By Court Sullivan

Where's George?Everyone already knows how hard it is for college students to find quarters (i.e. the short supply of “laundry quarters”). But has anyone actually considered the fact that quarters might be actively avoiding college students?? For example, I went to the grocery store earlier today and bought $4.37 worth of Coke's. That left 63 cents in change, broken down into 2 quarters, 1 dime, and 3 pennies. Next, I put the Coke's in the backseat and proceeded to drop half the change out of my left pocket upon sitting in the driver's seat…not an uncommon phenomenon. However, when I got back and stood up to pull the remaining change out of my pocket, I was stunned and sickened to find only the 3 pennies.

Someone suggested it was because the quarters weighed more and had more potential to fall out…but what about the dime?!! I am forced to reject that theory for the more logical “active college student evasion” theory supported by our most beloved American coin: the quarter—an inanimate, yet fiendishly clever reminiscence of the great George Washington, a bullet-dodger himself. And while the modern-day quarter may not possess the qualities to fool other, fellow metals such as the bullet, it can certainly evade the average college student.