Not to toot my own horn, but if you want to read a fine article by Craig Rice, click here. Mr. Rice throws credits to both myself and Points In Case. Mr. Rice writes for Our Weekly, a weekly paper (hence the name) that is geared to the African American community in South Los Angeles. If you read far enough down, you can see that he quoted me and a gentleman named Tony (a friend of mine who I quoted). My favorite line from Rice's article is, “[Nathan DeGraaf] expresses himself in a way that while provocative, illuminates what I believe are ultimate truths about contemporary life as we know it.” This line caused me to strut around the office all day saying things like, “Hey, did you know that I illuminate ultimate truths about contemporary life as we know it?” Thanks Craig. Keep up the fine work.

In honor of my first time ever being quoted by anyone ever, I am now going to happy hour.


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