Inventory of what we're working with here:

2 heads
2 arms
2 spinal cords
3½ lungs
2 breasts
2 hearts
1 liver
2 stomachs
3 kidneys
2 gallbladders
1 bladder
1 rib cage
1 large intestine
1 reproductive system
1 pelvis with 2 legs

The other night I was watching a medical program on the two-headed teen(s) from Minnesota. The program focused on the fact that these two women turned 16. During the program it showed them getting their driver's licenses and participating in other teenage activities, like basketball, piano, and showering with your sister. Thinking outside the box, I started asking some questions.

First and foremost, how do they have sex? Does one claim the asshole and the other owns the vagina? Or do they both own the vagina and just take turns getting fucked? Is it possible to rape 50% of a woman? What happens if they get pregnant (imagine telling your pals you got drunk and had a threesome with one chick)? Do they masturbate? Do they take turns masturbating? Does an orgasm for one equal an orgasm for all?

How does dating work? Do they look for one guy they both find attractive, or two separate guys? What if one doesn't find the other's boyfriend attractive, can she object to sex? What if one likes black guys and the other doesn't?

What do the arguments and girl fights look like? A slap-filled, head-butting, knock out drag out brawl is what I imagine. Before the fight breaks out, does one taunt the other? "Haha you have two heads… haha?!" How annoying is it to not be able to get away from your asshole of a sister?

Could one get stealthy or mischievous, like eat a ton of Mexican food loaded with Tabasco and jalapenos, just for the amusement of watching the other grimace in pain when dropping a deuce? Or just fart in bed and keep Dutch-ovening the other repeatedly? That would be something. Who has control over bodily functions anyway? If one farts in public, can she just blame it on the other?

Other than that, everything seems pretty normal.