As most of you already know the PIC Prohibition/5th Anniversary Party is this weekend. If you don't know go here. From what I can tell people are getting pretty excited about it. Nick already has an outfit and Court has already picked out two movies from the 20's. So you know its going to be a fun weekend. Here's are few things that I predict will take place in Atlanta this weekend.

-I will run into someone I know that I didn't expect to see. For some reason this happens to me everywhere I go.

-Ali will smoke around 10 packs of cigarettes.

-Nate and Justin will get into an arguement about baseball or football.

-I will have to be brought in to settle that arguement.

-I will make fun of Simmone for going to school in Wisconsin

-Nick will end up puking at some point.

-Nick will catch his second wind after puking and end up drinking longer than anyone.

-I will get into a friendly arguement with Tuckerson and lose.

-Mikey and I will get turned down by every woman we hit on.

-I will end up taking some shots even though I won't want to.

-Nick's poetry will be impossible to understand after shot #11

-Court will be the drunkest one there.

-Nate will leave early with a random chick.

-I will claim that I can connect any actor to Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less.

-I will succeed in connecting the actor after someone challenges me.

-Simmone will buy me a shot.

-You will buy me a beer.