So the guy on the inside is swinging this deal that sounds like a steal so naturally I'm nervous and perturbed at the same time because he could be feeding me a line or I could be missing out on a deal and I only got so much time because you see, the market is open and the people are hoping to buy and to sell for whatever pays them well and I know that some may know which way this deal is gonna go but I can't get a read because the market is all greed and much greed is stupid so I can't think about where to begin when it hits me like a ton of brick weed, there's an answer in the everyday chaos of life here on earth so I do a few searches on the reliable internet (searching for more than quarterly reports that outline good vs bad debt) and I find me the company that makes the product in question, and I buy me the product and I learn a valuable lesson: the proof is in the pudding in a perfect world, but this world ain't perfect and I ain't some little girl hoping and dreaming for wishes and kisses, I know what I want and how to go about getting it, so I wrap my mind around all the products thrown down by some huge company that may or may not be making money for its shareholders and stock pushers and maybe me? but I jump back to the cost analysis and I just can't believe that this company's properly valued, but what do I know, you know, I'm just some schmo in Tampa, not an A list analyst, so I kick back, put my feet up and say, “Rich or poor, I can still afford beer” and I place the damn order, take a deep breath while it clears, and I think to myself, as the digits whisk from my checking account, this is a hell of a time to be alive and alone, no need to even pick up a phone, because it's all in the desktop on my desk top?hell, you don't even need a phone to call a cop.

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