As I've said before, one of the best advice you can give to writer's is write what you know. And since I'm a writer, you guessed it, this blog is all about writing. Thanks to this joke, it's also about writing about writing about writing. Everyone still with me?

Many a night passes, where I have to make a choice in my writing. Most nights I simply choose not to, but on the days that I do write. I'm often torn between writing a blog, (because the fans would like it) and writing my column (which is the reason I have fans). I think it's obvious which choice I made, See ya later guys.

Half of the kidding aside, I want you to know that I indeed know that i have been sporadic with columns this summer. The doldroms are rough, dude. If it's any consolation, I have taken this time to step back and really think about where I'm going with this whole Hard Way business. I set up this ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM COL ‘EM series, as a way to break the stale, frozen ice and ive into the cold waters anew, emerging with a mouthful of baby seal- I mean new ideas, which I will spill out for you across the tundra, entrails and all. Prepare for DIE HARD WAY: with a vengeance.

What the fuck is he talking about? So yea, I'm stating here and now, that I consider Hard Way to be in its second season, marked by the changes I feel are happening with it. Maybe you won't notice them too much, but I do. I'm having a good feeling about the year to come. I'm going to continue to toss you a few surprises, yet bring back “cameos” if you will from last season. I realize this is all coming from the very fingers that are procrastinating on mocking Ali, but you're just going to have to trust me on this one. Court guest stars as Mike's brother on Must Read Sunday!!! Not really guys, don't hold your breath.

Seriously though guys, the ideas I have stored up for a good few weeks are grade A material. They're going to be a little more personally relatable, yet still off the wall. And that's not including any of the WILD ones I through at ya. I'm looking forward to coming back with new convos, sexier pictures, and maybe even some new “guest writers.” All I can say is I'm excited.

Any thoughts out there? I'll take anything from “I hate the way your face looks” to “3 times in one night? Mike, I never would have known complimenting your column would have led to the romance of my dreams!”