Things You Like To Do At Emory presents…

Do you like to GET WASTED?

The first, informal meeting will be:

Saturday, October 27th, 2001
9:00-10:00PM by the flagpole in the Quad
Come by before Buckhead or whatever

So you like to get wasted huh? Did you know a bunch of kids at Emory do too? With an undergraduate population exceeding 5,500 kids, all in the target drink-for-pleasure range of 18-22, think of the possibilities of people you could meet! And they'll all be sharing in a common interest…getting wasted! This is a non-alcoholic event, so leave your drinks behind and relish in the collective, alcoholic state-of-mind.

Maybe you want to talk about how many shots or beers you've already had, maybe you want to try to hookup with a member of the opposite sex, or maybe you just want to meet up with some friends on the way to Park Bench or before going out to that big Halloween party in Buckhead. Either way, you're sure to have a randomly fun time hanging around drunk as hell.

There will also be a guest speaker talking! He'll talk about why college kids get wasted, how much fun it is, and about how WASTED he is…all without slurring too much!

Tired of those speakers where you have to shutup the entire time and let them give boring talks? This speaker doesn't give a shit! You can cuss at him or steal the megaphone if he sucks or even if you just feel like talking all of a sudden because you're drunk too!

You don't have to spend Saturday night being drunk by yourself…or even with only 5 of your friends! Come to the Quad from 9:00-10:00PM on Saturday and see how many people are DOING THE SAME THING!

*Note: Things You Like To Do At Emory is Emory's newest, unofficial club that arranges meetings for students to come together and share in doing things they actually WANT to do! Stay tuned for upcoming events and new, common college interests!

TYLTDAE: “It's not just another meeting, it's what you like to do anyway.”