I miss you guys. Really, I do. Hopefully, we'll have the site up before I post the next snippets (and by “we”, I naturally mean Court “Fearless” Sullivan). And though I miss you, it's kind of fun writing posts that I know won't be seen 'till later. It's like hiding chocolate around my dad's house and laughing pride-fully when my bastard children actually find the freaking candy. I've said too much, haven't I?

By my last count, my girl and I have broken up five times in the last two months. In fact, I'm not even sure if she's my current girlfriend, anymore. Whatever.

The State of Florida is on fucking fire. As a result, the air quality here in Tampa was so bad on both Tuesday and Friday that the local news agencies recommended that all people with asthma stay indoors, and that all pets stay indoors. Nevertheless, the folks in charge of the local little league parks did not consider, not even for half a second, canceling the scheduled baseball games. Despite the fact that many children were coughing up the color crud all over the field. Baseball is life. I think we all know that. And if we don't, it will be beaten into us. Now, quit coughing, you little bitch. And throw strikes, dammit!

Ricky Williams, Miami Running Back who tested positive for marijuana five times in his career (editor's note: educated guess), recently had his NFL reinstatement held up because he tested positive for marijuana again. Ricky claims that he smokes pot because he has an anxiety disorder. A thousand bucks says Ricky Williams has a favorite Cheech and Chong movie. Oh, and according to a recent poll, thirty percent of the State of California has a form of anxiety disorder.

President Bush recently ordered rules to combat greenhouse gasses. If ever we needed proof that global warming is a sham designed to help the rich stay richer, we need to look no further than this fact: President Bush believes humans are causing Global Warming. Folks, this guy hasn't been right about anything and still went to war over the things he was wrong about. Be afraid, America. Be very afraid.

Are you gonna finish those Sour Patch Kids? Man, those are good.

I mean seriously though, if combating global warming was really bad for his oil-company-owning, elitist friends, why the hell would he do it? We're talking about a guy who will gladly kill hundreds of thousands of people to keep his oil buddies rich. Think people, think. Please.

And finally, because logic and fluidity are busy trying to break into Joe Morgan's train of thought, I leave you with the following, which Joe actually wrote down.

Well, you cannot compare anything anymore anyway.


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