Welcome to my daily PIC blog, your daily source for ethnic jokes and sexual frustration. Basically this will be a venue for my random rants, jokes, jabs, squabbles, and donnybrooks that don't warrant an entire column. It will also allow me to get in touch with my readers on a more daily basis. And by ‘get in touch' I mean ‘fuck'. And by ‘readers' I mean ‘fine chicks'.

Give me a few weeks to get into the swing of things, and until then, ignore my own brand of off-color humor and grammatical treachery.

Quick sports rant: A lot of people have been IMing me after the Pats got stomped by the Panthers today. A majority of the quips have been somewhere along the lines of “See? Brady sucks! Stop licking his balls!” Listen, I will never stop licking his balls. He's the best quarterback in football, and unlike a certain cocksmoking malcontent in Indy who probably casually eats out his sister, Brady opts to have his lousy games in October, as opposed to January.