Canada is one of the countries where real money gambling, especially online casino gambling, is on the rise, and the trend continues to unfold. This is advantageous for many gamblers, however, many wannabe gamblers also want to know whether this trend is stable, and whether there are actually reasons for this trend to continue.

Those wannabe gamblers interested in secure real money gambling can check out CasinosHunter’s research on best paid online casino in Canada. However, to assess the perks of the best online casinos for Canada, and to tell a good casino site from a low quality one, the gamblers should still be aware of the key reasons of real money gambling popularity in Canada, and the key differences between online and offline casino offers.

Favorable Legal Situation

One of the key reasons why real money gambling in Canada is so popular, has been popular for a while already, and will most likely be popular in the nearest future is because real money gambling is legally allowed.

All adults in Canada, both locals and tourists, of 19 years old and older, are free to make real money bets at offline betting facilities, including parlors, sports betting, lotteries, etc, and online platforms. The general rule of thumb is that all land based facilities must be licensed by the local government, while online parlors for Canadians can only be accessed by locals if the platforms are offshore.

In other words, Canadians face almost no restrictions or limitations, besides some common sense ones, that would prevent them from gambling, for fun or for real money. And since obviously real money gambling is more exciting, more engaging, and brings more satisfaction—and of course it brings real money wins!—more and more Canadians play games of chance for real cash.

Benefits of Real Money Gambling

If you want to know all about online parlors, how they work, how to choose the best sites, and what are all the benefits of laying for real money, check out CasinosHunter and guidelines. Here, check out the benefits of real money gambling if compared to free casino gambling (yes, free casino gambling is possible!).

Casino games can be played for free on most gambling platforms, often even without registration, in the so-called Demo mode. Casinos allow visitors to play their games, usually in an unlimited manner, to demonstrate the beauty and quality of software, and of course to whet the appetite to play for real cash.

The drawbacks of Demo mode are as follows: players do not need to risk their cash, but they also cannot win any real cash. They cannot play progressive jackpots in the demo mode, and most importantly, they cannot play Live Dealer games for free. Tournaments and races for casino customers are also not available in the Demo mode.

Playing for real money (and this works both for offline and online parlors!) brings more fun, because depositing customers are eligible for different types of bonuses, can play all games in the lobby, win real cash, enjoy additional perks like tournaments and races, and can also participate in different Loyalty Programs. If these things do not make real money gambling attractive enough for Canadians, we don’t know what else can.

Online Feels Better

These days, few can wonder why online entertainment is more attractive than offline. However, at all times, online parlors almost always outweigh land based facilities. The reasons include:

  • Availability and comfort – No need to dress up, fight traffic, go anywhere late in the evening, wait for the weekend to gamble, tolerate a drunk crowd, come home late. Online parlors are open 24/7, weekdays and weekends, and can be played in long sessions as a weekend entertainment, or in short sessions as a time-killer while waiting in a line.
  • Lower costs – Indeed, land based gambling houses may provide more of a festive atmosphere, but the customers are expected not only to make bets, but also to eat, drink, and tip to the waiters. Moreover, few are aware of this, but the house edge is lower for online parlors, simply because running a website is anyways cheaper than running a full-fledged land based facility.
  • Bigger bonuses, more games, more fun – Simply due to the nature of the beast, online platforms tend to provide more attractive bonuses, more games by more providers, and run various additional events like tournaments, more often. These things are easier done online than offline, thus making web gambling sites more beneficial.

These advantages of online casino sites are among the reasons why real money gambling is so popular in Canada, and why we are to expect the popularity to rise even more.