I'll bet you thought I wasn't watching baseball lately just because the Cardinals aren't in the post season. Well you were wrong. Now we both have to live with your lack of faith. I don't know why I even talk to you anymore. Seriously.

That Weird One Game Playoff
Okay, I know it was like a week ago or whatever, but I have to type about that play at the plate in the thirteenth inning that got the Surging Rockies (that's officially their name now?Bud Selig sent out a memo) into the postseason.

The umpire blew the call. And he may have very well done it on purpose in my humble opinion. Why do I say this? Because I know exactly what was going through that umpire's mind when What's His Name missed the plate and got called safe at home to win the freaking NL Wildcard. I'm psychic (true story).

Here now, are the thoughts of umpire Tim McClelland (or whatever) during that infamous play at the plate:

Shit, he missed the plate. Don't call anything. Wait for him to go back and get it. The catcher dropped the ball so the runner can probably?oh shit, the runner's hurt. He's not going back to the plate and the catcher's got the fucking ball. No way did I just sit through this much baseball to watch this lead change back into a tie. I am old and this is over. Call him safe.

And then he called him safe.

At least, that's how I think it went down.

The Rockies are Playing for the National League Championship
Why the fuck not?

In a year plagued with so many news stories of horror, derision and division; in a league pretty much swimming in allegations of steroid and HGH use, why shouldn't the team that plays a mile above fucking sea level win the World Series? I have a strange feeling that the stars have aligned in favor of a Rockies World Series this year.

And I'm cool with that. Because I love it when it snows during baseball games.

The Cubs Lost Again
I'm actually rooting for the Cubs to finally end this World Series drought. As a Cardinal fan, I feel as though the Cubs are that messed up kid down the street who can't get a date and spends most of his teenage years hosting LAN Wars and other computer related gimmicks. I just want the kid to score once so he can be happy. Even if he is a douche and I don't like him, I feel he's due.

Anyway, the great thing about temporarily rooting for the Cubs is that you usually don't have to do it for an extended period of time.

Like the Philles, the Cubs got swept. But Manager Lou Piniella told everyone not to worry because “this is just the beginning.” That sounds a lot better than “wait 'till next year”, don't it?

Yankees Down 2 Games to None
This is all Alex Rodriguez's fault.

I watched the Yanks gut-wrencher on one of my pre-approved “drinking nights” and I have to say that they definitely lost.

The guy sitting next to me was a Yankee fan, Gator fan and Cowboy fan. He was born and raised in Miami so that makes sense, right?

We had the following conversation, by the by:

Me: Your family from New York or something?
Douche: No man, they're from Miami, too.
Me: You ever been to New York?
Douche: No.
Me: Why do you root for the Yankees, then?
Douche: I don't know. They've just always been my team.
Me: Good choice.

This is why it's hard to give a crap when the Yankees lose. Because they have too many fans like that guy.

Angels Down 2 Games to None
This is all Vlad Guerrero's fault.

(Note: I like this whole “blame the best hitter on the team when we lose” gimmick. I don't know why but I do.)

Boston is going to go the ALCS. And they are probably going to play the Indians. And it will be a great matchup because these are the two teams with the best starting rotations in the American League. Ho hum, right?

Anyway, if Boston wins the World Series and the Patriots stay undefeated, there will probably become a time this year when someone with a thick New England accent annoys the shit out of you.

It's nice to know that some things never change, you know? Baseball is all about tradition.


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