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The Snippets Cancelled a Memorial

Kevin: Hey man, can I use your bathroom?
Me: Sure man, but it has some issues when you flush it so-
Kevin: Don't worry man, I wasn't planning on flushing. Read More »

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Observations Like Steamed Hipsters

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard someone start a phrase with "If I had a nickel," I honestly could not even give you an estimate the number of nickels I would have but it would be way too many nickels for one person to hold and be all walking around flinging nickels at homeless people, that's for damn sure. Read More »

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She Told Me

She told me I could have my way with her, but she didn't know how much clown makeup, frosting and kitchen utensils my way involved. So now I'm the bad guy because she didn't do her due diligence. Women: never ever accountable no matter what happens. Read More »

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I'm Still Inside This Ecuadorian Prison

Julian Asange birthday party hat

What it do? It's your boy SANGE-Cock here! AKA Dr. Dick Nuts McTesticle Balls AKA Mr. Ashley Garmany, D.D.S. (Daily Dick Sex) AKA The Official Priest of the Insane Clown Posse AKA Julie N. Asange AKA The Leak Master General AKA Leaks for Days Free the Gays AKA DJ Wicky-wicky-LEAK, son AKA Ku Klux Klan Frequent Lyncher Miles Rewards Program Customer #428809771. Read More »

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“KC, Your Father Wants to Have a Talk With You”

KC Freeman crying

"Your father wants to drive you to the airport and have a talk with you," my mom said.

Even at the ripe young age of 32, these words from my mother scared the crap out of me. I was on my way to fly back to Korea after coming home to the USA for about a month vacation from my job and life as a university professor overseas. Read More »

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Why I Don't Hike with My Dad

Casey in thoughts

KC: Hey Dad, what happened to your watch?

DAD: Why the hell would I wear a watch? I don't have anywhere to go, I'm retired. Dumbass. Read More »

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The Famous Korean Zipper Tie Makes an Appearance

Casey Freeman wearing a suit with no tie

My mom still enjoys going to church every Sunday. She's never forced her beliefs on anybody except for my brothers and me. My dad will holler at us to get moving, but he only comes along on special occasions, and even then it's at a challenge. As it is, I'm usually the only one who attends church with her. She paid for four years of Catholic high school, so she's going to get her money's worth, gosh darn it. Read More »

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Why I Still Rent DVDs at the Store

Men in Black II poster

I used to reorganize my Neflix queue about once or twice a day. But when I moved to Korea, leaving that wonderful service behind made me feel truly sad and alone. Read More »

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Observations Move to Russia

Russian woman holding axe

I don't know about you, because, how could I?—we don't even know each other. Nothing personal, I just, well like I just said, I don't know about you. Read More »

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My Coffee is a Hard Pill to Swallow

Coffee mug made out of coffee beans

I've never met anybody with a lower tolerance for caffeine than me. I generally drink about half a cup of coffee and I fly around town for hours. Read More »

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The Sumo Emperor: Fit for a King

Sumo Emperor Beanbag Chair

For the third time in history, the good folks at Sumo sent me their latest plush beanbag furniture, this time the Sumo Emperor. I say "furniture" because the Emperor is more than a chair, it's a living room centerpiece, and it's not going to be dragged out of sight easily (it's heavy) or willingly (it's too comfortable). Also, although I questioned the use of "good folks" in my last article about the Sumo Sway Couple, I can safely say that anyone willing to provide three pieces of top quality furniture over the course of six years must be "good folks," even if their favorite food is kale (not a known fact). Read More »

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An Open Letter to the President Concerning Welfare Reforms

Obama food stamps

Dear President Brocko Bomma,

My name is Copernicus Thunderbird and I would like to discuss some very serious issues with you. Before I start, you should know that I am homeless, unemployed, and what my last therapist sometimes referred to as "mentally colorful." Despite these many hardships that I have endured over the years, I am still a proud man. It is because of this pride that I have never once applied for food stamps or those little milk and cheese coupons that illegal immigrants live off of. Read More »

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Whatever You Do, Don't DIY

Chair DIY fail

When I was younger I was told by my old man that when you live with a woman there are four important things that you as the alpha male need to take control of: the recycling, the maintenance of the car, the garden, and the cooking (so long as it's either steak or BBQ). Of course, if I mention this to him now then he strongly denies it. I have also never seen him cook anything more than toast in his life. Read More »

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You Shall Be My Bride, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian in wedding dress

I've been tabloid stalking you, Kim Kardashian. I know you're all alone now. You're all used up. Damaged goods. How old are you now, 32? That's like a thousand in dog years, Kim. What are you doing with your life? Read More »

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The One Thing You Can't Do on the Family Computer

Casey sad face

Last time I returned home I didn't bring my own computer, so much of my day was wasted waiting for the family PC to open up so I could start doing important everyday things like checking email, buying stuff from eBay, and wasting time on Facebook. Read More »

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