1. Of all your opinions, this one is the most offensive.
  2. When it comes to women, you treat them this way.
  3. Out of all the slur words, this one is your favorite.
  4. When women dress up for Halloween, you feel they look like this.
  5. In the past decade, this is the edgiest thing you’ve said in a podcast.
  6. When receiving backlash for insensitive comments, you should wait this many days before apologizing.
  7. When bantering with a female cohost, comments such as these would be considered too far.
  8. Out of all the minorities (particularly Jews, little people, women, the unemployed, and Asians), you most enjoy making jokes at the expense of these ones.
  9. When it comes to skinny white men being game show hosts, you feel this way.
  10. After reviewing your answers, it’s clear we shouldn’t hire you for this reason.

If at any point the interviewee says, “I’ll take another topic for 500,” promptly end the interview and look elsewhere.