Here's a new feature I'd thought I'd try: heavily-biased movie reviews. Because who really listens to the critics anyway? My only credentials are that I'm a film major, and that I like comedy. Can I save you the $8.50 of seeing a shitty movie? Only if your tastes are exactly like mine. This time, I introduce a feature I may or may not use repeatedly:

Poster Child – Art Imitates Other Art

When studios market a movie, they deliberately and delicately create a trailer and promotional materials that target the desired audience. After all, one of the worst fates a movie can suffer is being marketed as something it isn't. This leads to missing the fans that would like it, and alienating those that are fooled.

As a result, they design their posters to LOOK like the movie they want it to be, thus you have GENRES within the promo materials to match the genre of the movie.

I think it's time the viewer knows exactly what he's getting- based only on the poster art. This issue we focus on the:

Square Blocks Comedy

It seems these kinds of posters are everywhere: pastel colors, a lot of white, and tiny square blocks all over. They call themselves existential comedies, making fun of the minutia of life, death, and everything inbetween. They have large casts of varied quirky characters. They are very smart, in fact these movies will surprise you… with how hard it tries to be intelligent. That's why they call it High Brow.

Now they may not look as fun to watch as say Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, and require a little less intoxication as well. Therein lies the rub, as often the humor is so dry, you'll wish you had a drink. But rest assured, these comedies are gems. What's the difference? First off, you'd be in the wrong to quote such a movie, for only the crickets would respond. Also don't expect any gut-busting laughs unless your wit is keen and your mood is right. Thirdly, these movies comprise the LATER career of Adam Sandler, as opposed to the earlier.

Don't be fooled though, this movie doesn't make you better than anyone who saw Wedding Crashers… okay maybe a little.

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