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What's so funny about England?

  1. Forget gun crime and terrorism, nudism is the number one national threat: British Naked Walker Gets Jail Sentence From Hung Jury
  2. But bad breath is a close second: British Dental Hygiene Report
  3. They can legally start drinking at 18 but they’re still crap at it: The World's Best Drinkers
  4. Ever heard of cricket and rugby? Nevermind, extreme ironing is England’s national sport: Extreme Sports World Tour
  5. Nobody notices when poodles are on pills: Bitch Mighta Got Doped at British Dog Show
  6. Big Ben is a Clock, not a seven foot Norwegian male prostitute: Summer Vacation Fun Guide
  7. Englishmen in America are common and not just the lyrics to an annoying song by Sting: An Englishman in America
  8. Simply put, double decker buses versus triple decker burgers: Why America is Better than England
  9. From space, images have shown stout men wearing top hats waddling around in Union Jack vests: Putting a Face with a Country
  10. Their sitcoms always have the stupidest, slapstick catchphrases: British Sitcom

-List by Will Davies

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