How to Get Any Guy You Want

>>> About Last Night...
By staff writerAli Wisch
December 21, 2005

I am a believer in the idea that if you want it bad enough, you can get it. And girls, this is especially true when in search of a compatible male. Because seriously, guys are not that complicated. Once you have him figured out he's yours, strings attached (or not, depending on what you're into). Before I go any further you must go into this thinking there is no reason he wouldn't be into you, you are just as good as him, and you look damn hot. Be overconfident and think you're the shit. Picture Kristen from Laguna.

So you've been into this guy for a while—he might be your best friend, or he might not know you exist. The first thing you want to do is find out what he's into. Does he play sports? What kind of music does he like? Who does he hang out with? Once you have your hands on this information, figure out what you have in common. Do you both love indie rock or are you both huge Steelers fans? It is important that you guys like some of the same things. If the only common interests you can come up with are beer and the school you go attend, you might want to reconsider this conquest.

Now that you know a little about him, be confident. Confidence is a major turn-on for most guys. That being said, before you get ballsy enough to call him, find a way to "run into him," or somehow make his acquaintance. The best way to do this is to work his party scene into your schedule. If he's in a fraternity, this is especially easy. If he's not in a fraternity, you should still be able to figure out where he parties, and end up there yourself. Once at the party, if you can get someone to introduce you, the game is on and the ball is in your court.

Now that he has met you, it's time to get his phone number. This is a lot easier if you have been drinking. However, I recommend you do this when you're not totally drunk; waking up in the morning and seeing him in your phonebook under "bqosten" with the phone number 802728374829 will probably bum you out. Once you've got the digits don't be afraid to use them. It's cool if you want to wait a day or two, but don't give it too long because it really really sucks introducing yourself on the phone as, "Hey it's Ali, remember me? From Chad's party? Blue shirt? Red hair? No? Shit." The best time to call him is when you know something cool is going on. I have found that the most chill situation is when one of my good friends is having a party. This way you know it will be fun and you will be one of the only people he knows there.

As long as you have kept your shit together at this party, i.e. no puking on his shirt, run-ins with your ex, spillage, or party fouls in general, you should be on for round two. In round two I think it's best to downsize from a full-blown rager to just chilling with him and some friends. From this point on it shouldn't be hard to downsize to a one-on-one match.

While you're reeling him in, try to give him your phone number at the party and wait a couple of days. Now that he knows you, it will totallyboost your confidence if he gives you a call. If he doesn't call, I still say give it a try; if he doesn't answer or return your message at least you know he's an assholebefore you waste any more time. Also, if you do get wasted the first time you chill, try not to sleep with him. We've all done this before—sometimes it works out and sometimes it bites you in the ass. All guys like getting laid but in general they don't like getting laid by sluts—and if they do they probably won't call you the next day and probably will give you an STD.

These tidbits of advice should work, however there are certain situations in which it is clever to just back off. For example, if he has a girlfriend don't even begintrying to lure him to you. If you do go after him or hook up with him while he is "taken," you can pretty much be guaranteed some serious repercussions from his woman and her friends, and you'll lose your second chance to hook up with him because you'll always be "the girl he cheated with." There is also the occasional man-whore who cannot be tamed. This kind of guy loves to play games and loves to chase/be chased, but unless you're looking for one night of fun I wouldn't waste your smooth tactics on him. Leave that to the freshman girls (no offense, I did it when I was there too). Lastly, if he is one of your friends' ex-boyfriends, I say stay away. He may be ridiculously hot, fun and into you, but unless you're willing to sacrifice your relationship with your girl for a relationship with this guy, just stay away. Now go get 'em girls.

i think u did a fantastic job about the whole butt itch thing, no wait that wasnt u, anyway u nailed us guys right on the money... keep writing i look forward to reading future articles...

Hmm...those are pretty general tips. If you're past your freshman year in college, and haven't reached these conclusions on your own, good luck finding a boyfriend. There's always the simple "Show up naked, bring beer" that is fool-proof for getting almost any guy you want.

I think you could have been a little more creative with this one, Ali.

i think thats pretty gross,why do guys always wwant to see girls naked GAG

an open letter to Allison Wisch-

You are not funny. You, with your over-the-shoulder headshot every week, which I am sure you spent hours finding a picture from your webshots account, that you looked 'hott' in, rather then the obligatory 'Drunk.' I'm glad you had a good time in Spain on Mommy and Daddy's nickel. None of your stories about it were pretentious at all. Not pretentious at all, just like chai tea. Kudos to your insight into the male psyche. Good luck ever finding a 'Man' as opposed to a boy, either way though, they both think you're just a tramp from New Jersey. Now go back to chain smoking to stay thin. And enjoy skin cancer at 30.

HA wow someone thinks they sound intelligent and cool, so what you dont like what she said, then dont waste your time reading it.

an open letter to person i don't know-
i'm unsure as to why you chose me as your target but in any case i'm sorry you wasted so much time in reading my articles or even taking that much interest in me personally...considering as we know eachother so well. maybe if you knew anything about me you would know that i was managing a youth hostel in spain and my parents didn't give me a dime the entire time i was there...then you might also know that i didn't pick the picture, i gave the editor of this website my webshots and told him to go crazy...i'm just glad he didn't pick one of me with my eyes rolled back in my head...then you might also know that i am a social work major and dedicate my time to helping people...people that are probobly like you that i just feel sorry time you decide to judge someone maybe try meeting them first...


ok that nic dude is an ass.... i dont like him very much

I'm always curious as to why people feel the need to insult people they don't know. Anyway, Ali, you look hot in all of the pictures of you I've seen (granted, it's merely facebook, and we all know how deceptive those pictures can be). This was a good article on a subject that has been written about dozens of times. And you know why? Because people are always interested in other people's opinion on the entire mating game. That won't change. This isn't gospel; it's one girl's - one who was hired to write on the number 2 college humor site- opinion. Happy holidays, people.

-x-, you need to get your dick wet.

hopefully girls know all these things before now.... they are pretty obvious tips. but thanks i guess for the amazing insight.

The easiest way to get any guy you want is to be really, really hot. Short of that, it helps to at least have a huge rack. If you've got that covered, there are really no smooth skills necessary.

i hope this girl dies in a fire

Here are some further tips for females to follow, if they actually land a guy the intend to keep;

1. Do not call us in the middle of a sporting event, period. There is no wiggle room on this! If we have to take a phone call from our girlfriend during a game, we're getting called a bitch by everyone we know.

Solution: Ask us what we are doing. When you find out it's a sporting event, determine what the sport is, and what the starting time is. From this you will be able to block off an area of time commensurate to the entirety of said event. God knows we wouldn't dare call you during the season premier of the O.C., so you could extend us the same courtesy.

2. Despite what our columnist advises, do NOT act like you think your shit doesn’t stink. Guys like confidence, but we can’t stand stuck up little daddy’s girl bitches. Nobody wants to date a pain in the ass. We know most of you are in school to get an “Mrs.” degree, and to replace daddy’s ATM card with ours, but you don’t need to act like you’ve already named the kids and picked out the drapes. Believe me, we will RUN the other direction.

Am I the only one who thinks the article could have worked by transposing every he/she, guy/girl, man/woman, boyfriend/girlfriend and titling it 'How to Get Any Girl You Want'?

I thought we were the ones who had to find out what girls were into, ask for the number, and arrange for future rendezvous all while maintaining an aura of confidence.

For the most part true, but don't girls expect us to do all that shit (call, take out) Wouldn't girls purposefully wait for a guy to come up to them?

yep, we do purposefully wait 4u 2 come up 2 us. it depends which girl it is, though. We all hve different tactics.

ok this is poorly written not informational, and overall boring.

yeah so im 18 well in 24 days. i have lots of friends and co captian for the cheer squad but i have no expirence with guys at all!!!! not cuz im not pretty i get that all the time its just im busy and well i just seem to be every guys best friend. i throw a football better that most of them. i just wanted to let you know that i have been looking over your articles and it really answers my questions,
thanks april

Smart girl... Stay back don't put ur self out there.

Guys that are WORTH sleeping with are attracted to:
Girls with self confidence, self respect, and curious without going over the top...

Play with the get to know process before u jump in, cause if you jump to fast that behavior could haunt you.
Depending on how severe the gossip scene happens to be, you could hurt your future relationship skills or abilities, while wrestling with cleaning up your reputation (possibly). Who needs that shitty distraction while navigating through campus.

Much better to be patient...

You will put yourself in the power position and if someone is interested, then you got a really cool thing...Even if its flirtation it won't F up ur image or self esteem...

See Ya around....

OMG some of u guys r real ripe ass jerks....this chick is only doin her job and tryin to inspire us females to make ur job easier and not havin to approach da girl so instead of goin off at her maybe give her some thanks cause obviously quite a few people read this website.....ur articles r really good and straight to the point and aren't to formal....keep it up

Any advice for a middle aged women? Here we go> I got divorced 5 years ago and haven't been into anyone since. No I am not hung upon my X, just alot going on.. and I have to have someone I truly click with too. I met this guy he is 45 I am 50, hey now my x was younger too.. lol.. anyway, he has fallen head over heels for me and I for him. We haven't had sex yet, but I am sure that is jsut around the corner. I get so nervous since I been out of the dating life for so long, I was married for 15 years, and now 5 added to that. I do have alot of confidence I am nice looking and I can talk about anything with ease, I just dont want to mess this up by doing or saying something stupied. Maybe I just need a boost of encouragement from you all. I guess I want to make such an impression on him like I never have anyone else in my life. Before it was like like it or not, screw you, i am gonna do what I want. Now it is liek I want to make sure I do all the right things> humm age lord what it does to ya.. thanks all

ok so i like have a a SR in highschool and all my life i have never wanted a relationship...NEVER...i figured they were a waste of time and would just end in heartbreak....not to mention i have always been just FRIENDS with guys, played football with em....and just hung out...and as i got older i sorta grew out of it, i mean yea i still love football and love to play it w/ em...but now....i have fallen for this one guy i really really first i didnt like him that way until his best friend kept trying to get me and him hooked up....but we hung out over the summer ALL THE TIME...and when school started back we both became pretty distant from each other....and i dont know what happened....i know im not ugly...ppl tell me all the time that i am a very pretty girl and can get with who ever i wanted...but i chose not to believe that cuz im not like conceeded...and dont wanna be....but i have been thinking....maybe it was bcuz i never kissed him....i wanted to..and he wanted to but....i have always been weird when it comes to getting close to a guy....and i told him all about that....i like push em away if i start getting close...and i dont mean to its....just outa habit...but i really really like him and i hate that i see him talking to other girls...yea he may see me talking to other guys...but im not interested in them ...not like that....but i really need some answers on what i should do.....i know he still likes me...ppl tell me that all the time.....i have been planning on just getting one night ...just me and him hanging out ...and kiss him....not like go the whole 9 yards but....enough to show him that i am still really interested.....would that be a good idea..????

"Once you have a guy all figured out, you can have him"

You seem to be like girl just out of high school who has not seen much of life till now. Its not that easy. Fate and luck play a major role in getting all your desires. Sometimes however, hard you try, things dont work. However much you desire, your wish remains unfulfilled. Sometimes, its just the other girls luck.. who gets your guy!

I think that has never happened to you! Those people who say, if you desire enough you can get what you want, I can just shirk my head for them, they haven't seen the troughs of life yet. And well, its good, may you remain that way. But please do not make such confident statements about things you do not have the slightest idea about!!!

The worst thing a girl can do is ask for a guys phone number.

The worst thing a guy can do is offer his phone number to a girl.

When a guy expects a girl to call him, he is NOT interested. Period.

If a girls calls a guy first, she can expect a whole lot of heartache down the road.

I suggest girls wait for the guy who asks for her phone # and calls her. The chances that he is interested and will make dating and being together worthwhile we be greater.

I suggest that guys wait for the girl they will be really hot for and interested in and ASK for her phone number.

If she is snooty and doesn't want to give you her phone# then MOVE ON.

There are a lot of girls out there.

As a woman, if you're really interested in a guy and he's not making a move on you try to be friendly towards him. If you see him, make eye contact and smile. Try to have conversations with him, flirt. If a lot of time has passed and you're still getting nowhere then maybe you should tell him how you feel. I don't think it's nothing wrong with a woman telling a guy she likes him and finds him attractive. I don't reccommend a woman giving a guy her number though or even asking him out. It seems you're desperate or emasculating him. Leave the ball in his court and let him come to you. Sometimes you might even get the guy you want just by being subtle or expressing how you feel.

<i></i> ok here is the thing i need help i am taking a bi sexual guy to the prom and he is one of my best friends and i have always trusted him not to try any thing but recently he called my house and asked to talk to my older sister so he asked to not be on speaker phone so well she put him on speaker instead of regular and he asked her to get me involved in a game of t or d and dare me to come up to him in school and hug him around the waist and then if he turns around to kiss him

so i came to school and hugged him and he turned around and when he turned around i sprayed him with silly string in a can

i have a question for everyone her e

i like him and after this i think he lkikes me too and i want to do it and i never backed out on a dare and i just am wondering if i should do it

will it ruin our friendship

will it make it so strange between us that we wont be able to go to prom together

what might happen

what if we never talk again

or what if we go out and stay together and end up getting married and having kids with him

i am so scared i love this kid and always have but i think i love him more now i mean i am 17 and we yhave know each other since birth we were born two days apart in the same hospital and our moms and our dads were really good friends

please email me if you have any clue what the hell i should do in this situation pppppplllleeeeaaaaassssseeeeee

the guy wh o said abut the footy thing not calling in a sporting event. all girls shud know that anyway football is a mans best friend :)
GO THE ROOS haha :)
im a chick and ive known that one all my life. ur a bit slow if you don't know that girls and he has a point.

who ever is stupid they just dont know
what to do when they drunk they dont need a boyfriend

i think women should thank before a man takes advatage of you if you are a drunk because alchol and sex doesnt match you got me so please chat me back

uh yea...
if the guy likes you... he likes you...
if he dont... then just talk to him... and if it doesnt seem like its goin anywhere.. drop it.
obviously he's not interested...
and it might hurt you... but suck it up...
and im not tryin to be a bitch...
but if you actually think you can "make" someone like you... your dumb lol.
i been through this shit.. i been hurt... heart broken... and i've grown up alot from it...
but its only made me stronger...
the only thing you can do is get to know someone... the rest you handle on your own...
and if your reading this article... then obviously your not doin that...
everyone has different oppionons on this dating stuff... including you...
go with your instincts... not by what someone says...
and ali... i know this is your job... and bravo on your article...
but everyone is different, they see things in different ways... like, i dont see dating the same way you do.
i guess wut im trying to say... is do what you wanna do... stop reading freakin articles about how to get the guy/girl you want... and do what you feel is necessary...
if it works it works...
if it doesnt... quit wasting your time... and find someone who is worth it... someone who can make you smile... and who appriciates the time you spend on them :)
their the one you need to be with anyways...


WOW, this helped me a lot. You're right. If I feel like i've been reading articles on how to not screw up with this guy im seeing, but honestly, all i wanna do is make a move finally and tell him how i feel about him. He's shy and he won't do it himself... so instead of waiting around or worrying how he'll react, I'm just gonna come out and do it. If he reacts badly, then ill find someone else who appreciates my confidence and that im straightforward!

The only question I still have is... how long should I wait until i do just come out and tell him i like him? how do i do it? Usually guys chase me, it's not the other way around.

This is pathetic. No woman can "make" a man like her. If you've got that spark, you've got it. If not.. move on. There are billions of people in the world. Why waste time to try & get someone to like you? It's one person. Get out there & do your thing! & Have fun doing so.

i Sorta Like this guy.. And i want to get to know him more but his one of my older brothers best frends and i want him to see me for me not his mates lil sis.. I'm 18 so i'm not that lil anymore.. lol... How can i prove to him that i'm not just his mate's lil sis..

I felt this was a very interesting article thank you for writing i personally am not the bitchin type and i thank you for it. but haha i think im going to jus b lesbian after today's event's with guy's ughhhhh fuck it lol

this doesnt work for all guys, emos and skater emos go for the complete opposite!!

sad girls are addorable
sexy isnt needed but hellokitty stickers will do
being fun and yourself is essential (bad speller, sry)
girls who think their all that are annoying
doing nerdy things are cool (marching band rocks)
you dont have to meet at a bar
but if yer at ihop at 2 in the morning we could go out
dont trade #'s, well just go somewhere fun now

Devin's picture

to nic, who wrote an open letter to ali.
fuck you. new jersey is great. and there's nothing better than a jersey girl. obviously, you would know that if you had enough time to pull your dick out of your hand and meet some real girls, instead of watching babes on tube8. futhermore, she's allowed to have a good picture, and at least she put a picture up, unlike you. go back to sucking dicks. you're an idiot.

second of all, guys are easy. beer, pizza, sports, sex. those are four of my favorite things too. why wouldn't you try to capitalize on these things? except, i agree that girls should never get a guys number. i don't want to call you. i would rather you call me.

valid points ali.

gud stuf n to all you haterz go suck your cock cuz no matter wot datin advice u get u aint neva gona get NE action so settle bak wif aporno mag cuz ur in it 4 the long haul honey!! p.s. props ta ali

What I don't like about this is
What if the guy doesn't like the girl because she
is hideous I know we should judge a girl more for personality then looks but looks do matter
are we still an asshole for not calling her back, after she leaves like 8 messages?
you should now make a guide
to make girls pretty
even the ones who look like they where hit by a bus
6 or 100 times

and call me an asshole im only 17
you wouldn't think I know much about life or women
but I know enough to know some girls even after 6 or
8 beers are still ugly and still have 0 chance

Haha guys I know like getting laid by sluts ;)
But yeah that was pretty general and quite 'guys are all the same' sorta thing.
Ah well, might work for some people.

This is really funny! And quiet helpful, you should consider writing more on this kinda of topic. Some of this stuff can be useful and some is just common since, but you made it super easy and funnn to understand!
Keep it up!

A lot of the guys i know would fuck a slut. ha ha ha ha dudes should really consider frekkin stop calling girls fat or ugly, cuz then your going home alone that night! and no girl wants a guy to through up on her at a party and get drunk and hit on her. Neither do guys, but they do like it when they can take addvantage of them! AWESOME world right!?
ha ha ha ha
Props Ali!

well written. i agree that confidence is a key component. Being intelligent (not too out there talking about the physics of the world or molecular biology, that might scare him) and having real opinions with knowledge to back them is great too. After you have his interest and respect, then just be you. don’t be fake or lie, guys hate that. :)

Hi Ali,

I found this article good altough most of my firends have already given me similar advice . I can't get into the guys social circle we have absolutely no friends in common although we go to a very small private school,so I kind of know who he hangs out with. This is my problem I am pretty sure he likes me. I used to catch him staring at me all the time and I would look back at him and think why the hell is he staring at me. Then I thought wow he's hot but he always stares when I feel I do not look good i.e wearing no make-up days and bad hair.One day I was fund raising with a friend and she left me alone he came to buy a cookie and asked which ones I liked and took that kind then I said that they can be messy and he made a little joke that was a little dirty and he smiled and keep looking at me when he walked away.Anyways I couldn't stop thinking about him .Another day I was reading and he just spoke to me out of the blue and said "hey,how are you?" I just stared at him and said nothing , so he says "umm,sorry I thought you were someone else".Like I said I go to a very small school there really isn't a girl that looks like me lol. I know what sport he's into my friends bf played with him ,and the guy I like is the captain and no I can't use the friends bf becuase they are now broken up and he wasn't on the team for long. I know his name and where he hangs in school. I don't think that we have anything in common he's a jock and I can't play sports or even stand watching them for a sec.I feel more nervous around him now and I can't even keep eye contact anymore :s. HELP PLZ!

All you guys insulting Ali need to get a life or get laid!

Hey ali,
in need of advice. I was with some friends and we met up with my friends family, and i really liked her cousin, but the cousin said that i wasn't his type, what to do? He really doesnt know me, and I'm pretty sure we could hit it off.. i dont know how to approch him now, cause its awkward now, is there anything to do, or just wait til the next big event where he might be.

so.... what happens when ur good friends with a guy and you hook up... how do u get him to be into you for more than a "friends with benefits" thing??

i have the same fucking problem girl!

me 2! grrr

Some people here have no idea what they are talking about...Nice article but i don't think it works for everyone. I might not be miss popular but i've had my fair share and i must say my current boyfriend is a nice guy. Sure he is a little nerdy but i do love him. My sympathy is with all you guys have are still trying to solve your problems and the whole friend zone thing is s o true.

Good luck to you all <3

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i thought this was a great article. i give it 2 thumbs up. lol. even though ur obniously in college it still helped me even though im a senior in high school

omg this is so good. i like this guy and im going to a party in two weeks time, my friend said he can be my plus one so hopefully he comes. i shall try and use some tactics while im there :D

im in love with this guy thats my best friend. he said that he likes me, and weve hooked up, but he gives me really mixed signals. i know that he really dosnt want to be ttied down right now, but we're PERFECT for eachother. we have everything in common. we get along amazingly. he flirts with me all the time. but one day he acts like he likes me and the next day, he dosnt say a word to me. i dont know what else i could possibly do to show him thet i can make him so happy.
he tells me im beautiful all the time. and hes fucking gorgeous. i dont know what i should do.


it may be general but you hit it right on the head. who ever had negative shit to say obviously isn't doin to great in the love depo, and if they are I wouldn't wanna see how boring that relationship is

Hi. Good Artical Ali.. i found it good to use, but also thought about it depends on the guy, he could like forward girls and he could be shy. :)
Anyway I need help.
I like this guy hes 2years older than me. And doesnt know i exsist litterally. :/ He is totally gorgeous. but this lad in my performing arts corse is mates with him, and he told me that this lad i like has never had a girlfriend. He also hangs around with a few girls (who all have bf's) and died his hair bleach blounde.. i love bleach blound hair .. but people keep telling me that he must be gay when i tell them about him.. i dont think he is .. because he doesnt look or act gay.. he has just never has a girlfriend. The other problem is i know his sister.. she is the same age as me.. we arent great friends we just know each other and when we talk we can get on.. but recently she found out i liked her brother and she keeps asking me why i like him, and telling me he isnt nice and saying he isnt georgeos (obviously she aint going to call him fit cos shes his sister) but she keeps having a go at me.. she cant interfere .. :/ its just starting to annoy me.. also ive tried asking mark (the lad from my performing arts corse) to introduce me.. but he wont.. everyone keeps telling me mark (performing arts boy) likes me and thats why he wont introduce me incase we hit it off.. do you think this is why mark told me the lad i like was gay'? And can you help me have just a chance with this boy'? Please help. It will be very appreciated. :) Thanks and great job ali :) x a player and you've got it all wrong about guys xD...
i really know how your mind works girls..and you are easier to be figured out ..anyways with practice u'll get better ..u'll be able to recognize a player ..if u recognize a player and u wanna have a fun night just talk to him..he'll figure you out and u'll have a nice night

um those are good tips but here are more informational ones i am a girl who is a really good guy expert so listen here girliesz! :p
#1 never ask a guy, "WHATS WRONG?" they really hate that believe me i know
#2 to get the guyz attention try bumping into them in the halls and apologizing :p
#3 guyz so totally love when girls look them right in the eye(just saying)
#4 clean the inside of your ears! like seriouslly uck! guys will look in there sometimes (barf!!!)
#5 dont act like a BITCH guyz are gonna think your a slut
#6 dont ask guyz gross questions and dont hug or touch them if you know they wont like it(its there territories :p lol)] they will think your a prosto!
hope i helped and umm the nic dude stfu its not like u know any better then ali! hope i helped and once again good tips ali :))))


i thought this article was kinda funny...but it wasn't that informative:

i also thought that some of these comments were a bit rude! Some were interesting, like:

"When you find out it's a sporting event, determine what the sport is, and what the starting time is. From this you will be able to block off an area of time commensurate to the entirety of said event."

I thought this was particularily funny: "God knows we wouldn't dare call you during the season premier of the O.C., so you could extend us the same courtesy."

HOWEVER i thought that this was cruel, and ignorant: "We know most of you are in school to get an “Mrs.” degree, and to replace daddy’s ATM card with ours..."

speaking as a female college student, i'm appalled that any self respecting person will have such a negative view of women! I know that most "gold diggers" are known to be women (eventhough historically speaking, the were men), but that doesn't mean that we all are that way! I am a serious law student and i have gotten so many academic awards that i've gotten an award for receiving the most academic awards, lol!

I think in the long run, men appreciate women who are genuine, kind, independent (but not too independent), smart, and confident

and let's not forget HOT!!! lol!

but in my experience, i've learned that you get two options in life: beauty or brains

(i'm not saying that beautiful people aren't smart, they just won't be solving the theories of quantum mechanics any time soon, lol )

however, very few people actually possess beauty and brains

but alas, a puzzle to be solved another day!

I hate when people focus on the fact that the world has an immense population when it comes to finding someone, and think responses like, "there's plenty of people out there" will do the trick in the moving on process. I use to share this viewpoint until I realized that yeah, there are a lot of people out there, but BIG FRIGGIN DEAL, the majority of them are not compatible with you and/or are assholes. That's why people get so hung up on one person for prolonged periods of time and stay with them through thick and thin. It's hard (yet not impossible) to find someone to permanently relieve you of limerence. If it was that easy and everyone could just move on and suck it up, then people would not be posting questions in these blogs and trying to do anything in their power to get a certain special person to like them and/or stay with them. Yes, a lot of the time you do have to just move on and forget about certain people, but it's not easy and a lot of the times you'll end up feeling empty in the end as you partake in fruitless pursuits. One of my good friends has slept with/had flings with more guys then I have probably even talked to in my lifetime, and her longest relationship hasn't succeeded a couple months. She pretends to enjoy this lifestyle but her off-hand comments make it pretty obvious that she's not happy. She's taken advantage of the fact that there are a lot of guys in the world, and look where that's gotten her. Move on if you must but be prepared for it to take a while and also be prepared for disappointment. Being single can be fun but it gets old after a while. Many times it gets to the point where the seemingly endless pain of heartbreak is not worth those few weeks/ months of happiness and blissful ignorance experienced when you meet someone new. My advice is love the one you're with and most importantly, love yourself. Don't take shit and don't settle. No matter how long this quest for happiness and true love may take, just remember that amongst all the Mr. Right Nows, there is at least one Mr. (or Mrs.) Right for you. Respect yourself and others will respect you. A lot of people may like you or seem interesting or whatever but ideally you're only going to end up with one person, so figure out what you want in a partner (which can be achieved through experience) and go from there. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. ALSO, when you do have a good thing, don't second guess it simply on the basis of there being "so many fish in the sea," because the majority are selfish fucks. I have been single for a while and I am way happier now/ more ready to be with someone then I ever was when I was jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend. Get to know yourself before you let someone else experience you.

i just got fucked and im only 13 and it was great

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