Have you ever gotten so sick of following sports that, much like an overplayed athlete, you needed a day off? The day after College Football/National League Championship Saturday, I said screw it (I did. I actually stopped and said, ‘screw it'), hooked up with some friends, went out on a boat, barbecued, drank in the sun, and didn’t think about sports (well, except on the ride there when we listened to the Bucs game, and on the boat when we listened to the Bucs game, and that time I called my Dad to get a score update on the Cards game). My point is: I refreshed myself. I relaxed. I enjoyed a Sunday without sitting on my ass and watching football and baseball. I swam, I barbecued, I got some sun and I didn’t worry one little bit about watching sports. So yeah, I’m definitely psyched for next week’s games

Those of you who trekked through my running diary may remember that I'm working on incorporating the use of a new pick-up line wherein I ask a girl if I can touch her skin. Then I softly feel her arm with one or two fingers and say, “Wow. That is smooth. Do you use anything?” Well, I’ve learned a few things about that line and I thought I’d share them with you. First, it is not that great an icebreaker. In fact, unless you’re getting positive vibes from the girl in question, don’t use this gimmick at all. When you’re talking to the girl, things are going great, and then the dreaded conversation pause hits, that’s when you bust out this line. The chick won’t think you’re a weirdo or aggressive freak because you eased the tension and took an interest in her at the same time (don’t forget, you’re merely touching her forearm. Do not indicate otherwise). Furthermore, no matter what the girl answers about what she uses on her skin, you have already locked her into the idea (however unconscious) that it is okay for you to touch her. The trust level rises, the conversation gets a little more open, and eventually, the phone number is received and the circle of life keeps circling. Now, I haven’t finished developing this (clearly) and my test pool does not yet number ten, but I’m seeing this work guys. Wish me luck. And yes, I’ll keep you updated.

The other day, a young lady gave me this piece of advice, “Stop going out in your casual clothes. Come straight from work. You look like shit.” This is why I love people.

And finally, because this is one of those entries where I fail to even think about attempting to make a bit of sense, I leave you with the following, which I overheard at a party:

“I love getting drunk ‘cause then I don’t have to think.”

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