…because you know she has got to be a very “frustrated” young person with that guy as her dad.

“I wore a skirt, tight shirt, heels, and make-up and did my stupid hair, and you haven't said a word. I would like to point out that I shave my legs for the feel and not the look (hint *touch* the damn leg, go ahead, you know you want to touch, and I promise you won't be in that much trouble). My underwear is fucking matching (no one will likely see it, but it's the thought that counts*)! My bra even clasps in the front, and that is damn sexy. I dare you, say anything about me not foxy, I dare you. Admit it! I am the woman of your dreams; you're just too scared to make a move you slimey bastard! What's that? You think I look nice today? What are you, gay? I mean come on, nice? Nice girls don't dress like this, and you know it. If you need me I'll be making out with my lesbian friends, and NO, you CAN'T WATCH!”

*Bonus Rant: Have you ever noticed how girls are the only ones to make that argument? A guy gives you a shitty gift, but your friends say “But it's the thought that counts,” because they are trying to make it seem better than it is. Or when someone forgets your birthday and tries to cover up for it by buying you present(s) from Speedway. “But Honey, you shouldn't worry about material things because it's the thought that counts.” Or when your mom tells you to say thank you to your great-great-great-great-aunt Hilda for the embrodiered bible passage about how adulterers should be punished because “it's the thought that counts.” (Well those thoughts tend to say, “I don't really know you that well,” “I forgot because it really ain't that important to me,” and/or “You're a slut! Repent now Succubus of Satan!”

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