With the results of Super Tuesday still coming into place around them, we sat our political correspondents Peter Benjamin Johnson and Michael Gladstone in an internet chatroom and made them play nice.

These are the parts where they weren't swearing at each other, going to the bathroom, or talking about the cup girls.

On McCain:

Peter Benjamin Johnson: all this mccain business blew me away
Michael Gladstone: I was surprised, too. A month ago it seemed like Giuliani, Romney, and Huckabee were fighting over who got to knock him out.
PBJ: i think that's what it was. mccain stayed positive.
MG: No, everybody was taking shots. McCain is just familiar. People recognize his name.
PBJ: like “bush”
MG: Or “Clinton.”

On Obama and Clinton:

MG: This is why Democrats haven't gotten the presidency since Clinton. You can't even decide on a candidate without arguing amongst yourselves.
PBJ: don't lump me in with that crowd. i am a man with no country and no party.
MG: There's something to be said about the Republican winner-take-all primaries. Cutting down on candidates early gives the GOP time to really sell a candidate. Consistent name, consistent image, consistent message.
PBJ: like product placement
MG: What are you doing?
PBJ: feeling thirsty?

On Huckabee:

PBJ: you're still going down with that ship, huh?
MG: I'm not “going down” on anything.
PBJ: nyuk nyuk nyuk
MG: I will admit that it's not always the right person who gets elected. That's been proven before.
PBJ: no way
PBJ: really?
PBJ: the LAND of the FREEDOM?
MG: Huckabee has experience. He has proven leadership qualities.
PBJ: so does clinton
MG: Why do you have to be such a child?
PBJ: children don't get this drunk
PBJ: they aren't wired for it.

On Money:

MG: Did you hear that Clinton's been digging into her own pockets to get money for her campaign?
PBJ: did i hear it?
PBJ: you forget where i am, gladstone
PBJ: you hear everything in the belly of the beast
MG: That doesn't make any sense.
PBJ: okay

On Music:

PBJ: i'm strangely touched by this video
PBJ: http://www.dipdive.com/
PBJ: touched in the most inappropriate ways
PBJ: involving my loins and freedom
PBJ: and scarlett johannsen
MG: Is that the guy from LOST?
MG: This is sentimental shtick.
PBJ: look at you
PBJ: getting yiddish in this bitch
MG: Do you want to see a video that will really inspire you?
PBJ: always
MG: Check out this video.
PBJ: als;kdjfsadjfa
MG: What?
PBJ: well done
PBJ: you have inspired me to kill myself

Peter Benjamin Johnson is a student at the William Randolph Hearst Internet School of Journalism. He is covering the democratic candidates in the 2008 presidential election for Revenge of the News.

Michael Gladstone is a student at Our Lady of Holy Spirit College. He is covering the republican candidates in the 2008 presidential election for Revenge of the News.