Basically, Ron Paul is core. And even though I'm not the most political of men, I am firmly endorsing Ron Paul for President because America needs someone who respects its citizens' freedom and individualism. If you're tired of getting screwed over by the American government, please link to this page so you and your friends can get a weekly taste of freedom. Enjoy…

October 2007
Core Constitution
One Core Act
The Media Fears Core
Core Acrostic

September 2007
Support Our Troops: Vote Core
Core Enough for the Constitution
Core Logic
Core Market

August 2007
Too Core for Bob
The AP Doesn't Know Core

July 2007
One Core Speech
Core Following
The Internet is Core Too
Mainstream Media is Not Core

June 2007
The Corest Old Man Ever
Too Core for Iowa
Core to the Core
In Honor of His Coreness

May 2007
Ron Paul: Still Core
Ron Paul is Core