When walking through the isles of Target, it dawned on me that the entire store is set up like roads. You have your main roads where random shit is displayed, but you have all these little suburbs that lead off the main street where everything else is sold.

Because isles are supposed to be like streets, you act like you're in a car. You make a left turn when a gap opens up, you travel opposite directions on opposite sides of the street. Also, when you merge from a side street onto the main road, you stop and look, not ram your fat ass out into traffic.

You see, when you blindly merge into oncoming traffic, wrecks happens. So when you and your cart fly out into the main isle without looking, you run into people, the point in case being you ran into me.

It's not that I minded you bumped me, you might have been captivated by all the sales, I mean I know I was. It was the fact that after you, yes you, hit me, you proceeded to tell me to "watch where I was going."

I then say "excuse me," but it wasn't a statement of apology. It was more of a "you are fucking kidding me, right?" kind of statement. So I broke it down for you. I explained that there is a system in place. It's done this way so we avoid an accident, you know, like wrecking our cars.

God, I could tell it clicked in your mind, it made sense. You knew exactly what I was talking about. But instead of admitting I was right and just apologizing, you said "fuck off, I don't overanalyze things like a jackass."

I'm here to tell you again, just like I did in that store, it's not overanalyzing, it's common sense. It's taking one second to stop and think, what could happen in the practical world, a world that doesn't revolve around me? I would have loved to have heard your answer, but I was immediately asked to leave by the employee who witnessed the entire thing.

I'm pretty self-involved, I'll admit it. But I know enough to pull my head out of my ass and look around before I enter and exit any area. Take one second and look. That's all I ask.