Recently, I got a haircut. As a result of this, I get to receive lots of comments from friends, acquaintances and drunks. And these comments have taught me a little about the differences between observations made by women and observations made by men.

Some Observations by Women

Charity: I like your haircut, Nathan.
Misty: Your hair looks better like that.
Sheila: That’s a cute haircut.
Stacey: Wow, you got a little style kicking.
Amy: Definitely, stick with that haircut.
Nikki: Cute hair, baby.
Jennifer: Damn, you look good like that.
Nicole: Wow, that makes you look so innocent.
Jessica: Great. You finally got some style.
Anne: I love it. You look so cute.

Some Observations by Men

Mark: Wow, you got a haircut. You look like a twelve year old now.
Frank: Ha ha. Nice haircut, queer.
Dave: Wow. I didn’t think it was possible for you to look like more of a puss.
Greg: You bought gel? What a pansy.
Ross: I don’t care how you style your hair, you’re still a scumbag.
Russ: Well, I guess if the chicks like it…
Dan: I almost didn’t recognize you there. I was looking for a heterosexual.
Carl: Nice hair. Does your boyfriend like it?
Lee: That’s real pretty. Is that what the kids are doing now, St. Louis?

And finally, my personal favorite:

Luke: Hey, remember like before you got that haircut? You remember? You know, back when you were cool?

Ah, you gotta love people. I mean, I guess you don’t have to, but goats are so… uh, forget it.

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