The Erin Andrews Sex Tape is Here

I love you, God, for bestowing her naked body upon us.

How do I know there's a God? Because a video of Erin Andrews naked leaked onto the internet, that's how. Erin Andrews is the woman who tries to talk about sports on the TV. Women are great, and sports are great, but put the two together and you get disasters like Erin Andrews, or the WNBA.

Erin Andrews naked sex video screenshot
A screenshot from the video showing Erin Andrews naked in her hotel room.
The video is low quality, but that's because it's one of those awesome illegal voyeur videos some guy shot by drilling a hole in his adjoining hotel room into Erin Andrew's room while she's curling her hair naked and doing squatting exercises.

Why would anyone commit suicide with news like that? This and the ShamWow guy beating up a hooker are the only things that keep me going. And just like you now see more ShamWow commercials after the guy beats up a hooker, I'm sure this leaked naked hot sexy video of Erin Andrews will only help her (sigh), career. In fact, it's probably just a publicity stunt by her, since she confirmed that the girl in the grainy cell phone video was her when she could've just ignored this story. But now that she's confirmed it is her soft, golden, amazingly beautiful body, the news is all over the internet (I found out about from the front page of Yahoo).

Erin Andrews hotel sex video - ESPN Reporter
Erin Andrews and other girls with way less clothes than this.
But what do I know? I'm not the one who shot the video. I wish I shot the Erin Andrews video. Hell, it feels really good to say: I am the one who shot the video of ESPN's Erin Andrews naked in a hotel room. Rolls right off the tongue.

However, my imaginary lawyer has advised me to not admit to filming it. My imaginary psychiatrist keeps telling me that having an imaginary lawyer is not normal.

This couldn't have come at a better time. Sex tapes are at an all-time low. We were blessed from above by the Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian sex tapes, and since then, nothing. Today, I saw an article "Christie Brinkley's Ex Has A Sex Tape." First of all, who the fuck is Christie Brinkley? Second, why does her ex having a sex tape make the news? What. The. Fuck. Who the fuck cares. If a cashier she bought a Butterfinger from at a ShopKo in 1977 makes a sex tape, is that news? One exception to this sex tape drought is the rumored *gag* sex *gag* tape *gag* of *gag* John *gag* Edwards. Gag.

Erin Andrews body naked on a sex tape in a hotel

Below sex tapes are upskirts and nip slips. God, the world is a wonderful place. No matter who you are, you're always at risk for being filmed or photographed naked against your will. Fuck, if you look hard enough, you could probably find a Mother Theresa nip slip or an upskirt of the Virgin Mary (in black and white, of course).

Normally, people end their Erin Andrews article by saying they don't know where to find the video. But I do know where to find it, and I have a copy on my computer. If you're having trouble finding it, or don't want to risk getting a virus (I have a Mac so I'm good), comment below with why I should send you the video, and I will send it to anyone deserving of seeing Erin Andrews' luscious, wonderful, unclothed body.

Erin Andrews hotel sex video (real version)

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Grasshopper's picture

Def one of the best nips slips and up skirts. Your sigh about her career made me laugh too loud for work.

bro, idk how to email you but im pretty sure im deserving, i was a dating a zeta at florida, which is the sorority Erin Andrews was in well needless to say i enjoy college football with my bros (because of erin andrews) much more than being around now my ex gf, i wasnt allowed into the zeta house because i would always make rude (i thought they were funny) comments about can my gf live in erins room so when i fuck her i can imagine its erin and have some sort of actually things to base this on, like a little kid who's favorite team is the red sox and he gets to run around the bases at fenway, it just makes acting like you play for the bo'sox even more real. And i walked in to a chapter meeting drunk one night at the zeta house and got kicked out for telling them they went to shit when erin left.

Paul Frank's picture

Give me your email (you can contact me through my profile: or post it here, whatever.

Paul Frank,

I deserve the Erin Andrews video for the same reason the rest of mankind deserves the video. I have been forced to watch her make a mockery of football. My friends and I would cringe every time her golden locks would bounce onto the screen, only to say whatever scripted drivel her writers had put together for that particular appearance. One day, I was fed up and told my room mate Kevin,"Kev, this chick would be a much more tolerable football announcer if she would just to the world a favor and announce naked. Then we wouldn't have to listen to what she is saying and could simply stare at her boobs."

Now we have that opportunity.

Thank you.

Ryan colpitts's picture

I deserve this video well mainly because I’m a sexist pervert like you. After reading many of your articles I’ve come to terms that we are one in the same in a totally cool none gay way but fuck who doesn’t want to look at Erin Andrews naked I bet she looks more comfortable in the video then she does on TV she may have found her true calling as a porn star no if there really is a god this will be her next step in her otherwise vomit inducing career . Send it over Paul !!


She looks more comfortable in the video then she does on TV

Dear Dr. Paul,
I call you Dr. because you clearly are a doctor of life, curing my hunger to see Erin Andrews naked. What cna you perscribe you ask? Why, hit me up with some grainy footage of her naked. Maybe I should explain to you why I deserve it, why I shoudl be saved. Well, I live in Canada, in a small shitty town where nothing cool ever happens, and some Erin Andrews botty sure would cheer us up. Thanks

Erin Andrews looki great I am sure she is a Whore and lots of Athletes have fucked her