An all-Dark Knight set of Questions Of The Week. If you haven’t seen the movie, go read something else, because we’re sure to reveal some spoilers.


First off, the question I’ve really been wanting to ask is “How much do you want to carry around a bunch of knives and grenades wherever you go?” Or, is that just me?

Who’s the best Joker? Heath Ledger? Jack Nicholson? Cesar Romero? Mark Hamill (Batman: The Animated Series)? If you’re cool enough to include the comics, what makes one Joker better than the other?

What did you guys think of Dark Knight? I liked just about everything. I hated Maggie Gillenwhatever, the sonar and the fact that Batman was barely in it. I actually despised Batman Begins because I hated the fight scenes, jump cuts and crappy villains. Mostly, the jump cuts/ultra close-ups during fight scenes in BB confused me.

Next bad guy/girl? Follow-up: should Joker be in the next one? Double follow-up: who should play him?

Best moment in the movie? Follow up: best Joker moment?

IMAX has been sold out forever in NYC. Somebody please describe, how awesome is IMAX compared to regular?

There’s a fire in a warehouse. You have the choice of saving Katie Holmes/Maggie Gyllenhaal, or pushing Joel Schumacher into the fire, which do you do?

Which Bat-Gadget would you add to your Bat-Suit?

I can’t wait for your Bat-Answers. Leave a Bat-Comment and let’s start a serious Bat-Discussion.