are usually ASKED by one of those countries, usually the one being wiped off the map, by one of its oh so peaceful neighbors, or it's people slaughtered, by its oh so peaceful rulers.

People love to point out that we are always going to other countries to "steal oil/resources" (YAWN, that is such an over played and under thought out argument) but let's not forget that the opposition in these "originally" non-U.S. conflicts are trying to invade/conquer some neighboring country for THAT very reason. Wasn't it Saddam Hussein who invaded Kuait because of Iraq's inability to pay more than $80 billion that had been borrowed to finance the war with Iran (yes, such a peaceful region indeed) and also Kuwaiti overproduction of oil which kept oil revenues down for Iraq (yet the U.S. is accused of war with oil as a motivator).

Give me a break with this "stealing oil/resources" argument, people, and please demonstrate that you understand/focus on "history" as well as you claim to. You also brought up the Afghanistan war like it was some random bombing and NOT in response to a blatant and obvious attack of the United States. Do you honestly think that if the rest of the world weren't tripping over each other to straight up slaughter one another then the United States would still be getting involved? Let's see here, Canada has TONS of oil reserves/resources, (second only to Saudi Arabia) and a far inferior military when compared to the United States, yet we haven't invaded and conquered them for our "stealing oil/resources" motivation. In fact, I dare you to name ONE (JUST ONE) country that we have "invaded and conquered" for our own. Why is it that we don't own all of North America by now do you suppose? Wouldn't that be a far easier campaign to wage, rather than shipping troops half way around the world? The reason is because your argument of "stealing oil/resources" randomly bombing people, conquering other countries for its resources, et cetera, is complete horse shit and propaganda that you are ignorantly parroting to demonize a country that won't let people simply slaughter each other. What country have we invaded, conquered and kept as our own? Which one? I'd love for you to answer that, because last time I checked, maps weren't having to be constantly updated to include new regions/states of the United States. However, I can't buy a map of the world today without it being outdated within a few years due to the rest of the worlds oh so "peaceful" ways.

I said it before in another comment and I'll say it again:

"If the rest of the world just wants to live in peace then someone needs to explain to me what the hell is going on in the Middle East, North/South Korea, India and Pakistan, Dafur, Sudan, oh and more recently Bosnian/Serbian and Rwandan genocides. Clearly the rest of the world doesn't just want to live in peace. If they did then I would wager that you would see drastically less involvement from Americans, that is until maybe a bunch of planes were hijacked and then flown into buildings in the name of...what was it again? Oh right, peace. (<-note not aggression, but rather sarcasm)"

Now don't get me wrong here, Sharpie, I don't personally advocate war or think war is EVER a good answer to a problem and I would never claim that the United States hasn't done some questionable things while in some of these situations. Humans are humans everywhere and they often make poor decisions. My point of this article is that it is NOT JUST a United States thing, but a global/human thing but the world loves to point the finger at the United States as the problem.

"Do you not think it is justified to call US a lunatic state after committing war crimes on people of other states." Certainly no more lunatic than those countries were for committing war crimes on people of their own country or neighboring countries which brings us back to the "people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones" argument.

If we are a lunatic state for coming to the aid of people being slaughtered, then why aren't the people doing the slaughtering the lunatic state? Isn't that a bit hypocritical? Egypt has resources, but yet we didn't swoop in and occupy them when there was turmoil. Why not? Wouldn't that have been an easy excuse to swoop in and "steal oil/resources"? However, next door we have this crazy man slaughtering his own people and saying he will kill everyone in his country before stepping down and the REST of the world is begging us to get involved and when we do, here comes the cries of "Oh America is just trying to steal Libya's oil!" Give me a break, people, we aren't even leading this operation and we were asked for help, yet the United States is to blame of course...because of oil. (rolls eyes)

As far as political leaders and voting numbers are concerned, 51% of the population voted for Bush, but I think it is a little too obvious to point out that this doesn't mean that the ENTIRE 51% supported everything he did as I have stated time and time again. Everyone has their pet issues with politics (including foreign policy) and people vote for leaders for a plethora of reasons usually lumped in with other reasons. It is silly (and speaks to a lack of ANY political understanding) to assume 51% of the people who voted for someone agrees with EVERYTHING that occurs AFTER they are elected.

You can label us "evil and heinous" all you want and you are completely entitled to your opinion, but lets not pretend that The United States is "evil and heinous", but the rest of the world is all angelic and peaceful. Sharpie, I respect you and your opinion far too much to think you are even THAT remotely naive of the world.

"The people from other countries what can they do if you are good Americans. You say that there are good Americans so what do you want the rest of the world to do. Call you a separate state comprising of bad and good americans lol.!!!!"

O.k. this point I actually find pretty disturbing really. Do I want the rest of the world to actually think about things instead of stereotyping an entire diverse population based on the actions of politicians? Um..HELL YES I DO! Let's see here, are all Muslims terrorists? Are all Germans Nazis? Are all Japanese rapists and killers (The Nanking Massacre is still denied by Japan to this day) Are all African Americans gang members? Are all old people senile? Are all...o.k. this is getting ridiculous, but you see my point. OF COURSE I expect the rest of the world to not stereotype an entire population based on past or even present actions and the fact that you find that laughable ("lol") actually proves the entire point of the article. So thanks for that.

The point of the article (had you actually read it) speaks to the extreme diversity of a population and sarcastically points out how it is simply ludicrous to judge them ALL based on stereotypes. If you can't understand that or find that laughable then what can I say, you are no better than many Americans which again proves my point beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I hope when your browser is working again properly you will go back and actually read the article, as I'm sure it will elucidate where I am coming from more...or maybe not.

I appreciate and thank you for your comment/dialogue more than you know, because quite honestly, I think you are actually arguing more FOR the article than against it.

Do I personally think the United States is faultless and doesn't have VAST room for improvement? Of course not, that's ridiculous.

Do I personally think the rest of the world is any better/different from us?
Of course not, that's ridiculous.


I am not gonna cover all issues here either but try to respond to whatever I can.

The recent wars have been for the state of Israel because they want to neutralize the region of middle east so that there wont be any threat to Israel. Also, the zionists want someone to deal with who can get them cheap access to oil. Is not that stealing or what????? Putting someone in power who will obey your orders like most of the head of states have been doing in the middle east. So I suppose some one is asking to wage war with Iran too. According to your explication that it is always somebody asking for US to get involved hmmmmm I wonder who is asking to bomb Iran??? If you talk about involvement of US then why has not been the Bosnian issue solved, why is it that Palestenians are being slaughtered and kicked out of their own home by zionist isreal. Why is it US is interfering with China. Yup because it sees it as a rival threat CNN and Fox has said it numerous times. "Communist China" See, it does not sit well with American government to have China as a super power so they bash them like Chinese are not people. LoL!

Lol about the 50% of the population. I knew you were gonna say that. That a whole bunch of people voted for plethora of reasons for Bush. My question what possibly good could have come out of a man that does not even know how to address at the podium. If it was me I would have voted against him. But hey I am not here to tell Americans how to vote or whom to choose like US often does to other countries. Ok this is the regime we want in Kazakistan so that we can benefit from there resources. Why is it America is the only nation that have bases all over the country? Is not this American hegemony at its best or what??

You talk about Canadian oil reserves. They have them but the cost of extracting oil from the Athabascan sands are very very high, high enough to make the value of gas go very high when it reaches the consumer market. Separating sand and oil and other chemicals is not an easy task not to mention the cost factors. Besides why would US attack Canada that is not what the Anglo saxon ideology is all about. They want to deprive all the other nations who are non white. Please explain me that who is US to fix oil prices in middle east? who is US to keep gold reserves of middle east in there federal reserve bank. The Saudis cannot opt out with their gold money in the federal reserve because the zionists wont allow it. It will collapse the US economy. Do you think that is fair? Think if you have millions of dollars in a back and bank refuses to give you your money back for the reason that they will go bankrupt and they tell you you can take out how much you need but not all. How is that fair????

At the end I do however want to say that I think you just search for the ways around an argument and state what promotes your think tank more like what lot of religious hate spreaders are doing in the US. They pick certain parts of the parchment, the ones that perpetuate there cause and exploit that. I was actually surprised that you would say that the 49% would voted for rather than saying yes its 49% well lets not count them all (because some had other reasons to vote for him lol) say 39% of the population have a war waging mind set. You should be addressing that.

My last point what I would say is that I do not hate Americans as you might have judged me from my paragraphs I just do not like the ones that affect me in a negative way or that do not show justice or show support of bad leaders be those leaders in China or Saudia or Germany or where ever. In essence I guess what I am saying is I do not like US government. I would recommend you a book by Noam Chomsky "Hegemony or survival" Brush up on this one, its a good one.

Andrei Trostel's picture


Yes a lot of conflicts recently have had to do with Israel and not letting surrounding countries violently wipe them out, which exactly falls under the same description of "coming to the aid of" and NOT conquering for resources, that I have been talking about. My Israel/Palestine history is a little hazy, but correct me if I'm wrong. Wasn't the area under British rule, followed by a massive Jewish immigration from Europe (many came when Germany was trying to extinguish all Jewish people) thus altering the demographic balance in the region? I'm not exactly sure what that has to do with America and stealing oil, but it is rather not allowing complete and total genocide based solely on something as abstract as religion. So you are saying you are FOR complete and total genocide of Jewish people, yet somehow proclaim a higher moral ground? That's fascinating!

Oh and for the record, no, that isn't stealing. Stealing would be going in, taking the oil and leaving, but that isn't actually occurring is it? The United States buys oil by the barrels from various different distributors, many of which include Arab nations NOT slaughtering people. It would be FAR easier for the U.S. and WAY MORE cost effective to NOT spend billions upon billions on war, but simply buy the oil at a slightly higher price. I get it though, it is VERY convenient to claim oil as a motivator in order to demonize the United States. However, I would argue that even if I completely conceded your ridiculous "stealing oil" point and said it was ALL for better oil prices, I would STILL say that helping people NOT get slaughtered and getting better oil prices is still better than simply doing nothing and allowing the slaughtering, but paying more for oil...or the worst of it all, slaughtering your neighbors so you can sell oil for higher prices to the United States. I mean that is what you are advocating here. "Leave us alone so we can just slaughter innocent people over oil and religion. We are noble and peaceful!" Give me a fucking break.

Bash Chinese like they are not people? What the hell are you talking about? Most Americans love Chinese people/culture. We trade with China, (just about everything in my house is made in China). Chinese food is second only to Pizza as the number one take out food in the country! Our entertainment industry is completely infused with Chinese culture and art forms, (It's almost impossible to find an action movie without some kind of martial art in it). I honestly don't know what you are talking about and feel like you are spouting some kind of strange propaganda. Why do you think Americans hate Chinese people? You are going to have to elucidate that to me, especially since I just had lunch with an entire table of Chinese people today.

For the record, I did vote against Bush...both times.

The reason America has bases in other countries is because those people asked for our help and military support when being slaughtered by their neighbors/rulers. Like I said before, if people weren't trying to kill each other all the time then maybe there would be no need/request for American support. Wasn't it America that came to the aid of the Chinese in WWII? (Since you accused the U.S. of hatred of China) Do I need to remind you of the Rape of Nanking and what was occurring in China by their neighbors...NOT the United States?

"Besides why would US attack Canada that is not what the Anglo saxon ideology is all about. They want to deprive all the other nations who are non white."

Wow, I'm finding that you are FAR MORE racists than most Americans. We haven't invaded Mexico or ALL of South America (yup, oil there too) and they are not Anglo saxon.

As I've stated many times, I don't agree with war as an answer to a problem and I have voted along those lines in every single election, so I AM doing my best to address it. Besides, Obama doesn't return my calls, just like every other president before him. :P

I'm running out of time here to address all your Anti-American "government" sentiments, however I STRONGLY urge you to actually read the article when you get your internet's a good one. Oh and I also strongly urge you to get the fuck out of Texas, because I think it is jading your view of Americans. Furthermore, what the hell are you doing searching terms like, "why are americans so rude and selfish" if you are SO open minded and enlightened to the ways of the world and its extreme diversity?

Actually, why ARE you here if you don't mind me asking? It might help me understand where you are coming from in all of your thoughts and why you dislike the U.S. government so much. I mean wasn't it the U.S. government that has given you the opportunities you currently have? I'm only guessing you weren't born here, or that you have not become a citizen, but please elucidate that for us, so I have a better understanding of your point of view. I can only hope that you are here as a diplomat desperately lobbying for human rights across the globe, because if you are here just using our resources in order to further your career or send money home to your family then that would just be selfish and hypocritical.

Thanks again for the dialogue...let's keep it flowing, but I have to run for now.

lol. How did you know I was in Texas?

1) If your notions are so correct the why do you think the whole world hates US so much? I mean they all just started randomly hating US. I mean why not hate Germany or Italy?

2) The other thing is I do not hate all Americans I told you before in the argument but me living here seems like they hate me. Of course no one will tell you that they hate you directly but there treatment does reflect and will say a lot about them. e.g. whenever I go to post office this old white guy seems to be always trying to screw me over. I asked him how much will the postage cost and he went on printing all the labels later to find out that I said I do not want to send a parcel if it will cost me $35. He was angry with me because he had to print labels and I did not even ask him to do so all I did was to ask him to tell me the cost of sending the parcel. Now please you explain me what is wrong here. I did not do anything and mostly people who just do things like these have something wrong in them. Now if he was angry with me because I did something wrong it would totally made sense because at the end of the day I was thinking and feeling what the fuck did I do wrong that the guy was rude with me. Is it because of my ethnicity, it seems so, because he treated other people right! These are small things that I have to go through everyday. Believe me a lot of foreigners are quite about things like these you might not notice them because you are white the others especially non Caucasians go through this everyday. If I do something wrong then it makes sense but if I have not done anything wrong and getting treatment like is horrible and I certainly do not deserve this. I am here for education and I will leave soon. But I think you will have to ask this question to yourself. What kind of impact is America leaving on the foreigners who come to visit because I know lot of people who went back to there country of origin because of how they were being treated. Take an example of Lakshami for one. I am an international student here so its not like I am pest taking advantage of your welfare system or anything infact its the opposite I am spending money in the economy with three times the tuition of a regular domestic American. At the end I would like to say I hope China becomes the next super power because we the third world country are fed up with white Imperialism and there treatment of us. With few exceptions of people like yourself I did not find out very smart people here. People who would hate you for owning a nice car, or for being of other decent especially Asian I am not talking blacks they are preferred over Asians. This is what bothers me and why I do not like Americans. I most certainly not saying that all Americans are bad but the ones that bring your day to halt are the problem. The ones that screw your day. Its of course not a white persons prerogative because this will never happen to you on an ethnicity basis.

P.S. one of best friends is white person but he is in academics not like the ones you find on the road on at the McDonalds. If you are gonna say that people like these exist in every culture then certainly America is crowded with them.

Andrei Trostel's picture

1) First of all I don't think the "whole world hates [the] U.S.", that is a gross generalization if I ever heard one. Are there people/countries who disagree with U.S. foreign policy? Of course, but are we the only ones that have foreign policy that the world disagrees with? Of course not. I am not sure yet where you are from but you keep bringing up China, so I am under the assumption that you are Chinese. (Can you confirm that for me?) Do you think the world completely agrees with China's foreign policy and military ways? Tibet? Taiwan? My point is, again, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. People love to generalize Americans, but to do so shows the same ignorance and lack of vision that Americans are often accused of.

"me living here seems they hate me" based on interactions with a post office worker in Texas (as one example).

Seriously? You are going to base a judgment of an entire country on the actions of some ignorant dumbass postal worker, or some other ignorant people? You know, American's have a saying, "going postal" indicating that even WE think most postal workers are on the verge of going completely nuts. HAHA.

Sharpie, I'm truly sorry that you experienced racism in your time here, that's terrible, but if it makes you feel better, there is a PIC writer currently living in an Asian country who on a daily basis experiences racism, not because he is American, but because he is tall and has a "red" complexion compared to Asians. They tease, taunt, laugh and make disparaging comments to him based on his "Anglo-saxon" appearance alone. Calling him a big red giant and other such racist remarks. Racism isn't American, and to think it is because you are experiencing it coming from an American is no different than what is being done to you. I could easily argue that you have, in our brief conversation, racially profiled, not only an entire country based on the actions of a few, but also entire demographics of people across multiple countries. Shame on you for that.

Here's a thought: You are in one of the most "politically right-wing" states in the entire country for educational purposes (by the way, who are the teachers if there are no educated people there?) and have judged an entire country based on a VERY small demographic. Would it surprise you to find out that in Houston Texas (258 miles to the south of you) is a VERY large Chinese community? Here's the kicker...they are all American! Did you know that I have taken Mandarin Chinese as a language, because I love the culture and the people? Had you read the article (I know, your internet wouldn't load it, but please check it out) you would find out that my point is that America is a GIANT melting pot of various different people from a WIDE array of different cultures and beliefs. To stereotype the entire country as one way or the other demonstrates one of the highest levels of ignorance when it comes to global, cultural or political understanding. EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY ON THE PLANET has had people immigrate here and they are ALL American! If you think American means white, well then you couldn't be more wrong or more racist.

In the end, you have gone a LONG way to prove my point and for that I sincerely thank you, even if I am a little disappointed yet again at the hypocrisy of it all. I can't blame you for what you have experienced and I understand that your words come from a place of pain, but please find it within yourself to see that what you are doing in response is equally as evil and heinous.

I wish you well in your journey back to your country, but I dare say that your international educational journey has just begun my friend and not ended.


Hi Sharpie, I just wanted to apologize for the way you were treated by some people. I think your issue with some of them might be a language barrier , though for sure there are some who might be a dick just because they don't like your ethnicity. I wanted to tell you please do not turn away from everyone because of a few. if you do that, people can see you do not trust them and will respond in kind, even though they meant you no harm. There are very many good people here, even more than Alexei's 50%, though some take convincing.

I've got to tell you, all this USA bashing has really gotten to Americans and made them defensive, and I am one of them. To many around the world, the USA's history is ridiculed and our culture a joke. As an American, our view is that we help many nations during rough times and we get spit upon for our troubles. Most countries will do what is in their best interest, yet the USA has repeatedly done things for humanitarian reasons as well and been vilified as a result.

I understand that you have been mistreated by some, and I apologize profusely for that. However, I wanted to ask you: why have you not left? We definitely have some improving to do, and some of us could be more welcoming, for sure, but there is a reason you stay here, why you do not go to school in Britain or France? It's because this is the place has the most opportunity in the world, despite our drawbacks.

Your key to success here is to ignore rude treatment and be a better man than them. Your greatest weapon is an open hand, not a fist. Believe me, most will realize they are being rude and will change attitude once you remove their weapon, which is their misconceptions of who you are and what you represent. Try again, and I hope to someday call you a friend of America.

Well, America started out as rude house guests that never left, so it makes sense that you would have more rude house guests enter in after.

Andrei Trostel's picture

I'm confused, are you speaking of history? I don't know anything about that. I'm American and we don't have any history to speak of like the rest of the world who are simply able to blame past atrocities on war mongering politicians of yesteryear, or genocidal leaders of old.


please, name one country which this has never happened...America is just the puching bag of the day..

Great point of view, a fresh perspective and a "slap" on the face to the ignorant and
snob that came to the Us hoping for a better life and never stopped criticizing since he got here, kudos to you writer.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Thank you Vlad, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

'The reason America has bases in other countries is because those people asked for our help and military support when being slaughtered by their neighbors/rulers' ? simply not true.Only the South Koreans want US troops in their country , no one else does . The behaviour of these rape-obsessed uneducated idiots is not reported in the US media , but then neither are many things that are reported in other countries.

Really , the rest of the world wants much much less to do with the US. Your military are war criminals , your subservience to israel is pathetic and you have only ever produced one decent band. US comedy is juvenile.
Keep your competitive eating and worship of israel and leave us alone , you have nothing to offer the world.

Andrei Trostel's picture

You know just saying "simply not true" doesn't actually make it not know that right? You honestly believe that in all of United States history, South Korea is the only country to ever ask the United States for help and military support? That's not only simply ridiculous, but completely ignorant of ANY history, which ironically is something always accused of Americans.

Actually the behavior of the rape-obsessed uneducated idiots IS reported in the US media and they are brought to trial whenever something like that occurs. In fact, because we have freedom of speech and of the press AND the world has SUCH a watchful eye on the United States, reporters (local and abroad) are just itching to break controversial stories like that. You know what countries DON'T report atrocities and crimes against humanity? Ones without freedom of speech and of the press, that's who.

You know, I appreciate your opinion about the world wanting much much less to do with the US...that is until some shit goes down and everyone is condemning the United States for not getting involved. You can't really have it both ways, can you?


and then when we get involved...


Give me a fucking break with all your Anti-United States rhetoric and say something original that actually sounds like you aren't just a major hypocrite spouting thoughtless hate against an entire country of people, because it's trendy to do so.

I'll say one thing though...your "have only ever produced one decent band" line cracked me up to no end. You've piqued my curiosity, what band meets your approval?

"Rape Obsessed, Uneducated Idiots", huh? What a fool you are. Germany. Yes, they still ask for our support. the baltic states, yes, they still ask for our support. Afghanistan, Iraq, they still ask for our support. Many, many countries who only have to decide they do not want the US there, but simply HAVE NOT DONE SO. Rape Obsessed, really? Uneducated, Really? The US military is the most educated the world has ever known.

Opinion polls in Germany show an overwhelming majority of the public want the bases there removed. Pretty sure Iraq and Afghanistan are the same , do not forget the political leaders there are US puppets not proper leaders in any way. Karzai in Afghanistan is as corrupt as any leader in the world , he is massively unpopular with Afghans, and yet...he is still there....why ?

Whenever I have seen US soldiers being interviewed normally after being charged or convicted with some crime or other invariably they seem 'special needs' and I suspect they would not be accepted into the military of most countries.

Do you support the torture programme ?

Andrei Trostel's picture

Haha Opinion polls here in America show an overwhelming majority of the public want the bases in other countries removed and less military involvement...depending on who you poll of course. What the people want and what the government leaders actually do in ANY country are often totally different things. There's a word for that...wait, what is it again? Oh right, POLITICIAN. :P

So let me get this straight, whenever you have seen convicted rapists being interviewed they seem rape obsessed and a bit mental? HAHA Brilliant!


'What the people want and what the government leaders actually do in ANY country are often totally different things. ' well you nailed that one , I totally agree , but then arent politicians perverting democracy ? If they are , how can they be stopped ?

Does the MIC control politicians across europe as well ? if so , what is the solution ?

Andrei Trostel's picture

I think in a way politicians have ALWAYS perverted politics. ALL politics, throughout the history of politics, has always been synonymous with shady and sketchy dealings. I think many of these people go in with very noble and ambitious intentions and just get mired down in all the shit that is already there. I equate it to seeing quick sand and proclaiming, "I'm going to swim in that! I'll be the first to really do it and everyone will see how it's done!" Again, sound ambitions, but then they get in there and are like, "Oh shit" and end up flailing around while they are there just trying not to get swallowed up whole. As voters, voting on candidates, we are really just looking at them campaigning and going, "Oh I bet they can swim well!" Then when they come out of office we are like, "WTF happened in there? I thought you could swim?!" And the politicians are like, "IT'S HELL IN THERE MAN! IT'S NOT WHAT I THOUGHT! HAVE YOU BEEN IN THERE?! IT'S HELL MAN! I JUST BARELY GOT OUT ALIVE! OH LOOK, I BET THIS GUY CAN SWIM...I ENDORSE HIM!" It's just this vicious cycle of empty promises and disappointments. As the people, all we can do is pick who looks like the best swimmer and cross our fingers for four years, all the while taking shit from the rest of the world about why this person can't swim in quick sand.

How can they be stopped? What is the solution? Both great questions!

Anyone know?!
Does anyone know the definitive answer...and more importantly, how is your swimming ability? Don't just talk shit from the outside about how it SHOULD be done without getting in there and doing it, because otherwise you are just bragging about how well one COULD swim in quick sand, having never actually seen quick sand. It just comes off as more empty rhetoric coming from a place filled with some other substance that your politicians are trying to swim through. Chocolate pudding maybe...or something of that sort.

I will say this though, I'm pretty sure the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) doesn't control the politicians, but it WOULD make them seem a little more cool than they actually are.


the solutions is, that there is no solution. Democracy and capitalism, with all it's strengths, is flawed, as are are other forms of Govt. It just sucks much less than others. It is not the best system, but it's by far the best one we've got.
D+C, as i like to call it, sucks if you're poor, but it does give you an opportunity to rectify your situation, whereas socialism or communism locks you in to and makes you dependent on the state to fulfill your basic needs. D+C, while often ugly and corrupt, has proven time and time again to raise the living standard of the average person. Capitalism is the study of human motivation and his willingness to improve his life. My prediction is there will never be a perfect solution, only ones which suck less.

Andrei Trostel's picture

I'd have to agree with that, there is no solution, just various different forms of government corruption. Government has always been corrupt and I doubt that will change any time soon. The important thing here is to NOT define a nation of citizens, from various different backgrounds, based on what its government officials do, especially when everyone's government officials have their hands dirty too.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." -John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

Surely German citizens, through their democratic republic, have the capability to ask the US to remove it's bases. Why has it not done so? Afghanistan and Iraq have both asked us to continue to provide assistance because they cannot provide security for themselves. I know there are some issues about voter fraud in Afghanistan, but are you going to discount completely elected governments and call them puppets just because you don't like who the've asked to help with security? These are ligitimate goverments, recognized around the world as being democratically elected, but somehow they are "puppets"?

torture programme? I don't know what you are talking about. You make it sound like it's one of our government functions. "Well, we have the Postal service, Aid to Needy Families, Farmers Home Administration, and, of course, our Torture Program". Are you really that brainwashed? Don't you have anything to counter the anti-US propaganda where you live? Jesus.

Andrei Trostel's picture

It's possible that he IS referring to our Postal Service. Have you ever been in one of those places? It's fucking torture in there sometimes.


great, maybe we can call it the United States Postal Torture from now

Andrei Trostel's picture

They don't call it "going postal" for nothing.


Hi No More, here's a run down of the US military for you, remember, this is 18-24 year olds.

Maybe take a more considered approach next time before blathering on the BBC talking points about America...

sdawson wrote "yet the USA has repeatedly done things for humanitarian reasons as well and been vilified as a result."

This is propaganda. When has the US ever done anything for humanitarian reasons ? Turned up years late in both world wars , disgraceful cowardice. Funds the genocide of the Palestinian people , one of the worst things to occur in human history. The Jonas Brothers. Funds most of the terrorist groups in the world. Currentley US cocaine consumption is destroying Mexico , 40,000 dead.

Andrei Trostel's picture

HAHA this is the best ever!

"This is propaganda."

I love that argument, especially since it can be applied BOTH directions and thus cancels itself out.

Another favorite part of this comment is "Turned up years late in both world wars."

Wait, I'm wanted The United States to show up EARLIER?! I thought we had nothing to offer the world? Oh right, except when you need something. Fucking typical.

Yes yes the article sarcastically states, The United States is a total fucking mess compared to the rest of the world which is SO PERFECT and gets along SO WELL. We should just mind our own business and leave you all alone to kill each other peacefully, because you are all so enlightened. Oh, until you need us and then it is that we "showed up too late" even though "we have nothing to offer."

The best part of the comment though...."The Jonas Brothers."

HAHA You've got me....I've got nothing there. The entire country sucks...and all the people from different parts of the world that reside here are terrible people...because of The Jonas Brothers.


the tsunami in southeast Asia? Just off the top of my head. Somalia? There is nothing in either of those places that can be construied as being in our best interests.

Andrei said

"In fact, I dare you to name ONE (JUST ONE) country that we have "invaded and conquered" for our own. " Diego Garcia , care to comment

Andrei Trostel's picture

HAHA Brilliant, just brilliant!

Yes, I would care to comment.

Diego Garcia is a United Kingdom - British territory.
It is located in the British Indian Ocean Territory.

Now here is the punchline people.

ALL of these "Inside Job" comments are coming from...

Wait for it...

Manchester, United Kingdom!

Fucking Brilliant!

Nirvana of course , the second best band of all time.

Andrei Trostel's picture

And the first?

Nirvana of course , the second best band of all time.

Andrei Trostel's picture

And the first?

are the best ever band

who lives on Diego Garcia ?

Andrei Trostel's picture

I suppose the fact that Joy Division are from Manchester probably doesn't have anything to do with that either. Although, I will say this, they are certainly an Unknown Pleasure. ;)

Who lives on Diego Garcia? That's easy:

"Diego Garcia and its territorial waters out to 3 nautical miles (6 km) have been restricted from public access without permission of the BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territory) Government since 1971, and is exclusively used as a military base, primarily by the United States."

It kind of throws a monkey wrench in that argument of yours about "Only the South Koreans want US troops in their country, no one else does." Doesn't it?

If the British government doesn't want us there then why don't they just tell the Americans to piss off out of there, huh? Oh right, because the British government benefits from the Americans being there in some way. What was it again? Money? Ballistic missiles? Then more money? And then even MORE money? Does anyone else smell the hypocrisy here, or is it just me?

Oh hey, I'm curious, did the issue of compensation and repatriation (by the British government) of the former inhabitants ever get worked out, or is that still bogged down in litigation? Wasn't the Depopulation of Diego Garcia by the British Government also recently submitted to the European Court of Human Rights as a crime against humanity?

Look mate, I'm not saying the world is a perfect place and that a WHOLE LOT of global change doesn't needs to occur, INCLUDING AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY, before things are even in the realm of being right. However, I AM saying that the rest of the world needs to stop being a bunch of hypocrites when it comes to demonizing Americans for the same shit that they are doing too.

Once again, people in glass houses probably shouldn't be throwing stones.

I do thank you for reading and for your comments though, I really got a good laugh about the Jonas Brothers bit and I must say, if nothing else, you do have decent taste in music.

Let's try and focus on our similarities more, shall we? I hope it isn't lost on you that Joy Division is from Manchester (you) and Nirvana is from Seattle (me).


Fair enough

I dont actually believe all the stuff i posted but I was bored at work , wasnt expecting such considered replies to be honest.

I strongly dislike the US govt , and I strongly dislike the UK govt too , you should see the ineffectual fucker we have as PM , he is a joke. There is a real difference between critiscizing a govt and critiscizing a country , Americans are generally OK , i have friends and family in Memphis and they really hate the Jonas Brothers too.

The people/descendants of Diego Garcia want to go home , and I hope they will be allowed to , they never settled in Mauritius and the people of Mauritius didnt want them. The whole thing is a crime against humanity and both the UK and US govts role is shameful.

Foo Fighters are good but they somehow lack the magic of Nirvana . Ian , Kurt and now Amy and yet i bet Bieber lives to be 90. Very unfair.

Cheers and have a great day.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Agreed, on all accounts...especially the Bieber bit which completely cracked me up. Haha!

Cheers and you have a great day as well.


the thing about shitty music to keep in perspective is that every Beiber, or Vanilla Ice, or Nelson, Whitesnake or Gerardo (remember Rico Suave? do a google search on'll make you laugh so hard your balls will hurt.) , every time one of these shitty acts comes up just hastens the coming of a Nirvana, or Tool, or Sex Pistols, or My Chemical Romance. Everything goes in cycles, and Rock n Roll is no different. Though the masses can be fooled for a while by catchy ripped-off ear-candy, they are soon struck by how empty and contrived and boring it all is.

In the early 90's it was , "For the LOVE OF GOD, if I hear Milli Vanilli singing 'Girl you Know it's True' ONE MORE TIME, I swear I will jam ice picks into my ears!" Then the masses went forth to buy Sonic Youth albums. And all was well...for a while...It's a fact, look it up.

We had a music revolution in the late 60's and in the early 90's...I think we're about due again.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Agreed and it can't come soon enough!

Missy K's picture

I had no idea you were a writer for this site, Andrei! I'm a close minded dickwad and I didn't read any of this article so i'm just gonna assume you're insulting America. You unpatriotic bastard. You don't deserve to celebrate the fourth of July, or play baseball, or eat cherry pie (I don't like apple pie)

Andrei Trostel's picture

HAHA! Nice Missy. "close" are you?

Are you watching me now?!


Missy K's picture

Look out your window ;D

Andrei Trostel's picture

You're scaring the foreigners again Missy. :P

Missy K's picture

GOOD. Maybe they'll remove their pants too

Andrei Trostel's picture

Put some effort into it and you could scare them right out of their pants.


Missy K's picture

DANCE OFF WITH OUR PANTS OFF! and you aren't invited :( oh, that's just mean. You can come too, here's your invitation.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Missy you should probably stop giving out invitations to come on the internet, people will get the wrong idea about you...or maybe just an accurate one. :P

ok now you both need a fucking room...

Andrei Trostel's picture

HAHA! Is it just me or does the phrase "fucking room" seem oddly redundant in this regard?

she reminds me of the many crazies i've dated..stalker chicks are the best, but make sure the window is unlocked in case of a needed quick getaway.

Andrei Trostel's picture

I've found that when dealing with crazy stalker chicks it is always best to keep your windows securely locked.


ahhh, tomAto, tomAHto. You have your way, I have mine.

Andrei Trostel's picture

Well if there is one thing we can agree upon about crazy stalker chicks, it is that we can definitely call the whole thing off. ;)

americans are stupid, every single one

Andrei Trostel's picture

Says the person who googled "why american are so rude."

Way to demonstrate your intelligence with your google search and then follow it up with an ignorant stereotypical comment.

Andreas81's picture

It's a European tradition to not wear pants and to base what we think about Americans off popular (American) TV shows. But not everyone in Europe is quite so cultured, so you might run into some rude people that bother you with earnest questions instead of proclaiming your barbarism and stupidity. I hate it when people treat others as individuals instead of making broad generalisations about a massive country with a highly diverse population. Where was I? Oh... yes, you are dumb. Dumb Americans! Now I have to go... I think Jersey Shore is on.

Andrei Trostel's picture

HAHA O.k. that comment cracked me up.

Yeah, imagine actually treating others as individuals instead of using broad nationalistic generalizations?

How terribly inconvenient that would be!


Hi :D
To begin I'd like to say you seem very intelligent, and that I understand you're need to create this article in defense of America. Even though I do not have the same American passion as you for many reasons, I respect you so very much :) so all I actually want you to take into very careful consideration is human behavior. Absolutely no one is perfect, I believe man-kind will always have great faults and will always pre-jugde. If we are not informed we will naturally guess. And that is a problem we ALL have. From the information our brains have gathered over time, that's where our guesses form from, now keep in mind the information may be good or bad source.
I'm not exactly American, but I've been raised in the US sence 2years of age. I was born in Cuba, and I believe the reason why I'm commenting on you're article today is 'because' I'm Cuban, and because I abviously find a need to speak my mind as a Cuban I've been judged and prejudged. I was born in Cuba but my parents won a lottery thing, and when I was two years old my mother,father,brother, and I came to America. My parents and my brother have always been very proud to be Cuban and when they speak Spanish they sound Cuban, but Ive never spoken with Cuban slang or any accent whatsoever. So I grew up most of my life refusing to BE Cuban. I am very light skinned and I speak English perfectly, everyone always saw me as American at school, plus I was kind of ashamed to say I was Cuban because I had no idea of what it was like in Cuba, I went off by what I heard on the news , all the bad things that happen and everything. I was depressed because I felt within myself that I was no one, because I had no culture growing up because i refused to absorb the Cuban culture. ALL THAT CHANGED THIS PAST SUMMER. My parents finally took me to Cuba and it was completly life changing. I swear, my entire life perspective changed after that amazing trip. Growing up I wasn't surrounded by a large family it was just my mom my dad and my older brother. When I went to Cuba I found a world untouched, untainted, and pure. Truly in my soul I believe Cuba has the worlds secret to happiness. The worst part about this trip was coming back home to America. I used to believe America was the best country on the planet, that no other country got any better then this, until I went to Cuba. Cuba has the worlds most pure happiness, the Cuban people are the pure definition of genuine. That country is completly unknown. You may believe you know about Cuba, but trust me (seriously) you DON'T. U.S mass media has tainted and in purified this countries hopes and fortitudes. So as I was saying America is having the trouble it's having today because of the corrupt illness called politics. (forgive me politics isn't an illness but I think politics has become something WAY to powerful. But I don't really know) I think everyday Americans are living in an invisable cage (that is how I was living) and I want that to change sooooooo badly. By the way my name is Dayessi (my name means 'yes' in three different languages XD. ) and I'm 14 years old and in 8th grade c:, sorry for the bad grammar/punctuation I'm learnining proper literature in my language arts class. :P


Andrei Trostel's picture

Dayessi, (great name by the way)

While I appreciate your view point on many levels I can't help but cringe at some aspects of your comment. First and foremost I would like to address the statement of, "I'm not exactly American, but I've been raised in the US since 2 years of age." Not for nothing, but you could have just moved here last year and naturalized and you would be 100% American. Being American has NOTHING to do with how long you've been here or where you came from, in fact I'd say your story is about as American as it gets.

Second, while I have no doubt in my mind that Cuba is a country rich with culture, beauty, wonder and fabulous people, I can't help but feel your statement of "Cuba has the worlds most pure happiness," might be a little naive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to discount your experience, opinion or vision of your return to your "mother land," but I imagine you went to experience all the greatness of Cuba while surrounded by your loving and generous family.

Cuba, like EVERY OTHER country on the planet, has its issues and let's not forget that there IS a reason that not only was there a lottery in place for people to leave Cuba, but there are also people risking their lives trying to get to Florida by any means possible and it probably isn't to escape all the unicorns, rainbows and puppies.

If "Cuba has the worlds most pure happiness," then why are there so many Cubans desperately trying to leave?

As far as the corrupt illness called politics and the issues regarding U.S. mass media (not to mention every other countries' mass media) I agree with you 100%.

Thank you for reading and commenting Dayessi and I wish you the worlds most pure happiness, where ever you may find it.

Hi again C:
Thanks so much for responding (I'm such a wierdo xD I have this website on my favorites, so I check all the time) so any way I totally agree with you that people do risk their lives just to get to Florida, but some of those people leave because they feel as if once they do get here, they imagine a materialistic and almost a perfect life, like they will get a high paying job instantly, houses won't cost so much and free-health care. But in reality that won't happen, a least not for a number of years. Just yesterday my dad told my brother and I that he brought us to this country so we could have life time opertunities, and that we can do ANYTHING we wish if we realllllllly work hard, but that if Cuba weren't in such a bad position we would've stayed their. My mom took the citizenship test (I was her teacher lol) and she passed so me and my brother are citizens now, and she want to bring one of her sisters to the US. Her sister has 3 kids (two teenage 18 year old girls and one 21 year old son) and a husband. When I went to Cuba this summer I asked the twins one day if they were excited to come here, and they looked at me kinda with the face you make when something is awkward and said "not really." (in Spanish) they told
Me they weren't ready to leave Cuba, and I thought to myself asking myself really? Nd the weird thing is that I understood. I felt as if we were being kind of selfish bringing them to the US. I felt like 'why would I take them out of their happiness?' i wish I could explain this better to you lol sorry. And when I said that Cuba has the worlds 'purest happiness' is because when you travel there you can just feel the genuin-ness, the unselfishness, the family love. When I was over there people would be playing music on the streets all the time, if you do that here someone will call the cops. Over there the neighbors are always so open with each other , they would gather around and watch tv together or randomly walk into each others house and eat together. No body closes their doors in the day, they are always wide open until night time or if they go out and there is no one home. When you go to Cuba you just FEEL sooooooo....Happy. I guess you can be happy here too, but it's just something about Cuba that you can't duplicate here.


I know exactly what you mean by "purest happiness". I am from India. And everything you said about neighbors being very friendly and walking into each others houses and eating lunch is so true. I have been in the US for 6 years and I have exactly 0 Americans I can call friends; not saying nobody talks to me but when I can't say they are my friends. Most of them are co-workers. I see all my co-workers hanging out after work and I asked a couple of people how come no one invites me. The really honest ones say "You are different". I ask them to tell me what I should change about myself to be not different. They don't have an answer. Yes I'm different but how would I learn how to be an American if the most interaction I get is from TV or when I go buy something from a store. I have a really good paying job so I spend a lot of money shopping thinking that wearing better clothes or getting manis and pedis would show that I'm no different from other American girls. Really sad I know. Coming from a country where intelligence is admired and little frizzy hair or a crooked tooth don't automatically qualify a person as dorky,weirdo, I hate American's obsession with looks and money. I wonder every day why I'm putting myself through this torture. The only reason I'm here is in countries like India, if somebody lives in the US or UK, it is a prestigious issue. It makes my parents happy that I'm living here and making lots of money. Not that they want a penny. But they think I'm happier here and I play along. They gave me so much and I can give back at least this much. At least if one day if I have children and if they are born here I can teach them to be friendly to people that are "different".

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it seems to me that you are spending an AWFUL lot of energy TRYING to please other people instead of focusing on people who love you for who you are and not what you look like or what you do. Frankly it breaks my heart.

If you want to go out to lunch or hang out with co-workers who don't want you there because "you're different" then you need to ask yourself WHY you so desperately want to go to lunch or hang out with a bunch of fucking assholes.

This idea of "how to be an American" is SO disturbing to me.

Read the article again.

Being an American has NOTHING to do with how you act, your looks, how much money you have, getting manis/pedis or least of all conforming to what other people think.

I mean, any history lesson will tell you that the very foundation of this country was built on immigration and NOT wanting to conform to other people's rules and ideas, but rather embracing your own to make a better life for yourself.

You want to be more American, fine, then say, "FUCK THE STATUS QUO," and do your own thing and work hard at making a better life for yourself, instead of pleasing other people's fucked up views of what they are trying to shove down your throat as right or wrong.

Above anything else, stop "playing along" because no one is happy pretending to be something they are not.

I sincerely wish you all the 'purest happiness" in the world, but you have to stop trying to find it in other people's opinions and find it within yourself.


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Anytime Dayi, it's my pleasure. I make it a point to try and respond to ALL people who take the time to read and comment on my articles. I figure it is the LEAST I can do since you took the time to read and comment on my thoughts.

Again, I TOTALLY appreciate your passion and view of Cuba, but your own words about the situation still paints a picture that is quite telling.

"but that if Cuba weren't in such a bad position"

"the family love"

Again, Cuba has it's issues like any other country and I could easily point you to places in America where music is playing in the streets, people don't lock their car or house doors, family is important and everyone is neighborly.

Please, don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying Cuba isn't great or happy and doesn't contain something that can't be duplicated here. In fact I'd easily say that EVERY COUNTRY has something great and happy that can't be duplicated here...and vice versa.

The point of this article is to point out the similarities in people and NOT highlight the differences. The point is to demonstrate that America is a melting pot of the rest of the world and if we are lacking all the things that people say we are lacking then maybe they should lead by better example. Instead they leave their "wonderful" countries, come here and complain about our country, WHILE desperately trying to become citizens here which is the absolute height of hypocrisy.

I mean seriously, who goes to another person's house and constantly complains about the conditions and how much better it is at their place while trying to move in permanently?

Bye :3

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Until later.


Anrei makes a valid point about people leaving their own fabulous country only to travel all the way to another country and complain when they could have just stayed at home. A perfect example of this is the number of americans who make their way to other countries on vacation only to PISS and MOAN about how everything is "wrong" in the place theyre visiting. I speak from almost twenty years working in hotels. Our most annoying and difficult customers are those from america. We can say how we are all similar in many ways i suppose but quite honestly, americans are the rudest visitors to my country i have ever come across.

I may also point out the height of rudeness taking place in afghanistan not by australian, german or british troops but by.... You guessed it! Americans. It is americans burning pages of the sacred words written for the people who inhabit the country they are visiting. It is also americans urinating on the bodies of the people they have killed there. Oh not to mention the 17 innocent civillians shot by an american soldier. Top work fellas. Way to take a real step forward in helping the people who already live every day in fear from the religious extremists who are considered to be the true enemy.

A word of warning to anyone else trying to put forward the clear and obvious argument that americans are rude. Andrei seems to have an answer for everything! Youre sure to recieve a rebuttal containing many true but invalid points.

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Yet another comment fraught with nationalistic bigotry and hostility, which again I find both telling and highly ironic given the subject matter of how to act when dealing with people. So much for "kindness will only ever follow....well.........kindness." Haha!

Once again, the point of the article is NOT to say that Americans aren't rude, but to point out that people in general are rude and that people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones. The antagonistic and hostile nature of your comment once again proves that point beautifully, so thanks for that.

You are absolutely right though that it is ONLY EVER Americans that demonstrate atrocious behavior towards civilians in times of unrest. Clearly they are hanging their own civilian American dismembered corpses from bridges and beheading themselves on television. In addition, I'm fairly certain Lara Logan raped herself repeatedly in Egypt during the celebration that followed the resignation of 30-year Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Yeah sure, she's South African, but she lived in Washington D.C. which is probably what caused her to do it know...since only Americans have such atrocious behavior in times of unrest.

I love how you seem to think you can tell an American by sight alone. How do you know the quiet sweet little Indian couple that stayed at the hotel also wasn't American...or do they not count as Americans in your book?

Careful Issac, your ignorance is showing, but by all means continue to prove me 100% correct with rude comments filled with hostility, ignorance and nationalistic bigotry.


THAT'S EXACTLY MY POINT!! I wish sooo badley to be able to DO something great for this world, because I know in my heart that every region in this planet has magnificent story to tell. I tell myself all the time that when I grow up I'm going to do something big. I can just feel it boiling, but then again there are soooo many you have to be a born citizen in the united states. I want to (literally) be president of America and then be president of Cuba, and pass on something amazing to the generations to come. Ever sence I was little I couldn't imagine myself in a regular job really. Even today I DESPISE routine so much. The whole wake up. Brush your teeth, go to school for 8 hours, come home, do homework, take a shower, go to sleep. Start all over again. Everyday. All my youth. Nothing different.... >:o it makes me angry seeing the same people everyday. I mean I have so many ideas about how to change this world, I feel like when ever I do say some of them I talking to an empty house. I may not be as old as you or my teachers or my parents but I have and entire idea planned out I just have to connect everything. It foolish to believe my generation is apathetic and lethargic, but if we don't start USEING our brains and thinking, everything will become a quick fix society and and we won't live in a country of our own making. Imagine that for second, because I can tell you that scares the hell out me.have you noticed now-a-days kids arent telling their parents I want to be a doctor, or I want to be an austronomer. Instead the parents are saying your Ganna be an actress, or your going to lead to nothing if you don't get off those drugs (country accent :3) . I know that when I grow up I wish to be a leader of several countries without there being a problem, and I want to make master piece movies (that have great message) and also I want to help all the people suffering for hunger or homelessness or obesity or anerexia or whatever people need help in I want to be there and be able to say 'I don't want money, I want fortitude' those are the standards I want to live by, and I want there to be inspiration on every corner just to keep me going. That's why people complain about America, not because we hate it or anything but BECAUSE we care so much about it that we use all our energy to complain. -James Arthur Baldwin : "I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually." <---- lol yeah.
XD ttyl bye.

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I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm for life and the world. When I picture you in my mind, I picture a caterpillar on speed who wants to fly so badly that it would rather use the silk for its cocoon to build a catapult instead. The only problem I see is that what gets launched out of a catapult must come down, while a butterfly can continue flapping to stay afloat. Besides, only a butterfly can cause a butterfly effect in the world.


Lol xD wow, so creative. And thank you haha

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You're very welcome...speedballing caterpillar.


Lol I like giraffes better but oh well xD

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Look it was a long shot at best comparing you to a creature that doesn't make any noise, but at least butterflies can fly.

Giraffes do neither.