It's really weird to walk in on someone masturbating. It's even weirder when it happens in the porno section of a movie store. I wasn't sure what to do at first since there was so much awkward tension between the space where our eyes were making contact.

I wish I would have yelled something funny, or run out and told everyone in the store that some dude was ‘baiting in the back of the store, but for once in my life I felt sorry for another human being.

This guy was at point in his life where he finds it acceptable to beat off to the back of porno dvd cases in public places. I wonder what brings a man to this point. Is it the fact that he might still be a virgin? Can he not see through the blurry haze on the porn channels? Does he not have the internet? Maybe he thought it would be exciting. Who knows? I really didn't have a chance to say anything in that moment, because I mumbled out the word "okay," turned and walked out of the room. He waited a minute and quickly scrambled out. I'm not sure whether or not he finshed, or if he does this a lot. My main question would be, why didn't he take some measure to make sure he wouldn't get caught? He could have stood behind the shelf and I would have never noticed he was waxing his crank shaft. Hell it would have given him time to take his hand out of his pants and re-do his buckle. It would have also given me a chance not to see his penis.

I though this event might haunt my dreams or something tramatic like I see on the Lifetime channel, but I'm not really that phased. I've whipped my penis out in public before, so I assume this is Karma's way of forcing me to involuntarily see a stranger penis. I once pulled my penis out at an orchestra event at my old highschool as I cut through their recital during one of my swim meets. I had a speedo on and nothing else, and it seemed like the right thing to do. But anyway, thank you Karma. It's not like a get to see a man rubbing his dick everyday.