Relationships Jokes

Top 10 funny things about relationships:

  1. There's more drama in them than an entire season of The Young and the Restless: Stop All This Relationship Drama
  2. They can start on the internet and end on the internet: Yeah, We Met Online
  3. You can find out weird things about your significant other, like how their farts smell like rotten eggs dipped in sour milk: Relationship Pitfalls
  4. Even though we wish they were, they're never normal: Defining a Normal Relationship
  5. A single one can feel like 20 because girls have split personalities: The Six Girls You Meet in a Relationship
  6. They make some people feel extremely special on Facebook: Mini-Feed = Maxi-Frenzy
  7. They're popular in high school, but once college comes around, they're usually extinct: The 10 Types of College Relationships
  8. It's easier to cheat in one than on a test: Relationship Cheat Sheet
  9. When the going gets tough, you can have a mutual one with a stripper: Always Come Clean on Strippers
  10. They're easy as pie to start (yay sex!) but incredibly hard to end: Relationship Endings for Beginners
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