PIC has experimented with a number of different forms of literary comedy over the years. Here they are, in relative order of popularity.


Comedy Articles

Guides and lists, parody and satire, observational humor, and funny stories by top comedy writers everywhere.


Short, punchy comedy for readers on the go.


Humor Columns

A more personal space for regular contributors to post comedy, stories, editorials, guides, and fiction.

Comedy Blogs

An outlet for our staff writers to publish more frequently, and less edited.

Short Jokes

Thousands of original jokes in 140 characters or less, by PIC writers.


College Quotes

One of our original features, we collected thousands of the dumb-funniest quotes from college students everywhere, for greater shame and reflection.

AIM Convos

Courtjester5000 was once ranked the most influential screenname on AOL Instant Messenger. These are the best conversations from “The Humor Bot,” as unsuspecting teens everywhere knew him.

Voyeur IM

The witty and absurd banter between PIC writers during comedy sessions on AIM.

Top 10 Lists

Topical top ten lists using links to PIC articles as semi-punchlines.

Funny Away Messages

Yeah, those were a thing once.



You made it this far, you might as well go all the way down the rabbit hole.