The web is a complex and often curious medium.

Allow me to demonstrate a sequence of unlikely Internet events that unfolded thru my thought pattern 5 minutes ago:

-Hmm, I should find a cheap futon on Craiglist.
-I'm kind of lazy though…I wonder if I can just type in and get to Craigslist.
-Yeah, eBay just invested a 30% stake in them. They're probably big enough to own that domain too.
-The Temple of Freedom, wtf?!
-And there's even a note here explaining to potentially misguided visitors like me that they're not selling the domain!
-The Temple of Freedom should really sellout and cash in on this domain, what are they thinking.
-That would be cool, then it would be like, the Temple of Doom or something.
-Well, Craigslist also owns, so let's try
-What could the letters CL possibly have to do with Barnes and Noble?
-Let's Google that.
-*Universe implodes, leaving only Google Search still functioning*