As Martin Luther King Jr. said sometime before he was racially killed in a severe crime: "Nothing exceeds like excess." For the price of the same token, you could also say that "Nothing fails like failure." And few things fail as spectacularly as a poem that fails. The clunky grammar, confused metaphor and mangled sentiment combine to create a uniquely pitiful result. The question of why this is funny is a question that I don't know the right answer to. But take my hand and walk with me, as we ponder this question, and other questions that are basically very similar. Questions of the heart. 



your love is like the sunlight

and i am a plant

just a lowly plant

groveling around under the sunlight

here in the garden

thriving off your love

since i'm a plant the sunlight helps me grow

the way your love helps me grow is really great

walk with me in the garden, my princess

my princess of the sunlight

and i will say some nice and special things…

…about my love. 



Grand old tree

you have been growing here for a very long time

columbus and his forefathers and abraham lincoln were busy discovering the world when you were just a shrub.

the dinosaurs were watering you.

with their sacred tears of obedience

because they were in touch with nature

now you are a grand old tree

your life gives me perspective.

because people think life is so long

but compared to your life…

…it isn't.



we were friends when we were kids.

splashing in the pool.

we were having a lot of fun cause we were just kids.

and it was cool back then.

we were so young.

so innocent and naive

but now that we are older, we aren't kids anymore

since we're older life is more difficult

and complicated.

we have these responsibilities

to complete.

but i can't say goodbye to the days when we were kids

splashing around

hanging out and chilling

i wish i could be that kid again.

but i can't because it's impossible to go back in time.