Yes, the Summer has gotten to me, also the Hard Way's Retirement. And I've decided that blogging, although indeed a fad, is not so for me… for now. I feel it is my duty, to you and to myself, to keep writing on a regular basis. Whether its didactic essays on the human condition, or dirty words on passed-out people, I vow to never stop writing.

That's not true, I've never written on a drunk. I know, it's college, where have I been.?

First Topic O' the Day is renaming this sucker.

Mikey: Unplugged – The original name, let's hope we can beat it. Cool rock reference, I love the analogy of going acoustic in the blog, less for show, more for the content. But it's a little lax on what exactly this BLOG will be. I think the name should reflect what it is.

Mikey: BUTTplugged – stupid name I came up with almost immediately after deciding i needed to change it. It was motivated by pure frustration.

Fleeting Thoughts – Nah, too done already. The whole “This BLOG is the open range in which my brain runs free. If you want to know how i'm feeling, no sugar-coating, no bullshit, just funny random thoughts, here you go” thing is already abused by some other PIC blogger. Ooh, who could it be? (Here's a hint: all of them)

Grading on a Curve – Ooh nice. A college allusion, themes of rebellious indifference to inadequacy, Take or Leave It mentality. THIS IS ALL I GOT, FOLKS! Plus it lends itself easily to the discussion of sports. The only problem is THIS IS NOT ME AT ALL! Keep it moving.

Life Happens – And this is where it happens. My blog will recount my life. HEHE. All of it is true, and i merely transcribe it for the readers who aren't lucky enough to live MY life. Sorry Nate, but Snippets and the like were never my cup of tea.

Heart-spilled Letters – EMOOOOOOOOOOO!


SHITTY BLOG – that is better than the columns I don't post? Remind you of anyone Opp?

and lastly…

Beard on Tap – Ooh doesn't it just give you the chills? It's so… perfect. Such a big part of my identity, AND IT RELATES TO DRINKING! Plus it's a pun! It might make you groan, but hey, So does my beard, to women, and making women make noises is half the point of life.

The other half is having sex with them.