Elisha Nelson Manning is going to the Super Bowl. To play in it. He's starting, even. And there's not a damn thing Roger Goodell can do about it. Weird? I know it is. Unexpected? Most definitely. But well, Brett Favre threw a stupid interception in overtime against the Manning-led Giants. And some dude who's not too great at his job kicked a field goal to win the game. And I shit my own pants from the shock. All in all, quite a game. Sadly though, not much of a pair of pants.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In honor of the man, myth and legend, my office is open. Some days, I wish I worked in a bank.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. is going to the Super Bowl. For the fourth time in seven years. In case you missed it, the team on which he plays, the New England Patriots, is suffering from a severe lack of defeat. Which is to say that they are 18-0 on the season. Which means they haven't lost yet this year. Am I moving to fast for you or what? On a related note, Girlfriend is from the Boston area. Thank God she hates sports.

A total of thirteen minutes of Ron Paul speaking has been collectively cut from televised debates for purpose of on-air and online reproduction. Which is to say that mainstream media does not want Paul heard. Oh and speaking of Paul, here is what NAACP President Nelson Linder had to say about His Coreness:

“I've read Ron Paul's whole philosophy, I also understand what he's saying from a political standpoint and why people are attacking him,” said Linder.

“If you scare the folks that have the money, they're going to attack you and they're going to take it out of context,” he added.

“What he's saying is really really threatening the powers that be and that's what they fear,” concluded the NAACP President.

So the representative of the largest organization of American blacks in the country knows that Ron Paul isn't racist and further understands why the powers that be would want you to think he is racist. Of course, fortunately for the powers that be, the American people are too fat, stupid, lazy and mind-numbingly gullible to believe anything other than what they are spoon fed by the media. Which leads me to my larger point: fuck politics. Thinking about who's fucking me and how they do it is very overrated. I miss cartoons. I mean, I had no idea how fucked we truly are until a few months ago. I wish I could go back to sleep and worry about which color i-Pod to get. Fuck me.

And finally, because logic and fluidity are busy celebrating Martin Luther King Day, I leave you with the following, a statement made by an imaginary Martin Luther King Jr., from a show owned by a black man who was once called racist by Al Sharpton:

“Is this it? This is what I got all those ass-whoopings for?”

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