Hi, everyone. Sorry for the blatant lapse in posting as of late. I've been feeling a little hoarse, the cause of which can be traced back to a few weeks ago when I attended a prom themed party and danced with a Gay named Milton. Sounds like a good story, huh? Ask me about it in three years, I'm sure it will be funny then.

I've been so busy rocking Casey Freeman's world, and simultaneously toting firearms and dressing moose(s) that I haven't been very inspired to write, so I thought I'd share with you a little clip that always brings me creative salvation. It stars my best ginger friend Tim in what must undoubtedly be the MOST EPIC STEEPLE CHASE INCIDENT EVER. Sometimes watching the whole things adds to the dramatic effect of its climax, but if you want to skip the tease and get right to the action (as some of us do), jump to the 1:10 mark.

Most commendably, Tim still managed to finish third. How's that for a lanky red-head from Can of Soda New York? Tim for president, seriously. Ok, that's my disjointed string of ramblings to get me back in the game. More posts when my temples are drained of snot and filled of creative prowess.