Its been one year since my first post and I'm still having as much fun as I did then. In honor of this great occasion I went through all of my posts and picked out the best comments from the past year. I read and enjoy all of them. It doesn't matter if you're praising me, hating me, or correcting one of the many spelling and gramatical errors. Without further ado, here are my favorite comments starting from oldest to newest.

“Apparently you're less drunk when you piss yourself as opposed to puking on yourself.

funny stuff.”

By CourtHomecoming Hangover

“that was one hell of a game. Plus my friend got arrested while wearing shoulder pads for jumping on the field– what the hell is that shit– when iowa beat us a couple years ago and stormed our own field and tore down our goalposts– yet we can't storm our own field– bastards– but i fixed the situation by peeing on an empty cop car at sally's later that night– maybe i'll see ya at the wisconsin game– if i can still see”

By danny – Homecoming Hangover

“mom called me first on the hockey movie. I have no idea why. I just told her to call you and bet her a beer you'd know. she owes me a beer.”

By d – The Information Guy

“Chad, that's a pretty cool nickname. My friends call me The Drunk Guy or The Asshole. You're a lucky man.”

By NathanThe Information Guy

“you're an idiot”

By Anonymous – Totally Obsessed: Facebook

“I'm not quite sure why but “I think the rabbit took a shit in my mouth” is the funniest excerpt of text I've read in a while.”

By Dan OppHomecoming Hangover Part 2

“That was one of the funniest ones that I've read in a long time. I nearly pissed myself.”

By Drie – Free Beer Fridays Is Ruining My Life

“youre boring, SKANK. if its so g.d. mundane ,then dont read it. emphasis on you being a SKANK.”

By delilah – 50 Greatest TV Characters

“I don't know where you get that shit, or how it pops into your head, but that was hilarious”

By Anonymous – Runaway Brain

“I hope to God no one takes this seriously.”

By Drie – The White Man's Guide To Dancing

“You forgot one:
The rapist – Both hands aimed at her pelvis, then spring forward rapidly and unsuspectingly from behind and begin thrusting into her ass to the music. Also known as “grinding,” this is the only move considered natural instinct for white men.”

By Court – The White Man's Guide To Dancing

“I agree with everything you said; however, i cannot beleive you left off Jet Packs. I have watched “The Rocketeer” atleast 15 times in my life and I have no idea what the movie is about. All I that sticks with me when i stop watching the movie is “Something about Nazi's, and I want a Rocketpack.” It would be like the motorcycle craze, its cool, chicks dig it, and eventually no matter how careful you are it will probably kill you. Imagine turning on the TV and watching some disfunctional family build a custom Jet pack to commemorate all the people who die of carbon monoxide poisoning last year on the discovery channel. Ahh those will be great days. The hope of this country lies in the hands of jet pack technology.”

By Al D. Falken – New Technologies I'd Like To See

“Its mind boggling to me that we have contained small pox and ebola but cant get a handle on HIV. It is easier to get human beings to stop breathing than it is to get them to stop fucking.”

By Al D. Falken – Mind Boggling

“I think it's funny that Chad is writing a piece about buying condoms, It's like a guy with no feet buying shoes, he can buy as many as he wants, but they'll never actually be put to use in the intended way”

By Drie – The Perils of Man

“Haha. no time to explain why there are cookie-less people. Why is there never time to talk about the cookie-less people? Why God Why?”

By The Beech – Sesame Street: The Hidden Lessons

Chad, you have a knack for continuously outdoing your previous posts. I wanna say this if my favorite yet, but I know in a couple weeks I will be thinking the same of a new post. Thanks for keeping us laughing!”

By John – Me & The Art Gallery

“It's no surprise that the brain isn't mentioned at all in this post. The grammar and word use is so poor I could barely understand what you were saying at times.”

By Bryan – I'm Serious This Time

“It is true, women are very stupid.”

By Anonymous – I Was In ‘Nam, Too

Dude, Steak & BJ Day has the potential to be the greatest holiday EVER. Preach on.”

By Ian – St. Valentine's Alternatives

This was sort of disturbing. First of all, it's not a babies fault that it's completely useless. Second, I didn't laugh through this entire blog because I fear that you're actually serious. Keep up the good work Chad, all your other blogs are great.”

By Steve – Babies Are A Parasite…

I think I hate you a little bit now.”

By Natalie – Babies Are A Parasite…

Eh, fuck you too, bitch!”

By Prime Minister John HowardA List Of Demands

“I'm pretty sure I love you. too bad I left MN a couple years ago…. You're freakin hilarious.”

By Anonymous – Wondering Mind

“I once attended one of those renaissance festivals. I wasn't planning to. I woke up in a field all hungover while they were setting up and I gave them a hand. I had fun speaking that shakespearean shit and playing make-believe with a bunch of adults. So there you go. I guess we all got a little nerd in us.”

By Nathan – Flirting With Nerdism

i was thrown out of a bar last night and was google searching on it. came across this story. awesome”

By anonymous – Me & The Bouncers

“You are one twisted fuck….”

By natalie – Everyone's A Critic

“It's simply beautiful to hear someone speak so passionately about their turds. LOL. Hilarious”

By Kara – A Shit To Remember

HEY CHAD!!!!!! long time no see, I'm fuckin drunk!!!!!! you're even funnier this way, and quite possibly better looking, but I can only see out of one eye right now.”

By Drie – Tales of the Unemployed

“You think that is bad? Imagine doing 80 mph down the highway, only to find out that a bat had flown into your garage and down through your sunroof. I guess he decided to wait until I was on the highway to latch himself to my arm and start flapping. Now I like animals and all, but that shit got him thrown out of a car, pretty sure it didn't make it.”

By Ryan – Oh What A Night