PIC "Best of 2023" AwardJesseReinmajor_1989

Found this spot while hiking with roommates. Some men with semiautomatics tried to turn us back, but we started chatting and realized we all went to UT Knoxville so they gave us a tour! Prickleback is a lovely facility with a surprisingly robust cafe. I had an espresso which was tasty and I felt quite alert afterwards. Since then I’ve had trouble dreaming/sleeping/closing my eyes. Great customer service, four stars. Only taking one off because the electrified perimeter could be more clearly marked.


ZERO STARS!!!!!!! This place keeps me UP all NIGHT. Glowing lights, loud machines, and employees who drive far too fast on dirt roads meant for trucks! Management needs to correct this! And STOP with the emergency sirens at night! Some of us WORK!


Powerful……….. eat Th e   energy


This place was an absolute joke. I am a local council person representing District 7 and I attended as part of an ongoing action to support greater municipal transparency. From the second I arrived the teenage staff acted like clowns. When they weren’t snickering about “needing clearance” and “bioweapons” they were on their phones. What do they even test here besides my patience?


i worked at prickleback for 8 months… couldnt last longer. they treat employees HORRIBLE. the breaks are super short and all the staff are sleeping together usually in these pod things in the back. it’s gross, really bad culture and I hate getting pod slime on me. plus they dont even provide a replacement uniform if yours gets torn or “irradiated” whatever. two stars because the pay is okay.


i parachute in and drink the spent fuel to grow strong


I saw online that Prickleback was recruiting for a “strength study.” As a lifelong student of physical fitness I signed up immediately and I’ve been hooked ever since the first class. Literally, I cannot go a day without coming in now. If I skip I experience memory loss. It’s all part of the bulking journey! Shoutout to Maya at reception who’s mad chill when she gives me my shots even though they make me smash windows (lowkey). No upcharge for towels is a plus. Keep grinding.


This place is easy to find but hard to get to. Me and the hubby circled it for 30 minutes because we kept driving through these force fields (Mark called them “portals”) that sent us back to the highway. Annoying. The tour was informative—so many false accusations of deaths in the facility! Just goes to show how biased our media is. The gift shop has cute biohazard shirts but they are pricey. As if our tax dollars don’t subsidize this, but I get it. Business is business. Four stars.


Prickleback is the best!! A huge part of my childhood. I skinny dipped in the reactor pool as a teen and since then I’ve had a 60 foot vertical leap. Still suck at hoops though haha 😉


Guards with guns shooting me but they cannot keep me away i will die for this country i love glowing waste


My Schnauzer loves to watch the explosions at Prickleback. It is the only thing that keeps her calm! She says that it is “so beautiful” and makes her “think about death in its transcendent glory.” She was only able to beam those thoughts into my mind after she drank from a puddle on Pricklebacks grounds, so props to your team! Have you thought about offering doggy daycare or obedience classes? Could make some money to fund R&D!


About a month ago I woke up barefoot in a nightgown outside the facility. I sleepwalk so like, whatever, but the alarm was soooo loud and I had to wait like 20 minutes outside. I’m not used to waiting for anything because #princesslife. After a while some chick with my face came out and told the bouncer/armed guide guy that I was her clone and she had summoned me thru a mind-link. Shoutout her cause then they let me in. That’s my sister!!! lol. She brought me into a back room with neon lights, kind of 80s vibes, met hot scientists and a few more clones, fun night overall


Guards with guns tried to shoot me when I parachute in but they back off when they see I am patriot for USA. they cannot stop me i will consume the nukes and live in glory