Visitor Information Collected (the “Website”) uses cookies, but they are not used to store personal information about users, they will not be shared with anyone else, and they will not be used to contact you.

The major evidence of your visit is in the form of an access log, a text file that records certain facts about your visit, such as what page you looked at, what kind of browser you were using, and in some cases what page you came from to get here. This is standard information provided by your browser and it is collected by nearly every website out there, even the Pope's. This information does NOT contain your address, your credit card number, the number of pets you may have, or any similar personal information. Data collected is used to determine things like, “IP address 92.734.531 visited at 8:34PM and viewed 10 pages on”

We use these Website logs to improve the value of our Website, such as personalizing and customizing your experience on our Website. This information will be treated with the same sensitivity as personal information you give us and will not be shared (except at the aggregate level) with any third parties. In the rare case of Website abuse, we may use web log data to personally identify users and report them to the appropriate authorities.

We sometimes ask for a name and email address. We do not share your email address with any third parties.

We maintain various mailing lists which we use to send out Website content or important updates. We do not add email addresses to these lists unless a user registers for the Website or a non-registered user explicitly tells us to (i.e. signs up online).

Advertisements and Third Parties

Our advertisements are sometimes served by outside agencies or ad networks (third parties). Even though you are looking at our pages, you are looking at their images or links, and they collect their own logs and may serve their own cookies. They have their own privacy policies which you may want to review. Please contact us if you would like to review their privacy policies.

We may choose to run ads from other agencies or ad networks with no notice. Keep in mind that any site you go to as a result of clicking on an advertisement banner or link will have its own separate privacy policy or lack of same.