For some reason, I'm in watching TV on a Friday night and I started thinking about my TV habits. Thought I'd share.

Things I will watch:
Every single fucking Friends rerun that is ever on.
Law & Order:SVU. I love losing faith in humanity hour by hour.
Breakfast Club – Nerdy Anthony Michael Hall. CLASSIC!
Jeopardy. Cuz I'm the bomb at trivia.
Sealab 2021, ATHF, Family Guy, Futurama. Duh.
SNL reruns. Even the eps without Will Ferrell. I'm a masochist.
SpongeBob. Say what you will.
MXC. LMAO. Don't get eliminated!
Freaks and Geeks.
Any James Bond movie that is ever on. Except the Timoth Dalton ones. Those suck.

Things I will not watch:
The last episode of Friends. Nope don't know what happened.
Any other L&O, CSI, JAG or other shit show.
The 4400.
Dead Zone. Creepy AMH.
Press Your Luck. Fucking stupid show.
Baseball. NASCAR. Hockey. No. Thank. You.
Everybody Loves Raymond. Except me.
Viva La Bam.
Viva La Jackass.
Assbam. Ugh. I've seen Ashton Kutcher create better programming.
BET. I'm white. I'm not allowed.
BET Comic View. Cuz it's not funny. Also see above.
Who's Line is it Anyway? Was Ryan Stiles ever funny?
Oxygen. Lifetime or any other vagina targeted channels. I don't watch much Spike TV either now that I think about it. Unless James Bond is on. See Above.
Ren and Stimpy. Just not my show.
The OC, Summerland or any other bullshit show about highschool and pretty people with problems.
Animal Planet. I have a cat. That's enough animal for a lifetime. Almost as much work as a girlfriend.

Things I will never admit to watching:
Almost fell for that one.

Fuck it. I'm going to the bar.